Miles Routledge [2]

I have found ‘Cunt of the Year’. Step forward Miles Routledge, who according to the BBC News Website is one of three men being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

What makes the brainless twat so outstanding is that he had to be rescued by the British Army two years ago whilst in Afghanistan.
This ex Loughborough University student is apparently addicted to going to ‘dark and dangerous places’. He would appear to be oblivious of the cost to HMG of getting him out of these self inflicted bits of bother.

I am ,as ever, indebted to my fellow cunters for providing the link.

The Sun Link. (Link provided by Ron Knee)

Nominated by : Guzziguy

Seconded by Sam Beau with these fascinating stats:

Miles Routledge has 150,000 followers on Twitter and a further 59,000 subscribers on YouTube. I must say — I wholeheartedly support this nom! When they [Taliban? – I make no distinction] ceremoniously remove his head from his body (uploaded on YouTube, hopefully) I assume some of the 150,000 `followers` might then stop following him. Or, let`s hope, they follow in his footsteps — and remove themselves from the gene pool. Whatever; this cunt evidently has a death wish & is slowly, but surely, going to achieve it.

52 thoughts on “Miles Routledge [2]

  1. He got what he wished for.

    Now let’s just forget all about him and let cunts like the Guardian worry about what unrelenting savages Afghans truly are.

    Churchill was right,we should have gassed the cunts.

  2. This is the thanks you get see.

    They send us their finest and we look after them.

    We send them our finest and they take them hostage.

  3. I completely understand his excitement when faced with fear. I once stood inches away from a rhinoceros, but there were inches thick iron bars between it and me at Belle Vue and I was too young to know what fear was, but remember the thrill to this day.

  4. Any Brit who is in Afghanistan through choice deserves what they get.

    This cunt in particular.

    • We should ask Biden for advice on how to rescue people from Afghanistan. He did such a sterling job.

  5. There seems to be a certain genre of kidult cunt nowadays – mostly male, spoilt, narcissistic, attention-seeking, middle class, University educated wasters. This is another one to add to the list.
    The same sort of prick who climbs the QE2 bridge on the Dartford crossing, glues himself to a road, tries to disrupt the Grand National or sprays ’10 foot’ graffiti everywhere.
    Over-indulged as children, constantly told how special they are by Mummy and Daddy. Probably still in nappies.

    Leave the cunt to rot.

    • Amazing how the rozzers managed to stymie the cunts almost straight away, yet leave them to it when they are on a public highway.

    • Perhaps Miles is a second forename and he is generally known as Sheridan. His friend Tarquin probably put him up to it.

  6. I remember coming face to face with a huge gorilla while trekking through the Rwandan rain forest.
    He got up on two feet and walked towards me and put his hand in my pocket. He took out all the coins I had and started sorting through them.
    When he’d finished he kept all the copper coins but returned all the others to my pocket again, which made sense, it was a silverback….

  7. That header pic could be tower hamlets.

    Has anyone checked the local Islamic Centre?

  8. Probably a gap year wanker – the sort of kid who thinks he is Jack Kerouac.

    He doesn’t have to travel very far to find dark and dangerous places – East London any night, for example, Rochdale or Bradford, even Luton.

    If he wants really dark and dangerous come to Kentish Town when the spouse farts having consumed a “family” pack of Peanut Treets. Not for the feint hearted I can assure you!

  9. What a total cuntfuck.

    I’d leave him to fester in some desert jail with his only daily nutrition being to lick the sweat off the balls of a camel.

  10. There are some lousy bastards posting on here. It takes a lot of bottle to go to these ‘dark and dangerous places’ so he deserves some respect. That said, and to be fair to fellow cunters, I’m not sure that he’s quite got what it takes to put in a decent day’s graft in all weathers year in year out and to face up to the responsibility of a mortgage and family of his own. That sort of thing takes real balls, especially in this shitty PC and overmanaged by whiteboards day and age. Btw, is there such a thing as a board ‘of colour’?

    • Lot of bottle or Lack of Awareness or simply being a stupid cunt 😂

      He deserves zero respect in my opinion, whereas the the aid workers arguably do to some extent.

      • @Sick of it. The ‘lot of bottle’ part of my post was intentionally sarcastic. I think he’s an attention seeking wanker who wouldn’t go anywhere near Afghanistan wearing an army uniform. I know a bit about dangerous places having spent time in Belfast in the late 70s and early 80s from where I couldn’t wait to get home quickly enough.

      • Ah, I wasn’t sure but did suspect it wasn’t serious 👍

        My comment on aid workers was to differentiate between them and him although deluded they do deserve respect for trying.

    • Any daft cunt who voluntarily visits any of these Shitholistan countries usually get what they deserve.

      Should this chap be well regarded for visiting one of the most backward,hostile,corrupt nations on earth?

      I don’t think he should,he’s acted the cunt and now has to pay for it.

    • Did you miss the bit where he had to be rescued by the Army?
      Imagine if your soldier kid got bumped off by a smelly carpet-piloting camel-shagger whilst trying to rescue this ungrateful little prick; I bet you’d change your tune.
      I hope the Taliban behead him and use his scalp as an ashtray.

      • Read above my response to Sick of it.
        You’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick but if you’re as much of a cunt as I am you’d regard doing so as your birthright.

      • At the moment, with our ammunition as low as it is and Vladimir on tour in Ukraine, that may be more of a death wish.

        A challenger 2 is a great bit of kit but essentially useless without rounds to fire.

  11. Please don’t spank me for changing the subject, but a tenuous link in that it’s daki related, and breaking news.

    Looks like Dishi Rishi’s Daki wife is going to benefit (indirectly as a shareholder) from a major policy that was announced in March – why am I not surprised. Slag has fingers in multiple pies.

    Daki’s are well known for being clever with their money, their mathematical prowess is all too known. Perhaps this is why there are so many corner shops, though admittedly all one smells when one enters one is curry armpits.

  12. Tens of thousands dead and a gazillion dollars spent, just to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.

    Visit Afghanistan?….I’d rather fuck a wasp’s nest….

  13. We lived in Sutton Coldfield for some fourteen years. I can vouch for the fact there are some right prats living there.

  14. His home life must’ve been so terrible for him to flee it. Apparently hasn’t found anywhere yet to touch the fear.

  15. Why don’t the Taliban do one of those secret interviews to camera without masks and beg us to come and collect him for making them an embarrassment.

  16. The British government has stated there is not much they can do to help, what with it being a backward shithole of a country which is now run by terrorists.

    I bet Miles was thinking that the army would once again come and rescue his sorry arse and put themselves in danger by doing so.

    Sadly, Miles is shit out of luck.

    Que wailing mother when the beheading video gets released.

  17. Only a matter of time till he’s found beheaded in some shitehole.

    His still twitching corpse leaking spunk from his tattered arsehole.

    His posh mummy crying on the news.

    One less fuckin idiot.
    World’s a slightly better place…

  18. Loughborough is one of many universities set up to help the local economy far more than it will ever help its students find a worthwhile job.

    A free degree – 2:2 in Drama Therapy – with your pint at the Student Union bar, then fuck off out of it.

  19. Part of the “Absolute Mad Lads” movement. Social media whores.
    Fucking idiot-no sympathy from me, whatsoever.

    A likely candidate for a Darwin award.

  20. Cunt deserves to be spit roasted by the Tallytubbies and left to die, honestly why rescue the dickhead only for him to go back again, our boys should have given him a double tap to the head and saved the bother.
    Next he will be doing a Vasaline ZiggyZarry Radcliff and moaning about how long our lot took to rescue his worthless arse.
    Better if the fucker is left there chained to a raiator for the next 10 years to think about what a repeat offending colossal cunt he really is, while your about give his mum a good slap as well, for shitting the useless cunt into existance.
    Why do we feel the need to rescue these retards, honestly he likes it there, leave the prick there….

  21. Fucking arsewipe about time he was introduced to the full meaning of consequence in all its thundering glory. Bit old for “boy play” but even though the Taliban banned such shenanigans ha ha. I bet a few goatfuckers have had a crack already. His choice, act the cunt be used like a cunt..

  22. For some bizarre reason, the guys at The Lotus Eaters have named this dickhead “Sir Miles Routledge” and Callum of the Lotus Eaters has even emulated him by taking a vacation last year to Afghanistan.

    I wish they’d send that smug, little pencil-necked prick Connor Tomlinson on a one-way trip to Afghan instead.

    • TITS-do you reckon that Connor bloke has ever had sex with a beautiful women-without paying for it?

      Callum & Carl have got a bad rep in the Mudslime world-so should be more careful.

      • I believe Connor actually has quite a fit missus so that’d be a no on that count.

  23. A genuinely odious person is Miles ! Ad lay good odds his back fanny will be like a slaters nail bag by now
    What a bunglecunt

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