The people of Llantwit Major


A rarebit cunting for the merry people of Llantwit Major, which we are told is a village on the south coast of Wales.

These people are fighting back against a “far right” group called Patriotic Alternative who we are told hold extreme beliefs as described in the following, “community building and activism group”, and campaigns about what it claims are “issues such as the demographic decline of native Britons in the United Kingdom, the environmental impact of mass immigration and the indoctrination and political bias taking place in British schools”.

Now nothing there seems far right does it? No debate is allowed on the taboo subject of mass immigration!! If immigration is discussed in the media it’s only because greedy cunts in business want cheap Labour and controlled immigration would fuck up their immoral business plans.

Sadly it’s a fact of life now that trying to open up a debate on any of the mainstream narratives makes you far right. Discourse is pivotal to democracy, we don’t have a democracy!

What really inspired this cunting though is buried in the article is a picture of the local vicar, if he’s not a direct descendant of Steptoe I’ll be amazed.

Of course the article was written by someone totally unbiased.

Bbc news

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81 thoughts on “The people of Llantwit Major

  1. I had a look at Patriotic Alternative online: first the Wikipedia entry, which acknowledges – or advertises – Hope not Hate as a major source. This begins: “Patriotic Alternative (PA) is a British far-right, fascist, neo-Nazi and white nationalist hate group….”

    I read it to the end, with its allusions to decidedly dodgy members, maybe- members, hate crimes, maybe-hate crimes and all the stuff that far-right fascists are supposed to do.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. Other posters whom I respect have called out this bunch as the coterie of dissaffected and potentially violent twats they probably are. And what they are doing in Llantwit Major defeats me. I lived briefly in S. Glamorgan, and it was then a backwater in which ethnic chapel Welsh rubbed uneasy shoulders with white settlers such as myself, but peaceably enough.

    In the interest of fair debate, though I visited their website – to which Hope Not Hate have not contributed – and I leave you to judge for yourselves how much outfits like PA are, at least ostensibly, responding to IsACunters’ concerns. And how much no UK mainstream party is….

    Really, with the exception of repatriating nth-generation immigrants, what’s not to like? They may be cunts but it’s a seductive sell.

    I could only wish that a (far-right, fascist, nasty evil satanic, obviously) movement could emerge which does not conflate the real issues of mass immigration and woke cock with, eg, The Joos, vaccination and MAGA shite from across the pond.

    • Looked a bit Mein Kamphy to me.
      No facts or figures just Fox esque FACTS that have no substance.
      Other than send everyone home and make us all go to church, I saw fuck all on the economy or anything really. I suppose their keeping the jack boots under wraps until they get a sniff of power.
      Also, bad news for the wankers, they’re on about banning porn!
      Cosplay fascism.

      • Oh, sure. As well tailored to its targets as it could be. Freely acknowledged. But oh how it reminded me of the SNP…

  2. Does feeling like you are being discriminated against for being white – because all non whites receive positive discrimination in the name of diversity and inclusively – make me a white supremacist?

    Or does it just make me feel part of a threatened segment of the so called community?

    • That word – community – is key, it seems to me. Shouldn’t communities have shared aims and intentions?

      I have to ask who – internationally speaking – benefits most from a weak, divided, inactive, morally soft and utterly subverted ‘community’. And how they might go or might already have gone about achieving this.

      Only a matter of time until we have to call ourselves ‘persons of no colour’, I think. That would be acceptably perjorative.

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