Fly Tippers (3)


Along with cunts who leave their dogs shit on the path and verges, and mongs who think leaving a broken vacuum cleaner at the side of road, so the broken appliance fairy can remove it, here’s my top of the list, total twat who I’d like to slot.

For fucks sake!

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Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

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  1. If the waste recycling centres didnt make it so fucking awkward to get rid of stuff ie, you must have a permit, no sign written vans etc then it wouldnt happen as much but then there will always be thick lazy cunts who let someone else do it.

    • Absolutely correct. The councils should be making it as easy as possible to get rid of Rubbish via their tips. Instead, they even charge you for tipping hardcore, which I presume they use for new roads etc.
      As for the scum who can’t be arsed to go to the tip, they should be fined so much they’ll never do it again.

  2. If they check flytipped rubbish and your address is in there?

    You get fined.

    So if you flytip stick your enemies post in there…

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful of there was a movement of the Travelling Community to do some voluntary work- I don’t know cleaning up canals and road verges, fixing old fences and gates. Working hard to ‘put something back’.
      They love the outdoors.
      I think I’ll write to their representatives and suggest it.

      • Heres the address Miles

        Mr Gypsy King , T.Fury
        10 Beresford rd

      • We inherited a caravan in Morecambe some years back.
        Couldn’t give it away.

        It belonged to Mrs infidels uncle and we had to go and clear it out. The other uncle who was a regular user of it turned up in a state of panic.
        Acting very strange and desperate to gain access something wasn’t quiet right.
        Anyhow we fucked him off and continued clearing it out only to find size 10 high heels, frocks, frilly pants etc.
        This was said uncles other life and explained his attempts to get in.

  3. If that photo had been taken indoors it could be from ‘How clean is your house’. Some lobotomised landwhale slumped on the sofa with all that crap around it, waiting for Kim and Aggie to come and clean it up.
    Filthy disgusting animals, fly tippers and landwhales alike.

  4. I’m not completely against a small gratuity if the fly has provided a good service….

  5. For decades we have had communal bins just up the road from my house.

    They are for your household waste but you can leave anything big next to them and it will be removed by the council trucks that come every night of the year.

    Fridges, old furniture, any broken appliances.

    Sometimes they only stay dumped for a very short while until the gitanos turn up and take various crap that they think they can sell for scrap or even repair.

    Any recycling is done by the council at their depot.
    We just dump all of our waste together.

    About a month ago the council removed the bins as they now have new lorries that can’t pick them up.
    They have new equipment and new metal bins.
    Those new metal bins are about 70 meters away, just round the corner.

    There are still stupid cunts who leave their rubbish at the side of the road where the bins once were.

    Besides it being hot here and the rubbish will soon stink in the heat, there is the chance that cats will rip rubbish bags apart and attract rats.

    Fucking idiots!

    • Heard a radio programme years ago, a discussion and analysis of how we should handle household waste. One speaker from the green lobby told of how it was essential that it was sorted by the householder so that as much as possible could be recycled rather than simply going to landfill. Another speaker from a major waste handling company agreed but said that the householder should just chuck everything in the bin and let the waste companies sort it as they knew exactly what to send where, it would avoid cross-contamination and would be much more efficient. The green bod responded immediately and aggressively saying that would never do and the householder should be required by law to sort everything.

      And I thought; You’ve just given the game away mate. Now we know your true motive.

      • In Spain it’s a matter of personal choice.

        There are bins dotted around where you can dump old clothes and shoes for instance.

        Most people just bag up their old clothes and leave them next to the regular bins with a label.

        ‘Ropas mujeres’
        ‘Zapatos de niños’

        They soon get taken by people who have a use.

        There are bottle banks and bins just for plastic if you want to have a short walk to use them.

        There are also skips for garden waste as well as general skips for builders rubbish and large items.

        They get emptied every night including Christmas.

        A basic task for any council is to clear away rubbish.

        Unfortunately in the UK they have tried to turn it into some sort of fucking science.

      • I’m sure the recycling bags in Essex end up in landfill. How can it be economic to sort it?

  6. There’s no were legally you can leave a potbelly piccaninny covered in flies.

  7. You have a system there for recycling where each house has at least 3 bins of various colours for various waste.

    These bins are plastic and can’t be recycled.

    Bin men turn up once every two weeks if you are lucky.
    They refuse to move bins that are too heavy.
    If the bin has any item of ‘wrong’ waste they prefer to photograph it and report the home owner rather than just remove it.

    Your bins do not get emptied when you need, they are emptied when the council wants to.

    Anything that needs to go to the council dump needs to be sorted.
    The dumps are policed.
    I think that I am right in saying that you also need an appointment and you need to pay to use them.

    You have fly tippers.

    What the fuck do you expect?

  8. This behaviour boils my piss.
    A fine isn’t enough. I think five years on a chain gang clearing up other peoples shit may prove a stronger deterrent.

  9. Flytipping is disgusting,
    We all agree.

    But I can see why it happens.

    I’m now charged £50 for a sofa
    £30 for a mattress,
    I’m not a charity so my hourly rate £55

    How can someone on benefits afford hundred quid just for a sofa?!

    If it’s a clearance it can be £4/500 quid.

    Last year it was charged by weight so would be a lot cheaper.
    They say that the increased prices are environmental 😁

    Stop foam going into landfill.(?)

    I’m licenced to transport waste,
    Those that aren’t will charge say £60 then Chuck it somewhere quiet.

    They get caught your in the shite for hiring them!
    Despite you not knowing they’re cunts.

    It’s councils and the green greed that’s causing a lot of flytipping.

    • Spot on Mis! We all know this and you obviously know the detail. What is it with the local authorities? Are they just stupid or is there something behind this bollocks of which I am unaware?

      • In the end, when it is far too late to do anything about it, it will be too expensive to be “green”. A well-known supermarket makes you pay 30p for an orange bag that advertises their brand. If they overcharge like this, the bags ought to be plain.

        It is noticeable that the most vocal of the green brigade are quite well-heeled, Zac Goldsmith, Edward Miliband, BBC journalists and the snobby likes of Emily Thornberry – how she has the cheek I don’t know as she has a face like two tins of condemned veal.

        It is a nice little earner for councils, and like the supermarkets, they make a fair bit for doing nothing, but at the same time appear to be pioneering virtue signalers

      • Hello Arfur 👍

        Not sure if local authorities are being pressured by the government to hit certain environmental targets,
        Or it’s the green lobbyists pressuring the politicians?

        A mixture of both?

        But there’s a lot of money being made out of it!£££

    • No doubt its the usual whining about “cuts” and “austerity” but its fucking everything from keeping the grass cut on the public spaces to potholes and graffiti. Its not just the Commie fiefdoms like Croydon or Liverpool, all are useless, just to varying degrees.

      • When we were living in Brum LL, I remember the year the rates went up to £70 per annum. We complained bitterly that all we saw for the money was street lights and the bins emptied once a week. Our rates are now over £2,700, the bins are emptied fortnightly and the street lights are switched off late at night. Oh, and the potholes are becoming fucking tank traps. Literally we now take a longer rout to Tesco’s to avoid the worst ones.

      • Pay more for less….sounds about right arfur.

        Make the most of getting to Tesco’s while you can before they start demanding to see your zoning pass and probably check what your buying.

    • I’ve been trying to get shot of our old freezer ( about 30 yrs of use so it has more than done it’s time) so it is currently in the back garden – allegedly the council will come and collect it but they are proving evasive in this matter. Probably another service we still pay for which has ceased to exist.

      • Mary Hinge@

        Unfortunately because freezers have gases in the scrap metal lads won’t touch it.
        If it was a washing machine or cooker you could have them take it,
        At no cost to you.

        You’d be best booking in with the council for it removed,
        But they’ll only take it if it’s outside your property on the morning arranged.

        If you put it out earlier they say you’ve flytipped it and it needs to be moved immediately ☹️

  10. Fly tipping cunts should be immediately taken with their vehicle to a car crusher and fed into it with said vehicle. Plus their families.

  11. I believe in innovative solutions. (I hate the term thinking outside the box.)

    Here’s what to do:

    1. Open a chain of retail centers around the UK called Whytes.
    2. Staff it with MP’s
    3. Fill it with all the junk you’ve collected from alongside the roads.
    4. Put a sign on the door that says; No blacks, coloreds or BAME’s allowed.
    5. Wait for BLM to storm the retail outlets and burn, loot and murder.

    Problem solved. Garbage disposed of and you can proceed to step 6.

    6. Hold a new General Election

  12. Like it or not we all have to make financial and/or time sacrifices to dispose of waste legally.

    People who flytip are fucking peasants. The fine for flytipping should run into tens of thousands of pounds. I despise cunts who think they have a God-given right to dump their rubbish where they choose.

  13. At the dump site pictured above which I am sure is typical of many dump sites, I wonder what will happen?

    Will the council quickly clear away the rubbish using unskilled labour on minimum wage?

    Or will the entire área be treated like a crime scene, with a team of refuse enforcement officers on 45 grand a year going through every bit of rubbish looking for an address?

    That’s the real problem.

  14. Council tips generally have a height barrier so if you go to dump say a couch you have park outside the tip area and carry the fucker in past the recycling nazis with their hi viz jackets on.
    Can’t put that in there pal.

    • Our local council will remove large unwanted household items, such as sofas, mattresses, rugs for a very reasonable fee. Last time I used this service, it was £36 for three items. They don’t have to be placed at the roadside, just be visible from the road, which is great for me as I have a drive and no car.
      This nom was inspired by a news report of flytipping in such quantity as to cause the road to closed for up to a week. Guess who gets to pay for rubbish removal?
      So when your council leave cutting the public grassed areas for a couple of weeks longer than usual, it’s because they have to find the money ( your money) from somewhere.
      I’d love to see everyone they catch not only fined heavily, but the vehicle they used crushed.

      • Given average council tax is at or above two grand the useless cunts should provide an on demand collection service for any item or waste product…

        Silly me,they have to fund an Afghan crisis centre and African housing association guild hall first and foremost.

        What a set of incompetent clipboard hugging cunts.


    • My local tip is so fucking difficult….and expensive to dump shit off that all the surrounding lanes are fly tip hot spots now. Costs more the clear it up then it does to just allow people to take their stuff to the tip no questions asked.

      Before lockdown they introduced charges for dumping various domestic household stuff. Plasterboard was like £4 a sheet, bag of soil £6 hardcore £8 a bag. These are like bin liner sized bags as well- not one ton builders bags AND they restricted how many bag you could dump. This is in addition to restricting certain vehicles getting in as well- even if the genuinely have domestic stuff to dump. Then during covid they introduced a booking system, whereby you couldn’t just turn up- you have to have a time slot appointment. Which means you can only go in at that allotted time- plus they now keep a data base as it’s needed for the booking system to function, which they now use to gauge exactly how many times an individual goes during a 12 month period. More than say a dozen times and they either stop you booking a slot or make a flat fee charge irrelevant of what you are taking..on top of charging you for the certain items they charge extra for dumping. All our fucking town now is a fly tip everywhere! You make it awkward for people to dispose of their shit, then they will find another way….should make it more convenient not less and more people will do it.


  15. Well I had a bit of a ‘fly tipping’ result a fortnight ago. Drop past a house and there was a Henry hoover on the front lawn. Knocked on the door and a woman in a tabbard opened it. I asked about the henry and could I have it- she said yes as it was out for the pikey scrapmen to take anyway. She said it just stopped working and as she was a home help for a care agency they weren’t allowed to ‘play around’ with ‘dangerous’ stuff like electrical goods, so was told to dump it and they would supply her a new one.

    Got it home and all it needed was a new fuse which had blown as a result of the daft cow not cleaning out the blocked suction tube from plastic bottle caps- must have been half a dozen in there which allowed all sorts of shit to clag up around them restricting flow. Motor got hot and blew the fuse. Result! Got £80 for it the following day at a boot fair.

    • Chuff Chugger you are Harold Steptoe and I claim my reward.
      How’s your dad keeping? And the horse?

      • Yeah, that really strikes a chord with me Chuff. I’ve done the same thing with a number of vacuum cleaners over the years. So many people literally would not be capable of changing the fuse let alone diagnosing why it blew. It seems to be acceptable nowadays that most people don’t have the technical knowledge required to knock a nail into a piece of wood. When I go to the council tip I sometimes look at the mountain of electrical appliances stacked up for recycling (or more likely thrown into the sea by the Chinese) and I think I bet I could fix half of them.

  16. Mick and Paddy are sitting at the bar.
    Mick says to Paddy, “Have you ever done that thing where you stick your cock in the vacuum cleaner?”
    Paddy says, “Why the fuck would I want to do that?”
    Mick says, “Well they say if you do, it’s just like being sucked of by a woman.”
    Paddy says, “Is that true, do people actually do that?”
    “Apparently they do.” Mick replies.

    Later that evening Paddy is at home and sees the vacuum cleaner and decides to give it a go.
    He sticks his cock in the vacuum cleaner and turns it on. Immediately he’s in excruciating pain and switches it off as fast as he can and then runs down the street with his cock still in the vacuum cleaner and bangs on Micks door.
    “Look what’s happened” says Paddy.
    Mick looks at it and says, “Oh! shit Paddy, you’d best get yourself up to the hospital, you’ve got it wrapped around the roller brush”…..

  17. It’s a basic and quite uncomplicated task for the councils to take away and dispose of rubbish.

    It’s what people pay their council tax for.

    I remember the council workers going on strike and the result was a very quick accumulation of rubbish piling up on the streets.

    Councils are no longer on strike, but they might as well be as they have made it so fucking complicated and expensive for people to dispose of their rubbish.

    The result is rubbish piling up on the streets.

  18. Being ‘rural’ .. fly tipping really boils my piss. I often wondered why, as regular as it seems to occur, nobody seems to be seen to be doing it … however.
    At the tail end of last September (2022), Saturday morning just before lunch. I was driving home past an entrance to a gas pipeline monitoring station less than half a mile from my house. A side road about the length of an artic trailer before gates stop you driving any further … and it’s a ‘hot spot’ for fly tipping.
    I’d to slow right down as a ‘caged’ Transit tipper drove out and back on to the road still on ‘full tip’ … three cunts with Hi-Viz vests in the front, obviously just finished some old dear’s garden and were getting rid of the cuttings etc … I gave them the thumbs up and pointed to their reg. plate. I scribbled down the number and headed home. Once home I doubled checked the reg. on Govt. DVLA. Sure as fuck … red Ford truck … currently unlicenced and no MoT.
    Winner winner chicken fucking dinner … full report to the local ‘Shire website on ‘Report a Fly Tipping Incident’ … as you do, I left my e-mail address so they could follow up as I’d witnessed the incident to the exact location and minute .. couldn’t have been an easier ‘cop’…..
    Not a fucking sausage from the Council until last week …. to which I’d actually forgotten about it. I’d an e-mail from the ‘Shire council saying the … ‘Action was closed’.
    Apparently our work shy cunts from the Council offices are still ‘working from home’ due to fucking Covid. Un-be-fucking-lievable .. or not. I bet not a cunt did a thing in pursuit of these fuckers. And folk wonder why the prosecutions are so few. Blame the councils / authorities as much as the scum that do the tipping.

    • Had a similar experience recently BMP. A car sat in the street without moving for a week or so. On inspection rear nearside tyre flat. Checked the reg on the government web site and found it is untaxed and it’s last MOT expired a year ago. Reported to local police who said it had been reported previously by someone else but they wouldn’t pursue it! Reported to the local authority who have a specific department for reporting abandoned vehicles. Within the hour had an email to say they were very pleased to inform me that the problem had been resolved! WTF? Reported it to the DVLA who also have a specific area for such reports. Heard nothing back. The car is still there.

  19. when you elect useless cunts into local and national Government, you get useless cunts.

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