Caroline Dineage

A nomination for the unhinged Caroline Dineage and our new Online Safety Bill.

Dineage has been writing letters, pressuring platforms such as Rumble, Twitter and GB News to re-evaluate the ability of Russell Brand to make money from his videos and media appearances, also asking whether Beverly Turner was right to label him a hero on GB News. Brand is only alleged to have behaved inappropriately at this point, so Dineage has played her hand far too early. Incompetence and malice in one gesture.

Dineage is also the MP who drafted the pernicous Online Safety Bill, which has passed through the HoL and is currently being ripped apart for it’s bizarre amendments online.

The Government thinks questioning certain policies relating to health is a threat to OUR way of life. Social media sites and executives face huge fines and even inprisonment if they violate the new laws. Content that is legal yet judged ‘harmful’ will be subject to censorship.

We have to keep everybody safe from harm now. No mockery, no jokes. This is all very harmful. Even if it is true, it is harmful.
I wonder if this site will survive.

The establishment media have also been ramping up the propaganda that supports the bill, with ITV pumping out lurid and sensationalist documentaries about trolls and ‘Socisl media murders’.

Since lockdown, Parliament seems to have developed a real appetite for controlling the population to almost Fascistic levels.
Andrew Bridgen was smeared by Matt Hancock for saying the wrong thing about the vaccines. The usual trope of Antisemitism was brought up. Everything contentious or even generally commented on that the establishment hacks disagree with is now a racist dogwhistle. ‘Globalist’ is now far right code for ‘Jew’. How convenient.

Expect Starmer’s Race and Social Justice obsessed Labour to carry on this sinister project, even ifvit harms their once- core voters by taking away their ability to express dissenting views

Brexit must never be allowed to happen again.

Not only has Caroline Dineage sent letters to Social media and news outlets pressuring them to cancel Russell Brand before any of the allegations have been investigated, she did so without approval from her own department.

The stupid cunt.

gb news


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime.

Real bigotry and hatred

is a cunt.

I would like to nominate bigotry and hatred. Not what the progressive left deems to be bigotry and hatred, but REAL bigotry and hatred. The kind where someone hates a particular country so much that they want actual children to be killed. The kind where someone despises an entire group of people simply because of their religion.

The kind where someone willingly celebrates and incites violence against said people. The kind where someone uses a pretend philosopher persona, and the veil of wanting peace, to justify their violent bigotry. We saw it here yesterday. I hope to fuck we never see it again.

Nominated by opinionated cunt.

I endorse this cunting because some things that were said last night have no place in a civilized society, even one that cunts cunts C.A.

Hamas and the UK Left wing support for them

Hamas are terrorist cunts and we all know it.
Their recent murder of Israeli citizens is sickening, and will hardly further their cause.

Unless of course you’re a member of the UK Labour party, who refuse to condemn the Hamas murdering, seem to support it, and find other ways to describe it.
Just as pathetic is the BBC who describe the terrorists as militants, because it is in keeping with their policies. Who’d have thought it.

If you value your TV screen, under no circumstances watch Jeremy Corbyn’s opinion on the situation.

Daily Fail

Nominated by the Duke of Cuntshire.

Jacinda Ardern (6)

…a horse faced cunt who after being put out to pasture (so to speak) by the Kiwi electorate needs to be sent off to the glue factory.

But no! These wannabe totalitarian types never go away and true to form rather than retire after her unpopular policies forced her from elected office, she joined the ranks of other evil leaders in un-elected office.

Not content with indoctrinating young people at Harvard University (where she was recently given a fellowship) and true to her desire to control the Great Unwashed, she joined forces with one of the truly great liars of all time at the Tony Blair Institute for Lies, Misinformation, Disinformation, Bullshit, Bollockry* and Global Domination.

In and of itself, allying oneself with a cunt like Blair is worthy of a cunting. But what she did today solidifies her as a stand alone, World Class cunt of Weapons Grade proportions. Speaking at the United Nations she called for an end to free speech, especially as it relates to Climate Change.

To quote the article:

“In her speech, she notes that we cannot allow free speech to get in the way of fighting things like climate change. She notes that they cannot win the war on climate change if people do not believe them about the underlying problem. The solution is to silence those with opposing views. It’s that simple.”

Jesus H. Christ Himself in a Soviet Gulag! What has this world come to when a Maoist and Mrs. Ed look alike can publicly call for an end to people speaking their minds…let alone partake in an open debate…and there’s no public outrage?

Actually, there’s a small part of me that hopes she’s right about climate change. I’d like nothing more than a strong Wizard of Oz style wind to pick up a house, twirl it through the air, and drop it right on her Totalitarian Ass. (Maybe in her case a barn might be more appropriate.)

Hopefully, she’ll be in a threesome with Tony and Cherie when it lands. That’s one Only Fans video I’d pay to see.

*More bastardized English.
**Did anyone else notice the headline and the link both misspelled her name?

Nominated by General Cuntster.

Anal Sex

It probably looks pretty good in p0rn films with a girl getting double or even triple plugged. And it has to be said a young woman’s arse is one of the Wonders of the World!

However, I have only ever indulged in anal sex 3 times over the last 40 odd years, and not one of them turned out as well as you see in those very same films.

The first time was when I was about 18, drunk after a cranky party and ended up in bed with a girl called Emma. Very much a one night stand, but despite that for the first 30 odd minutes we went through the usual positions until for whatever reason I shoved my dick in her arsehole while she was on all 4s presenting herself to me.

It hurt both of us like hell and of course she simply wasn’t ready for such an invasion, as I found out when I pulled out!!

2nd time, I was in my 30s. Very much the same scenario as before, but on this occasion the woman had done anal before and could easily accommodate me. But I still found it not only painful but also a right old turn off. And that was that.

The final time was just a few months ago with the wife. This time we did our homework and did all the necessary “prep work” before hand But again it just didn’t do anything for me and I soon ended the idea.

So yeah, watching a girl getting plugged up the arse looks good on film, but the reality is far far different – at least for me.

Nominated by Technocunt.