Shitty Landlords in Shitty Tower Hamlets

The BBC has served us up with a tasty morsel today.
A 41 year old man died earlier this month when fire broke out in a three room flat in Tower Hamlets. There were between 18 and 21 people sleeping in the flat ffs! Needless to say, the residents were of a dusky hue.

Of course, we now have the finger pointing. The illustrious Tower Hamlet Council were warned of the situation several years ago but action came there none.

However , my main target for this cunting is the landlord. Speaking through a translator ( draw your own conclusions), he said that he was unaware of the conditions in the flat he had let it to threes people.

The place contained numerous bunk beds ,it resembles a WW2 submarine.
I am now waiting for compensation claims to develop and David Lammy to announce the the chap who died was his friend.

Bbc news
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UK Brain Drain

As some regulars on here may already recall, over the last few months my wife and I have been looking at our options of emigrating abroad.

It’s been a hard decision to make, especially after moving from Birmingham to the relative calm and tranquillity of the Lake District – far removed from the woke, virtue-signalling, multi-culturalism and diversity of the big cities.

However, even Cumbria won’t be free from such nightmarish distractions as there is ever more demand from the Islington Woke Mob to make sure the length and breadth of England offers itself up to international inclusion and diversity (Islington and other rich areas of the South East excluded of course.)

On top of all that we have a Left-leaning so-called Tory government offering rich rewards for bone-idle cunts and migrants while taxing the workers and the socially & fiscally responsible.

Not only that but they have crawled up Greta’s shitty arsehole and made Net Zero its number one priority and at all costs, regardless of what most people think otherwise.

And it also hates the self-employed and the whole entrepreneurial spirit – which up until 2019 was one of the Tory policy totems. Instead it throws more bureaucracy and taxation at us and more or less killing off small and medium enterprising businesses.

We’re going to try our luck in Denmark in early April – at least for the first 90 days before having to apply for a visa. Residency in the country is quite tough for countries outside of the EU, but there seems to be many IT vacancies up for grabs that tick my particular boxes , so perhaps that might be enough.

I’m not saying Denmark is the perfect haven because it certainly isn’t. It has similar problems to most other EU countries and of course the UK, but to a far lesser degree.

But it would seem I am not alone in thinking the UK is finished. Thousands upon thousands professional and semi-professional people are leaving these shores and heading either to the EU or the States/Canada. Some of this is down to Brexit, and some down to similar reasons to my own.

And yet the government is totally oblivious in doing anything about this mass exodus. Instead it seems to be lowering the bar until its touching the fucking ground and all you’ll have is cheap labour at cheap prices at unskilled jobs.

To paraphrase Ruff Tuff (and others) – This country is well and truly fucked, and our politicians do not seem to give two shits about it!

The National news

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Sneaky Government Consultations

Sneaky Government Consultations ( this one ends today for those interested ,link included below for those wishing to oppose)

There is a consultation that concludes today, about the Governments plans to introduce a massive database holding all sorts of personal information. The idea is that we will all benefit from this streamlined system, but others may think, like me, that it is a way of making people’s personal information open to exploitation or will be used to penalise people who have the “wrong” ideas about things, also would be a goldmine to an IT proficient criminal.

As well as disagreeing with the thing itself, I have noticed over the last few years that i only seem to become aware of these consultations at the very last minute, and they run for only a short time – in this instance just 8 weeks. I consider myself fairly well informed and above average intelligence but somehow these things almost pass me by every time. I have probably missed others. I’m not sure that 8 weeks is long enough to consider such a matter, and if it should really be put to people in a referendum..

Anyway, my point is, it is like the cunts don’t really want anyone to know about it, so it should really be called something else, not a consultation! Like a shifty sneaky bag of cunt, for instance.

Together Declaration

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Tucker Carlson

I love it when being a cunt comes back to bite you on the arse.
The prince of propaganda has been caught out for lying to his loyal slackjawed viewers, a crime that would turn normal people off, but he riffs his drivel to the MAGA mongs, and they have such a tenuous relationship with facts that even though he is guilty by his own hand, they will still blame the deep state, Soros, or whoever Trump tells them.
During the Defamation trial brought about by Dominion software, the company that supplied the voting machines used in the last election, versus Fox News, texts and messages from presenters have been brought into the public eye.
On screen, Carlson slanders Trumps enemies with barely concealed glee, while giving the Mango Mussolini credence in his lies and bullshit, however, off screen Carlson says he hates the cunt, the only thing he can do is destroy stuff, he’s a joke, etc etc.
This is a view shared by other Fox News presenters, who also parrot Trump conspiracy theories without question.

So, what does Carlson do? He’s been gifted privileged access to the thousands of hours of CCTV footage from the January 6th insurrection by the odious speaker of the house, Kevin McArthur, no doubt one of the many paybacks owed for his farcical appointment. No other news organisation or regulatory body has access to said footage, so Carlson has free rein to edit it to his hearts content.
Which of course he does, releasing a compilation of snippets of people milling about, not rioting, or doing anything like insurrection. This he says is proof that it’s a lie, and all those folks are innocent. A bit like showing Peter Sutcliffe driving around before he killed a prostitute, and saying ‘he’s not killing prostitutes there!’
He also mentioned the shooting of Ashli Babbit, saying obviously there’s no CCTV of that incident, so who knows what happened there. There is however video of that incident, that had been seen around the world, but Tucker can’t stop lying.

Oh, and that stupid face he pulls like someone has cut a fart under his nose? Cunt.

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Mark Bryan

Daily Express 

According to the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook film “Thirty Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia”. I would suggest you double that if this “Happily married Texan” is typical of what is happening to the Eddie Izzard transbumder types.

Just look at this ugly 63 year old wanker above:

He claims his wife is happy with his choice of clothing. I wonder if the wife is a man called Sue?

I can only reply that many men develop strange habits in middle age, but my advice to the wife is to put the lid on quickly – it will stop the sugar getting everywhere, if nothing else.

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