The ignorance of the French motorist

is a cunt.

Just got back from La Belle (Supposedly) France. Cunts pulling out from a give way situation. E.G. Roundabouts side turnings etc. Cunts trying to get in the back of your car with theirs whilst yours is in motion, even though I am indicating to go around a round about to head in the opposite direction to the one I am travelling in.
Yesterday I saw the epitome of cuntish driving where a tart with mother in the passenger seat and French mini cunts in the back seat was texting whilst driving.

I just shook my head in disbelief at the utter stupidity of her actions. Mother saw me must have tipped the daughter off, said blowjob vendor waved, yours truly responded with a bandeleur and a gesture held sacred in British hearts since Agincourt. E.G two fingered salute.

having done a road safety course where a father and child were wiped out by a text saying don’t forget the milk. Fucking unbelievable.

Nominated by CuntyMort.

The term.’conjoined twins


You hear a lot about ‘Conjoined twins’ .

It’s bollocks.

They’re two headed women as any carny will tell you.

Recently, a yank named Josh Bowling married Abbey Hensel.
She has 2 heads.
But josh is only married to one.

So when Josh is banging his wife he’s also rooting his sister in-law!

Far out.

This is apparently quite common in the states.

It’s kinky, weird, disgusting and a bit of a turn on admittedly.

Our very own Mr Cuntengine due to be going stateside will no doubt get in on.the action!

Have a look.
2 fuckin nuts.


Nominated by Miserable Northern Cunt.

Caroline Dineage

A nomination for the unhinged Caroline Dineage and our new Online Safety Bill.

Dineage has been writing letters, pressuring platforms such as Rumble, Twitter and GB News to re-evaluate the ability of Russell Brand to make money from his videos and media appearances, also asking whether Beverly Turner was right to label him a hero on GB News. Brand is only alleged to have behaved inappropriately at this point, so Dineage has played her hand far too early. Incompetence and malice in one gesture.

Dineage is also the MP who drafted the pernicous Online Safety Bill, which has passed through the HoL and is currently being ripped apart for it’s bizarre amendments online.

The Government thinks questioning certain policies relating to health is a threat to OUR way of life. Social media sites and executives face huge fines and even inprisonment if they violate the new laws. Content that is legal yet judged ‘harmful’ will be subject to censorship.

We have to keep everybody safe from harm now. No mockery, no jokes. This is all very harmful. Even if it is true, it is harmful.
I wonder if this site will survive.

The establishment media have also been ramping up the propaganda that supports the bill, with ITV pumping out lurid and sensationalist documentaries about trolls and ‘Socisl media murders’.

Since lockdown, Parliament seems to have developed a real appetite for controlling the population to almost Fascistic levels.
Andrew Bridgen was smeared by Matt Hancock for saying the wrong thing about the vaccines. The usual trope of Antisemitism was brought up. Everything contentious or even generally commented on that the establishment hacks disagree with is now a racist dogwhistle. ‘Globalist’ is now far right code for ‘Jew’. How convenient.

Expect Starmer’s Race and Social Justice obsessed Labour to carry on this sinister project, even ifvit harms their once- core voters by taking away their ability to express dissenting views

Brexit must never be allowed to happen again.

Not only has Caroline Dineage sent letters to Social media and news outlets pressuring them to cancel Russell Brand before any of the allegations have been investigated, she did so without approval from her own department.

The stupid cunt.

gb news


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime.

Real bigotry and hatred

is a cunt.

I would like to nominate bigotry and hatred. Not what the progressive left deems to be bigotry and hatred, but REAL bigotry and hatred. The kind where someone hates a particular country so much that they want actual children to be killed. The kind where someone despises an entire group of people simply because of their religion.

The kind where someone willingly celebrates and incites violence against said people. The kind where someone uses a pretend philosopher persona, and the veil of wanting peace, to justify their violent bigotry. We saw it here yesterday. I hope to fuck we never see it again.

Nominated by opinionated cunt.

I endorse this cunting because some things that were said last night have no place in a civilized society, even one that cunts cunts C.A.

Hamas and the UK Left wing support for them

Hamas are terrorist cunts and we all know it.
Their recent murder of Israeli citizens is sickening, and will hardly further their cause.

Unless of course you’re a member of the UK Labour party, who refuse to condemn the Hamas murdering, seem to support it, and find other ways to describe it.
Just as pathetic is the BBC who describe the terrorists as militants, because it is in keeping with their policies. Who’d have thought it.

If you value your TV screen, under no circumstances watch Jeremy Corbyn’s opinion on the situation.

Daily Fail

Nominated by the Duke of Cuntshire.