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Oxfam’s new guidance on how to speak so as not to offend.

In the latest example of Oxfam’s cuntitude, they have published an Inclusive Language Guide, warning its staff not to use ‘offensive terms’, you know, like mother or father, male or female etc. Loads more examples in the link below.

The 92 page ‘booklet’ features chapters on race, power and decolonisation, gender justice, sexual diversity and women’s rights, disability, physical and mental health, migration and feminist principles for language use.

It also features a trigger warning for words and phrases that might be considered “discriminatory” or “that have been used historically to oppress certain people or groups”.

I’m sure that the starving people of the world are pleased to know that Oxfam have got their priorities right. You wonder how much of M’tebe’s handouts were spent on producing this.

Note that the first photo in the link is not an Oxfam person, but is Maya Forstater, who is a champion at standing up against this bullshit wokery.


Nominated by mystic maven. With a second helping by W C Boggs.

An organisation bloated with well paid executives, but who depends to a great degree on older people to staff their shops on a voluntary basis. They have now gone totally PC.

They have issued a report, in which they apologise for writing in English (it is an English charity) as it is “the langauge of colonialism” beseeching their supporters not to say words lie “mother”, father”, “senior”, not to mention wimmins “sanitary products”and to say “people who become pregnant” certainly not “expectant mothers”. Clearly they have a “sensitivity reader” on their well paid staff”. I hope they never go to work for the Cats Protection League and definately NOT – “The Dogs Trust”. The poor little cunt would shit themselves at terms like “a bitch in whelp”.

Help charity by all means – animal or human, but why give money to this money wasting group of sensitive fancy nancies:

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Leila Borrington

Cunters, for your cuntsideration I would like to nominate Leila Borrington and the British Injustice System.

This evil bitch killed a 3 year old severely autistic boy after launching a sustained assault on his head, and yet got sentenced to a measly 15 years in prison after somehow being acquitted of murder. Remind me again why hanging doesn’t exist for this sort of crime?

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Nominated by OpinionatedCunt.

Laura Trevelyan and reparations for slavery


I would like to cunt the above two banes of my life for the never ending woe is me bilge. Always on like a nun’s knickers about it and demands for money to make up for it.

Laura FYI my ancestors were agricultural workers so why should I give a fucking penny towards this bollocks.

Pat Boons see above explanation as well. Stop fucking banging on about it. Produce ONE cunt who went through it and we might cough up a few quid. An invaluable history lesson here, the UK put a stop to it so why aren’t the UK being recompensed for coughing up the money to pay the slave holding families in the first place?

For the ones banging ON and fucking ON about it, why don’t you all fuck off back to the Carribean or Wakanda. Just asking like?

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Nominated by CuntyMort.

Home office ineptitude


The BBC informs us today that not all of the Afghan women footballers who were allowed to come to the U.K. in 2021 along with their extended families were, after all, footballers. This will of course come as no surprise to we cynics on IsAC.

I seem to recall that some American celebrity paid for the stunt. At the time I questioned why these persons did not go to the USA as prospects for female footballers were better.

Anyway , I eagerly await this situation being sorted out by the Home Office and those of them who should not be here (all of them in my opinion) being sent back to Pakistan which is where they were. Alas, I fear that my wait will be considerable,probably never ending.
As ever Admin, I rely on my fellow stalwarts to provide the piss boiling link.

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Nominated by Guzziguy.

Humza Yousaf


An emergency cunting please Admin for Kontinuity Krankie himself, one Humza Yousaf.

Ever wondered what racial hatred looks like, cunters? Well view the link below.

I watched that clip in utter disbelief. Scotland’s new First Minister is a racist nutjob who openly sneers at 96% of the people he represents. Fuck me, the SNP are even more insane than I imagined.

We’re going to have some fun on IsaC with this cunt in the coming months.


Nominated by Geordie Twatt.