Selfishness Taken To The Extreme

This cunt, Taylor Moss, crashed his car on the way to the airport for a holiday in Tenerife………ok, but he left THREE people in the wreckage with life changing injuries.

He then legged it with his girlfriend to continue with his holiday. Said Cunt has just been sentenced to Three years inside, not fucking long enough…… CUNT


Nominated by Paul.

Royal fans (2)

I’d like to nominate ‘Royal fans’ and the newspaper stories where they ‘go wild’ because Kate Middleton had a ladybird land on her arm or some other such innocuous nonsense.

The royal family, like all truly rich people, utterly despise their subjects and quite rightly so. The average Ant and Dec or Strictly watching, shopping at Iceland moron ought to be abhorred.

Even if you think they like you, they don’t, as bloodnutted royal arse-kisser Nicholas Witchell found out when he heard then Prince Charles referring to him as ‘that awful man’.

Does King Charles have even an ounce of respect for the flunky who wipes his backside for him or puts the toothpaste on his brush? Of course not.

This lot are even more pathetic than the sort of twat who worships regular celebrities, who might, at least, acknowledge where they’ve come from.

Grow a spine and stop simpering over chinless inbreds who’d step over you if you were having a heart attack without even thinking to order their servant to call you an ambulance.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine.

Liverpool FC (7)

They want the match with Tottenham replayed because a decision went against them and a goal was disallowed in error.

What is forgotten is that their first goal was given for a foul that never was. The spurs defender played the ball. Liverpool scored from the free kick.

My point is you win some, you lose some.

Yes, VAR is annoying and doesn’t always get it right but don’t whinge that it only happens to your club. Mind you, the scousers are world class at it aren’t they?

Nominated by : Lord Helpus

With a second half provided by Imitation Yank:


Sly Sports chief ex-ref cunt Dermot Gallagher was flapping his lips about this on the Sly Sports website. It was the wrong call, we all know that. All the officials got it wrong and a legitimate goal was chalked off. Fine. We get it. Sly Sports did do some homework and listed the PGMOL’s previous apologies for VAR getting it wrong. The list contains fixtures involving several other Premier League teams who were on the wrong end of incorrect VAR decisions.

Yes those team’s managers grumbled at the time. Yes they were upset at the injustice. Yes they got on with it. But not the Scousers. No, when they’re the victims the Earth has to stop rotating on its axis, full investigations must be undertaken and all those involved in the blatant conspiracy against all things Scouserpool FC should be publicly tortured and killed. A bit like what the Scouser fans did to Juventus fans in the Heysel Stadium.

Sky news

And extra time overseen by Herman Jelmet:

I would like to endorse this cunting if I may.

Is there a more loathsome outfit than Liverpool Football Club?
Are there a bigger bunch of entitled, whining, self pitying, chippy cunts than their fans?

Apparently there’s some of the daft twats calling for the match to be replayed. Fuck me sideways. All because their holier than thou team were on the receiving end of some extremely shoddy refereeing for a change.

If that’s the case, where do you draw the line??? How far back do you want to go to rewrite history in order to get the result you would prefer?

When the Bin Dippers played Tottenham Hotspur in the European Cup Final in 2019, they were awarded a penalty within seconds of the start of the game – thus completely destroying the game, leaving their opponents chasing the entire game and greatly reducing any chances Tottenham had of winning. (Tottenham could argue this if you catch my drift)

Personally, I found that penalty award to be very harsh although these things are open to debate and opinion.

There are a multitude of examples of truly shocking refereeing decisions down the years, many of which are far far worse than the soft penalty I posted in that video for example.

My point is that wanting or demanding games be replayed sets a very dangerous and complicated precedent.

How’s about replaying the 2019 European Cup Final for a start?
Or replaying Man United v Wolves from a few weeks ago (even though I didn’t think the goalie fouled the Wolves player but many did)

Or the England v Germany match from 2010?

Or England v Germany from 1966?

While we’re at it – how’s about some reparations for the English clubs banned from Europe for years because of the Scouse cunts?



Braun advert for men’s beard trimmers

In their attempt to show that they are right-on and ‘with it’, Braun have decided to use a ‘trans man’ complete with double mastectomy scars, to advertise their latest trimmer.

With any luck their business will go due south, just like bud light and costa coffee.

Daily Fail

Nominated by mystic maven.

More on this nonsense shit show from General Cuntster below.

Let’s have a Transheuser Shaved Bush cunting for the Kraut manufacturing company Braun GmbH. To be fair they are owned by Americunt Conglomerate Proctologist and Bumbler but they are and have been firmly ensconced in the 4th Reich and operate independently so they get the nomination.

Their newest advertising campaign features a Tranny with visible mastectomy scars shaving It’s face with an electric razor.

Is there really anything else to say other than how long must we endure this continued assault on Western Civilization by these Idiot Wokeists who foster their degenerate Utopian Dreams of a Brave New One World Order on the rest of us.

Stop buying Braun products. Sell your Procter and Gamble stock. They want to market to Trannies, degenerates and Wokeies…fine let’s see if there’s enough of them to support their delusions.

I’m fucking done with the evil bastards who promote this lunacy.

NY post

Racism at the Bake Off

‘The Great British Bake Off scraps national-themed weeks after criticism’

Yes, half a dozen loonies were offended by ‘Mexican Week’ so from now on all food weeks must be British. This despite the fact that most of last year’s intake were foreign, and they have shipped in a fat, untalented black person to fill a quota.

Cultural appropriation, innit. It’s a good job our highstreets and back streets only have traditional chippies and pie shops.

Mexicans are now safe from exploitation.

Bbc news

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble.