Prudential Bike Ride


The Prudential Bike Ride is an absolute CUNT!

This morning I am meant to be taking the mother in law to the cemetary in Gunnersbury to pay her respects on the anniversary of her husbands death, followed by a visit to her favourite fishmonger, pets at home and B & Q to get some plants to cheer her up.

But no.

Instead I am a prisoner in my own home due to the entirety of West London being gridlocked because a bunch of lycra clad Scania fodder need the A4, the hammersmith flyover, the Cromwell road and the A316 closed off so that they can wiggle their arses at the cunt behind in a procession of maximum cuntishness.

Already had one head on collision on our road where an impatient cunt decided to drive on the wrong side to try and turn right….straight into another car.

Prudential can go and fuck their collective mums with their AIDS riddled micropenises if they think they will ever get my business after this fucking fiasco.

And I hope the cyclists headbutt an oncoming HGV.



Nominated by: Odins Balls

22 thoughts on “Prudential Bike Ride

      • Just sure the thought police have got in for me. Anyway who said only the deviant ride bikes. Sorry about the self indulgent bollocks (made by some cunt who thinks he is a film maker), you need to jump to 4.50 orf the educational video before the cunts are actually riding the bikes rather than each other :

  1. So far this year 74 have died while playing on the public roads with their child’s’ toy. From 1994 to 2012 an average of 1 person per year has died where cannabis ingestion was a contributory factor. Cannabis is illegal in UK, but bicycles remain readily available. Its time the government did something about this terrible state of affairs.

  2. What a fucking retard ^
    in 2014 a total of 14 people died from sticking cucumbers up their arses and rupturing their colons, should we make cucumbers illegal?

    Go back to smoking your dope, you cretin, it explains why you are such a retard

  3. Indeed. A blood clot in one leg. Common at his age. Regarded as a good kraut having lived through WW11 and post war consequences. Met him once and very contemptuous orf modern kraut leaders. He will be on blood thinners (Warfarin, rat poison ect ect). Usually not fatal…unless it beaks up and goes to the heart, lungs or brain. He has been bagged by Historical Allegations so we await news.

    • came through and a good old cig smoker and i read it in the bild zeitung TOP MAN and i have had a few beers with his secratery ,nice lady and looks like mary Quant with a 60s wig

  4. Stephen Colbert is a cunt… Viewed (by ‘hipster’ Yanks and student knobends) as the great satirist and subversive (but actually just a watered down version of what Rowan & Martin and The Smothers Brothers used to do) has decided to take a big pay hike and take over (another cunt) Letterman’s chair and arselick a load of Hollywood celebrities… Really sticking it to the man, that is….

    And Amy Sedaris is also a cunt…

    • Seymour is just a squalid little cunt looking to puff a little publicity by going “controversial” and attacking a brave man whom he knows has too much dignity to respond.

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