Vive la France (9)

A Cunting for the French Police in the Dover docks today.

Well here we are, and for many the first day of the school holiday, and guess what? The French side of England, no less, a tiny part of the Dover docks, that’s smaller than Vatican City, but those French cunts might like to think has more power, something known as P.A.F. Is undermanned. So out of a possible Twelve or more lanes, only two are open!

This is not the first time the cunts have pulled this stunt recently. It’s got worse down here since Brexit. Today some have been stuck on the road for seven hours. I just want to go out and buy some essentials, and I can’t even do that.

I hate the French, I always have. It’s a good job this shit didn’t happen two days ago, because as we all know, many of us are thick cunts and have no idea what to do do in a “heatwave!”

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The French are cunts and I am sure it was a deliberate act to make us look like cunts.

The port of Dover had planned for today 22/7 and had asked the French to provide 14 immigration officers from 6.30 am knowing that there would be increase traffic through the port.
6 Frog bastards turned up at 8, the excuse ‘an incident in the channel tunnel’, this was later refuted by Euro Tunnel who said there was a small incident but it didn’t involve French immigration.

This is just like the French, they knew what would happen and it’s all about punishing Brits for leaving the EU and similar to the cunts patrolling the Calais beaches with eyes closed, ‘sorry we didn’t see 14000 illegals leaving our shores’

les bleus sont cunts.

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The French. Maybe an addendum to the above cuntings. Definitely need to vent on this.

The french are without doubt arrogant, without just cause, steaming pile of horse shit one and all.

Not being satisfied with allowing thousands of 3rd world criminals gimmi grants to enter their own country illegally; and then leave illegally for our shores these fetid cowards now are stopping British travelling legally.

The British no doubt will spend loads of dosh in France 🇫🇷 unlike the criminals who won’t. Honestly the french are total total utter cunts.

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And Jimmy Jump has a few choice words of contempt as well

The French are cowards, they always have been. During WW2 their flag featured 3 white stripes on a white background.

These bastards always smell of onions and their women have hairy armpits.

We need to stop paying them to wave goodbye to the migrant boats as they leave France and put tariffs on all French cars imported into the UK. That’ll make Frenchy stand up and take notice.

Sacré bleu!

Dioclese isn’t much of a fan of the French

The French are a bunch of cunts especially that short arse granny grabber Macron who resorts to his favourite diversionary tactic of Brit Bashing every time he wants to distract the population from his monumental incompetence in government.

So here we all sitting in our cars waiting to get through Dover and onto ferries because the little fucker has got the hump about not being able to milk the taxpayer any more to sub the EU budget, leaving France and Germany to pick up the shortfall. So Macron makes sure that there aren’t enough officials at Dover to check the passports as they board the ferries. Deliberate petty minded horse shit from our nearest and dearest ‘friends and allies’ – the bloody French

And there’s more. This morning there are pictures of huge queues outside passport offices because people are pissed off with ringing the Passport Office helpline and being fobbed off, lied to and disconnected leaving the only option to go to the Passport Office in person – thus ensuring that staff who should be processing passports are bogged down dealing with irate members of the public.

What’s this got to do with the French? I hear you asking. Well guess who got the helpline call centre contract worth a cool £23million. Yep, our stupid bloody government gave it to a French company based in Paris.

Let’s cut through the shit : the French hate us and we’ve been fighting each other for centuries. Let’s cut the pretence, just admit it and stop being nice to the fuckers…


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  1. A few long distant Prussian relatives of mine also hate the Frogs. They paid them a visit in 1870, 1914 and 1940.

    They would have stayed longer with the 1940 visit had it not been for those meddling Brits at Normandy back in 44’……..

    Goes to show the only thing the frogs are good for is hosting an invasion!


  2. Although Bridget Bardot in her prime would’ve got it.

    Of course, I’d have worn a gas mask because of the foul stench.

  3. The French. Where do you start? Let’s start with these:

    1. Who was it that continued to sell Exocet missiles to Argentina during the Falklands conflict?

    2. When Thatcher successfully argued her case that the UK was paying way too much into the EU (remember when our leaders had a back bone?), all the other nations gracefully accepted she was right and agreed the UK should get a refund. All nations except one.

    3. Back when Ronald Regan wanted to fly US bombers to Libya and bomb the crap out of Gaddafi, he called all the European heads of state to ask permission to fly through their airspace. Everyone agree except one country. Their stated reason was they considered it an act of terrorism and refused permission, so the bombers had to fly around France. Hmm. The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior was docked in New Zealand having been actively protesting French nuclear testing in the area. Mysteriously the ship was sunk in port. Well, not so mysterious because that act of non-terrorism was carried out by the French Secret Service.

    • Great post IY

      We should’ve left the cunts to Adolf. Indeed, I do wonder sometimes if the resentment they have towards us, is because they didn’t want Adolf to go!

    • The French witheld further shipments of exocet for the duration of the Falklands war. Not only that, but they actively helped prevent them from being bought from a 3rd party.
      They also helped us understand the combat capability of the Super Etendard by giving us a couple of flights in some and dogfight practice.
      A lot of the munitions used against us during the war were of British manufacture, and two years before we were trying to sell them sea harriers, but they went cheap and bought old US skyhawks instead.

      • From the article:

        ‘A BBC investigation has uncovered evidence that, even though the embargo was in place, a team from France worked with the Argentine troops in the Falklands during the war. The team allegedly tested the missile systems to ensure they would fire.’

        ‘Three of the missiles failed and the team repaired the issue which allowed the missiles to be used against British troops.’

        They also refused to give us access to the ‘kill switch codes’ to the exocets…plenty of stuff online about that too.

        They are cunts.


      • Lots of ‘allegedly’ with no direct quotes or references to source material.
        Wasn’t it only a few days ago that the BBC were accused of lying about British forces? Reliable on this, but not on that.
        It’s the MSM right?

        Try reading’Harrier 809’ by Roland White, he goes into great detail about the Exocet problem, using contemporary sources, veterans accounts, and recently declassified documents.
        Far better that some ropey clickbait article.

      • The BBC was once a trusted source, but its reputation clearly isn’t what it once was due to political/.anti-British bias.

        Trust some guys book but not the BBC of old. Confirmation bias.

        A French defence official admitted the stuff about the kill switch stuff too recently. Probably click bait though, it was in the Telegraph too.

        It never ceases to amaze me how some are so eager to run the country down and big up others in foreign lands, particularly those trying to do is harm.

        There is a name for people like that I believe?

      • Are you saying your book tells more truth than somebody else’s article?

      • Hey CB –
        Good follow ups. Thanks. The BBC back in ’82 actually broadcast proper news. The era of class newsreaders like Richard Baker and Kenneth Kendall. Oh how we miss them and those times.

        I do remember two things quite clearly from the news reporting at the time. The Exocet thing and the argument about the sinking of the Belgrano. I suppose I also remember how long it took to get our forces down to the Falklands.

      • BBC of old? That article references a bbc article from 2019, which is around the time Panorama were doing their expose on the Yaxley conman.
        Try reading the book, and his other one on the conflict, the equally good Vulcan 407. If you, or anyone else is interested in the Falklands war, they will not disappoint.
        Another is Three days in June, an incredible book about the paras battle for Mount Longdon.
        Just because I acknowledge the assistance given by some of our allies, both above and under the table, that helped us pull of an amazing feat of arms doesn’t make me a traitor, as that is what I think you were insinuating.
        Perhaps if I was hoping for another Hitler you might have been closer to the mark.

    • The Greenpeace ship ‘The Rainbow Warrior.’ Yes! I remember, (July 1985) & certainly not a good one back then. Of course, if you had a ship by that same name today, & it mysteriously sunk. For some ‘unknown reason,’ I would have a bout of uncontrolled laughter!

  4. Frogs legs and snails who but a stinking Frenchman would consider that edible they have always been a nation of cunts you only have to listen to them talking it’s the most poofiest language and the geesers sound effeminate Paris the city of love yes bend over and take this up your arse mon ami

  5. The EU only needed to cause trouble for a day, capture the images of long queues and angry holidaymakers then pipe it onto the screens of the EU slaves as a warning. It’s all so contrived.

    Hooo-eee, what a bunch of cunts.

  6. Excellent cunting I was suspended from school many moons ago because I insisted I would never learn French as I hate them and would never visit 30 years on and I’ve held true to my word nasty belligerent shithouses even to the extent I’ve worked with French Canadians who have been to the old motherland and even they thought the Parisians were cunts the arsehole of Europe anyway to alleviate the infighting which seems to be happening a bit on here listen to this for a bit of fun

  7. 886’000 British service men & women died in WW1
    384’000 British service men & women died in WW2

    The ungrateful French cunts.

  8. Fuck the cunts bunch of pendantic wankers. Kicking the can down the road. They’d rather argue with old allies than look after their own country. Pathetic. No wonder why people are turnt off my diplomacy when the French are around.

  9. The fecking French, 5th rate soldiers 1st rate cowards and collaborators. They hate us because nearly every dust up we’ve had with the bastards has ended badly for them.
    Envy and jealousy is a cuntish character trait Pierre, you lot will never be English so accept what god made you and make the most of a bad job.

  10. It’s a well known fact that the English are fighters, shame the spineless twats in the House of Commons/ lords aren’t..

    But why would you piss on your own chips…££££

    A curse be upon their houses….☠️

  11. Our French cousins…. Francais Ami ? Not so much…
    They never pass up the opportunity of throwing a spanner in our works…. tieing our shoelaces together when we’re not looking… putting sugar in the salt sellar… the garlic eating little scamps.
    The next time Fritz decides to parachute behind their lines I say we leave them to their fate… let them eat saurkraut and sprechen zie Deutsch.
    For a start, let’s stop clogging up the courts time fighting the pansy dogooders about Ruwanda. Stick the illegals on a hovercraft – straight back across the channel and ramp down ! debark them onto the Normandy beaches – it’ll be like D-day all over again.
    Then time to get Dad’s army back. Capt Mainwarring & the old buys can barricade the Kent coast with rusty bicycles, old shopping trollies and all the old Fridge-freezers causing an eyesore because the Gyppos just refuse to nick them.
    Less of the Triccador – more like time to raise the Jolly Roger …. ooh la la !

  12. Only four good things have come out of Gaul. Asterix,
    Eric Cantona, Anna Karina (RIP) and Francoise Hardy. Sod the rest of them

  13. Every Brit should boycott this cunt of a country. The only way I would enter froggy French territory is 30,000 feet above in a plane enroute to a country that is more acceptable to Brits. FRENCH CUNTS I HOPE THEY ROT IN THIER OWN STENCH. JUST WATCH THE SPINELESS CUNTS TRY TO FLEE TO GOOD OLD BLIGHTY IF THEY GET INVADED.

  14. Why don’t we declare war on France, it would be the shortest war on record and easiest victory ever with maybe the loss of a Land Rover Discovery and an old seaside Donkey, we could send over Pete Sutclife armed only with his Ballpein Hammer and sharpened Phillips screwdriver and the white flag would be waving before his P&O ferry docked at Calais.!

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