The people of Llantwit Major


A rarebit cunting for the merry people of Llantwit Major, which we are told is a village on the south coast of Wales.

These people are fighting back against a “far right” group called Patriotic Alternative who we are told hold extreme beliefs as described in the following, “community building and activism group”, and campaigns about what it claims are “issues such as the demographic decline of native Britons in the United Kingdom, the environmental impact of mass immigration and the indoctrination and political bias taking place in British schools”.

Now nothing there seems far right does it? No debate is allowed on the taboo subject of mass immigration!! If immigration is discussed in the media it’s only because greedy cunts in business want cheap Labour and controlled immigration would fuck up their immoral business plans.

Sadly it’s a fact of life now that trying to open up a debate on any of the mainstream narratives makes you far right. Discourse is pivotal to democracy, we don’t have a democracy!

What really inspired this cunting though is buried in the article is a picture of the local vicar, if he’s not a direct descendant of Steptoe I’ll be amazed.

Of course the article was written by someone totally unbiased.

Bbc news

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81 thoughts on “The people of Llantwit Major

  1. If that vicar isn’t a direct descendant of Steptoe then I’m a fighting age African male with a dinghy, an iPhone and a few grand in my pocket who is fleeing persecution.

    Good morning

  2. While I agree with what Patriotic Alternative say that they stand for,
    They’re a shower of twats and own worst enemy.

    Patriotic Alternative turned up in the Peak District during the time after lock down when pubs had just reopened.

    Pubs had to comply with the government guidelines or could be told to shut.

    At the time it was only groups of six maximum.
    And you had to book a table.

    This shower of fannies turned up in a group of 30, at the pub I go to every Sunday.

    And when the young girl told them that they couldn’t just turn up in a large group they started calling her a ‘sheeple’
    Getting nasty .

    She’s a 17yr old farmers daughter with no say how the pub is run.

    These brave knights of st George got threatening,
    And bold as just a few young hikers and elderly locals in early Saturday morning,
    Luckily for her the landlord was there and told them to fuck off
    Then phoned the police .

    They wandered through the village to the other pub but forewarned they got told to fuck off there too.

    A dry day for Patriotic Alternative.

    They went up Mam Tor and did some flag waving thing.
    Converts to the cause-nil.

    Daft cunts.

    • How to upset a racist? Call them a racist, they really don’t like it for some reason. Snowflakes. 😂

      • I’m a racist and edge towards an orgasm whenever anybody accuses me of being racist.

      • No, I’ve never found calling a racist ‘racist’ has bothered them. Not a single one.

        The people i’ve known who don’t like being called racist are well-meaning people who make mistakes.

      • A bit of a giveaway is someone moans about something being considered ‘waaaaaaaaycist’ minutes after saying how they would machine gun dinghy raiders or send all the P***s home.
        I’m not bothered by the ones who own it, at least they’re honest.

    • Aye

      The problem I have with them is their selective judgement and their fascination with blaming the four be twos. I too agree with quite a bit of what they say, but they lose me on these points.

      The selective judgement thing is they use a quote by an academic regarding demographic replacement in Britain, but will claim any counter argument is ‘Soros funded globo homo’ rubbish.

      Can’t have it both ways. I agree there is a problem within academia (far left bias with the social sciences in particular) though. Just don’t use it at all then as a reliable source. Because if you get in a debate and use academic sources, expect others to use some that counter your arguments. It makes you look silly if you only want your sources being used as valid arguments (I saw that happen in a stream once – two admittedly annoying yooni types made them look daft in a debate.)

      Although they do put up with violence against them on a regular basis (Antifa) and never retaliate unless they’re being punched (and they mostly don’t even retaliate when that happens). However, if they turned up to counter protest something by Antifa and started pushing and gozzing at them, we all know the rozzers would steam in with their sized elevens.

      Although that recent rant in the church at an MP by one of them was fucking great.

      Still, won’t ever get my full support while they have this four be twos are evil shite. Won’t get mainstream support with that bollocks. Ever.

      But if they’re the only ones who’ll do something about the crap going on, I can see why they are getting more and more support.

      • Cuntybollocks @

        What they also seem not to understand is that they’ve been infiltrated by Old Bill

        Who are keeping tabs on groups like BlackLivesMatter, other similar groups.

        They shout their gobs off but then look shocked when in court for incitement to cause public disorder.


      • Aye MNC

        I have no doubt whatsoever that the security forces have infiltrators in their group. Fuck that.

      • “…Still, won’t ever get my full support while they have this four be twos are evil shite. Won’t get mainstream support with that bollocks.”

        The error is the claim that “all jews are evil” (if that is indeed the claim PA are making which I don’t believe as Mark isn’t that ill informed.) Wrong and wrong again… it’s not ‘all’ jews, it’s some jews. And furthermore not all those responsible for the current condition of things were or are jews. Zionism however presents a very different and very dangerous formulation as the Mid East has found out and as was predicted right back at the turn of the 20thCent.

        “…Won’t get mainstream support…”

        That’s because ‘mainstream’ media will never present the full facts. Find me the episode of World at War that contains even the most fleeting reference to characters like Untermeyer, Brandeis, Morganthau, Rudolf Sonneborn (who he?) Abraham Feinberg (huh?) Sir Robert Waley Cohen (errrr) Hillel Kook – alias Paul Bergson (?nevererdovim?) etc ad infinitum. The unwashed know absolutely fuck all about the malevolent part these individuals played in the current geo-political circumstance.

    • Mam tor brings back some memories mis. Camped up there with some mates age 15. Easter. Snow on ground. So cold we didn’t leave tent ⛺️ for a piss. Used a plastic gallon bottle. Come morning it was full.
      We emptied contents on tent next to us. Some lads from a rival school.
      God we were cunts

      • The problems of two extremes, the far left some of whom believe there should be unfettered numbers of dinghy pilots and the fucking tits like Patriotic Alternative.

        The latter is a solution to the illegal immigration crises like the removal of a foot is a solution to an ingrown toenail.

        PA’s leader, Mark Collett, is quoted as being a huge Hitler fan who believes the Fuhrer was an misunderstood man. Christ on a fucking BMX.

    • “While I agree with what Patriotic Alternative say that they stand for,
      They’re a shower of twats and own worst enemy.”

      At least they ‘stand’! Greater by far should be the shame of those who, through fear of rebuke, shrink into the crowd, who soothe their conscience with imposed and ultimately suicidal notions of fucking ‘tolerance’. I reserve my greatest contempt for those who would hand to their children the sword that they were too afraid to wield themselves. There is no shame in ‘hate’ as they like to call it, it is a very laudable, noble and VITAL emotion (“vital” as in essential to the continuance of life… i.e. our lives!)

      • To be honest, they sound like exactly the type of cunts I was worried about over 15 years ago when I said that if reasonable people don’t take reasonable steps to address the immigration problem, unreasonable people with unreasonable answers might become palatable to enough cunts to get them into power. Thankfully we’re not there yet, and enough decent people see these cunts for what they are.
        Patriotism used to mean the love of one’s country, now it seems it’s the hate of someone else’s.

  3. Annie who is 73, has lived there all her life watching her children and grandchildren great grandchildren grow up in that village.

    How sweet.

    The problem with the Annie’s of the world is that even if one of her female grandchildren (for example) was tied up and repeatedly gang raped by a big group of recently arrived future employees within the care sector, and while Annie was even forced to watch the ordeal – Annie would still prefer to see that, than to have groups such as Patriotic Alternative in her village.

    I mean – who wouldn’t. Bloody racists.

  4. Good Morning

    Mrs. W is from South Wales and we spend a lot of time down there, it never ceases to amaze me how socialist the locals are. She is forever telling me to shut my mouth and not sound off about them. Just yesterday when putting my money in the machine for the local car park, I noticed a sign up saying that as from today the charges are going up from a minimum of £1.50 to £4.50 (albeit that you can now have 2 hours parking instead of just one) . My immediate response was bloody bastards in front of about 4 other people. Swansea City Council have a chief executive on more than £160K and 19 other executives on more than £100K, certainly the most in Wales and possibly more than the whole of the U.K.
    I was told not to swear.

  5. Well hopefully a couple of dozen families of enrinchers will move all round her property and render it worthless.

  6. Here we go again, lots of tired sheepshagger jokes and links to long dead blogs.
    Bore da! 😂

  7. This is BBC bullshit cooked up to villify anyfucker who has a differing view. Llantwit is a fucking village. The protesters of both sides have been shipped in. We saw the same in Skegness. A few wankers from some ‘far right’ group turned up to support locals who arent happy about their tourist economy being destroyed by dinghy sailors taking up all the beds. Pictures showed local people and a dozen or so from a group that carries Union flags. Far Right! Far Right!!

    • I remember watching a video where locals where talking to GB News about never having seen any of the protestors in town before.

  8. These bun fights are amusing,they all take place in a society that is comfortable,stable and relatively crime free.

    “Asylum seekers welcome” and “The Far Right”,as imagined by the cosy BBC or a Sky “journalist” dropped in from Berkshire..

    It will be interesting to see how opinion changes amongst every class of our society once illegal immigration runs amok,as we are just seeing the very beginning of a complete demographic change that will sweep away our society,conventions and legal framework.

    Hard to bake cakes when your house has been burned to the ground.


    • Precisely Unkle.

      As I alluded to in my comment before – a lot of people live in cloud cuckoo land and they think that baking cakes, being kind and whatever else, is the answer to this illegal immigration of hundreds of thousands of undocumented young men problem.

      And no matter what any cunt of any political persuasion thinks – it is a fucking problem.

      • Waugh wrote a short story called ‘Too Much Tolerance’. The gist of it a man he alws another man to take his business over then his wife to have an affair losing her and the children and his house and everything.

        Lost everything because of being tolerant.

        That ‘Asylum seekers welcome’. They don’t really ‘want’ them.
        They are just in rebellion against what they think Britain means.

        Truly in a false sense of humble tolerance.

        It’s the virtue of tolerance run amok.

      • The gist of it a man another take over his business then doesn’t complain when his wife has an affair with same man losing her and the children and his house and everything.

  9. Welsh cakes?

    Very Eurocentric.

    Imposing there culture on others.

    Are they Halal?

    Gluten free?



  10. Looks like the local priest needs to lay off the communion wine..or is he channelling father jack hackett.

    • Fuck me these yard apes look like a real pair o’ winners don’t they. Stupid fucking bitch, maybe if she’d taken the advice of someone ‘on the far right’ she’d have had some idea of the potential/inevitable consequences. But hey on the plus side… at least she’s not one of those evil fucking racists eh!

      get fucked!

    • I took one look at them and felt an instant prejudice against people from ‘Stoke-on-Trent’

  11. ‘Llantwit Major’
    Is there a Llantwit Minor I wonder?
    Put the Asylum seekers there?

    How do you pronounce that?
    The Welsh are so foreign.

    • It’s The old Welsh spelling of “Labia Major”. Or “Cunt Curtains”
      Which probably start to twitch, every time a an (English) tourist takes a wrong turn and has the misfortune to find themselves driving down Llantwat high street.🤔

  12. “llantwat is an overwhelmingly friendly town….where weirdos and misfits are welcome.”

    As it is populated by Welsh people, it’s a fucking good job😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    “We don’t tolerate xenophobia or racism.”
    A Welsh man said that?

  13. I went to South Wales once. It didn’t appeal to me. It was grim and shit. Some of it looked worse than parts of East London. Thry should cement over the whole of it and build social housing for the Dinghy Invaders. All of them.

    • By Jove, Cap-Mag has cracked it🧐

      Send all the Dingy Divers to Wales.
      Drakeford’s Socialist Utopia gets £5M a week additional funding and Abdul and Co can alternate between sheep* and the local moustachioed Welsh women👍

      The Women will be happy, as it will make a change from sucking off theit brothers/fathers/ grandfathers and the Welsh men will be happy as it will give them more time to spend with the flock 😉

      Win win win.
      Everybody’s happy 😀

      *Abdul was caught hanging out the back of an underage sheep. While resisting arrest, he told the Police to “Fuck Off” as it was “Islam”

  14. I am so pleased to be a far right fascist nazi, it is a badge of honour now.
    These retarded cunts won’t be so smug when they have to wear burkhas.

  15. These treacherous push back cunts should be lined up against a wall.

    A quick scan of Ali Baba Beebies article cites Annie, with an accompanying pic of her yielding her weapon of choice, a Minnie Mouse umbrella, for fuck sake. It also states that she likes guerrilla gardening – what the fuck is that all about, hiding in a bush with a muddied up camouflaged face ready to pounce on someone with garden fork at the ready – do me a favour FFS!

    No, what we need are more far rights group, who are able and willing to stand up and be heard, before the whole of the UK becomes like Londonistan.

  16. I always support my local Militia, their broad aims and objectives. I see no solutions to our current issues that armed rebellion would not put right.

    The twats we elect ( yes we are sheep) have successfully divided a once united Country and we are simply a mish-mash of pitiful star gazers.

    Fuck counter culture. Bring on the end game.

  17. What pisses me off is the ‘refugees are welcome here’ shite.

    Refugees? They are not refugees. There is a certain process they go through to decide this. These fuckers are mostly chancers. At best, ‘asylum seekers’ (not refugees.) The cunts know if they say they are asylum seekers it’s practically impossible to get shut of them.

    Just lock them all in immigration detention centres (they are mostly illegal immigrants anyway) in crap conditions and the boats will stop overnight once word gets out.

    It’s almost as if our government wants this to happen?

    • You know what we like to be, the first to, the most generous, be world leaders in…..

      Even if we had shit detention centres, they would be the the best shit detention centres 😂

      Diphtheria coming to a hotel near you 🤮

      • I heard they had a plan on housing them at Butlins.

        Fuck me, they’d soon be wanting to get back on that dinghy to paddle the fuck out of there.

      • Yes, ‘they’ do because ‘they’ think it will only happen to ‘us’. But ‘they’ are too dense to realise that ‘they’ will also be taken over.

  18. It makes no difference, locals who have genuine concerns or far right (lol), any opposition to an influx of large numbers of ‘mainly young men between the ages of 20 and 40’ is RACIST.

    The problem is that there aren’t enough people in the country who are willing to show their anger, the polling suggests that the vast majority of the British public want this INVASION sorted out. That word has been widely condemned (widely among the left) but why, if it isn’t an invasion what else would you call thousands of undocumented young men crossing the channel.

    It’s not going to get better anytime soon because regardless of allowing them to claim asylum or not they can’t be sent back under ‘humanitarian protection’

    The problem with the ‘Annie’ types is they can’t see the wood for the trees, it’s all very well protesting against ‘the far right’ but even if their message is mixed the actual issue is real.

    Turning the boats is the only answer.

  19. Some fucker needs to have a strong word in the shell like ear of all these “persecutors”

    The persecutors, have obviously all got it in for poor young men in particular. Young men of African, Middle Eastern and Albanian heritage who tend to be followers of a certain religion an all.

    These persecutors obviously don’t bother women children or elderly and just have it in for young men. Forcing the poor cunts to risk life and limb to make it all the way to the UK.
    For free accomodation and money.
    And cakes from lefties.

    it’s an outrage.

  20. Had the same thing here in Epping. We have an admittedly tired out motel, which they filled with immigrants. PA sent out some leaflets questioning the whole immigration thing (I saw it and it was all true and very benign). Of course, all the local councillors and our cunt of an MP started on the “far right” thing – you’d think they were handing out Mein Kampf.

    • It’s a truly fucked up situation LC.

      The recent media meltdown with that clown Gary Lineker and his “right on” but woefully inaccurate opinion, was clear evidence of what a shambles this entire situation is.

      As unsustainable and whatever else that it obviously is – it can’t ever be questioned. Simple as that.

      Just send the entire population of Africa to Britain and all of the next generation as well.
      We’ll cope and after all it’s the righteous thing to do because we don’t want to be racists do we.

      It’s almost surreal.

      • funny thing is though – I think it is REALLY unpopular amongst the local population. They may think it but will never say it. Even down to the situation we are in now – the local Conservative councillors have all resigned from the Tory party and are standing as independents. I can only think that this is because the Conservatives have become a toxic brand amongst hard-working white people. They will be wiped out at the next election, but replaced with even worse fuckers from Labour.

  21. Move members of the diverse Croydon lot to this village and see how they react to stabbings, their daughters lumbered with a afro baby and fried chicken litter all over the streets.
    Diversity seems great when it’s not kicking on their door..

    • ‘their daughters lumbered with a afro baby and fried chicken litter all over the streets’.

      They can visit Swansea for that.

  22. 5000 cunts have arrived so far this year, well that’s the 2 converted barracks and butlins sorted 👏

    Good job there is an overflow in Fuckwit Major (welcoming overflow)

  23. I’m hardly surprised by this: parts of Wales are full of hippy cunts. Although many people from North Wales sound like plastic fucking scousers, they are a lot more working class and Welsh-speaking than the cunts in Mid and South Wales.

    Coming from a Shropshire border town, I can tell you that the fuckers who often come across the border into my town (some of whom I’m related to) are 3rd generation hippies descended from middle class hippy twats who established a commune in the 60’s around Llanfyllin/Llanhraedr/Llangedwyn but never fucked off.

    These pricks should not be seen as representative of this particular Welsh shit hole.

  24. The trouble with places like this is they’re only too happy to express sympathy, and drop the 1p change into the collection box.
    But when it actually comes to having them housed on the nearby old school site, we’ll bugger me with a Welsh cake, that’s not a good idea.
    NIMBY’s, one and all.
    Can’t say I blame them, but then, I don’t make a pretence about welcoming 1000’s of invaders. I’d gun the lot down, given a chance.

  25. Interesting the way things change, would never had llantwit major down as a hotbed of wokeshite protest. Different back in the 70’s no woke then even when I came close to taking out the front of a shop with an ap Land Rover. Sent on driving course at RAF St Athen morris traveller estates, escort estates and I end up with a Land Rover and an instructor with a serious humour deficit.

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