Protestors [6]

I’m sick to fucking death of turning on the TV or radio and hearing about some cunt gluing themselves to something or another. They had a good go at fucking up the grand national at the weekend but for once the law done a decent job of arresting the swampy brigade. I was hoping that a few of them had hidden themselves inside Bechers Brook or The Chair and at the very least I could have taken some satisfaction when a few took a thoroughbreds hoof in the face.

Then I get home tonight and turn the TV on and two cunts have turned up at the snooker and chucked orange powder all over the table. It’s getting out of fucking hand.

I suppose now the warmer weather is beginning to return we can all look forward to delays on the roads, sporting events ruined, missed appointments etc. all because of these cunts! Never see them in the winter shivering up high on a motorway gantry do you! (Link provided by Ron Knee)

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    • Im surprised that his actions are trivialised by the Courts. He should now be sued in the courts for aerating a serious health hazard to all who depend on respiration for life.

      Personally , I would force pumice into HIS airways, sell tickets and enjoy the spectacle.
      To the oven with the cunt.

  1. Most protesters are from the Left.
    Not many from the Right.

    It’s not the Rights thing.
    Busy working
    Raising families etc

    The Left love that shite.
    Family day out!

    Lots on ISAC say that they would like direct action.

    Go to a protest, a Left one,
    Throw something!
    They as a whole get the blame.

    Accuse one of being a journalist for GBnews.
    Disrupt it.

    There you go!
    Activities for the summer holidays

    Never bored with a Machiavellian mind.

    • Go to a Labour Party event and loudly scream “JEW!!”
      At a speaker.

      That should get them talking.

      And you’ll get a Christmas card from Jeremy Corbyn and Mark Collett.

      • I like it. Like Barry out of four lions.

        Radicalise the moderates and bring it all on!

    • There’s nothing more right wing than a left winger on a protest.! I rate lefty’s right down there with Parking Stanley’s, lumps of Coal and Ch!nks.!

  2. What sport will this cunt interrupt next, suggestion for him, try a Tyson Fury boxing match, forget about just orange Tyson will knock seven shades out of him, Red & Yellow, Pink & Green, Orange & Purple & Blue, he will see a rainbow, a rainbow too.

  3. Just Stop Oil finally hit the fuel barons where it hurts – the World Snooker Championship ! That will make BP, Shell and the World’s biggest oil producers take notice!

    Roger Hallam, the ‘mastermind’ behind Just Stop Oil, says that six billion people (that’s practically everyone) will die this century due to climate change. He has repeatedly failed to back this up, but persists in terrorising the impressionable and dim-witted snowflakes who are taken up into his ISIS like cult.

    Puritanical killjoys who are not only miserable and mentally ill, but won’t be happy until we are all as miserable and mentally ill as themselves.

    • They are giving ultimatums and if they aren’t met they will get very cross 😂

      Maybe do a sit down protest in a LTN, could be there for days before anyone notices.

      • No they love that, especially if it’s from Modena. They send the nanny there to buy a few bottles.

  4. I’m expecting my 7 year olds school play this month is gonna get targeted by some gorilla glue armed greta womble. Get the fuck out of here and glue yourself to Putin.

  5. There a fucking bunch of humourless cunts arn’t they ?
    Whenever they are interviewed they are so angry and full of shit and absolutely nothing to back up there argument.
    They behave like petulant children. Sever punishment is what’s required now. Public Beatings and long prison sentences.

    • I have always thought six strokes of the cane would be the answer to a whole lot of problems. I bet Just Stop Oil fancy nancies don’t operate in Malaysia or the UAE where such punishmwnts are handed down by the courts. Hit them where it really hurts.

      • Forget physical beatings: they’ll just make martyrs of themselves.

        Hit them the wallet. make it difficult for them to operate.
        Even their rich yankie socialite backers will tire of wasting hundreds of thousands in legal fees and fines after every protest.

  6. Perhaps I’m being a bit thick, but I’m failing to see the connection between a game of snooker and large petrochemical companies drilling for oil in the North sea.

    What the fuck is the orange powder all about?

    None of this pointless bullshit makes any sense to the point their campaign manager must be Roger Irrelevant.

  7. @The Admin Team

    What on God’s green Earth could have sent that post to moderation?

      • Laughing Gravy@

        Most of the comments have dissapeared…

        You on your phone right?
        Go to the bottom of the page,
        Where it says mobile/desktop.
        Click desktop
        Older posts

        Hey presto!

        Like the user name.
        I had a goldfish called Laughing gravy.
        Big Laurel and Hardy fan👍

      • Top man thanks, I’m illiterate when it comes to phones and most technology if I’m honest. I can’t be fucked with it all.

        Laurel and Hardy are fucking great, timeless comedy and still watched nearly 100 years later. Don’t think the same will ring true for any of the ‘comedian’ cunts around these days.

  8. I’d like to see them try it on in the next tournament in China. The cunts would be arrested, beaten then sentenced to 10 years hard labour.

    • The Climate Emergency Fund hasn’t got that much of a reach or the backing to operate in China.

  9. The question to ask is, who is financing these layabout tree hugging bastards? Follow the money.

  10. Presumably these arseholes have got something planned for the coronation. I hope they fuck it up in a big way. It’s no less than the Wanky Wokie Windsors deserve.

    • I reckon the cunts will be targeting everything this year. FA Cup Final, The Derby, The Open. Trouble is even if the law is beefed up and jail time is made mandatory I still don’t think it will stop them.

  11. The cunt is a 25 year old STUDENT – fucking 25 ? how long does a shit degree in media studies take ? Sometimes I think about walking home from the pub and seeing one of these cunts ….. it’d be dark , no witnesses , he wouldn’t use oil again. Winner Winner

  12. Just Stop Oil protestors need to start dousing themselves with oil and igniting themselves in the streets. Like that famous Buddhist monk photograph. In fact, if you squint, the nom photo looks rather like the protestor on the snooker table is wreathed in orange flames.

    That’s a protest tactic we could all support.

    • I was just going to suggest that we boil them in the oil they want to stop.
      At least they’d have a legitimate reason to shout “Stop”

      But I support and admire your scenario.

  13. I saw one if these cunts being interviewed by the BBC today, given far too easy a ride by that Scottish cunt whose name I’m forgotten. The callers they lwr on the show were crap too. Nobody calling her claims what they are, fucking bullshit.

    The stupid ‘Just scweam and stamp my feet until I’m sick and get my own way’ cow was banging on about the planet bein uninhabitable within a few years and ‘the climate emergency’ (do fuck off) being ‘racist.’

    I’m not a violent man, but if a faeces covered Charles Bronson had suddenly appeared and kicked her cunt off, I’d go out and buy a bottle of Bollinger to celebrate.

  14. And not having kids ‘on principle’?


    It’s because no lass would let him shag her, the ugly, wet bastard.

  15. His pater is in finance and mummy is a dentist.

    Typical white,middle class self entitled cunt.

    I would stop his access to fossil fuels in every aspect: wouldn’t last a day.

    • Yeah, no doubt when he’s grown out of being a superhero daddy will get him a nice job in his money printing corporation. Then he’ll get his fattening fingers into the green energy scam and make a fucking fortune.
      And the fucking Polar bears will still be here while us poor cunts will have frozen to death.

  16. On the subject of misguided protests, Fox News has just settled with Dominion software for $787.5 million, rather than continue with the case against it.
    Let’s face it, unless you are guilty as fuck, you don’t pay that kind of money.
    It won’t matter to those who’ve been to far down the stolen election rabbit hole, and they will still be sending their money to a billionaire to buy another plane, and continue to watch Fox and be soothed by Carlson and Hannity’s lies.

    • Evening GJ👍

      You ever been on a protest?

      It’s not my thing now,
      But as a young bloke I went on a few.

      Protest to save some greenbelt land near where I lived.
      Poll tax riot
      Poll tax demo outside Stockport town hall.

      And went to hear your mate Tommy Robinson speak over the road from my mam and dad’s.
      You can see my removal van in the YouTube footage 🙂

      I wonder how many on here have been on a demo, protest, march,
      Joined a political organisation?

      • Evening Mis.
        Never been a protester, haven’t yet found a cause worthy of giving up my free time for, it’s way too precious. Went to court for non payment of poll tax, so I suppose that was a personal protest. Was totally against Gulf war 2, but I knew the protest, like many others, would be ignored, and I’d have shelled out a fortune to go to London for fuck all.
        I have to settle for giving Alistair Campbell grief for it on twitter.
        To me, the only protest that will have any real impact is a general strike, where everyone says fuck it and stays home.
        A lot of protests end up more like a riot, and instead of giving the thumbs down to the government, some poor cunts car gets torched, and a load of wankers go robbing shops.
        Funny old world. 🙂

  17. I fail to see what this cunt was trying to prove… at a snooker match.
    Snooker tables are made of natural materials like wood, slate and felt. They like things like that. What has a snooker table done?

    I would like to have seen what would have happened if Ronnie O’Sullivan had been playing. Headbutt? Broken nose? Eyes poked with snooker cue?

    Crime: Common vandalism.
    Punishment: Should be £5000 fine.

  18. These scum do it because they can and they know the cozzers and judges are soft as shite.

    If the birch was brought back and they whipped the cunts, it’d soon stop…. Those four trust fund pieces of shit who went statue wrecking in Bristol should have been birched on live TV for a start…

  19. WHAT may I ask, is wrong w/snooker? WTF? Are the batshite left out of things to protest?

  20. He’s called Edred Whittingham the absolute ball bag and he’s a repeat offender. He goes to Exeter university just email them threatening to protest at their university and cause disruption and chaos like he’s been doing. They’ll soon turn the little bandit out.

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