Long Covid [2]

It’s about time the mythical “Long Covid” had another cunting.

Just what the fuck is this, another skivers charter like Yuppy Flu, ME or whatever the fuck that thing was?

People have already had a nearly a year off work, yep I know people who have been happily sitting at home on 80% wages now for nearly a FUCKING YEAR and they tell me, on no uncertain terms, that they don’t want to return.

You just KNOW this Long Covcunt thing is going to run and run, I saw some lazy malingering cunt suffering from this on the TV set and he looked fitter than I fucking do, but he would, I have worked through the entire scamdemic.

In the years to come no doubt we will see hundreds of thousands grabbing all they can for doing fuck all, this covid thing is enough to make a cat puke.

Here is link to a page about lazy cunts…sorry, sufferers of “long covid” but it may make you vomit.


Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

Injecting a second is Jessum Priest:

A nom to add to the ” Long Covid ” nom.

I know people who are praying to get it, and not die, obviously, so they can milk it to the end of time.

The “symptoms” of long covid are so easy to fake, fatigue, ffs & people will be on invalidity in an eye blink.


Louisa Rolfe

Louisa Rolfe, assistant commissioner at the Met. You can probably guess how she came to reach such an exalted rank.


‘Women made to feel ‘uncomfortable or frightened’ by people wolf-whistling at them have been urged to report the matter to police.
Louisa Rolfe, an assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, says all incidents of unwanted attention would be taken seriously by officers.’

She also said that they would be treated seriously ‘even if not a crime’.

Some woke, bandwagon bullshit here methinks.
Will it stop any other women being murdered by nutters? No.
Does it serve any purpose other than to take up even more police time with trendy hogwash ? No.

So, for any unfortunate cunts or cunters living in the stabbing capital, dont worry. The cops might do no more than give out crime numbers for robberies, burglaries or assaults but be reassured they will sort out the wolf whistlers.

Brickies beware.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Modern ‘Beauty’ Pageant

The modern Beauty contest is a cunt, isn’t it.

Kataluna Enriquez has won the Miss Silver State USA pageant, an event considered a preliminary competition for Miss Nevada. Great, well done. I’m sure we all want to say, “Congratulations, mate” and slap him on the back. That’s right, Kataluna is a biological male.

Enriquez will now move on to the state competition that leads to Miss USA and, eventually, the Miss Universe competition. Willy win that? Only a dick would bet against him, erm her.

Sometimes you have to prick yourself to check you’re not dreaming. This just gets on my wick.

Apparently Enriquez mentioned that at a previous pageant, when event organisers found out he was a transgender, they required him to provide medical documents to prove he was female. What’s the problem? They should have a standard questionnaire:
Were you born a man?
Have you got an X and Y chromosome?
Does your scrotum sometimes itch?

Presumably they couldn’t get a straight answer.

Enriquez also moaned that the organisers also allegedly refused to assign her a roommate. They couldn’t have been thinking straight.

I’ll say one thing, this Enrique’s got balls.


(Link provided by the ironically named Dickie Dribbler – thank you sir! – NA)

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous


A novelty ‘cos we is Welsh’ cunting for Swnami, a vocal group apparently.


‘Why can’t we sing in Welsh and be successful?’ They cry.

Fuck me sideways. How fucking stupid can they get? No fucker outside of Upper Cwmscwt would have any interest these gormless bastards. But hang on, it gets better:-

“If people like Christine and the Queens can sing in French why cant we sing in Welsh.’

Perhaps because French is the first and only language of millions of Froggies whereas no fucker whatsoever speaks only Welsh. Even in Upper Cwmscwt, you deluded twats. Plus Swnami isnt even Welsh. Like most of Welsh since about 1200AD it is a bastardised foreign word, in this case Japanese. They may as well call themselves ‘poppiti ping’

Made I laugh though.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners are useless cunts.

On 6 May we will be able to vote for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) who will do fuck all for the next four years except get big salaries (there are 41 of the cunts ffs, all with big offices run by highly paid CEOs) and do as they are told by the Chief Constable.

I tried to think of an instance when our PCC had ever done anything to improve policing and reduce crime in our area. Unsurprisingly I could come up with fuck all unless you count making the police fucking invisible whenever there is any crime .

Nobody is fooled by these token elections for faceless cunts that we never hear of from one election to the next. The public fiances have been wiped out by the Covid fiasco and unprecedented levels of austerity are on the way. Surely PCCs are a luxury we can no longer afford? Time to pull the plug on these leeches?


Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea