James O’Brien [9]

A cunting is in order for Left-wing gobshite, and champagne socialist arselicker, O’Brien, who holds forth on the desperate LBC airwaves each weekday, who is, apparently, even more revolting and scabrous when he is pissed:


I wonder if his employers will suspend him?. I doubt it,but had Nigel Farage done the same thing he would be off the air without notice.

O’Brien, the hero of Starmer’s charmers, old ady socialists of both sexes, poofters and trannies has feet of clay.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs


This nomination may spark some debate, as there are a few on here who know music and whose opinions i’m interested in.

Radiohead – and their fans – are cunts. The music press has been brown-nosing Thom and co for years, as have too many of my contemporaries. I generally trust my brother’s taste in music but scoffed when he recently claimed they were one of the most important bands ever’.
I replied, ‘you mean overrated, right?’
I never thought he was too keen on them.
We both in our teens when they arrived on the music scene and every cool cunt decided ‘Creep’ would be a personal anthem. Tortured souls, bless ’em.
Any other band or act mentioned got a grimace and histrionic wail of disgust and disdain.
‘Uggghhh! You like THEM?! Uggghh!’
‘No, i asked what you thought of them.’
‘UGGGHHH!! Wanker!”

It seemed that was how every radiohead of the 90s was. Not sure if older cunters have encounter a similarly afflicted fanbase of bands/groups before or since.

(Radiohead fans getting into bother – NA)

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

Feral Girls Attack

Two articles, same story.

The first is about a load of young girls from the caravan club kicking off inside and out of (surprise, surprise McDonalds) Assaulting people by throwing bottles of drink, abusive, aggressive- general breach of the peace type stuff. They were subsequently ejected by security for the protection of other diners, staff and the premises. Meanwhile, whilst this was going on my wife happened to having lunch in a nearby Thai restaurant with my mates wife, and apparently the male contingent were causing a ruckus in there by generally taking over the place, and some of the associated ‘girls’ who had managed to obtain food from McDonalds before being thrown out were being let in to the Thai restaurant by the charver lads so they could eat thier happy meals in the Thai restaurant- naturally it then started kicking off in there as the owners weren’t too chuffed about it.

Here’s the link to this story:

Kent Online Story #1.

A few days pass, and then we get this story:

Kent Online Story #2.

I really don’t have anything else to add, other than is it any wonder we are becoming a lawless society? Where’s the deterrent to people who cause this and throwing a drink over a pregnant woman is now not an offence?

Back in my day, if you were pulled into a police station for doing things like in the first story you would leave with a few more scuff and bruises than you had before you arrived, after mysteriously ‘falling down the stairs’ at the station whilst in custody.

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

Gareth Thomas [3]

Gareth Thomas is a shirt lifting cunt, this chutney ferret makes me fucking sick, he is putting his ugly attention seeking fucking mug on the telly at any given opportunity, toting the fuck that he has come out as a turd burgler.


The thing is he hid this from his wife, kids, team mates he used to shower with, that was up until he got his collar felt by plod in a well known car park on the top of a mountain at night probably gargling the old man batter.

So after cheating on his family, he then comes out, then when he is in need of more publicity, he goes public with the news that he has contracted HIV, not only that apparently he has known about this for a long time, how long he hasn’t admitted but apparently his partner sausage jockey wasn’t told, knob head Gareth even peeled the labels of his pills to keep the secret from his cock warmer and probably his ex wife.

Now I’m not a fruit fan but this is just shocking, I can’t stand the fact that we are all expected to celebrate these fuckers perversions, but enough is enough and it just proves they can be as bigger cunts as anyone else.

Gareth the cock womble needs shagging with a slowly rotating pineapple for being such a lying cunt, maybe he might enjoy that, what a cunt, I wish he would just permanently fuck off…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

John Leguizamo

Here we go again. James Franco is cast to play fidel castro in a upcoming movie and queue the uproar..

Should of been a Latino actor says the man who has played two Italians and a Frenchman in movies.

Again colourblind casting only works one way a black Anne boylen that’s fine.
The play Hamilton the founding fathers all ethnics.

But God forbid a honky playing castro, even though personally a very good resemblance of the man.

So best man/women for the job is on its way out. Enjoy the replacement


Nominated by: Barry zuckercunt