Michael Foucault

Michael Foucault, post-modernism and critical theory.

Foucault was a trendy French philosopher, much admired on the campus and in Islington and Greenwich Village, NY. He’s probably one of the most influential philosophers ever and his thought, together with his person, are utterly contemptible.

Foucault is the godfather of woke post-modernism. Post-modernism gave birth to ‘critical theory’ which promoted the rejection of the individual, Western civilization and all objective reality. Instead, Foucault regarded society as comprised of identity groups locked in power struggles between the virtuous ‘oppressed’ and their demonic ‘oppressors’. This in turn gave rise to critical race theory and all the shite we have to put up with today, shoved down our throats by the BBC and the Labia Party.

Post-modernism and critical theory led to a new kind of scholarship, which ignores questions of truth and rationality. The result is that most establishment academics, politicians and journalists steeped in this viewpoint reject objective reality in favour of the current trendy liberal narrative.

Critical Theory, and postmodernism are viciously destructive philosophies. Which may be why the recent news that Foucault molested little boys while teaching in Tunisia in the late 1960s is as unsurprising as his fondness for legalizing paedophilia, his publicly expressed interest in sadomasochism and his death of AIDS in 1984.

Today Foucault’s woke offspring are just as elitist as he was, but they now use their control of media to promote moral degeneracy. And with equally poisonous results.

And it’s all thanks to a pernicious and false irrational brand of French pseudo-philosophy.

I always preferred Descartes. I cunt, therefore I am.


Nominated by: MMCM

Playing Hamlet

I’m sure that you’re all familiar with Shakespeare’s masterpiece ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’. It’s probably the Bard’s greatest play; you know, young white bloke, goes a bit loopy and all that…
Naturally down the years we’ve had all sorts of takes on the play, from Freudian (‘Oedipal conflict’) to feminist deconstruction, but thanks to the Young Vic, we’ve now got ourselves ‘a new kind of Hamlet’, with the exotically named female Cush Jumbo as the Prince. It’s ‘gender-blind’ casting apparently, with some reviews saying that Jumbo’s depiction is ‘non-binary’.
Seeing as how Jumbo herself comes from a mixed race background, it also looks as though this effort is ‘colour-blind’ as well, with some rap and reggae thrown in for good measure.
Now I’m all for this ‘gender-blind, colour-blind’ approach to casting myself. For instance, I look forward with anticipation to see which white actor the Young Vic will cast as Othello when they next produce that remarkable play.
Oh but wait a sec; that ‘blind’ casting thing does work both ways, right? Well I won’t hold my breath, if statements such as ‘we must give black talent the stage’ from the Vic’s Kwame Kwei-Armah are anything to go by.
Erm, maybe I’m being a tad over-sensitive here, but isn’t that statement just a little bit, well…



Nominated by: Ron Knee

Seconded by: MMCM

Seconded. Theatre companies are falling over themselves in an attempt to make The Bard “relevant” by indulging in gimmicky woke productions and ridiculous casting. The Globe’s recent and risible Romeo and Juliet is a case in point.

What they don’t understand is that Shakespeare will always be relevant. He speaks to the universal human condition and should be presented “neat”. Shakespeare was such a genius that he will always have the last laugh.

‘Thou sodden-witted lord! thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows’ – Troilus and Cressida Dick.

The Labour Party [18]

The Labour Party Conference AKA The Labour Party needs a major league cunting

In a nutshell:

“Blah blah blah trans rights” *applause*
“Blah blah homophobia, hate crimes everywhere blah blah” *applause*
“I as an LGBTQA +, BAME, disabled, genderqueer, non-binary blah blah” *applause*
Blah blah comrades we must unite” * applause*etc

The Labour Party is now an absolute shitshow of slogan-spouting circus freaks. The absolute state of it. You cannot believe your eyes looking at them. It’s a cult of jobless, talentless, Marxist cunts.

At one point at the party conference, a BAME speaker asked white members of the conference to refrain from over-representing themselves by raising a hand during questions. Beggars belief. Apartheid by any other name.

It’s utterly embarrassing watching these clowns stammer through their buzz phrase-laden speeches, milking applause by name dropping a victim group. Shows just how far down the crapper Labour have fallen. I think it’s one more flush from exiting the u-bend at this point. And hasn’t it taken a lot of toilet paper?

After the pure entertainment of ‘Cervix Gate’ it’s clear that Labour is a fractious rabble of confused, anxious and bemused ideologues each trying to out-victim eachother but not knowing which victim to plump for. So much so it might implode under the weight of its own contradictions.

‘To trans or not to trans? That is the question’ And it’s one even Queer Stammer cannot answer without galloping over his words like a startled horse.

The fact that they use the word ‘comrade’ to refer to each other makes my piss boil on its own. Don’t they know we can see and hear them? To me, being an out and proud Commie in a public forum is as morally and socially repugnant as goose-stepping around Tottenham in an SS uniform. It should be shamed and shunned for what it is: sponsoring genocide

Yet, Communism’s genocide against its own people somehow doesn’t retain the same stigma as the holocaust at a Labour Conference. Oh no.

Remember: gulags = necessary. Concentration camps = bad

They should be ashamed of themselves for being the unelectable, out of touch, petty, delusional, hate-filled and racist set of cunts they are.

The Tories are such cunts. But, they don’t hold a candle to the modern Labour Party. There is now no legitimate opposition to the Tories and therefore our democracy is all the worse for it … which underlines what a catastrophe Labour cause every day they don’t get their fucking act together.

Labour, here is a small list of things that would make you instant electoral gold

1. Stop spouting bollocks about trans people and BLM. Start talking about native workers rights, the compression of wages, creating jobs ie caring about working-class people aka not alienating the red wall etc.
2. Stop waving rainbow flags and start waving the British flag
3. Stop pitting everyone against each other as members of oppressed groups and start talking about everyone just being British like in the 90’s (remember cool Britannia?)
4. Stop going on about hate crime bills and hate speech and start arguing for the protection of free speech. Also, start policing knife crime instead of arresting people for offensive fucking tweets.
5. Stop being a thinly-veiled front for a Communist dictatorship in waiting, you bloody fucking cunts.

I could go on…

Here’s a compilation of the car crash that was day 4 of the conference


Nominated by: Cunty McCunterson

Al Murray [2]

I truly hate Al Murray.
Not because hes not funny but because hes unpatriotic.

He did a tv series called “why everybody hates the English”
Slagging off his country.
Now hes a new tv show called
“Why do the Brits win every war?”
Basically questioning our historical victories, and sneering at us.
He plays things a bit ‘jack the lad’ but hes a fraud.
You see Alistair James Hay Murray is a direct descendant of novelist Thackeray,
His great grandad was the bishop of Rochester
His cousin is sir Edward Leigh MP,
Al was educated at Oxford university.
Hes descended from Scottish aristocracy and married into Austrian aristocracy.
And hes a liberal.
I fuckin despise the fat sack of shite.
Hates this country yet his family own half of it!
Alastair you traitor if I ever get the chance to meet you I’ll spit in your fat fuckin face.


Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

White Privilege – A History Lesson [3]

(Two East End children checking their white privilege 1905 – Day Admin)

I’ve been watching some rather interesting documentaries about life in Victorian Britain, and it couldn’t escape my notice how the majority of the nation’s population were genuinely poor and were treated like shit by their rich paymasters, landlords, governors and government.

There was an abundance of extreme poverty, appalling housing, non-existent sanitation, starvation, widespread disease, early deaths, infant mortality, and a biased judicial system that favoured the gentry over the whining of the plebs.

Moreover, children were often used as cheap labour with boys ending up as chimney sweeps or working down the coal mines. Girls, including preteens would find themselves working in cotton mills and factories. Sometimes as a last resort forced into prostitution in order to provide extra income for the family.

Quite often the illiterate, the unskilled, and the desperate were forced into dangerous jobs such as coal & tin mining, house building, road building… but with no union, no health and safety; and they were paid a pauper’s wage despite working long arduous back-breaking hours!

The two World Wars of the early 20th century, the poor and working classes were forced into conscription  to fight for King and country, only to return to abject poverty when the wars were over.

I have chosen the Victorian Era as an example of how white people were treated back then, but previous and more recent eras will follow similar lines. That basically if you were white, poor and had absolutely no influence on anything remotely important then you could be treated like a slave by the Establishment.

And yet none of this seems to resonate today. It’s as if poverty for white people never existed, and that every single white person was rich and deserving of their “white privilege”

It breaks my heart looking at these old archive photos of children (see Pinterest link below) treated like shit, working 18 hours a day for peanuts, starving, tired, riddled with illness, abused, bullied, probably sexually molested, and no doubt killed if they were of no longer of value to their employer.

But none of this will interest the woke. For them this is just another misrepresentation, and that the lives of dark keys suffered far more blah blah. And then have the affront to say the older generation had it relatively easy back in the day to be able to have a comfortable old age. Yet another sweeping generalisation!

Therefore let’s airbrush out what happened during Victorian times and beyond, and just focus on black history and the trials and tribulations of the Woke instead.



Nominated by: Technocunt