Dreadful Treatment of Migrants

I know we are often light hearted on here but the following harrowing tale puts things in perspective. (Go on, we’re listening – NA)

‘Staying here is intolerable’: the truth about asylum seeker hotels”

This concerns the dreadful treatment of Ali, who has fled religious persecution (??) in Iran, desperately crossed 8 or 9 countries to reach our shores.
He is banged up in a Berkshire hotel where:-

”The food is repetitive, his fellow guests never leave, the streets of Reading rarely change. “There is nothing to do. Nothing happens”

Yes, the racist bastards of Reading never change the streets for him.
He has been banged up here for 489 days with only complete freedom, food and a money allowance to cling to.

We should be ashamed of ourselves and can thank the Guardian for bringing this to our attention. If you open the attached make sure you have hankies at the ready.

MSN Link.

Another MSN Link. (Additional link provided by Jeezum Priest)

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

66 thoughts on “Dreadful Treatment of Migrants

  1. Just rolled over to 100,000 illegals on the taxpayers teat.

    Makes you feel proud that we have such a caring, generous government that loves to spend our money..

    Guido you incompetent cunt…

  2. Quick and easy little fact check on the Groaniad article which states the poor chap only gets £1/day to spend.

    Migrants actually get £40.85/week which is £5.84/day.

    It’s still not much, although it’s more than anybody has ever paid me for doing SFA, but you’d think these whinging lefty wankers would get verifiable facts right.


    • Plus free board and lodging. Legal expenses, Free medical and Dental, Transport costs . As may women as you can successfully rape, and as many whitey’s you can rob with guaranteed let off !

  3. Can some kind soul pop their head round Cuntstable Cuntbubble’s door, make sure he’s okay and that he’s not going to top himself by wool asphyxiation?
    Fancy losing to Iran, for fucks’ sake.

  4. Never mind about Rwanda, send them all to North Korea 🇰🇵. Or China 🇨🇳 would be even better. Those cunts don’t fuck about!

  5. The thing is, when genuine spaces are genuinely needed for genuine refugees from the war in the Ukraine, the poor sods have trouble getting in. Because of the previous and still ongoing massive influx of human parasites from every African, Middle Eastern, and ex- Iron Curtain shithole. None of them, incidentally, fleeing from any war….

    It’s like the NHS thing,about Covid bringing it to its knees. I was awaiting a blood test in a Manchester hospital in December 2019, before we even knew Covid existed. There were 450 people in one waiting room, and only seven (including myself) were white and English. It was well overrun before Covid even got here. Same with my local dentist. A little clinic in a quiet place. January 2019, and it’s full of dark personages demanding interpreters. And as for my kidney unit? Virtually all Africans and P@k!s, who treat it like it’s a hotel. And as I awaited a scan in Salford yesterday morning, some dark ‘No talky English’ woman with three uncontrolable noisy nippers. And I dare say she’ll have another three in a couple of years time. These cunts are everywhere, and they have infested every corner of Britain. So, when there is a real emergency (Ivan kicking off), we struggle to deal with those who need genuine help. A disgrace really, but there we are….

  6. Ali can Smeg off back to the middle east.Plus his ilk.Dirty goat shaggers.No use to us at all.Fire and a match.

  7. I do hear tell. That out existing Asian chums have spotted a £££ bandwagon and are buying up commercial units housed in old textile mills, getting p/p easily and converting them to house the illegals.

    Lots of money to be made and less risky than drugs or raping poor young white girls ….

    What a fantastic country we have become ….💩

  8. They’ve still got a long way to go before they overtake my missus in the complaining stakes.
    Every. Fucking. Day.

  9. My heart bleeds, you poor bugger.
    £1 a day? Pull the other one, pal.
    Nothing to read, go to the local library, they have books, newspapers in a variety of languages, free Internet access.
    My local charity shop sells 4 paperbacks for £1.
    And if you’re that desperate to do summat productive, start teaching your fellow asylum seekers how to speak English.

  10. We should all hang our heads in shame. For making these poor oppressed souls endure such vile and inhospitable treatment.

  11. Chuck em back into the sea, at least the whinging, scrounging cunts can let the rest of the tide of shit know its not all houses and benefits strait away….

  12. I have no problem with these cunts being bored to death. It may act as a deterrent.
    The old life vs purgatory in Reading.

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