Dreadful Treatment of Migrants

I know we are often light hearted on here but the following harrowing tale puts things in perspective. (Go on, we’re listening – NA)

‘Staying here is intolerable’: the truth about asylum seeker hotels”

This concerns the dreadful treatment of Ali, who has fled religious persecution (??) in Iran, desperately crossed 8 or 9 countries to reach our shores.
He is banged up in a Berkshire hotel where:-

”The food is repetitive, his fellow guests never leave, the streets of Reading rarely change. “There is nothing to do. Nothing happens”

Yes, the racist bastards of Reading never change the streets for him.
He has been banged up here for 489 days with only complete freedom, food and a money allowance to cling to.

We should be ashamed of ourselves and can thank the Guardian for bringing this to our attention. If you open the attached make sure you have hankies at the ready.

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66 thoughts on “Dreadful Treatment of Migrants

  1. Typical fucking Guardian. They managed to track down a migrant who’s a polyglot and an Iranian Stephen Hawking.

    • Not arf Harry..
      Vlad is offering them much more favourable conditions than Blighty Just to lure them in . Next stop
      for them would be the scenic splendour of Kherson or Crimea. Dressed in dead men’s uniforms and rusty Kalashnikovs.
      Those Ukrainians will easily spot all those swarthy brown chaps miles away in the coming snow storms.

  2. Naturally “Ali” has a masters degree in astrophysics and speaks six languages. You couldn’t make it up…….well, you could …….the Guardian does it every day. Poor Ali……he can’t afford to buy books and there are no dancing boys to entertain him in Reading.
    My fucking heart bleeds.

  3. They’d have much more fun if ISAC was in charge of the immos…gladitorial battles offered to a pay-per-view audience like in ancient Rome to be held in Wembley stadium.
    Ghanains vs tigers
    Albanians vs saltwater crocs
    Iraqis vs tigers
    Afghans vs armed pikeys
    Chịnks vs pædos.
    Drones dropping assorted weapons, garden tools and carpentry equipment as various intervals during the battles.
    The audience would be colossal.

    • Could it be a knock fa cup type tournament
      Who would get to the final
      My money would be on armed pikey as they are the most evil
      However the recent invasion of groups of men with beards loitering about industrial estates in the day and chicken shops at night could rival the transit drivers
      All sponsored by Amazon of course with the sponsors imprisoning I mean employing the survivors
      I see a Netflix mini series coming

  4. He does have a point..in Iran there are Daily beheadings, stoning of adulterous women, gays getting thrown off buildings and goat raping..

    Top that reading.

  5. Ali topped himself under the strain on day 499, without realising if he’d held out an extra day, 500 days would’ve got him a 5 star hotel. Tough shit.

  6. How can we call ourselves a civilised society and treat people like this? To keep this poor soul ‘stranded’ in a hotel, free to come and go at will and with some pocket money too is an affront to human dignity. Frankly I wouldn’t treat a dog like that.
    I feel ashamed to be British.

    • I feel ashamed to be British, because the rest of the world are laughing at us, because they can see what’s happening and we’re doing fuck all about it….all the while we are paying the French millions a year for their border force to buy Gauloises and onions and help the cunt across the channel

      • We have to hang our heads in shame. Poor Iqbal, Mohammet, and Ahmed have to swim in tepid temperatures in their hotel swimming pool because of rising heating costs. Not even their post-luxury buffet cocktails can satisfy them. We are brutes.

  7. If it’s that shit here send him straight back……oh hold on, nobody seems capable of that for fear of upsetting the very vocal hand wringing soppy liberati for fear of losing their votes.

    Tories……you don’t have their votes to lose, so just grow some bollocks, change the laws and stop the -quite obvious to all the SILENT majority (who will vote for you if you fucking did something positive about it)- piss take of our once great country and fuck them all off.


  8. “Ali and his fellow hotel residents routinely question why they cannot work and pay tax, noting the massive number of job vacancies and huge labour shortages in the UK.”……perhaps if Ali,as an educated man, had applied through the proper channels he could have received one of the thousands of visas that are routinely handed out….instead,he came here illegally and as such should be automatically returned to whence he came.

    Think I read that net immigration was over 500,000 last year?…

    • Yes, 500,000. Well at least those are the ones the authorities can account for.

      You’re probably quite safe to apply some multiple to that figure.

    • I have zero faith in the stats on immigration, the truth is they have no fucking idea, remember the estimate of EU citizens after we left the European Super Stasi.
      The estimate of 3.5 million turned out to be 6 million, by any standard that is not only missing the goal but actually playing in a different stadium.

      The facts are, there are too many fucking foreign cunts here playing the system and all this bullshit about immigrants contributing more than they take out is a fucking fantasy.

      • That MP who asked the hypothetical question was just being a cunt, we can’t have a legal asylum system to every shit hole in the world, it was phrased as though we are the only safe country in the world and there are no safe countries in Africa.
        For some cunt to get here illegally they will have passed through many safe countries, the only reason to come here is to play the system and probably wouldn’t be able to afford the boat trip across the channel.

  9. Drugs, fighting, and disease at Manston holding centre as reported last week……just the kind of qualities the UK needs of its future citizens. They will eventually be released at the dead of night to scurry off like a load of rats leaving a sinking ship, to meet out with other rag heads to work for money laundering fronts such as car washes, barbers, nail bars, eatern european convenience stores.

    All a load of fucking shit head bring us down to shit level

  10. Ali or whatever it’s name is supposed to be simply demonstrates to those of us that are disgusted by the “poor fleeing migrant” propaganda the real agenda of the cynical lying dregs flooding the country.

    Sob story heaped upon sob story all compounded by the lies of alleged journalists and their outlets.

    “Ali” has a degree in astrophysics but apparently can’t read..two minutes on any news website would have told the evil cunt that Britain is sinking under a tide of illegal immigration and coming here to lodge a tale of woe would not go down very well.

    Yet here he is,carping on about how badly done to he is and what we wants out of us..going so far as wanting to go to university again no doubt at our expense.

    Every last one of these filthy cunts is out to rob the country blind,beginning as soon as they get aboard the dinghy.

    Seeing as the government hasn’t the guts to boot them out,instead playing the hugely expensive ruse that is asylum application,it’s quite clear these thieves are coming to our towns and villages soon.

    Half a million foreigners extra this last year alone and the clowns running this country (into the ground ) scratch their heads and pretend the collapse of the NHS,schools and law and order is a great mystery.

    We are taken for fools by feral vermin and their apologists in Westminster et al.

    I hope to see the day we push the rabble into the sea.

  11. My heart bleeds for poor Ali. I suggest alleviating his and the dreadful suffering of other Ali’s through the liberal application of Uncle Terry’s oven.


  12. It must have been so bad in the French Hotels for them to come to our Hotels

    I Await to see their reviews on trip Advisor

  13. He has the option to go back to France where he will be greeted with a shrug of the shoulders rather than a free room and board.
    In France his asylum application would be considered within a few months and at the end he would be told Non! (And fuck off).

    The situation is getting out of control and I can see the situation ‘there will be blood’, I can believe how fucking slow the system actually has become, case workers processing 1.4 claims a week.
    I would speed that up, how long would it take to type ‘fuck off’ and copy it on all claims templates 😂

  14. It’s all such a terrible shame. Sob. He could have been offered his own fancy room in Stoke Rochford Hall. Location. Location. Location.

  15. These cunts get looked after better than my widowed, pensioner mother who I and my brother have to financially support (of course, I’m not a real cunt 😂).

  16. If it’s so intolerable receiving free accommodation, heating and money, please do us all a favour and just fuck off back home. Take every other ungrateful whining cunt with you as well, and feel free spread the word how bad it is.

  17. Your supposed to claim so called ‘Asylum’ in the first safe country you arrive in. Not travel 8000 miles then claim it here. The Donald is right. They are here illegally and should be booted out as soon as they land. But not here. I’m sick of it. Do this Government actually realise how fucked off the silent majority are? No word of a lie, if there was a Party standing that was close to the initial values and policies of the NSDAP it might shock the cunts in charge the amount of people who would vote for them. Can’t say they haven’t been warned.

  18. If I had my way I’d put them all in Dartmoor Prison and have them lopping out every morning before putting in an eight hour shift in the quarry, with extra large picks for the weedy little Iraqi’s and Pakis, build them up.

  19. There are plenty of hotels in Brighton. Fill them all up with these sewer rats and let the lefty, libtard, bum loving, tree hugging vegans get a taste of the Peaceful religion and Albanian social values. As Professor Rio would say….they need to get educated. Innit?

  20. This purported “refugee” my arse, moaning about the accommodation and food which is free likewise any medical, dental care. Is a grabbing ungrateful cunt of the 100th degree.
    How can the illegal cunt whinge about his treatment here. Sounds to me like this cunt has never been in fear of his life ever. Reckon his most dangerous experience was when jolly uncle Ahmed visited after Eid and gave him a colonic inspection everyday after prayers.
    Fucking Guardian would not wipe my arse on the rag. The people of this country should not stand for this shit as the government wants them to bend over for it and are assured they will enjoy it soon, with the aid of a new series of “I’m a pointless cunt give me money”. Refugees, fuck off.

  21. If the cunt doesn’t like it he’s free to fuck off back to France. Obviously the accommodation and food was much better over the channel. I’ve seen these hotels the French put these folk in, they are luxurious beach front tents.

  22. This is all like some sort of really bad joke isn’t it.
    Like a form of jet black comedy, created by somebody with a particularly twisted sense of humour.

    Working class pensioners are probably going to freeze to death this winter on the advice of the government so they can “stick it to Putin” by attempting to survive on next to no gas or electricity.

    While the very same government can somehow find the money to put these chancers up in luxury accommodation and send fuck knows how much money to Zelenskyy and a corrupt gangster state on the other side of Europe.

    And in the mean time, we’re actually supposed to feel sorry for these invaders not being wholly fulfilled in their new country.

    Whoever decided it was a great idea to do away with coal fires for example and switch to gas central heating whilst chasing the utopian dream of net zero amongst other insanely short sighted policies – deserves a fucking kicking then hung drawn and quartered.

    You could not make it up.

  23. the fact that there are so many job vacancies would suggest to a simpleton like me that the fuckers are not pulling their weight.
    (xenophobic simpleton)

    • That’s exactly what they done in my town.

      The old owners of the main hotel retired.

      Within weeks it was full of young African males.

      Without more than one second of consultation with anybody.

  24. Just been watching a documentary on Heinrich Himmler. He was a bit of a lad when it came to dealing with these nomadic parasites, wasn’t he! And always with an eye on how much it was costing the taxpayers he always managed to find a way to off the cunts at a sustainable rate. Now that’s a real civil servant if you ask me. Now, why can’t the UK government take a leaf out of his book and find their own ‘final solution’?

  25. The Best Western chain seem to be at the forefront of this taxpayer funded scam. I wonder who has their grubby little fingers in that big fat pie?

    • For someone with two degrees, Ali doesn’t appear to be very bright. If he’d started getting female boat people pregnant as soon as he got here, he’d be able to afford to buy his own library from all his child benefits by now.
      Note to immigrants – if life is intolerable here, fuck off back right now and spread the word.

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