MPs and their Piss-taking Expenses

A well deserved cunting for the greedy grasping, expenses swindling bastards, who like to be known as “honourable ladies and gentlemen”, who have now been given permission to host Xmas parties ON EXPENSES!. As if the bastards don’t steal enough already:

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This is on top of some of the bastards, like Rachel Reeves, Jess Phillips and – of course – Liam Byrne – claiming their gas and electricity bills on “expenses” as well, and of course Byrne famous for his fucking “Sorry there is no money left” note in 2010, made sure he really pushed the boat out by claiming more than £1000:

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In fairness, it has to be said that this greed has spread to Sunak’s Blairite party but Byrne, the great greasy heap of steaming shit, as ever claims more than anyone else. He has been a Birmingham MP for 18 years. The people of Birmingham are equal cunts for electing this bald bastard so often knowing his greed.

Dame Kweer, if he really is a man of great “integrity” needs t do something about his lickspittles.

It should be said that alcohol will not be able to be paid for with our largesse, but how fucking barmy do they think we are if we believe they won’t find their way around that proscription.

You would find more honest ponces in Parisian pissoirs than you do in parliament.

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62 thoughts on “MPs and their Piss-taking Expenses

  1. Do you think if we told them to take the lot, there would be some remorse ? No, would there fuck.

  2. I don’t mind paying for their parties……. as long as they spend Christmas in an immo hotel and all the other residents are invited. Season’s greetings cunts!

  3. Dame Kweer was DPP at the time there was a danger of MPs’ expenses being rigorously investigated. His conclusion? Nothing to see here, move along!

    Should have had the Oxfordshire coroner, who was told to back off investigating the David Kelly case, in charge. Oh, hang on a minute, he’d have got an “offer he couldn’t refuse” there as well.

    • That’s basically what Starmer got his knighthood for, prosecuting only a tiny fraction of MPs who had made fraudulent expenses claims.
      Also for his role in the cover up over the unlawful killing of Charles de Menezes.
      Not to mention his failure to prosecute the establishment’s favourite sex criminal Jimmy Savile, in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  4. I really don’t care anymore. We’re already a third world country, along with the corruption that goes with it, albeit better hidden, and still sinking.

    • I’m the same….sleaze,greed,incompetence and corruption from our political leaders is just par for the course

  5. On election night when you see the excitement of the winning candidates, it is not because they have been elected to a position where they can do good things for the people that voted for them.

    No way.

    They are delighted because they are now in the position where they can buy their second house in London and stick their snouts fully in the money trough.

    Politicians are all cunts.

  6. Now I don’t want to sound like I am supporting parties on expenses but I am sure there are many on here who have had Christmas parties thrown and paid for by their companies. It a fine if the money is coming from the employer but in the case of MPs we are the fucking employer, decorations out of petty cash is fine but knowing these cunts it would ‘Harrods delivering Christmas’ (ah, the good life, Felicity Kendal 😉)

    Who would like to go to Lisa Nandys party, get her pissed, tits out and spaff all over them…… on expenses 😂

  7. ‘We failed to recognise the public mood at a time of severe economic and financial pressure’ said an Ipsa spokescretin.
    How could they possibly be unaware of the public mood? What fucking planet do these cunts inhabit?

    • Indeed Mr Twatt.

      I think a version of Mr.Cunt Engine’s gladiatorial games are in order.

      Every member of the two Houses of Parliament into the arena for a death match..twenty Lords vs ten MPs,armed with whatever the public wants via phone vote.

      Let them have at it with,say,pitchforks,traffic cones and of course rolled up copies of last year’s expenses claims.

      The winner becomes President for life.

      Which lasts five minutes as they are fed to wolves.

      The fucking useless cunts.

  8. Come back Guy Fawkes all is forgiven 😢.Oink oink oink.These twats boil my piss.Public gallows for the traitors.

  9. I wish Lisa Nandy would use her expenses to book us a hotel so I can have fun with her titties while Rayner spanks me.

  10. All MPs are in politics for themselfs not us the common people
    Our local Ldum candidate lost in Twickenham then parachuted up to Stockport has lost I think 3 elections so far and still trying to become a MP and join the Westminster gravy train
    After losing 3 elections you think the LDums would have got the message and presented somebody local to stand
    Mind you the local MP has decided to give up at the next election so she might get her wish to join the gravy train

  11. MP’s 90k / year plus expenses and second home allowance. Many of whom are millionaires.

    Current min wage £9.50 / hr, no expenses. Pay your own rent. Most are skint.

    The streets should be on fire..🔥🔥🔥

  12. And politicians wonder why we, the people, have a visceral hatred for them, their lies, and the shallow platitudes they spout about ‘difficult times’. Not for them it ain’t. Many of the cunts end up in the House of Lords where they do even less work for a hell of a lot of coin.

    • I wonder if he is claiming the 220,000 USD a year pension that all presidents receive when they leave office.

      Probably not as he wasn’t a greedy cunt as far as public money was concerned.

      • If you get in that club your set for life.
        Like winning the lottery.

        Do they appreciate it?
        Do they fuck!

        Never enough slop in the trough.
        In their mind , they deserve it!

        The utter cunts.
        I’ve not got a pot to piss in ,
        I’d love some of those I’ll gotten gains,
        But I’m not crooked enough.
        My face wouldn’t fit.
        Politics of envy?

        To fuckin right!!
        The greedy bastard’s.

      • No point in asking me to suck your balls Miserable. You could try Eddie Izzard when she becomes an MP. I imagine he’ll be desperate for votes.

      • Evening Freddy, 👍

        It wasn’t a open request more this fuckin phone.
        The bleeding thing keeps Changing everything.

        But if anyone DID want to suck my balls I’d not put up much of a fight!!

      • You might if it was Janet Street Porter. I wouldn’t fancy those feminazi gnashers anywhere near my exposed nether regions.
        But whatever turns you on, obviously.

      • Yeah Janet’s dentistry is reminiscent of a wood chipper.

        Maybe Anne Robinson would take her teeth out for me and gargle my melons?

      • If that Katie Price had a go she’d probably swallow em.

        And not choke.

        Right,must be off to “research” some twenty year old copies of The Sun,for quite unconnected reasons.

    • Trump didn’t take a salary? That crooked cunt was making money out of being president before he took office. His fan club, from poorly paid cousinfuckers to his billionaire backers have been pumping his campaign coffers full of cash before, during and after his presidency.
      And Donnies still grifting them, those that are retarded enough to have not seen through him yet.
      Drain the swamp? Only so the cunt could fill it with his toxic waste.
      He held official government functions on Trump property and charged them full whack.
      His daughter has made a fortune while he was in office, 50 – 60 million dollars? And her slimy husband, and don’t forget, they were part of his administration.
      Half his team went to fucking jail for greasy stuff, all got presidential pardoned for not ratting him out.
      And the ones that didn’t go to jail are all crooks, shysters and cranks.
      Yesterday, the U.K. Reform party was trending, and one of their aims is to ‘drain the swamp’
      Doesn’t anyone learn? The Who said it best. ‘Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss’……

  13. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

  14. Some of them go on telly ” when they should be at work ” and get £400,000.00 for eating kangaroo knobs….!

      • For £400,000 I’d eat kangaroo cocks happily.

        That’s good money!!

        They’ll blow it on cocaine and Botox.
        Means nowt to them.

        I resent them.
        Theyve never grafted.
        Get everything on a plate.

        Just watching Lawrence Fox interview Kellie Maloney on GB news,
        What a lovely lady!!

        Sort of a mix of Paul Daniels and Brian Connolly from the Sweet.

  15. Off topic, but watching the current footie match.
    O.K, I’m a sad cunt, but it’s been the best game so far.

  16. What’s fucking up with them?
    Hot pan, bit of oil, crispy fried scorpion anyone?
    Like a prawn, take care when removing the tail

  17. absolute shower of greedy grasping globules of infected malodorous sputum bet not one of those self satisfied wankers have ever had a callous on their hands or sweat on their pasty brows from hard graft.
    only time they cunts sweat is from the fear of hard work.
    they have absolutely no shame in the avaricious way they snorkel and suck at the nipple on the pendulous orb of the public purse.
    mind you many of us would be the same in the end as you come to realise you will never be able to make a difference to anything fighting agin the leftie woke civil service who are without doubt cunts of the first water and pussballs to a man.

  18. We should organise a big sting like the police do with the crims.
    Invite all the MPS to a party headlined as ‘How to double your expenses’.
    Then cut them all in half.

  19. I understand that untold millions of our money is being spent on “modernising” the Palace of Westminster. Apparently it is, structurally speaking, in a bit of a mess.
    A message to the gentlemen in a hard hats and day-glo vests……..make sure you get rid of the filthy rats 🐀 first.

    Know what I’m saying?

  20. It’s within their rules, if they own a London property to rent it out and claim expenses on renting another for themselves.
    How fucking outrageous is that!
    I think that labour cunts are actually the worst.
    Socialism at it’s best

    • Labour/Conservative……all part of the same “democratic” con. If you ever catch me voting for either of them please cut my fucking hand off.

      • I haven’t voted since I don’t know when. I’m safe in keeping my hands for other things.

  21. To be fair, I’m taking my staff out for our annual Christmas piss up and grope, and it’s going through the business. I don’t know any business owners who pay for hospitality out of their own back pockets.

    • As long as you keep it to £150 per head you’re ok for fully tax allowable, so have a great time and think of the tax relief.

  22. I think I can honestly say I think no government would be better that this collection of back stabbing, lying, untrustworthy, incompetent, tax dodging, fuckwits and cabbages pretending to run the country(into the fucking ground) , whilst actually lining their pockets the useless cunts…

  23. They are all self serving, money grabbing, virtue signalling, lying cunts whose one objective is to preserve thier cushy little number at the house of cunts, the salary and the well paid directorships they get for being scrounging fork tounged snakes.

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