Awaab Ishak’s Parents

Right- this is NOT a cunting for this young lad.

It is a cunting for his parents, who have not come across mould and the causes of it due to them being just another couple of immigrants…this time from Somalia, where presumably fucking mud huts and a warm climate don’t contribute to mould. Neither does having to worry about your hut having an indoor shower/bath, flushing toilet and water on tap. No sir……mould is alien to them. Until of course they come to the land of plenty where they are given a nice free property with all those water fed luxuries, which of course also can cause mould if you don’t ventilate the property correctly. I have always found it peculiar that when you read a news story about someone complaining about mould, you just know it’s going to be a council place. Why is it only council houses that suffer from mould? Or could it be the residents are in it all day doing fuck all with the heating cranked up, windows shut, with the washer/dryer going and some munter having her weekly shower?

What really pisses me off though, is the comments from the father (interpreted by the way, as they cunt can’t even speak English) whereby he calls the council racist (didn’t take him long to employ the narrative did it?) and basically doing nothing to help his family.

Ungrateful cunt..fuck off back to Somalia where mould is a luxurious dream.

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To add to Chuff’s comments.

”Awaab Ishak: Mould in Rochdale flat caused boy’s death, coroner rules”

Sad but:-

Mould can be dealt with.
Ventilation, not having wet clothes hanging about.
Opening windows.
A cheap spray which kills the spores and growth.
But no. They did fuck all.

These cunts were smothered in social workers etc who identified the problem, did fuck all to rectify it themselves. (Its the council’s/housing association’s problem) and now, undoubtedly with the help of some white woke cunt cry racism. In fucking Rochdale which is 50% Parking Stanley.

This child’s death is 100% due to the stupid, non English speaking family. No doubt Somalia would have sorted it if they fucked off back there.

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  1. On a slight tangent , it looks like we could be getting an epidemic of diphtheria thanks to our recent arrivals. Has no one in authority been told that the gimmegrants that we ‘need’ are costing taxpayers a fortune, driving up hospital waiting lists, causing a housing shortage, raping the benefits system , causing social unrest and indulging in barbaric practices.

    • Unfortunately Guzziguy you can’t point it out, as glaringly obvious as it is, without being branded a wayyycissttt.

  2. A spiffing cunting. I was talking to my brother about this very story at the weekend and how outrageous it is.

    Some deep, dark African, shiny suited solicitor form Peckham has got his hands on this case.

    As kids we lived in a council flat and occasionally we got mould. Guess what, my mum got on her hands and knees and bleached it every time.

    These cunts should be prosecuted for allowing their child to live like this.

    A little drive to Dover on a nice day with Dinghy waiting to take them across the channel is what they need.

  3. Daughter had mould in her ground floor flat, the conversion from two bed to three bed
    by previous owner had something to do with the airflow or something.
    I purchased a large de humidifier on wheels mould problem solved. She of course had used used mould killer, never wet clothes hanging around.
    Problem with the mould is that once it gets a hold it goes for it big time.

  4. I assume That photo is of their Toilet
    I also can assume that the Council wouldn’t of gave them the house in that condition

    This Cunts House probably came fully furnished

    That dirty Bastard parent wants gassing

    Any Offers?

  5. Problem solved, spray mould in the atmosphere.

    Starting :

    Tower hamlets


  6. Everytime ii see one of these miserable council house cunts with a ceiling that likes like blue cheese I can’t help but think they are probably spraying the walls daily to cultivate the mould until its looking good enough to invite the news crew around to get these scrounging mother fuckers on the news.
    So they can force the council into an upgrade out of embarrassment, I think to myself, whats stopping you cunts from getting a job and paying your own way in life and if you have rocked up from abroad to suck on the ever flattening tit that is the benefits system, these cunts should turned around at port and fucked off back home….

  7. I worked some years back for the Council housing department in Leicester (home of International multi culturalism)

    Older tennants were complaining of smells and ‘condensation’ running down the walls in a high rise …

    They found a bunch of ‘non-english speakers’ set up in a flat, barbequeing various ‘unknown’ meats over flaming oil drums – central heating on full, windows shut tight, steam ‘condensing’ down the walls and puddles of grease and sweat running out into the corridors…
    ..but no worries; yokels were happily forming a queue down the stairs, waiting to buy some roasted cat or whatever

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