Project Fear [5]

PROJECT FEAR – Doom, Gloom and the Mainstream Media

A massive ‘WTF’ Cunting for Television and Radio media, Newspaper editors, online bloggers, pundits and Westminster politicians who incessantly feed us endless predictions of doom, gloom and tales of woe.

“It’s a crisis”, “It’s another crisis”, “the Migrant Crisis”, “the cost of living crisis that’s affecting families”, “we’re in the middle of an energy crisis”, “the climate crisis must be adressed by the UK” …. etc … etc

  • The Covid Pandemic
  • Brexit crisis as lorries queue for miles in Kent
  • Constitutional crisis over Northern Ireland border issue
  • Downing street broke covid rules
  • Tory leadership crisis
  • Scottish Independance referendum plagues Wrstminster
  • New bird flu outbreak
  • Major shortage of turkeys for christmas
  • minimal egg production as birds are culled
  • Drought risks as global warming causes reservoirs to dry up
  • Energy cost rises out of control
  • Gas shortages as Russia limits pipeline flow
  • High risk of powercuts during winter
  • Age concern warns of risk of pensioners freezing this winter
  • Families forced to choose between heating or eating
  • 400% rise in food bank usage
  • Truss growth policies causes markets meltdown
  • Kwarteng sacked and Truss ousted after worst 3 weeks for country
  • Northern Ireland government crisis as parties fail to compromise
  • Albanian criminal gangs flooding into UK
  • Immigration out of control
  • Victims fleeing persecution forced to wait over a year to be assessed in unacceptably poor 4 star hotel temporary accomodation
  • Motorways gridlocked as ponces glue themselves to gantries
  • Morons throw custard over works of art
  • Russia threatens nuclear strikes if West continues supporting Ukraine
  • Civil servants living in mortal fear of harsh words as ministers ‘bully’ them
  • Inflation spitalling out of control / xxxxx (insert organisation here) out on strike over pay …..

(Consider yourself very fortunate I could be bothered to turn this lump of text into a bulleted list for readability. See Nomination Rule #4. Grrr – NA)

I remember when news readers read facts out, impartially, in-passionately, calmly, whether good news or bad. Today, it’s all panic, scare mongoring, too busy calling for heads to roll or pushing agendas.

I went to sleep before the pandemic – woke up and found I was back in the 1970’s. I want a refund. I want rationality back. I want optimism back. I want my country back …

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

142 thoughts on “Project Fear [5]

  1. Couldn’t agree more Lord of The Rings. Amidst the perma-doom that the media shovel out, there is one thing that is really bothering me, that is the shit going down in Holland regarding farming and forced buy outs of faming land. This is not to be sniffed at, mark my words.

    • Morning Mrs C. This closing down of farming in the Netherlands I only heard about on ISAC the other day but the more I think about it, the crazier it seems. I understand the Dutch are the second largest food exporter in the world, a fact remarkable in itself for such a small country and so unsurprisingly is a hugely important proportion of the Dutch economy. This is being organised by the Dutch “Nitrogen Minister” (I didn’t make that up) and backed by the EU. Obviously when Dutch food exports decline the slack will be taken up by other countries many of whom will not givea toss about emissions or animal welfare. One excuse given is the need to free land for infrastructure and housing for the rapidly increasing population. Guess where they’re coming from.

      Sounds almost as stupid as the plan by the British to close down their economy for the benefit of the Chinese.

  2. I think I prefer the old Project Fear. Remember the one from the 70’s and 80’s where we lived in fear of nuclear devastation, and that extremely helpful pamphlet from the Govt on how to survive by building a bomb shelter in your home in 4 mins? In basic training we were drilled in how to identify the enemy ie they will come from the North, carrying a AK-47, wearing a furry hat with a red star, stink of Vodka and cabbage and sound Russian. Oh, and they would have 100,000 tanks with them. But fear not, as we had spent many happy hours shooting at targets that resembled them so we would be fine. They were no match for our SLR, GPMG and Chieftain tanks! Luxury!

  3. Most newspapers read like comics nowadays a few sensationalist headlines..crapness of politicians..reality or soap stars doing a jig for most of the papers are a pound or over to purchase unless you read online nah I’d rather get my fully honest non biased woke free news from the ranting piss head down the pub at least you don’t have to pay for the privilege.

  4. I miss most of this as I figured out the News is bullshit used to control people several years ago.

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