Project Fear [5]

PROJECT FEAR – Doom, Gloom and the Mainstream Media

A massive ‘WTF’ Cunting for Television and Radio media, Newspaper editors, online bloggers, pundits and Westminster politicians who incessantly feed us endless predictions of doom, gloom and tales of woe.

“It’s a crisis”, “It’s another crisis”, “the Migrant Crisis”, “the cost of living crisis that’s affecting families”, “we’re in the middle of an energy crisis”, “the climate crisis must be adressed by the UK” …. etc … etc

  • The Covid Pandemic
  • Brexit crisis as lorries queue for miles in Kent
  • Constitutional crisis over Northern Ireland border issue
  • Downing street broke covid rules
  • Tory leadership crisis
  • Scottish Independance referendum plagues Wrstminster
  • New bird flu outbreak
  • Major shortage of turkeys for christmas
  • minimal egg production as birds are culled
  • Drought risks as global warming causes reservoirs to dry up
  • Energy cost rises out of control
  • Gas shortages as Russia limits pipeline flow
  • High risk of powercuts during winter
  • Age concern warns of risk of pensioners freezing this winter
  • Families forced to choose between heating or eating
  • 400% rise in food bank usage
  • Truss growth policies causes markets meltdown
  • Kwarteng sacked and Truss ousted after worst 3 weeks for country
  • Northern Ireland government crisis as parties fail to compromise
  • Albanian criminal gangs flooding into UK
  • Immigration out of control
  • Victims fleeing persecution forced to wait over a year to be assessed in unacceptably poor 4 star hotel temporary accomodation
  • Motorways gridlocked as ponces glue themselves to gantries
  • Morons throw custard over works of art
  • Russia threatens nuclear strikes if West continues supporting Ukraine
  • Civil servants living in mortal fear of harsh words as ministers ‘bully’ them
  • Inflation spitalling out of control / xxxxx (insert organisation here) out on strike over pay …..

(Consider yourself very fortunate I could be bothered to turn this lump of text into a bulleted list for readability. See Nomination Rule #4. Grrr – NA)

I remember when news readers read facts out, impartially, in-passionately, calmly, whether good news or bad. Today, it’s all panic, scare mongoring, too busy calling for heads to roll or pushing agendas.

I went to sleep before the pandemic – woke up and found I was back in the 1970’s. I want a refund. I want rationality back. I want optimism back. I want my country back …

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

142 thoughts on “Project Fear [5]

  1. God I wish it was the 70s!
    I couldn’t be happier.
    Seems like a distant beautiful dream now,
    Where common sense walked the land.

    As for Project Fear,
    Fuck off,
    Nerves of steel me,
    Project Mardarse more like.

    Don’t remember the war generation crying?

    Bombs dropping on their nuts off the Luftwaffe,
    They’d stick two fingers up at em!

    People had ration books now they’d be a million suicides come morning.

    Weak as piss.

      • A bit LL.
        Everything was better then.

        Music , films, society, food, attitudes,etc .

        I feel I don’t really belong in this decade,
        And I don’t like anything about it .
        Modern life is rubbish.

        I honestly can’t think of anything new I like.

      • Dunno CS,

        It just hasn’t got the romance of finding a
        dogeared Razzle in the woods..

      • Yeah I know what you mean.

        Even the politicians seem bigger cunts. Probably because of 24hour news where everything, no matter how trivial, gets analysed to death.

      • I am pining for a bit of 1970’s female pubic hair, the thrill when you got s touch of it and realised you might get a legover that night.

      • Hmm, and when you got your head down there amongst all the clock springs the musky aroma reminded you of those youthful days when you earned your summer pocket money by flushing the gutting deck on a local trawler!

    • Are you wearing your bell bottom flares today, MNC? To go with your Jason King sideburns and moustache.

      Joking aside, I agree. The 70’s were better. The women were better, the porn was better, the weather was better, the TV was better and you could call a spade a spade without Plod arresting you. Even I noticed this and I was only 12 when the 70’s ended.

      • I’m having banana Angel Delight for pudding MMCM in a fit of nostalgia.

        I watched Rentaghost on telly the other night,
        Frankly it was utter shite.

        Maybe I’m just too sophisticated now?

      • The first series (1976) of Rentaghost was good, Mis. Quite dark and disturbing.

        Turned to ratshit later with the Meakers, that fucking pantomime Dobbin and the pair of m0nged-out cunts McWitch and Miss Popov.

      • If you watched closely the shaky movement of the pantomime horse I’m certain there was some back door tomfoolery going on in there!

  2. When there is a alcohol crisis.. a real one, not I can’t get a £12 piss weak bud in Qatar..

    Then I may start to worry..
    Till then cheers everyone..

    • As long as i have me st austell brewery korev cornish lager i will be a happy bunny. Well worth a glug if you see it.

  3. I wonder if any of those who said we’d become a police state, are looking at events in China and thinking ‘perhaps I did over exaggerate’?
    I’d like to think so, but I doubt it.

      • You’ve said that already.

        As you don’t know me or my circumstances, you are in no position to make such an ill-informed comment.

      • Sorry fella, I assumed you were British and had therefore won first prize in the lottery of life.
        If you’re a resident of China or Putin’s Russia then please allow me to extend my sincerest condolences.

      • Some friends of mine managed to escape China earlier this year. It was bad then, and has got steadily worse. To compare anything in the west to China or Russia is laughable.

      • My latest reply to Gutstick (on the Ukraine page) was visited by the elusive Tickie Fairy. In and of itself that is not surprising. Although I must confess to being surprised that it took so long.

        So imagine my surprise when I discovered that after replying to Gutstick, the ever elusive Tickie Fairy decided to visit Termujin.

        It seems that every time someone disputes a point Gutstick is trying to make the Tickie Fairy magically appears.

        Could it be a coincidence?

        Does the Tickie Fairy really exist?

        Or could it be that the bulk of the IsaC faithful love to see Gutstick called out?

        Updates are sure to follow so stay tuned for the rupar that is sure to follow!

      • That’s odd. As soon as I made my posts the Tickie Fairy vanished. I was watching him/her/it run up the count in real time and then…nothing.

        Of course there is a 6 hour time difference here in the states so maybe he/she/it simply went to bed.

        Or…maybe the flood of late night cunters liking Termujin’s posts likewise called it a night.

      • Mr General,

        I find it ‘interesting how, with monotonous regularity, Gutstick and MJB appear alongside each other in the comments

        Perhaps they are bottling each other?

        Or, perhaps they are the same person.

      • Not everyone is a racist conspiracy crank, though that demographic has definitely increased here, and many decent cunters have left because of it.
        Soon you’ll have the site to yourselves, a nice little hate echo chamber.

      • Morning Gutstick.

        Pay them no mind. The General has a history of making these tickie fairy accusations. He previously tried to frame Lord of the Rings and Lord Helpus, naturally without a shred of evidence.

      • Morning RTC, hope you’re winning!
        I couldn’t give a fuck what they say to be honest, sad sack thinks its a popularity contest and that’s fine by me.
        No doubt we’ll be accused of bumming or being the same person for having this conversation!

      • Wouldn’t say I was exactly winning, had a nasty cold for the past week, bin tucked up in bed with a hot toddy, but feel a lot better this morning.

        Best I leave it there for reasons you mentioned… 🤣

      • Indeed.
        As for the Tickie prick, I assume that cunt thinks this is a popularity contest, and over inflates comments that reinforce their point to make their opposition look unpopular.
        I hardly need a tickie twat to do that, as I know my views are unpopular to most.

      • Beware Jaguarpig lest ye call down the Tickie Fairy’s wrath and in the eyes of the children are discredited!

      • General……Why are you so bothered about “tickies”?….they mean nothing and quite obviously neither prove nor disprove anything.

        Are you really so desperate for validation and approval from a bunch of windbags,know-alls and oddballs ( and,yes, I fit snugly and smugly into all 3 categories) on a strange little site at the arse-end of the social-media universe, that you’re concerned when someone fucks with your tickie count ?

        2 ticks…200 ticks …..who fucking cares?

      • PS….I suspect that the “tickie-fairy” isn’t bothered about “discrediting” you…. most people on here aren’t pompous enough to believe that anyone really gives a shit about their opinions…..and is more likely someone who has realised just how thin-skinned you are,and enjoys getting a rise out of you.

      • PPS….I’m going to award myself a medal the size of a frying-pan for that last post….but,but….does that prove that everyone is hanging on my every solemn pronouncement,nodding sagely and thinking what a jolly clever fellow I am…or does it prove that I’m a wicked Cunt trying to discredit myself on this world-shatteringly serious and important website ?….oh dear me…what will I do now…double-cross…triple cross….I’m all a tizzy.

      • @F-F
        Think I’ve finally got the measure of GC.
        As to what he’s about.
        Took me awhile though.
        His replies to my posts, “Fuck you”
        And “You’re a creep”
        Probably should have alerted me sooner.

      • @MJB….were you here for his tour de force ? The epic ” Admin,the nasty bullies are Trolling me” meltdown ?

        It really was something special…equalled only in it’s hilarity by some numpty who decided to report Admin to Head Admin.

        Happy Days.

      • @F-F
        Meltdown must have been before my time.
        Arrived here February.
        Any idea which nom it occurred in?

      • Can’t help you there,I’m afraid…possibly “Jill Bidon”?….whole nom. was deleted by Admin.

      • My remarks brought out the usual suspects. Like the gang of childish bullies that they are, they leap to the defense of whichever one is called out and predictably use the same old tired refrain. They are as we used to say of ghetto hoods…brave in bunches.


        I have noticed those two often post together. I don’t think they’re the same…(maybe?)…I think it’s more likely they’re a couple.


        I pointed out how the two posters in question often had an inordinate number of “tickies.” As there is a time difference I often watched someone run up the count in real time. I thought they were racheting up their own popularity.

        You are the one who taught me that it was being used as a means to discredit them.


        The real question you should be asking is why are “tickies” so important to the Tickie Fairy If it doesn’t matter…2 tickies or 200…then why does the Tickie Fairy always attack certain posters and certain responses?

        As for Trolling, I will concede that you are the master. You cajole, bully and abuse your way around this forum with impunity. You ignore the rules about personal attacks and cunting the cunter. You have driven off any number of cunters who have for whatever reason crossed you.

        While the Admins do nothing your acolytes cheer. So you feel emboldened to impose your wrath on any one at any time for any reason and continue to do so without fear.

        When I first found this site a few years ago it was a bastion for anti-mainstream wit and wisdom. Sometimes it still is. But many great cunters have gone and now many cuntings are shallow and superficial…my neighbors a cunt because his dog barks at night…the bint down the road is a cunt because she’s go 3 kinds and no husband…blah blah blah.

        Facts are damned and little respect is shown to those who deviate from the common, accepted dogma of provincial British wisdom.

        For those and other reasons, I don’t post as often as I used to. I write what I want, when and if I want on whatever subject strikes my fancy. I try to avoid conflict except when what is written is so blatantly false and inflammatory that it demands calling out.

        And while there are still some great posters here, for the most part I no longer take this place very seriously and only post here for my own amusement.

        If people like what I write they can comment. If they don’t like what I write they can comment. If they are threatened by what I write then they can release the Tickie Fairy. I no longer care. But I’m quite amused that they care so much.

      • General

        The ticky fairy….I have no idea why he “attacks” the usual posters….although,as I have said,suspect that it is because such a trivial thing so obviously annoys you

        Trolling…don’t try and pull the innocent “aw,poor me” act…you have in the past deliberately slyly “trolled” people and then whined to Admin when you get a dose of your own medicine ( Remember Robin Bastard who you gloated about getting bannned?)

        Personal attacks…you’ve had some pretty personal things to say to me in the past,haven’t you?…you’re no innocent. .When your urbane mask slips, you can be as “down and dirty” as me.

        Shallow Cuntings…..not everyone wants serious Cuntings or endless,long-winded ones from you about American politicians…..I know that I don’t, but I would never start trying to tell anyone that their Cuntings aren’t good enough….who the hell do you think you are to slag off other people’s Cuntings?

        You only post here for your own amusement…well I can certainly understand that…let’s be honest,it’s a pretty fair bet that nobody else is amused by your pompous posts.

        Dry your eyes and grow up.

      • Evening Dick.

        You’d have thought with his Armed Resistance and the Great Reset looming, he’d have more than enough on his plate without getting his knickers in a twist over tickie fairies. 😂

      • @Fiddler

        Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. The more charitable might say recollections may vary. Others might call it revisionism. And some might call it spin. But in the best tradition of American slang let’s call it what it is; rupar.

        You have taken a strong dislike to me. And that’s OK. As a result of your obsessive compulsive dislike, I live (as I’ve said before) rent free inside your head and anything I say triggers you into a nitro burning, fuel injected, turbo charged mega spin, that if harnessed could power Britain through the cold winter to come.

        And it isn’t just me. Vernon Fox, Cuntfinder General and a host of others have fallen victim to your obsessive, compulsive wrath for what you’ve perceived as a slight.

        So my advice to you is…if my or any other cunter’s posts cause you such mental pain and anguish…don’t read them.

      • Evening,RTC….such a trivial thing to get bothered about,isn’t it ?

        Suspect The General is more of the ” After you,Cecil” type when it comes to “armed resistance”

      • General, I haven’t taken a strong dislike to you….you haven’t got enough about you for me to care sufficiently….I’ve seen a hell of a lot better than you.

        Your posts certainly don’t cause me anguish….I’m aware that you like to imagine yourself as some kind of “Letter from America” sophisticated contributor but you are not,unfortunately….you are rather dull and pedestrian…nothing anguish-causing,I can assure you.

        ” I say triggers you into a nitro burning, fuel injected, turbo charged mega spin”….LOL…you wish !!….as I say,,,,dull and pedestrian….but I do enjoy watching you squirm and wail when shown to be the thin-skinned,not-as-clever-as-you-like-to-think, windbag that you undoubtedly are.

      • @ Fiddler

        Denial is a type of defense mechanism that involves ignoring the reality of a situation. It’s an unconscious process that serves to protect the person from discomfort and anxiety.

        As you are so clearly, in denial I am choosing to end this exchange and the discomfort and anxiety it so obviously causes you.

      • End the “discomfort” and “anxiety” it causes me !! LOL….”glee” is probably a slightly more fitting word.

        Run along now,little man.

      • @ General

        Cuntfinder General was looking for a fight and Vernon Fox was a ridiculous fantasist. I don’t think you can fairly place them at Dick’s door.

    • We’re not there yet, but we are the frogs sitting in a pan of water that threatens to simmer.

      Prof. Neil Ferguson spelled it out himself by wondering if the British government could get away with lockdowns.

      The Times 26/12/2020.

    • Gutstick Japseye :
      “Some friends of mine managed to escape China earlier this year. It was bad then, and has got steadily worse”

      ….plenty of electricity though from loverly coal power stations. No power cut fears in land of the chopstick !

      Do Chinese people buy cheap tat on E-Bay that’s made in UK ?
      (oh, I forgot – nothing is made in the UK….except snowflakes and net zero climate religion zealots).

  4. The world is what you make it.
    Be tolerant.
    Only think about yourself.
    Wishing what doesn’t happen to other people I despise, going wrong.
    Those are the things that come immediately to mind. There will be more positive things to come throughout the day.

  5. The “mental health crisis” that we keep hearing about has been missed off this list of doom or is it the new normal now that every other cunt now has ishoos?

  6. The proposed roll out of getting people to turn off leccy at peak time has been shelved but I am puzzled about what is actually happening

    The official line seems to be lack of availability of imported electric from Europe (Norway and France come to mind), so we don’t have capacity in the UK to keep the lights on as we stand at the moment.
    The plan is more wind and solar with nuclear, (not enough sadly) but the unreliable nature of wind and solar means that as we progress to electric fucking cars and heat pumps the frequency of blackouts will increase
    More demand on a supply we can’t manage at the moment, that isn’t project fear, it’s our governments flushing us down the toilet 😂
    Net Zero should be renamed Armageddon!

    Keep on message, we ‘all’ need to use less.

    Looking forward to the next crisis, I saw some fucking survey (organised by the cunts who word it to get the answers they want)

    ‘Two thirds of adults are worried they won’t be able to afford Christmas dinner’

    You could make this shit up, well poor little tiny Tim 😂

    • This is what happens when some cunts in charge decide to demolish nearly all our coal fired power stations.

      • We have done a deal with Uncle Sam, importing fracked LNG, a nice little addition to the wood pellets and coal, we would be fucked if we upset the yanks

        God Bless America

      • Also what happens when you listen to that silly bitch Caroline (5 houses) Lucas who has opposed the building of every sort of power station. I hope, but doubt, she feels some sort of responsibility for every person who dies of hypothermia this winter.

    • Worry not – your Xao model 54 bicycle (made in China obviously) will be delivered next week, along with a dynamo and 2 large cables.
      … better start pedling now if you want your Christmas fairy lights on

      …sorry admin : I meant to say “gender and ethnically inclusive non-binary atheist holiday” lights

  7. I’ll define a crisis for you. A crisis is what we had between February and April 1917 when the Kraut U-boats sank 500 merchant ships bringing food to Britain across the Atlantic. By April the country had 2 weeks food supply left. 14 fucking days to starvation.

    The media et al don’t know the meaning of the word ‘crisis’.

    • True Geordie, and proper men and women faced it without ‘mental health problems’.

      Having said that, I start having panic attacks when I’m down to my last 20 fags 😁

    • That’s nowt compared to hurty words on social media, the cunts in Westminster taking forever over the online harm bill, what a pile of shit. Legal but Harmful ffs.

  8. My main concern is mass immigration, there is no benefit to us indigenous.
    Of secondary concern the spineless, useless in someone’s pocket fucktards that are making decisions that cost us more and more with again no benefit.
    Of tertiary I do not want my grandson to think a man with beard in a dress is a women I want him to observe “what the fuck is that”. The granddaughters have already learnt the correct greetings for weirdo’s and deviants and are not great fans of drag artists. I had little to no input into their wise decision

    • A Wokey-Pokey person might think you are a touch old-fashioned with your finger off the pulse, BB, old chap.

  9. Spunked £1.2k on a new iMac for the home computer yesterday. Had a cracking financial year for the business. Been on holiday – albeit to Europe – three times this year, too.

    Cost of living my arse.

  10. Excellent nom. I have lost count of the number of “ HELP WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” articles in the press and media over the last few years. Usually these articles are followed by a climb down a few weeks later “ we’re not going to Die anyway… at least not yet…. But we might still die if……”.

    In total bollox made up after a few liquid lunches to sell newspapers.

    Peak hysteria was reached with Truss, who was brought down by catastrophising in the media. The best tits in Downing Street – gone forever.

    • When I was as a kid “Project Fear” used to scare me shitless. My parents – who grew up in the ’70s – said it was all bollocks.

      Absolutely bob on.

  11. When I was young girl in Africa, I had to walk 234 miles for a cup of mud. They don`t know they`re born these days.

    • A cup of mud? Luxury! When I was nought but a stain in me owd fellas wank sock the best we could manage was a plastic cup of cow shit!

  12. In a completely unrelated story, the Netherlands are closing 3000 farms to comply with EU environmental rules.
    How wonderful.
    The climate is not my God yet we are to bow to it and worship with the cunts in government as the cardinals.
    Returning to the fucking dark ages we are.

    • Be prepared for ‘locust’ burgers and ‘grasshopper’ souffle in the supermarket next year – apparently Gates & assorted uber-rich cohorts are buying up Americas farmland like there’s no tomorrow, and there sure won’t be cattle or sheep grazing on it.

      Coming soon….. Aunt Bessies vegan Soylent Green

  13. All Hail the new Halo
    Glad that i witnessed the tail end of an era and the beginning of the new.
    Perspective is what i perceived
    I was born, born in the 60s
    I remember my Da having to kiss the arse of the local petrol pump owner to give him half a tank 1973 crisis as he had to drive for a living
    Do not worry when he got what he needed and got back in the car his string of language was a new learning experience for me

  14. Not only is just about everything a “crisis”, but there’s an increased use of expressions like
    ” horrified”
    ” frightening”
    and yet the stories are about the most mundane of things, like a big spider in the bath being ” terrifying”.
    It’s come in for a shag, love. Get over it, or in the case of the spider, 4 legs over it.

  15. All these crisise’s,
    Unyet still we prevail.

    Egg crisis- nowt, all the fuckin eggs my heart desires.

    Not caught bird flu

    Didn’t panic over COVID.

    Dont sit awake sobbing about the climate,
    Or wet the bed with worry.

    Tory leadership crisis?
    Scum backstabbing each other.
    Good fuckin riddance.

    It’s a shit shower,
    But no point worrying.

    Dramatics are for ducky actors,
    Don’t get spooked by the media, those arsebandits are bottle merchants.

    Stiff upper lips all round.
    Walk boldly into the gates of hell,
    And shout

    “Oi! Who’s the gaffer round here?”😁

    • Yeah, all the media hysteria flung at you, then you walk out your house and… nothing much going on, is there? And as long as you maintain a cheerful, positive, relaxed disposition, you’ll be fine.


    • I know you rate my taste in music as shite Mis, but I’m not offended because I find your outlook on life inspiring. Keep it up!

      • It’s easy to have an inspirational outlook on life when you’re in a position to go out onto the moors and wave your cock at people.

      • Hello Arfur,
        Not so much ‘rate it as shite” pal.
        I like classical,
        Just not opera.

        It doesn’t matter what I like anyway,
        YOU enjoy it,
        YOU get something from it.
        At the end of the day long as it makes people happy?

        I like Hank Williams.
        My mates hate it.

        I don’t care😄

  16. On the news today that 1 in 4 17/19 year olds has mental elf problems.
    This is fucking terrifying, that means 75% are walking about undiagnosed.

    • The internet is a madhouse, that’s why young folk be all fucked up and dat, innit, bruv?

      Unplug yourself from the matrix and it becomes a FUN-house.


  17. Hence my complete hatred for that narcissistic cunt Tom Bradby. I swear that cunt gets moist around his Tena Lady pad when he reports doom, gloom and fear on his News at Ten slot on ITV.

    That muttering freak Peston is not much better.

    I think Bradby is overdue another nomination.

  18. I wonder how many of us select few, up seeing a headline that contains a trigger word, for that’s what they are, mutters
    “Oh, do fuck off”
    And scrolls down.

  19. Took a poor cunt in, today, probably to die. Ex-sailor. Fifty-five. Terminal cancer. Still cheerful, thanked us for everything and making his journey, comfortable.

    How’s your fucking luck? And get a perspective on things.

    • You’re right, DCI.
      I’ve a lot to be thankful for.
      A happy life.
      Two lovely, hard working daughters.
      Two smashing sons-in-law, both helpfully called Ian, so I don’t confuse them.
      And the Gradly lass. My pride and joy.

  20. One day at a time gents. Today I have my job, wife, house, comfortable bed, and my health.
    Tomorrow? Who the fuck knows?
    Will deal with it then.

    • That’s it Meat Curtains!

      Count your blessings.

      Long as I’ve a roof over my head,
      A dry place to shit,
      Comfy shoes and a hot dinner,
      I’m as merry as a lord.

  21. Through fear comes control. Look how easily we were panicked by the Batshit Flu. Cunts grassing up their neighbours, cunts arrested for sitting on a park bench, form an orderly queue outside the shop, keep your distance!! It’s all for your own good.
    It may have been intentional or unintentional but it laid down a blueprint. How many of those SAGE cunts weren’t medical at all but “social scientists”? And how many of those were fucking commies?
    Oh and stop driving that car around and destroying the planet. You know it makes sense!

    • Nice to see the creators of the Kung Flu grappling with growing social unrest and economic turmoil.
      I hope the slant eyed cunts go fucking ape and tear the joint up.
      Turned out nice again.

      • Well said Jack.

        Fuck doom and gloom.

        There’s always something in the news to boost the morale of any right thinking chap..

        Tidal waves.

        Perfect when the tiddly winks are in it up to their sinister little necks.

        I’m also delighted by bus crashes in the highlands of Pakistan.

        Pip pip!

      • Good luck to Emma, she’s making the most out of a couple of freak results which will never be repeated. My congratulations to her agent……..Randy Andy ought to sign the cunt up.

  22. It’ll be chimney fires next, and I’ll take bets on them banning multi burners in the future.(current odds are 1/5000000. Bet responsibly and don’t piss the housekeeping Nash on a favourite).

  23. I didn’t see … ‘Severe Flood Warnings’ …. I guess that should have been on the list just under … ‘Drought Risks’.

  24. Talking of project fear, the Internet conspiritards have been using this to get their hands on thick cunts donations for quite some time. Cunts like Alex Jones even sell vitamin supplements and other fake shite to the stupid cunts, and I think I heard that Qanon do too!
    Paramilitary arseholes in the US like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers (who both sound like gay chippendale type dance troupes) also use fear as a recruitment tool.
    Talking of tools, Paul Joseph Watson had a new video out earlier, project fear plus paid advertising.
    What makes me laugh about that little Wendy is that silly voice he puts on when quoting stuff by what he considers woke hate by triggered Karen types, and he does this to differentiate between his own triggered whining. Pwf.

  25. I remember when I was in Salford Royal this time last year. And the BBC was reporting on a Christmas Turkey shortage. Naturally, there wasn’t one. It was total bollocks. We went to Morrisons on Christmas Eve, and they were virtually giving them away. We got one worth 22 quid for only a tenner.

    • It’s Jaffa cakes this year Norm.

      Nonsense dressed as news, obviously to sell Jaffa cakes.

      They need all the help they can get, they’re shit 😁

      • ooohhhh… I do like a bit of Jaffa cake
        Not ‘cake’ and I didn’t think we were allowed to use the term ‘Jaffa’ – racist or something ? (most things are now a days)

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