The Fall and Rise of Woke Nazism

Nazis are cunts. Goes without saying.

Funnily enough they were defeated utterly in 1945 and the the British Army on the Rhine stood there for 40 years to make sure they never came back.

Guess what, apparently that didn’t work.. Now they are everywhere for some reason.

So if you like freedom of speech, a free exchange of ideas and thought and you think men are not women you’re a Nazi. Who knew this was what the Nazis were all about.

Maybe we should have not bothered with all the blood and treasure.

Nominated by: Smug cunt 

95 thoughts on “The Fall and Rise of Woke Nazism

  1. Tbf, although I’m not a n@zi myself, I must admit that they had some good policies, and they were right about alot of things….
    Just sayin ….

    • Perhaps Unkle had a historical German relative who installed the ovens in the concentration camps and his great nephew is carrying on the family tradition?!

    • If those Foreign Types keep prodding at us at some stage they are going to draw back a bloody stump.
      Or we shall simply have ourselves a Neville Chamberlain for the woke age.
      I hope to see the first but certainly not the second in my lifetime.

      Release the fucking hounds!

  2. I’ve maintained for a good few years that the sacrifices we made to defeat Hitler were for naught.
    Our country is not secure in any way and all concerns about Jihad terrorism are broadly swept under the carpet.

    It also seems with are beset by the very countries that we exhausted ourselves to rescue from the Nazis.
    They may not wish to invade but they look to undermine us at every turn.

    Add to that the complete triumph of the ultra woke in the digital media arena and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

    We may well completely sink by way of appeasement.

    Or in turn we end up with our very own Adolf,because all other means of maintaining any sort of integrity have been removed.
    What a fucking mess years of spineless kneeling to other nations has created.
    Fuck Off.

  3. The woke generation clearly have no idea what the Nazis were all about otherwise they would not throw the word around so freely. Similarly comparing the Jellyfish and Tangoman to Hitler is ridiculous.
    All they know is that this Hitler geezer was a very bad man but that is the limit of their knowledge the ignorant fucking cunts. No point in asking them to read a few books when they’ve got Netflix, the Disney Channel and all the other old bollocks. Brainwashed, fucked and so easily manipulated.

  4. Good cunting, Smug .

    The reason the leftards scream “Nazi” at people who display common sense is that leftards have never really been able to come to terms with the fact that Nazism was, to use current vernacular, a variant of socialism. Socialism is a deadly virus that lays waste to whole societies. Woke leftards screaming “Nazi” have succumbed to the latest socialist variant, Wokeist Nazism (commonly abbreviated to the single word descriptor “Cunt” for ease of reference). It is particularly virulent.

    Boris was making a decent job of fighting this latest variant up to December 2019, but then fell victim to Wokeist Nazism when he became a fully paid up, card carrying Cunt.

  5. When i was in my teens i was a very naive Lefty. Now i’m in my 60’s i’m a full blown Nazi. Funny how things turn out .

  6. You can never totally defeat evil, you can diminish it but as soon as you stop fighting evil it grows again.

    The people who perpetuate evil always believe they are the good guys who have right and sometimes God on their side.

    It was right to fight nazism in the last war and it’s right to fight it today. Those who believe the Nazis had some good policies miss the point, they started with the disabled, moved on to gypsies and Jews but there were many victims who were simply in disagreement with the party and its policies. We would of all been on a list somewhere and possibly are now.

    If you look at the leadership of the Nazi party they were weak cowardly men who destroyed their own county.

    Fuck the Nazis and fuck anyone who seriously believes anything good can come from the wholesale murder of innocents. Ultimately if we allow the modern Nazis to rule us we open the door to repeating history, in the 30s and 40s it was the Jews an 2021 it’s those with conservative opinions, evil will always find fertile ground to grow in.

      • As repugnant as I personally find burn, loot, murder, even less surprising than that is anyone daring to criticise Israel’s government for West Bank land annexation, which has been widely condemned by the UN, is immediately labelled “anti Semitic”. Much like BLM screaming racism at any given opportunity, screaming “anti Semitic” when there is genuine criticism is losing the sting in its tail to say the least.

      • Interesting how these woke lefties always single out Israel for criticism, but never China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. Hmmm….

      • Why is it that it’s OK for “wokes” to denigrate Israel? How come that’s not racism? Beats me.

        I’ve always admired Israel. They don’t take any shit. Imagine the UK invited an Israeli government to come over to the UK and mentor the fuckwits here. No more dingy raiders, EU told to fuck off in short order, climate change bollocks kicked into touch….this list would do for the first couple of months.

        Israel is great👍

      • Generally, the blacks hate the Jews. I guess they are the anathema of the blacks – hard working, studious etc.

      • During the L.A riots over the killing of St George Floyd, Jewish shops were destroyed, synagogues were sprayed with hateful graffiti, and a statue of a Swedish diplomat who saved Hungarian Jews from the Nazis was defaced with antisemitic slogans. 

        In France, a BLM rally descended into cries of “dirty Jews”, echoing the antisemitic chants that filled the same streets during the Dreyfus affair a century ago.

        What the fuck does all that have to do with Israel?

        No cries of “dirty Chinks” or “murderous Commies” or “filthy Müzzies”. Strange that.

      • Very true rtc… they’re very selective in applying their standards.
        Personally I like to keep my racism diverse and inclusive to all.

      • Loads of shops destroyed, looted and graffiti sprayed in the LA riots, not just Jewish ones. As for BLM protest France, huge population of angry Muslims, same lot who joined the yellow vest protests using it as a good excuse to burn cars and wreck up the place.

        My statement stands regarding the overuse of the “anti-Semitic” scream to silence people when they have genuine criticism against the Israeli governments land annexation of the West Bank and no smoke and mirrors will change that fact 🙂

        Now where’s a hasbara troll when you need one 😉

      • You seem more than a little obsessed with trolls and trolling, Coolforcunts. A quick review of your comments since I’ve been posting on here (a couple of months, but I’ve been a reader for much longer) confirms this assertion. In fact, it reveals that you bring up the subject approximately two or three times per week. Usually quite arbitrarily, as here, but admittedly occasionally this bee in your bonnet actually is in the context of ongoing discussions of the subject.

        You also seem to be very well versed in the relevant buzzwords, like “sockpuppet”, “straw man”, “gaslighting”, “ad hominem” etc. All in all, you seem quite the expert!

        Any reason for this self-evident fascination? I’m genuinely curious, and have been meaning to enquire several times but couldn’t be arsed and didn’t have time to watch for your (possible) reply until now.

      • And you seem to follow me around like an obsessed love sick puppy FG/CS etc etc etc 🙂 Is it because I said you were boring?

      • No smoke and mirrors will change the fact that BLM single out Israel alone for criticism, having nothing to say about China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, all of whom have far worse human rights records. Clearly you have no interest in acknowledging that distinction, for reasons I can only speculate. 😂

      • At no point have I said BLM aren’t anti-Semitic. I have merely pointed out the fact that anyone’s genuine criticism of Israel’s West Bank land annexation is generally shouted down with screams of anti-Semitism.

        Ah, yes of course….enter your speculation, what a surprise 🤣

      • Haven’t you got common things you should be doing rather that get involved in something far too intellectual for you 😁

      • I have, but it caught my interest.
        Not you, your mundane at best.
        But the fact when called out you get hysterical.
        1 part feeble
        2 parts arrogant.

        Your a disgrace.😀👍

      • What a bizarre reply – remaekably quick, but really wacky. You really must be watching this site like an a hawk. I don’t “follow anyone around”, but was (and still am) genuinely mildly curious about your obsession with trolls and trolling. Especially on a site like this. Are you/would you like to be a Moderator perhaps?

        I have posted here a handful of times so you are clearly confusing me with another (presumably one of your trolls?) You said I am boring? Did you? Sounds like your style, but you’ll need to point me to that comment. The only reply I’ve ever had so was from another delusional contributor (RuffTuffCreampuff) who confused me with – I assume – this CS you/he mention.

        Either way, you’re equally clearly not going to answer my query about your fixation with trolls, which was entirely authentic, so perhaps best leave it there, eh?

        I’ll keep away from further commenting too, at least as a direct question or response. I enjoyed this site more as an observer from afar. Not so much for your input though, Coolforcunts. You strike me as an angry, defensive know-all – but I may be wrong. This is for me, as most others mainly a humorous forum for venting about stuff that pisses you off. It isn’t or shouldn’t be an opportunity to attack others.

        You’re welcome to your opinions, and I apologise for directly asking you the question earlier, but let’s leave it there.

        I certainly shall.

      • Translation; you’re busted and angry about it, CS.
        Your self-indulgent, yawn fest of a passive aggressive rant didn’t help your cause either 😂

        I do think you ought to apologise to poor old RTCP though, “Delusional”, a shocking slur if I may say so.

      • How many aliases have you got?
        Less than CS? More?
        And can you please stop upticking your posts?
        Its embarrassing and insecure.

      • Yet with all those faults, still leagues above you, how delicious 😋

        Look on the bright side, well, never mind 😂

      • Got none me, happy for Admin to check as well 👍

        I prefer no ticks because it generally means I’m doing something right. But you keep ticking away, when you lead such a hand to mouth miserable life you must have some light at the end of the tunnel 😂

        You’re a disgrace 😬

      • Maybe get a Bullworker® ?
        Build up your pectorals?
        Do your self esteem good!
        Maybe use it gazing at your Larry Fox poster?

        Heehee 😀

      • @ Coolforcunts @ 11:58am

        “At no point have I said BLM aren’t anti-Semitic.”


        In reply to my original comment: ‘It’s no surprise that BLM are also antisemitic’ you replied:

        ‘As repugnant as I personally find burn, loot, murder, even less surprising than that is anyone daring to criticise Israel’s government for West Bank land annexation, which has been widely condemned by the UN, is immediately labelled “anti Semitic”.’

        If that doesn’t imply that BLM are not antisemitic I’m not sure what point your reply was supposed to be making. But then I don’t possess the sort of towering intellect you arrogantly ascribe to yourself.

      • RTCP

        @ 09.55

        “Interesting how these woke lefties always single out Israel for criticism, but never China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. Hmmm….”

        You didn’t mention BLM, you mentioned “woke leftiesl, which I see criticise those countries quite a lot. So which is it! BLM or woke lefties that are anti Semitic.

        BLM may well be anti Semitic, but if that is based solely on criticising Israel’s government for their policy of annexing the West Bank then I think they deserve a recount 😉

        Better to be upfront about intellect than just firing in a few satirical quips now and again followed by a condescending 😂 eh?

      • As I’m sure you imagine again and again I’m a gorgeous Adonis 💪

        What the fucks a Larry Fox? In fact don’t answer that, just send me your poster after you’ve wiped it down a bit 😁

        Disgraceful 🧐

      • Oh, if I knew you were going to get this rattled and upset I wouldn’t have replied. There there, take a little break and rest your nerves eh, Miss 😘

      • CFC@
        You remind me of those hysterical bitchy type gays,
        A bit Kenneth Williams
        A bit Julian clary.
        You get very weepy when called a disgrace dont you?
        Is it because others have called it you?
        A parent? A boss? A partner?

        You need working on boy.

      • @ Coolforcunts @ 12:37pm:

        BLM ARE woke lefties – doh!

        FFS, how fucking deluded are you? Criticism of Israel (or more accurately Israeli Government policies) is not of itself antisemitic, but singling out Israel alone whilst having nothing to say about China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, etc, is antisemitic imo.

        I should have stuck to my golden rule of not engaging with antisemites and conspiracy nutters. Will try harder in future.

      • @ Farmer Giles

        I apologised weeks ago for mistaking you for CS. Clearly you are not the forgive and forget type.

      • BLM are anti Semitic because they don’t criticise anyone else? To use one of your favourite sarcastic masterpieces ‘😂’

        RTCP “I should have stuck to my golden rule of not engaging with antisemites and conspiracy nutters. Will try harder in future.”

        And you think I’m a “conspiracy nutter” lol.

        That’s better, out comes the hasbara troll… 😴 Nice try but for all your smoke and mirrors Israel’s annexation of the west bank has been condemned worldwide, which means it’s obviously a worldwide anti-Semitic conspiracy ‘🤣’

      • Pffft “you need working on boy” That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard. I knew there was something iffy about you from the get go Miss. Disgusting 😷

      • Oh im betting youve heard gayer!!
        Can tell your a bachelor type.
        Never been kissed type,
        Faints at confetti type .
        Your just Cliff Richard with a nasty streak 😀😀😀😀

      • Ruff@
        Whats he on about?
        He called you a Hanna Barbera troll?
        Hes full on hysterical!
        Has his boyfriend dumped him or something?

      • More passive aggressive wishful thinking from the wannabe Mossad superhero hasbaraman….whooooshhhhh

        Still, hanging on somebody else’s coattails might win you the argument, heavens know you made a hash of it by yourself 🙄

      • You get one like for making me smile with the Cliff Richard with a nasty streak part.

        Other than that, I would rather be a bachelor* than to marry my sister as is the custom in the north 😷

        *Not a bachelor.

      • Youve a civil partnership?
        Good for you.
        Yes up here we’re all inbred,
        Funny thing is despite that none have turned out like you,
        Those are buried under the outside shithouse.

      • I’m going to the other thread. All I seem to have here is an angry Zionist and a gay northern stalker, disgusting 😷

        Ps, Miss, please leave your northern gay stalking to this thread, if you bring it to the next one it’s confirmed you’re a raging Jesse 🤢

      • @ Miserable @ 1:28pm

        Fuck knows, probably fancies himself Fred Flinstone.

        At least he’s stopped upticking himself (temporarily) since you called him out earlier. 👍

      • He got too distracted to uptick.
        Funny little fella isn’t he?
        He needs to see one of those head doctors, get some tablets for his anxiety.
        Nowt as queer as cool….😀

      • He got too distracted to uptick.
        Funny little fella isn’t he?
        He needs to see one of those head doctors get some tablets for his anxiety.
        Nowt as qu££r as Cool..😀

      • I don’t follow is a cunt that closely, RuffTuffCreampuff. I therefore missed where you apologised for calling me out as “CS”. Feel free to link to that comment.

        I shouldn’t bother if I were you, as I am very much the “forgive” (but not the forget) type. I don’t comment often, and I’m truly sorry that my earlier query about Coolforcunts fixation with trolling has generated this activity.

        Paradoxically I feel quite the troll myself now. Over and out for now.

      • Farmer Giles@
        No apologies necessary.
        You asked what others were thinking.
        Keep on enjoying the site.👍👍

      • @ Farmer Giles.

        Hopefully we’re good now.

        I shouldn’t worry about your comment re CFC’s fixation with trolling. The thread was already well on the road to oblivion before then.

        For the record, it’s Coolforcunts tactic of continuously moving the goalposts and not engaging with points raised that I find most irritating. But, as they say, once bitten…

    • Totally agree.

      But what the OP is about is the misuse of the term.

      Nazism was supposed to have died with Hitler in his bunker in Berlin in 1945 but if you listen to the MSM there are Nazis around every corner.

      We are moving into a world where free speech is being gradually eroded. A free exchange of ideas is fine as long as your opinions align with those of the wokes, leftists and MSM.

      Anyone who dare have an opposing opinion is shouted down and called a hate criminal or Nazi.

      People fought and died to protect the ideas of free speech yet increasingly we aren’t allowed the freedom to speak our minds.

      And to call someone a Nazi for airing an opinion is undermining everything they fought for.

      • I get where the OP is coming from, the woke left of today shares much with the woke left of Nazi Germany. Hitler was an environmentalist tree hugger, he was a vegetarian. Hitler believed their was only one correct way to think. Hitler targeted the untermensch today it’s the deplorables.

        I’m in agreement with the OP, I don’t however agree the fight against Nazis was a waste of time as some have commented, it only becomes a waste of time if we don’t recognise the last time was a battle in a war that will never be won because what our fathers and grand fathers fought for was freedom of thought and speech which is always under attack.

        Terry’s oven raises a few titters and the occasional cunter calling for racial cleansing is not taken seriously by those who know the cunters nature through being here a while. But there’s no real place for anyone seriously believing we should solve our problems by mass murder here. If you have to become evil to defeat evil it’s a pointless fight.

        The parallels between today’s woke left and the early Nazi party are there to see and to prevent the deaths of millions who fought against Nazism the first time becoming futile we have to fight it now.

        When people joke about gassing people etc it makes us look like the Nazis to a casual observer, not a good look. The problems we constantly talk about in here were brought about by white politicians and white academics the stabby cunts and calls to prayer infesting our towns and cities are symptomatic of the disease not the actual illness.

        Our anger is being misdirected and we are fighting shadows because we are really pretty much in the dark about who’s really pulling the strings.

        Israel is a total cunt at times but the Palestinians situation would be much improved if they hadn’t elected terrorists who’s only interest is attacking Israel. It’s a fight we should stay the fuck out of, neither side has any interest in the health and prosperity of the U.K. for sure.

      • I’d still stick all the lefty cunts in Terry’s oven after a period in my special marinade.

    • In the 1920s it was the kulaks. Its always the same. Its the enemy over there. The answer as always is English common law and the English and American bill of rights. The rest is all bollocks.

  7. An interesting ( almost paradoxical) situation where the history of Slavery is fervently distorted and rewritten , yet the historical truths are not even recognized.
    In watching the slow mo Rail Crash of Trumps impeachment, I see clearly what is both meant and described in the nom.
    Pelosi seems well placed upon that podium, which minds me of the late Fuhrer at his most famous of rallies.
    I see a war looming in the States, and as likely, to be followed here if we allow the Noo Libwal Left to succeed.

  8. Does anybody want to buy any lamp shades?
    Fifty deutschemarks and I’ll chuck in some paperweights.

  9. I don’t mind being called a “Nazi”. Why?
    No red blooded woman has ever had a fantasy about being tied up and ravished by a man dressed as a “Progressive”…

    I’ll get my Panzer…

  10. A young lady, who is some TV show, made this statement:
    “Most people don’t realize today that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” the post said, adding: “How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

    What do you think happened to her? Yep, cancelled by the “democratic” left.

  11. Knowledge is power and they don’t have it, the left is so stupid they don’t even understand that the Nazi’s were thier kin folk. BTW cancel culture is the main weapon of the Scientology Cult, dumb cunts.

  12. Todays smear tactics began post WW2 and have been successfully implemented. Those indoctrinated commie students and ‘right-on’ leftists scream Nazi!, Racist!, Bigot! etc at every opportunity when faced with something outside of their tolerance zone, which itself, is completely intolerant. To fortify these useful epithets with baseless and increasingly bizarre accusations, later disproved. Eli Wiesel’s fairy tales for example, lampshades, soap and shrunken heads another. Or the electrified travellators, the pedal powered skull bashing machine or even this one:

    But revenge I can understand, having someone executed is satisfying, but it won’t bring your dead relative(s) back and neither will the huge amounts of reparations either. It’s all about the money. it’s all about playing the victim card. Example: a child is expelled from 89 schools on 109 occasions (having been re-admitted by some), is this the schools conspiracy or is the child creating a problem?
    One historical event that it is illegal to question in many countries, hmmm.
    “It started with the Jews” people say, yep, the insidious ‘positive discrimination’ and now it’s moving forward to encompass blacks, Asians and soon to be Orientals.
    It won’t extend to Caucasians, too much White privilege.
    Fuck the Left, fuck the Liberals and fuck the eternal whinge ‘victims’.
    Good morning and get stuffed.

    • I agree…. everyone bangs on about white privilege, but there is certaibally 1 group that is vastly over represented in the privilege question.
      We’re not allowed to mention it though, only whites are evil, everyone else is lovely and is a victim of evil whites.
      Strange too how all the religions rose to power on stacks of the bodies of millions of dead, yet they are the victims and they get a pass.
      And how come all these atrocities are pure evil yet the atomic bombs and dresden etc weren’t, as “thats what we needed to do to win”…..
      Why declare war on Germany for invading Poland, yet join sides with the soviet Union (who genocide many many more) even when they also invaded Poland?
      Something doesn’t seem right….
      As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a nazi. I have however decided to take a different perspective on history.

      • DTS, the only way to read history is to read all sides of the story, hence the effectiveness of cancel culture.
        Turn it on its head;
        Churchill, fought Fascism, but said what is perceived to be discriminatory stuff about Africans and Chinese, ergo raaaycisss.
        Lincoln, abolished slavery, offended some cunts, ergo raaaycisss.
        Democrats, defended slavery, established the KKK, ergo humanitarians..
        Clown world, honk honk.

  13. I must point out SC the British only made up 25% of the armed forces that remained in west Germany. The majority was the USA and we must never forget it. The French were there too but without the USA the war in the west could not have been won and we could not have occupied west Germany without their overwhelming power.
    Other than that your cunting is a worthy one.

    • Cunstable Cuntbubble just nominated this. Disney are one of the most gutless woke companies in the world and she seems to have gone off reservation over the correct opinions.

    • Yes, she supported Orange man (bad).
      Cancel culture good, white people bad.
      Now pass the fucking tofu.
      Seig Heil.

      • This is part of Biden’s plan to make sure that anyone who worked for or supported Trump, never works again in the public or private sector. How Fascist is that?

  14. Wokeism, nazism, fascism, socialism, liberalism, communism, islam.
    All different variations on the same old theme – those who are hatefully, aggressively, violently intolerant of any view, opinion or way of life but their own twisted vile ideology.
    All areas of life are infested with it, and, as always before, it will get to the point it is so dangerous to humankind it must be stopped with bloodshed.
    We have a society and a world which is so filled with hate and the need to dominate, brutalise and control – those who wish peace and tolerance are painted by those who do not as wrong.
    And this is very, very wrong – America has fallen to communism, Myanmar has fallen to communism and as I predicted before the US Election the rest of the free nations of the world will fall like a pack of cards.
    The neighbour who hates you for your views is the start, the neighbour loading onto the train to the concentration camps is the logical and inevitable outcome.
    I believe we are heading into very, very dark times.

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