Sadiq Khan [19]

An emergency cunting for everyone’s favorite mayor. Londonistan mayor Suckdiq Khant is really putting himself out there for the cunt of the year awards. This useless cunt has finally perked up about the illegal and dangerous demonstrations/riots in London. Of course, being the cunt that is Khan made a reference to the risk of COVID-19 (Bit fucking late) but then launched a tirade into the “far-right” which from what I have read was a large group of football fans and veterans who wished to counter demonstrate with the primary objective of defending property and preventing anarchy.We used to have a force for that can`t remember the name of it though.

Here are the cunt`s comments:

“However, I’m extremely concerned that further protests in Central London not only risk spreading Covid-19, but could lead to disorder, vandalism and violence.

“Extreme far-right groups who advocate hatred and division are planning counter-protests, which means that the risk of disorder is high.

“Be in no doubt these counter-protests are there to provoke violence, and their only goal is to distract and hijack this important issue.”

He describes the protestors are largely peaceful.Even though over 60 officers injured Horses attacked and criminal damage the cost of which I dread to think. That being said Khan is of course accustomed to his streets looking like war zones.How many black stabbings has he been concerned about on his own turf?

Also Khan seems to think a solution is boxing off Churchill and the Cenotaph memorial to prevent vandalism when he could just ring up Cressida Strapacoctomy and tell her brigade to protect them for thugs which the so-called “far right” wanted to do.Now I hate the far-right with a passion but the definition of far-right used today has been s far expanded that it has become meaningless as it refers to anyone who is to the right of the Corbynista project.

Khunt is a vile Marxist arsehole who defended nutty antisemitic radical preacher Louis Farrakhan when he was banned from the UK but now is along with Strapacoctomy the embodiment of selective regressive censorship that is leading us to a frightening Orwellian Police State where only those deemed to be on the “right side of history” in their crystal ball into the future are allowed freedom.

Nominated by Shaun

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  1. Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick need a nomination. Sadiq Khan, the so called ‘Mayor’ of London is a complete and utter disgrace and insult to the ancient office of Mayor of London. His track record when it comes to crime in the nation’s capital is abysmal. Violent crime in particular has risen exponentially during his time in office, partly because he’s a useless, soft lefty fucktard, but also because he’s spent a large amount of his time throwing shit at Donald Trump on Twitter. He’s almost at stalker level.

    But it’s his response to the outrageous acts of vandalism directed at the Cenotaph, other war memorials and statues of Churchill and other figures from history that has really boiled my blood. When he should have been ordered that equally useless twat, Cressida Dick (most appropriate surname ever) to get all Met officers trained in riot control onto the streets in full riot gear, fire retardant coveralls, riot helmets, shields, batons etc. But that wouldn’t help his ‘Black Lives Matter’ narrative, so he’s ordered that all these monuments be encased in boxes to protect them from criminal damage caused by the feral mob that scum like ANTIFA and BLM actually are. What an utter cunt.

    Onto Cressida Dick. The first female and openly gay Met police commissioner. Two diversity boxes ticked right there. And, I suspect the only reason she was given the job. It certainly wasn’t ability, because she fucking has none. From the Extinction Rebellion bullshit to the current bunch of cunts, Dyke has made it official policy for her officers to stand back and do fuck all as far left retards go on the rampage, causing damage to property and people along the way, including dozens of police officers. It’s like she WANTS a cop to be murdered, because that will happen if they keep being made to keep standing back and doing nothing. She’s not a police officer, she’s a social worker who was fast tracked up the promotion ladder because she had a degree. And then she got the top job because she’s a split arse who likes to tip the velvet. And let’s not forget, she was the senior officer in charge of the anti-terrorism operation that ended with the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes back in ’07. And you can guarantee that if this were some so called far right group, the response would be entirely different.

    Over the years, the Met have had some really useless twats as Commissioner, and Dyke is the worst one by far. If she had any sense of honour and shame, she would resign. But like all far lefties, she has neither. Khan hasn’t the balls to sack her, because that would upset the left, and the government won’t do it for the same reason. The police are supposed to be politically neutral. Over the past 15 years or so though, like the BBC, they have lurched increasingly to the left. The fact remains that London, and policing in the UK won’t improve until these two cunt are booted out of their offices, clutching their P45’s.

    Incidentally, groups of people, mostly military veterans and people who actually respect things like law and order, have taken to guarding all the monuments that are currently under attack from far left scum, around the clock. That festering pile of pig shit, Khan, describes them as “far right”. No, Khan, they are people who are sick and disgusted by the sight of filth like ANTIFA and BLM attempting to erase British history. OK, so some of it isn’t anything to proud of. But still, it doesn’t mean a bunch of cunts who despise Britain, especially the white majority should be able to vandalise and rewrite it. And let’s face it, the government is only now talking about handing out tough sentences because of the backlash from decent British citizens of all races. And Khan, go back to sucking your God, Allah’s, cock. If he has one. And I wouldn’t normally say this, but I hope that ignorant bitch who tried to burn the Union Flag at the Cenotaph ends up setting herself on fire. She fucking deserves it.

    • Sorry to the mods for the length of this nomination. Catharsis sometimes takes a while.

    • I hope ALL of the protesters set themselves on fire trying to light petrol bombs and the videos keep getting uploaded to youtube.

      Solid entertainment for a Saturday night.

  2. Sadiq Khan (19)
    “Good afternoon. This is Ron Knee, IsAC’s political correspondent, reporting from City Hall, London. Today I’m joined by the Mayor of London, Mr Sadiq Khunt, to talk about the current state of disorder in the capital. Good afternoon, Mr Khunt”.

    “It’s Mr Khan to you. Black Lives Matter. Peace be upon them”.

    “Er yes. Now I understand that you’ve called on BLM protesters to stay at home and stay safe this weekend”.

    “That is indeed being very correct. I am having concerns that further peaceful protests, which I am adding have been most extremely peaceful so far, may now lead to violence. This is because far-right groups who are advocating hatred and division plan to hijack the crucial BLM cause in order to be causing trouble. Vicious hatemonger Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has…”

    “Er, may I interrupt?. We’ve seen property damaged, attempted flag-burning, and bottles, flares and even bikes thrown at police. Commissioner Cressida Cock stated ‘some protesters sought confrontation with the police, leading to many officers being injured, some seriously’. It’s patently clear that protests have already been infiltrated, but by far-left extremists who are indeed promoting the very ‘hatred and division’ you speak of. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall you giving any warnings so far about the activities of these extremely unpleasant and dangerous people”.

    ” Yes well *cough* you see, it is always being the ‘far right’ that is to blame for ‘far left’ so-called violence, which is merely being the understandable reaction, the despairing cry, of the victims of vile fascists and bigots within our glorious multicultural city. Diversity is being our strength. Black Knives I mean Lives Matter, er…”.

    ” So what do you say to millions of ordinary Britons who are sickened by the destruction and violence wrought by these ‘peaceful’ protesters? Do you condemn these far-left extremists, or are you in fact just a hypocrite?”.

    “Ah *burble*… my father was being a bus driver you know, I am being one of eight children *blah*…”.

    “Yes well thank you for those enlightening comments Mr Khunt. I’m sure that our followers will take great comfort from them. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio”.

  3. This cunt is outrageous. The sad thing is he’s going to get another 4 years.

    Impale the wanker on a fucking great iron spike smeared with bacon fat. Then hand him over to Unkle Terry.

  4. Sadiq/Saddique/Sidiq/Siddique – whatever name he is calling himself today (four benefit payment payments instead of one – not so daft!) is a traitor, a fucking rat and just needs removing and gagging.
    Throwing the cunt over Pakistan in a Hercules would also be acceptable.
    This “Man” (Ooh, ducky – tell those ladies to put their bikinis away, we all know they ain’t cute to the peaceful Brothers when they pass the age of 12) is the perfect textbook example of the enemy within.
    I wonder if the treacherous gnome will be refused a peerage like his 3 foot friend Jon Jercow?
    Might have a turn on his Wife when I invade Londonistan – every other fucker has!

    • “tell those ladies to put their bikinis away”

      Oh yes, this cunt takes down pictures of attractive, scantily-dressed women from the Underground and London’s buses. But he seems to have no problems with poofs and trannies wearing next-to-nothing on Pride marches.

      Funny how his fellow peacefuls never say anything about his support for people who break the laws of Allah. When they finally take over Londonistan, don’t be surprised to see Unhappy Richard (Sad Dick, gettit?) being thrown from the top of the Glass Gooley in honour of their evil Sky Daddy.

  5. I have run out of things to say about Citizen Khan’s cuntishness. That’s how much of a cunt he is.

    • An Epically Large UBER CUNT.

      His list of Cuntish opinions and actions have reached such numbers that laid end to end, they would now be longer than the Great Wall of Covid land.

      Rather than boxing Winston’s Statue, why don’t we box this absolute Fucking Cunt instead ?

  6. Oh by the way, did you know that his father was a bus driver? I know, it’s almost as unbelievable as David Lammy having a friend that died in Grenfell.

  7. Boris isn’t happy about Churchill being boxed off, I thought the government had special powers due to the Chinky Flu, just send in the heavy mob, arrest this little cunt throw him in the Thames and put a few armed special branch officers around Churchill with orders to use lethal force if any cunt comes near with a paint can….. Job done!

    Can’t watch the news anymore must have every Black wanna be that have crawled out of the gutter, I did see the that the PL have confirmed that players for the first 12 games will have BLM on the back of their shirts…. so that’s something that won’t be on my TV even if it is free to air!!


    • Sorry to say but Boris is showing to be both Woke and Powerless in all this. Is avoiding the reality he has no idea or control of what is going on. Or what to do. It’s only a matter of time before this cunt takes a knee.

      Woke cunt

  8. Spot on cunting Shaun.

    Suckdick came out with all that crap on the radio this morning, during a mutual ringpiece licking session with James O’Shithead.

    I’m sure fellow cunters won’t want to witness it, but just in case you do:

    Strong stomachs required.

    • No way could I stomach that fucking mutual masturbation session.

      Listen to Mike Graham on TalkRadio FFS.

      • Liberal in the true sense of the word, yes. Before it became hijacked and corrupted by the left.

      • I meant the word “liberal” in the pejorative sense, the way most posters on here tend to understand it.

        Either way I like to monitor and evaluate all shades of opinion, whatever label is put on it.

        Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Me too RTC. One has to keep an eye on the opposition after all. O’Shithead is fucking unbearable though. I literally can’t bear to hear him wanking on with his lies and sanctimonious guff for more than about 15 seconds before cussing loudly at the radio (which scares the dog) and switching over for some bloody common sense.

    • Fucking hell I’d rather pour bleach into my eyes than watch that.

      I already know what was said before I even watch it.

      • In fairness O’Shithead challenges Khunt saying surely there is a difference between the far right and those that are coming to defend Churchill’s statue.Khunt obviously deflected back to talk of the far right and that was that.Can’t watch it all .Blood pressure too high.

    • The little cunt still wouldn’t concede that many people aren’t happy with the BLM protests, it’s only the ‘extreme’ far right, I guess that includes the ERG if you believe Lammy that the are worse than Hitler.
      Some interviewer should challenge Lammy now he is a shadow minister if he still believes what he said about JRM and the ERG.

  9. English bill of rights 1689.

    “No forreigne prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence within this realm.”

    They knew what would happen…….

  10. Utter cunt.

    These are ex-servicemen and football fans who simply don’t want the cenotaph or the statue of Churchill defacing or thrown in the River Thames. They are not fucking ‘extreme far right’. Perhaps if the fucking police did their job in the first place, these people wouldn’t feel the need to go?

    This simply proves to me that Khan supports the police being attacked and told not to engage the Communists and anti white racists.

    The media will label those protecting these landmarks ‘far right’. I for one am getting fucking sick of this. It won’t be me, but somebody somewhere is going to be pushed over the edge with this soon, and one wonders if that’s the plan.

    I’m not a conspiracy cunt, but the one about the left not accepting defeats and using covid/BLM to try and force some kind of libtard revolution is stating to ring true.

    Our government is weak and never gives cunts like Khan a bollocking for slandering decent ex servicemen and football fans like that.

    But I will tell you this. Cunts like Khan will be in for a shock if they continue this nonsense as it really will make about half the country ‘extreme far right’ (as will the Tories for being too pussified to speak out).

    And they’ll have nobody else but themselves to blame when the whirlwind comes.

    • I thought half the country are far- right extremists for voting for Brexit?
      Khan is a piece of shit though. He fucking well knows the people who want to protect those monuments arent far-right. He just wants to smear them to distract from the growing disgust over his side’s violence.

      Disgusting cunt.

  11. The sheer hypocrisy of this dirty bell end is astounding. I fucking despise the treasonous titchy twat. Far left mobs causing mahem is ok but right wing patriots protecting our heritage are the problem.

    He’s not fit to lick Tommy Robinson’s boots, the despicable darky dwarf.

  12. There has been a decades long propaganda project eroding patriotism along with many other crucial pillars of society.

    The truth is now that to love your own people and nation is repulsive and you’re a Nazi if you do.

    The truth of the above can be seen on any news channel right now.

    • The ultimate irony is that those shouting fascists are trying to denigrate the memory of those who died fighting fascism.This Antifa cunts would never fight for their country as they hate it.Never mind the fact this country helped lead to the abolition of slavery and fought Hitler who sort to gas all the group’s they say they care about.God I hate the left.

    • The police are now a kneeling please dont shout at me, bunch of woke little twats, so the football lads and ex service men are doing a job the police are being stopped/are incapable of doing.
      The far right seem a whole lot friendlier than they used too, and while the london taliban pull down statues dont expect people all over the country will kneel and kiss the sandal, some people are still willing to stand upto this bullshit and fight back.
      Saddick is a greasy little dirty enemy and Id happily pull the fuckin trigger/swing the axe/ pull the lever on this streak of shite.
      My blood pressures not good at the mo.

    • When Lammy inevitably becomes a Lord he should be made Lord Lammy of Grenfell.

  13. Cunt spraying graffiti, destroying public works and statuary, expelling police from urban enclaves, etc, etc, in defiance of law and C19 measures : anti-racism protestor/activist
    Anyone proposing to discourage said cunt: far-right thug

    (BBC Handbook of Impartial Broadcasting)

  14. I thought the whole Brexit saga meant we were fucked as a nation.Now I know we are.

  15. Fucking big nose short arse pàki cunt.
    I don’t know if anyone else on here has seen the pictures of Aracely Henriques, the woman beaten by Floyd and his friendly bunch of thieving scum cunts, but she sure took a beating, especially for a pregnant woman.
    Khunt and the rest of those wankers that seem to think that this 6ft 6ins bag of shite was a friendly lovable giant should apologise for taking a knee on his behalf and proclaiming Floyd to be some kind of Saint.
    I am glad the fucker is 6 feet under, shame he wasn’t killed though by one one of his bruvvas….innit.

  16. The Filth can’t/won’t police the country, let the Football lads alliance do the fucking job for the soft bastards
    These extreme Lefty anarchist cunts need putting in their place the smelly fucking unwashed dirty bastards
    I’m upset

    • My point exactly these so called “far right” types are willing to do what the police are too cowardly to do.

    • Your average copper WANTS to and would like nothing more than to get stuck in and stop these cunts from vandalising statues. They’re stopped from doing so by their bosses who in turn answer to the Govt. There’s a difference. I know. I have a lot to do with the police in my line of work and they’re as fucked off as you and I. Some even talk of leaving as they’re that ashamed of what their job as become. So, do a little research before you slander the name of all coppers, (Dick, no problem), and if YOU think you can do better, they’re recruiting.

      • I’d have a bit more sympathy if they hadnt gone mad during the lockdown. A good many seem to have a desire to bully and intimidate ordinary law abiding people and are useless in the face of genuine disorder.

        I didnt have a great deal of sympathy for the officers running away.

      • The police kneel before far-left and black thugs. They protect Muslim child rapists. They come out in force against natives and patriots.

        The police are not on our side. It’s up to us now. Build muscle, toughen up your mind and prepare for the day these scum target you.

    • As Cuntybollocks said gingers, someone, probably a hardworking mild mannered proud Englishman is gonna get pushed over the edge from all this kowtowing to the fucking fascist cunts and he’s gonna go full retard on the bastards
      A war is coming
      When I heard that fuckin Isis loving Kunt Khan’t this morning I felt like hiring a van myself and going down to Londonistan and give the big nosed dwarf a damn good telling off

      • ‘a hardworking mild mannered proud Englishman is gonna get pushed over the edge from all this kowtowing to the fucking fascist cunts and he’s gonna go full retard on the bastards’

        You only have to look at the Baden-Powell statue in Poole to see that. You can only push the MAJORITY so far.

    • I must have used a trigger word, my reply is waiting for moderation

      memo to self, don’t comment til my boiled piss as cooled down

      • I’m a Dwarfist Cunt MNC
        don’t like the dodgy little fuckers
        Especially the big nosed sons of bus drivers

      • ‘Kin’ell It is an’all, I thought you were Joking MNC

        im in moderation again

  17. He actually looks like uncle Fester, with a bad toupe.
    Total embarrassment to all Englishmen true. Lonndanistan has the mayor it deserves.
    A cunt amongst cunts.

  18. What an oily cunt he truly is. He is also so thick that his actions of letting people do what they want will result in murder and mayhem. To be honest though when you have a couple of thousand murders under your watch already. He really is as thick as a whale omelette but he thinks he’s intelligent which never has a good outcome. Does he think Chelsea Headhunters and assorted flat noses will accept Churchill’s monument being attacked again? What a twat.

  19. I’m a born and bred Londoner who grew up just a stones throw away from where people suffered from mysterious head injuries….

  20. Considering his dad was a bus driver he doesn’t seem to have been too concerned about them getting Covid…

  21. I’m usually a kind, gentle, soul. Private Godfrey-like. However, this situation all the things going on is truly boiling my water hotter than a kettle.

    Why aren’t the police doing anything to stop what’s going on?

    Those aeroplanes that spray the crops could fly around spraying something that would turn people from being cans of can’t into nice people.
    A love potion? The aroma of a roast dinner?

    • Random person: “Sorry for all that bullocks earlier”.

      Me: “Forget about it. Come on. I’ll buy you a pint.”

      *Remembers the pubs are still shut…*

      Me: “For fork sake!!!”

      • Cuntlestiltskin, I do have some left.

        I shall send her a telegram to make one just for you. Hehe 🙂

      • My apologies, Cuntlestiltskin. I could have sworn I replied to you but it disappeared.

        I’ll ask her to bake a fresh cake just for you and have it sent by carrier pigeon. It might take 3 of them to carry it, mind you. 🙂

  22. Londonistan needs a mayor to act like Ray Mallon did up here. Zero tolerance on crime. Reduced the crime rates and made enemies by doing. Why ? Because he was successful at doing it and showed predecessors up for being lazy.

  23. The only thing this oily little cunt should be running is away from a pack of wild dogs.
    In better times he would have been flayed alive then garroted.
    An enemy of everything this country once stood for.

  24. This midget needs to be thrown in the tower and subjected to taunts from visiting schoolchildren.

    ‘Isn’t he a funny little panda? Why is here in the tower and not in the zoo?’

    ‘That’s our former mayor, Suk-sadiq kan’t’

    ‘Sadiq: KHHAAAANN!! Give me clementines!’

    • I see that the cunt’s posting that ‘it’s clear that far-right groups are causing trouble in central London’. That’s right cunt, just like they were last weekend…

    Khan is a bit of a cunt and hypocrite really He only moans about the far right but says nothing about the extreme left,which is about right for New/Old/Communist Labour?
    Panda boy took to the airwaves and told the far left don’t demonstrate in London take to social media instead and voice your anger Black Lives Matter?Khan whether you like him or not will be around for a long time yet the foreigners who vote for him will make sure of that 👎👎

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