Celebs Begging for Forgiveness

I nominate Celebrity Cunts apologising for impersonating an ethnic cunt.

The latest are fuckin Ant and Dec two prize wankers apologising for something they did years ago. We’ve also have fuckin Keith Lemon or whatever his real fuckin name is. For fuck sake why is it these twats feel the need to apologise, it’s not guilt, it’s being seen to tow the line, escape the barrage of shit from the left wing media, or try to preserve their career.

When I can eventually go on holiday to foreign parts I’ll make sure I stay in the shade so I don’t get a dark tan as I may be accused of impersonating an ethnic and be classed as a racist and have to offer a public apology. By the way when is the black Lenny Henry going to apologise for taking the piss out of and impersonating white David Bellamy.

Nominated by: DLP

83 thoughts on “Celebs Begging for Forgiveness

  1. The moment the left realise that the beast they have been feeding, might be coming for them.
    Sit back, fellow cunters and enjoy the show 😀😂😂

  2. Some American group I have never heard of called Lady Antebellum has just changed its name because of the pre-Civil War reference. This is their pathetic explanation: “After much personal reflection, band discussion, prayer and many honest conversations with some of our closest black friends and colleagues, we have decided to drop the word ‘antebellum’ from our name and move forward as Lady A, the nickname our fans gave us almost from the start.”

    Good marketing guys although the reference to prayers might upset black atheists and agnostics! Anyway, I hope there will be a sudden rise in your sales.

    • They should of gone with Lady marmalade.
      Then theyd have a ready made theme tune!
      Maybe make a pitch for Robertsons marmalade ads?

    • I like the band, not really bothered what they’re called or why they now decided to change the name. I find it very easy to separate the music from the people.

    • As pathetic as it is pointless, apparently their name was Latin for “pre war” or something. Who the fuck would’ve got the reference if they hadn’t opened their virtue signaling mouths?

      • I wonder, because Beetles (the insects) are black, will Apple be changing the name of The Fabs after all these years?

        Fucking pathetic and Lady Whatevertherename is are grovelling black arse licking cunts.

      • Charlie Manson interpreted the White Album as a blueprint for the blacks to rise up and kill the whites.

        HELTER SKELTER – “coming down fast!”

        Several blatant racist songs on there:

        On-la-Di, Ob-La-Da
        Rocky Racôôn
        Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey


      • Exactly Kiwi. I’m into music in a big way and I didn’t know that. I’d heard of that band, but nothing about the apparent significance of their name.

        Considering that age old teaching aid – the black board – became racist overnight, I wonder how many other references to colour will be classified as racist in the music world? Black Sabbath? White Lies?

        This is so beyond a virtue signalling crock. When will it stop? Pleeeeeeaaaassssee. It’s doing my head in.

      • Morning IY

        White Stripes….that pair of weirdos will be seriously fucked now.

        Hope your all ready and tooled up for when the demented BLM cunts arrive in your neighborhood?

  3. And that Eddie Murphy definitely blacked up in his films. Put the accent on and everything. Pretty realistic though, but still, blacking up is bad.

  4. Well I hope that Piers Morgan apologises for being Piers Morgan and then drops de… …murely out of (public) life.

    The Fat Cunt.

    • PS…I’m fucking glad that I’m not a celebrity….I’d be apologising for as long as it would take a Dark-Key to find a job…or swim across a river when he’s chasing Tarzan.

      • Dick@
        Always been a big fan of Tarzan since a little kid,
        King of the jungle is a white man!👍
        And ive learnt a valuable lesson from Johnny weismueller!
        Any trouble with the natives shout “ungowwa!”
        Dunno what it means but if said with suitable steel in your voice it stops them in their tracks!!
        Dont know why the police dont use it?

      • I’d imagine that the noise they make while on their knees getting throat-fucked by Leroy Um’Bongo sounds just like “Ungowwa”.

  5. Ant and Dec should be begging forgiveness for the shite they have inflicted on us for years.

    • I enjoyed watching Keith Lemon crying!
      Freeze frame-replay-freeze frame.
      His pallid ginger face wracked with worry, turning red and tear streaked…😁😁😁
      Soft twat.
      Think he should face a prison sentence or at least a enquiry into his race baiting, and Ant & Dec, the evil bastards.
      Im a celebrity get me out of nick.

    • Fortunately they haven’t inflicted anything on me. I don’t watch them.

      • Was Joking about Ant & Dec Ruff, dont even know what theyre apologising for?!!
        Know theyre popular on here(☺) but as ive never watched them find them harmless.
        But hysterical grovelling slebs are great!👍

      • As a child, I watched ‘Not the Nine o’clock News’ & distinctly remember laughing at a sketch about police arresting a black man ‘for posession of thick lips’.

        I wish to apologise profusely for this insensitive hateful action.
        Can someone please drag me feet first to the nearest BLM protest, so I can be publicly flogged by the BANE people I have offended, whilst a bunch of brain dead white students cheer, not knowing what the hell they are cheering for.

        Thank you.

  6. On the other hand, those who have ‘whited’ up are unrepentant, and maintain that it’s totally different. Some awful comedy called white chicks, where two black dudes dress up as white girls for some reason, was one of the films mentioned. How the fuck it was made is beyond me, because the two guys look the least convincing women since Rodrigo Alves and Katie Price. And let’s not forget the perpetually offended Lenny Henry also whited up for a film.
    The purge has begun, and it’s nowhere near finished. Once the obvious culprits have gone, then it’ll be anything which a twisted lefty can make a case for, imagined or not. There’s no bigger facist than an anti facist. It’s like year zero again.

    • Wonder if ‘pulp Fiction’ will get canned?
      Lots of racist words!
      Although the second coming of christ Samuel L Jacksons in that, so probably ok.

    • You mean like goodness gracious me from the 90s. Where the Asian cast take the piss out of white people constantly. They all go out for a nice English and take the piss out of the white english waiter. That’s fine though, off course it is.

      • Never actually saw it, doubt id be offended but wonder if theyd say the same about “it aint alf hot mum?
        Tears im guessing..

      • My missus (she of Indian descent) and her family loved It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

        Wasn’t my cup of Darjeeling though. I’m more a Dad’s Army man me.

  7. Celebs begging for forgiveness, Little Britain taken off the air, William Wallace memorial defaced. Idiocracy is here on steroids. Then there’s this defunding the police bollox. Prime example of insane in the membrane cunt celebrity is Natalie Portman who recently said:

    “When I first heard #defundthepolice, I have to admit my first reaction was fear. My whole life, police have made me feel safe…but that’s exactly the centre of my white privilege: the police make me as a white woman feel safe, while my black friends, family and neighbours feel the opposite: police make them feel terror..”

    If she gets raped is that Ok then – chalk it up to white privilege? If her children get abused by a pee-doh or murdered, er don’t try reporting it sometime soon as there are far fewer police to investigate the crime??

    This statement from Portman is so fucking stupid its like she is literally trolling us. I bet she doesn’t even have any neighbours at all and lives in a big fuck off house with several Ground Keeper Willies.

    • “If she gets raped is that Ok then – chalk it up to white privilege?…..Chalk it up to me,more likely. I’d love a ride on that tart.

      • You do know she is Vegan! You might ask if she wants anything to eat after love and then you would have to go and fetch green stuff. How could you bring yourself to do it Dick?

      • “Ask if she wants anything to eat after love” ?….not much fear of that. I tend to just fart,wipe my bell-end on the curtains and Fuck Off home.

      • I imagined that she’d gone back to yours. “Oooh Dick that was great. Got any asparagus?”

      • “I imagined that she’d gone back to yours. “Oooh Dick that was great. Got any asparagus?”…..so much wrong with this I hardly know where to start…..Back to mine?….I don’t even tell them my real name,never mind let them know where I live.
        That was great….it really wouldn’t have been great,it would have been extremely disappointing for her if previous reviews are anything to go by.

        What the fuck is “asparagus”?.

      • Her real name is Natalie Hershalnger. She is Israeli. Still want a go?

      • You’re back.you appalling Cunt !! I thought that Bumholia must have been overrun by rampaging cotton-pickers and you locked up in your Justin Beiber dungeon.

        Of course I’d still have a go on her….or that other Jewess, Rachel Weisz come to that…as you know,I’m no bigot…you don’t think that they’d nip my foreskin off when I fell asleep,do you?…it’s a bit of a worry,tbh.

      • Unbelievable.
        Surely SNPs Ian Blackford condemned this attack on a scottish patriot?

      • The Blackford Bot does not compute . Only programmed for eating pies and saying “This Tory government is a disgrace”.

      • He should be down on both knees begging forgiveness for his bigotry and loathing of the English. SNP and BLM, interesting parallel. Both railing against historic injustices while accepting all the advantages, opportunities and financial support they are given. Don’t even start thinking about Ireland.

      • The Eric Morecombe statue will be next. Guilty of making white people laugh. Christ what do we think of the shit show so far

    • There is a film called Idiocracy, and fuck me, we are living in it now, the cunts

  8. I truly believe the whole fucking world has lost its collective marbles since George Floyd threw his lucky seven.

    Sanity has just left the building. I shudder to think what lies in store for us (relatively) sane folk next. This is just like 1984 being played out for real.

    Orwell was a fucking clairvoyant, not a novelist.

    • For a few yearsI thought things were loking more like Huxley’s vision but things have swung towards 1984 quite rapidly in the past year.

  9. We should start insisting 50% of all the money these celebrities make go into reparations. That should make them shut the fuck up.

  10. Fucking panorama doing a special on St Floyd of Minneapolis the patron saint of armed robbery and intimidation.
    My give-a-fuck-o-meter just hit -10!

  11. Ant and fucking Dec can go and fuck themselves. Or each other, for that matter.

  12. Funny, the other day I was trying to think when it was that slebs started getting themselves in left politics. After all these money grabbing bastards don’t make very convincing commies at first glance. Back in the day I can remember Muhammad Ali, Hanoi Jane Fonda and Marlon Brando getting involved.
    I can only trace this mass conversion back to Brexit and Trump. The left were furious and among their arguments were that the young were against Brexit and Trump, we had stolen their futures etc. I reckon the slebs agents thought……that’s our market, our demographic……they’re the cunts with loads of disposable income, let’s get woke and grab their cunting money! Hence slebs falling over each other to be more woke than the next cunt. I mean, you’re not telling me that slag Adele gives a flying fuck about anything other than money and attention.
    That’s my theory anyway.

    • Sound thinking Freddie. I am not convinced these cunts give two knobs of goatshit about some oppressed, stabbie effnik brudda once the electric gates of their mansion are shut and they kick back with a large expensive cognac and cigar.

      Why the fuck should they? These cunts are less caring than many on here if the truth be known. I for one couldn’t give a fuck about what these leftie cunts care *so passionately* for.


  13. These dumb white cunts trashing the place and protesting with BLM would soon change their tune if the Floyd family (or similar) rocked up and moved in next door…
    They’d fucking shit themselves…..

  14. There’s a few white American b-listers in some ideo sponsored by NCAAP (or mencap… who knows) being shredded on social media.
    Self-flagellating over being white and not noticing racism or some wank.

    I can’t wait for #FatLivesMatter.

  15. Slebs begging for forgiveness is not enough – kill them all, give me their money and houses – that will do for a start! 😀
    #richfoxmatters – to the Fox.
    And for any BAME I may have inadvertently offended I offer this wholehearted apology: “Fuck you, got a problem with that then stop wanking that monument off and come here for a fucking good nutting”.
    Can’t see how that wishy washy ambiguous statement could offend anyone!
    I really should be the head of World diplomacy for the UK – I feel I’m a natural! 👍

  16. Is it just me, or for the first time since posting on IsAC I feel a sense of absolute desperation and exasperation at the fuckin’ state this country finds itself in?
    Even humour evades me at the moment.
    Does anyone know if the Samaritans are at their stations tonight or are they out protesting?

    • One thing would lift my mood is if Nurse Cunty would give me a sign that things were OK with her – a bolt of lightning would be OK.

      • I feel dull anger.
        And that weve been insulted.
        In a world where weve had a black POTUS, massively wealthy black film stars, sportsmen, musicians, etc all having a pop, they are all better off than us, so whats the fuckin whining about?
        Proper alienated me, and no doubt plenty of others.
        BLM has set race relations back 60yrs in a weeks work.
        Sorry for the 4 letter word, ‘work’

      • You’re right Miserable. Any advance in black equality over the last 10 years has been wiped out with a few weeks of absolute thoughtless shit which has set their cause back decades.

      • Everyone knows that its the marxists stirring this up and a few knobheads in the black community but unfortunately its ‘he who shouts loudest’.
        But theres real trouble brewing and people have reached the end of their tethers.

  17. Tommy Robinson’s black lies matter should be compulsory watching for woke cunts.

    • They won’t want this exposed. Easy to paint Tommy Robinson as a ‘far right’ activist (MSM are great at this) and the average bloke is fooled into believing Tommy is a KKK member and wants all foreigners exterminated.

      The Cunting MSM has a lot to answer for.

  18. Hi Ladeez. Jayzus I miss the good stuff being so out of whack, time zone wise. I just got outta the car puke green after listening to the debollocked Gavin Newsom apologising for the existence of cops.

    Speaking of cunts saying sorry, here’s a parochial tidbit from the nether regions of New Zealand.
    Some cunt got busted altering a landmark in NZ. It’s hilariously called Shag Rock. I think not because the locals shag there but because the bird nests there.
    Anyway, this dumb as fuck artist put a sculpture up that was meant to mimic a paper plane diving into the rock. Instead it came out looking like someone lying on their back smoking a blunt. I shit you not:


    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣…..never let it be said we’re talented down here. Still, a mural to drugs is as good as any banksy shit.

    • Haha, said he wanted it raffled off for earthquakes and mental health?
      Does he mean Dianne Abbott?

  19. Don’t despair Custer’s- watch Mike Graham’s (talk radio) interview with one of the uk BLM organisers today-its on YouTube and is fucking comedy gold😂
    If these 🐵 fuckers are half as daft as this cunt, then there is nowt to concern you.
    It’s George Soro’s funded Antifa, stirring the pot to try and derail Trump and Brexit.
    That’s it.
    Happy Cunting all😀

    • Am I being dense or should members of Antifa, by definition and actions, be throwing themselves off tall buildings or under buses?

  20. The crusties called off tomorrows faux-angstfest due to not wanting to be part of disruptions when the English vowed to defend the statues.
    Funny that, they didn’t mind being part of the disruptions when the police were tugging their collective forelocks but put a bunch of football herberts in the mix and they run away shrieking.
    As for that ‘sculpture’, whatever it’s supposed to be it clearly isn’t, the (piss) artist must have been smoking that blunt himself if he thinks that resembles anything outside of Disney’s Fantasia pissed Dumbo scene.
    What a cunt.

    • Heard about this book, all those yank neo nazi types cited it as a massive influence, ‘the Turner Diaries’.
      About when Bame takes over and the race war that happens.
      Think its banned? Dunno.
      Anyway I got a copy, read it, like a kid had wrote it, and im very literate read all the classics, Stephen King,, dr seuss, etc
      Anyway, thought this book was paranoid bollocks, just ravings of a KKK nutter type.
      But the funny thing is Im not laughing anymore, some of its coming true!
      Strange days indeed…..

  21. Latest program to be pulled- Black Adder.
    Not quite yet but how long until it is

      • Whitesnake themselves will probably be banned soon. Their name for starters. Then some demented liberal mentalist will say that Coverdale and the boys play ‘sexist and white’ hard rock.

  22. I’m still waiting for “mind your language ” to get a re-run on Dave or U.K. gold

    • I have the DVDs of MYL. It is very funny. Mrs Yank loves it too. Highly recommended.

    • That lovely French bird , Francoise Pascal, was a friend of my sister.
      I wouldn’t now.

  23. Cunts!
    Remember the grief Michael Bates was faced with when playing the Indian chap in It Ain’t Half Hit Mum… HE WAS INDIAN BORN!!!
    He’ll in a handcart. Here we come.

  24. I wonder if Pink Floyd will change their moniker to Black Floyd?
    In honour of the chiggun guzzling armed robbing gun toting woman and baby threatening patron saint of those BLM wankers., of course.

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