Kehinde Andrews (5) and the BBC Again (101)

Are cunts this time for facilitating the indoctrination of young minds with racist propaganda.

Professional race baiter “Professor” Kehinde Andrews has been given a platform within BBC children’s programme ‘Newsround’ to spout Critical Race Theory bollocks and White Privilege bullshit.

This sick ideology is presented by the BBC as fact.

Bbc news

Through its ‘Newsround’ service, the BBC is meant to be providing an educational resource – a resource that is likely to be regarded as authoritative by both children and schools.

It should at least aspire to enlighten young minds.

Instead it has decided to promote what is a highly contested idea. It has made no effort to present alternative views of race and racism – such as the universalist view that people should be viewed and treated as equals regardless of their race; or be judged by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin.

The BBC has chosen to forego any attempt at impartiality, which under its charter it is legally obliged to do.

Earlier this month Andrews was invited onto ‘Politics Live’ to plug his new book ‘The Psychosis of Whiteness’


Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

Nominated by Minge Juice Bottler.

72 thoughts on “Kehinde Andrews (5) and the BBC Again (101)

  1. This is remarkably reminiscent of another “official” organization, UNRWA who fund schools in Gaza and the PA areas, employing the most vicious Jew-hater and those dedicated to destroying the West to indoctrinate children to hate and kill. Officially sanctioned and funded FASCISM.
    Can’t blame me anymore, I cancelled opur TV licenceas I refuse to pay for aplogists for terror, Israel hatred, “selective” reportage and the likes of Gary Fucking Lineker, whose salary alone is abouit 10,000 licence fees and that’s without the other load of overpaid cunts and “diversity” nazis.

    FUCK ‘EM. Oh yes, and FUCK so-called “Palestine” too.

  2. I hated that rapist fuck Martin Luther king.

    he made a fuckin bundle from that civil rights atrocity $$$$👍🏾

    Whoever shot the filthy bastard deserves a goldfish in a polythene bag.

  3. The Beebscum are about to get another cunting

    If you think what they’ve already done to Doctor Whoke is bad enough,
    Just wait till you hear what they are doing to it next…

  4. Did anyone watch the BBC annual scroungefest, Palestinians In Need last night?
    No, me neither.

    They can sod off. They can catch a fire, as old Bob would say.🔥

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