Austria’s “Rwanda” Immigrant Plan

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Immigrants

Bitter/Sweet that the Austrians want to join in on the Rwanda Merry Go Round (not a song from the show) if ever it kicks off. Beautiful underpopulated country certainly but one of the knocks to it is that due to its location in Mitteleuropa (Central Europe – DA) on the border between East and West, tranches of immigrants have arrived regularly since the end of WWII. Despite wokedom being rife there they do not like it and in the land of the Sound of Music (it really looks like that) a black face stands out like a sore thumb.

Migrants can simply walk out of the forests and enter the towns and villages due to the Schengen Agreement – open borders – so beloved of the EU and the Austrian Left. Beloved once but oh not now. Our Romanian friends have seen to that and are the second largest (After Germany) immigrant population.

Austria is very white and wants to stay that way. It used to be a member of EFTA (European Free Trade Association) along with the UK but all that ended when we abandoned it and joined the EU.

In short they have a history of friendship and support with the UK (we make Aston Martins there) although moderated by their relationship with Germany which is not unlike UK’s relationship with the US – Austria/UK takes it up the arse while Germany/US gives it. Also Austria supplied Germany with some of its fruitiest Nazis.

You never know and it depends on how much bribery money the EU wants to splash around to counteract it, but this could be the the start of the Rwanda Effect as other countries join in such as Denmark, Poland and Hungary and counting. A time bomb is ticking.

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54 thoughts on “Austria’s “Rwanda” Immigrant Plan

  1. funny that all the immo loving european countries want to close their borders now..

    After that twitching midget Merkel let half the third world in..
    I suppose that influx of doctors and scientists didn’t materialise..

    It’s too late you shortsighted fuckwits..

  2. After what happened this week it looks like the Von Trapps will have to think of somewhere else. Gaza perhaps?

  3. “how much bribery money the EU wants to splash around”

    And where does the EU get its money? Ah yes, the net contributor countries.

    Good luck to Austria with its King Cnut impression…

  4. The Austrian minister said…..

    “The UK has a lot of experience when it comes to processing asylum applications outside of Europe in the future. That was an important theme in my meeting with the Home Secretary in Vienna because Austria can benefit from this experience.”

    The UK’s expertise in this particular area is that absolutely no illegal immigrants have been sent to Rwanda.

  5. I was planning on visiting Vienna and Melk next year. Reading this has cemented those plans.

  6. The real question around the whole nonsense around the channel cunts is that once the cunts are in the UK and are from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea we can’t get shot of them and unless Rwanda are going to take 1000’s – we are fucked

    Rishi cunt makes a big deal around shipping out Albanians but there is never an answer to what happens to a Syrian cunt who fails to get asylum. Even the new ‘law’ that says if you arrive illegally you won’t be allowed to claim asylum

    The ONLY answer is turn the cunts around before they get here, or pick up and return to France, there is no other solution unless a small army goes into France and blows the cunts away on the beaches of Calais.

    We are fucked!
    Rwanda may put a small dent in the issue but the cunts will still keep coming.

    • I seem to remember reading, Sick, that initially the accommodation in Rwanda has a capacity for 400.
      Less than an average weeks worth of asylum seekers fleeing war-torn France, Italy etc. then!

      • Yes, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

        Stopping the Boats means just that, not some half baked plan to do summat once they are here.

        I saw something about an inquiry into the cunts who went to the bottom last year just off the French coast, what the fuck does it have to do us!

        All the fucking peaceful cunts jumping around over Palestine has to be a wake call, sadly it may be too late.

      • It really annoys me the Rwanda, given that they can apparently only accept/process 400 at a time, that politicals are waving it about as if it the “ultimate solution!”

        Now, where have I heard that phrase before?

    • I don’t think there’s ANY answer to this.

      Whatever the government comes up with (here or in Europe) it will made unworkable by a combination of leftie/EU wokery and open borders, ambulance chasing lawyers, civil sevice intransigence, and the activity of criminal gangs. Then factor in the sheer, overwhelming weight of numbers swarming into the UK and Europe in general.

      We’re already well on the way to becoming the kind of backward, corrupt, over-populated shithouse all these freeloading cunts are trying to get away from. See also Sweden, France et al. It’s the same in the US, but I think it’s worse this side of the pond due to the extent of the Muslim problem here.

      Fucked up the arse for over 50 years by our own governments and political elites. We can’t change this, and it’s only going to get worse.
      We’re witnessing the ruination of the West. Just a matter of time in my view.

      I need a large drink.

    • It’s not the asylum they want – it is bennies or working in the black economy, or, more usually, both.

      • Of course it is mi’Lord, and I didn’t need a degree in Economics to work that out.

        Polititians know it, too, as do all the ex-servicemen currently sleeping in a piss-soaked doorway near your local hotel stuffed full of migrants, who get £11:50 per week so they can buy shampoo/soap, a luxury PFC Williams hasn’t had for months.

        Barge Bibby, he’d snatch your hand off!

  7. Sweden is the shining example of scum immigration. Now the gun, gang and murder capital of Europe. A taste of how Europe will be in a few years.

    • It is also the rape capital of Europe.

      Give the leftards their dues.

      Well done leftards! Let’s hope it isn’t your mother, sister or daughter the third world scum target next, eh?

  8. Our police don’t want to drport anyone. they don’t wantbto see their favourite takeaways shut down.

  9. We don’t a Rwanda plan we need a rewind plan, where I go back to 1997 and kick Tony Blair to death, before that cockroach signs the human rights act..

    I will stamp cherie to death for free.

    • Your sacrifice is noted, Barry, because it won’t be a pleasure, at all, would it?

      Can I come, too?

      • sorry JP it would have to be a business trip..I would need a new pair of steel toe-caped boots, I could never get the smell of cherie out of them..

        rotten fish and self loathing is impossible to shift..

    • Note the Blair cunt did away with the death sentence for treason.

      Alarm bells should have started ring for everyone at that point.

  10. Well if the Austrians get fed up with third world vermin I dare say they’ll start coming up with some “radical” solutions..

    Probably involving some sort of extreme violence.

    As would the Swiss in very short order,they don’t like smelly,untidy mess those watchmaking cunts.

    Unfortunately for us we’re too soft to use real force to stop the rubbish pouring in,so I suspect the next best thing is to deny them any state assistance hotels,no food,no welfare,nothing at all..but we’re too soft for that as well.

    The whole Rwandan scheme is the perfect example of the stupidity and timidness of our govts..a half baked,outrageously expensive panto that operating at full speed would never dent the amount of looting cunts arriving.

    It’s a shame,a village idiot knows the simple answer is to make the country a hard choice for these pigs,not the soft option with everything on tap for free.

    Sunak and those other clowns seem surprised that housing the rats in hotels is expensive,almost as if its not his fault.

    What a bunch of soppy cunts.

    Full and immediate Oven.

    • Everyone is going to Rwanda.
      it’s the new Ibiza.

      wasn’t that long ago they had a right tearup there!
      massacring each other s villages with machetes and eating each other.

      Now it’s all smiling sooties and ‘ upcoming economy ‘
      Once they get a few plane fulls of dinghy trash,
      they’ll go bananas and start hacking with the machetes!!

      😁 marvelous

      watch the backpedaling and handwringing start then!
      200 asylum dossers chopped up at the airport,hehehe
      The Westminster rats will have conniptions!!

    • If no one is using those nice new apartments at the moment, as they are already paid for, I could do two weeks for free.

      That Simon Danczuc was on tv last night with his Rwandan wife, she looks about half his age and quite attractive for a darkie, the horny bastard.

  11. I don’t like other countries.
    fuck, I can barely tolerate other towns!

    But I’ve always fancied Austria.

    Beer, sausage, yodelling, alpine meadows,
    blonde chicks with long plaited hair,
    and the opportunity to wear leather undies without being called a puff.

    I wouldn’t go if it was full of fuckin somalians an other forms of scum.

  12. Evening all, yes we are fucked and have been for a very long time – Enoch was right but even he never imagined the cnuts that we would let in. I doing a lot of travelling in my line of work and go through Peterborough, Luton, Bedford to name but a few utter shiteholes but compared with the northwest of Englandkistan…….

  13. There are many reasons why we don’t want these illegals, chief among which is the fact that they are human vermin, which begs the question. Why is Rwanda so keen to take the fuckers?
    Has Sunak convinced them that these untermenchen really are cultural enrichers?
    Does Rwanda require slave labour for its own equivalent of the V2 rocket program?
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    Be a fucking sight easier to send them back to France though and fuck the ECHR.

    • I thought the supposed deal involved sending someone back to the UK for every asylum seeker we sent there. Probably someone who needs expensive nhs treatment.
      ‘Soppy cunts’ as said above. Full oven for the government.

      • Yes, that’s what I read too, So Long, and your thoughts mirror mine.

        So a useless turd for a useless turd, sounds about right.

    • I think they have a plan to render them down for soap, or summat.

      ” now you’ve see the accommodation, let me show you our magnificent gymnasium.
      Oh, the units on the roof, air control as it can get hot in the gym”

      15 days later….

  14. OT but here’s something to do if you’re bored.

    Pretend your on holiday in Wales for a week by driving everywhere at 20 mph

    Coat is already on and I’m heading for the door.

    • Younger recently returned from a mid-week break in Prestatyn ( there’s no accounting for taste), and travelled back during Storm Summat or t’Other.

      She said 20mph would have been like warp factor 9.

      • Wasn’t there a joke about ta queer scot and thw welsh resoirt – Ben Doon and Prestatyn

  15. Send all the dinghy riders to Davey Jones locker.The start of the demise of whitey ☹️

  16. Isn’t it strange that Austria is landlocked, but has managed to keep the third world vermin largely at bay.

    We are an island, separated from Europe by the busiest shipping lane in the world. 22 miles at its narrowest point

    Defending an island is easy. Particularly when you have the best Navy on the planet.

    There is no will to stop the torrent of filth plopping out of France every day.

    See comment above regarding the removal of the death sentence for treason and then expand it to the other 650 traitors in the HoP.

  17. Thinking about it, Hungary is also landlocked.

    They have a proudly Hungarian prime minister in Viktor Orban and the Hungarian people won’t tolerate freeloading cunts on their turf.

    Razor wire, armed military personel and guard dogs seem to work a treat too.

  18. As has already been said.

    No support whatsoever.

    Nothing. Let the bleeding hearts greet them with used, but quality, clothing and bedding, and tell them they’ve set some tents up.

    No English will be “fuck that, I’m expecting a hostel, just come from a tent city you cunt, hand over your jewellery and money/mobile, bitch.

  19. fuck me trying to post is a ball-ache..the text has shrunk to fuck all and I’m drunk

    anyhow let’s stop trying to be modern and go 1941 on these evil cunts..

    barbed wire and mines along the south coast..subversives rooted out and hanged..the BBC closed and British Pathe News revived.

    Oh and why not strafe the French cunts sending the vermin in our Channel,as well as sinking enemy vessels on sight.

    Fuck me the glory that is there to be grasped.

  20. What has happened to Austria – they had Kurt Waldheim not so long ago. Outed as a Nazi and his vote when up – let’s have some more of that if you please.

    ps – just back from Canary Isles – hotel full of good, honest, white Germans, Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. Not a spook in 1000 rooms – bliss. The only black immigrants I saw were wandering round Las Palmas poncing off tourists. Useless wasters – bring nothing but grief to whatever country they go to.

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