Prince “AirMiles” Harry (19)

Prince Harry…….arch (geddit?) hypocrite and Total Cuckold

So, our ginger bollocked hero, constantly crying about the mythical “climate crisis” takes a private jet to Las Vegas to look as fucking miserable as usual while his slag wife shakes her arse to the tunes of Katy Perry.

It’s 270 miles from LA to Vegas so I reckon I could have put up with sitting in the back of an air conditioned limo, even if I had to listen to that tart’s constant whining.

Or I could have jumped on the Amtrak, not too difficult when you’ve got a limo waiting for you either end.

But why inconvenience yourself, that’s for the little people not for the likes of the mega rich. Do as I say not as I do as usual.

I believe Katy Perry has a famous song called “I Kissed a Girl….and I Liked It”. Watch out Harry boy!……old Sparkletits may be getting certain ideas and you may come to understand the meaning of the word “Spare.” Know what I mean Brainbox?

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66 thoughts on “Prince “AirMiles” Harry (19)

  1. In the Middle Ages, the rich could purchase Indulgences from the Church for forgiveness of just about every sin.

    Carbon Credits are the modern equivalent.

    And Windsor is as thick as a whale omelette.

    • I’ll bet she’s used a similar conveyance at some point. The Gettys are bankrolling Just Stop Oil, with help from a certain Hungarian investor’s foundation.

  2. cuntable:


    adjective; able to be cunted

    “Having been nominated 19 times on IsaC it is clear that Henry Hewitt is eminently cuntable.”

  3. I think we should cut him some slack.

    It’s not his fault he’s as thick as pig shit, look where 50% of his genes came from, Diana two ‘O’ levels slack knickers Spenser.

    Charlie should have married the older sister, but she’d been ridden round the track a few times so he had to have a bride that was, like Cesars wife, beyond reproach.

    How’d that work out for you, you in-bred jug eared twat?

  4. There was a time when Harry Hewitt was the Jewel in the Crown of the Royal Family. Now he is the vagina in the cunt.
    When will these stupid people, such as Emma Thompson, my niece Kate, and Harry Hewitt realise they can’t lecture people about the evils of global travel causing climate change and get on an aeroplane at the drop of a hat. There is a nice article in the Telegraph this morning about a BBC journalist, Richard Bilton, making a Panorama programme about climate change flying with his crew to Berlin, Alaska, India and Dubai, when they had local journalists available. I bet a few BBC executives went with him to “ fact find”.

    • It’s called “Bigfooting” Wanksock, rife in the BBC; see the reports from Israel and previously the Ukraine. Huw Thomas (remember him?) was one of the leading exponents. Must admit it annoys me close to apoplexy!

      Morning all.

  5. If this twat and his actor wife were ignored by the lame stream media they’d soon slip into obscurity and hopefully a degenerative lifestyle that ends with hard drugs and an LA storm drain.

    The Waily Fail is running a story this morning that the ginger one and his brood may be invited to Sandringham for Christmas… I’m no fan of the royals especially the jug eared eco loon that now sits on the throne talking to plants, but after the way Harry Halfwit has behaved, if I were in change I would not be inviting him to the opening of my next bog roll.

    Now back to watching leaves falling from trees. It’s more relevant than this pair of grifting fuck heads.

    • I can forgive the King for talking to plants, given the amount of illogical nonsense spoken by the Wokerati these days. If it’s a choice between talking with Steve Coogan or a pot of Tulips, I would chose the Tulips every time. You will get more sense from the Tulips.

    • The Lame Stream Media will not ignore the Markle-Hewitts because Meghantoinette keeps hiring PR Agencies to put out a constant stream of meaningless propaganda disguised as news and alert certain photographers so they can stage exclusive photos and release them to an idiotic public.

      These 2 idiots have failed at every endeavor and are now Kardashian like in their uselessness. As the saying goes, “famous for being famous.”

      Outside the Lame Stream Press, the American media is filled with stories about how unhappy Harry is and that he now realizes he has made a huge mistake and misses his previously pampered life. It is said he hates Hollywood and the California lifestyle, wants to make up with his family and wishes to return to England.

      The rumors go on to say that Meghantoinette is disturbed by this and is unable to dissuade him. Some even say they are secretly separated.

      On the other hand, she has her sights on being a major Hollywood producer / influencer…a behind the scenes mover and shaker. However, nobody in Hollywood will touch her because she is toxic.

      They say nobody wants to offend the real Royals (William and Kate) and nobody believes the Markle-Hewitts can be trusted to be discreet with other people’s information.

      It is said her new PT team sees the Halfwit as a liability and is encouraging her to stop the constant whining about being a victim.

      Of course everyone believes she has Political ambitions and most think she would gladly ditch the Royal Titles if she could be appointed or elected to Political Office.

      But most also think relinquishing his Royal title is not something the Dimwitted Duke is likely to do.

      How to I know all of this? Because these 2 cunts are in at least one of my 3 news feeds every single fucking Goddamned day! They’re like a fucking train wreck. I want to look away but can’t.

      • I agree General and feel sure you are right. What a colossal dope Halfwit has been. He had before him a life of comparative ease and threw it all away for a chicken legged manipulative tart. Everything they touch turns to excrement.

      • Same with Andy. What colossal fuck-up.

        Him being Her Maj’s favourite casts her in a bad light as well.

        Gawd bless yer ma’am.

  6. They’ve supposedly got two kids haven’t they? They ought to look after them rather than galavanting around the country on freebies with celebrity pricks.
    Even though William is a silver-spooned, pontificating twat, him and Kate are at least genuinely family oriented and seem to be good parents.

  7. Carbon foot printing is only for plebs, don’t you know? It does not apply to the Great, because they can offset their carbon footprint by paying for the planting of trees. Although the way he’s going, Harry will have to make a plantation the size of the Amazon rainforest to offset his meanderings.

    This “carbon off-setting” reminds me of the purchase of papal indulgences in the early and late middle-ages. Back then a poor sinner could purchase an indulgence to get time off purgatory or even to avoid hell-fire. “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs” – this was the advertising ditty of a famous hawker of indulgences, Friar Tetzel, who so enraged Martin Luther. Today, as soon as the coin in tree planters coffer rings, the woke from eco-criminality springs. It’s just as stupid, just as nonsensical and only the rich can do it.

    Eco-lunacy is todays messianic cult.

    • Soon to be ramped up to ever more insane levels of green insanity, illegal immigration and tran§bumderism promotion by the faceless cunts actually in charge under the guise of a Labour “government”.
      Good morning MMCM/everyone.

      • Morning Thomas.

        What a dilemma we face – the useless Conservatives or the equally useless and subversive Labour. It’s like choosing between hanging or beheading.

  8. I read somewhere that Vladimir Putin is a right evil cunt..

    If that’s even half true why hasn’t he shot this thick ginger twat out of the sky or arranged for a flight for him on one of Musks (definitely not polluting) giant unreliable fireworks?

    What a bunch of useless cunts they are.

    • Report last night on the BBC Tel, about Elon’s oversized firework. Film of it blowing to fucking bits two minutes after launch while the commentary is lauding it as a brilliant piece of kit much bigger than the rockets used to send men to the moon. The point is you twats, the Saturn Vs worked!

      I wonder what the carbon footprint is of an Elon super-banger?

  9. You have to be a right thick cunt to fall for this climate crisis, green, stay in your lane, fifteen minute city, save the fucking polar bears bullshit. But when the rich, the very cunts promoting the aforementioned bullshit, are doing what they fucking like and laughing at you, that’s a special level of stupidity. Have we forgotten “partygate” already………the peasants stuck at home, hiding from the plague, while the cunts making the rules are pissing it up and laughing at us? Don’t forget……it’s all for your own good. Lies, lies and more fucking lies.

  10. I’ve noticed something about Harold Hewitt and his half blood Princess.

    He’s as our American cousin’s would say

    ” always on somebody elses dime”

    a pøncë.
    tapping cunt.

    I’ve known people like that all my life.

    ” see gizza chip”
    “twos on that fag”
    ” sub us a quid”
    ” got a tenner till payday?”

    I’ve never had any time for his type.
    The Fresh PØNCË of Bel Air

    • Morning MNC…in the light of the Will Smith revelations this week, you could combine two of your points, the Fresh Pōnće of Bel-Air and two’s on that fäg

      • morning Thomas 👍

        Will Smith is clearly a bumboy, I’ve always suspected as much.
        Same as Anthony Joshua.

        Hiding the fact at any cost.
        just be honest !
        I’d respect him more (not really 😁)

        As for twos on that fag,
        ( fags=cigarettes)
        if someone had got the filter damp ,
        we’d say

        ” you cunt! you’ve Jew arsed it”

        Will would of spunked in his pants hearing that!!😆

      • oh and Will Smith married the singer out of Hot Chocolate,
        his kids are mitmots
        and his middle name is carol!!

        what a shitstabber

      • Will Smith is total cunt. A humourless precious mardarse.

        If he’s married to a notorious slag who wears daft wigs, he’s going to get the piss ripped out of him.

      • Captain Gayblack.

        He’s here to rescue Marvel.

        Give that man a fucking Oscar

        *ducks fist*

  11. I was hoping this cunt was dead, now you have ruined my Sunday.
    perhaps one of his jollies will suffer a “rapid unscheduled disassembly.”

  12. What would his father think of this living on California situation? Alternatively, what would Charles think? What woukd his mother think? She would probably lose her head.

    Ahh, that night in August 1997 when Diana was all over the radio. And the dashboard. And the windscreen.

  13. oh and Will Smith married the singer out of Hot Chocolate,
    his kids are mitmots
    and his middle name is carol!!

    what a toilet trader

    • According to the allegations his cock was the size of a “pinky toe”.

      He would rather be outed an enthusiast of potting the brown than be know as a brother whose dick was anything less than a foot long.

      • hehehe 😄
        he’s during over that.
        He’s richer than God but hung like a hamster.

        ducky as fuck

    • Their adverts incense me. The only advert on TV which actually should be showing all the ‘rescued’ people as blacks and wögs but they’re all white. Yeah right. No wonder the lying cunts are heading for the toilet.

      • Sad isn’t it?
        I went to a lifeboat station as part of a school trip. Loved Air-sea rescue stuff like the Sea King helicopters, the big Wessex helicopters, the uncapsizable boats.


  14. I imagine rusty bollocks and bob hope leave the kids behind, waiting until it’s their turn to take to the air and become hypocrites themselves, in this vicious game of controlling the airwaves.

  15. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if all of a sudden that every single aircraft couldn’t leave the ground and all the these gallivanting cunts had to travel by sea. The best bit would be not enough room for everyone, including the boat people and all these traveling twats crash into each other and drown.

    • Let’s hope their captain is Francesco Schettino.

      ‘Uh, look, Francesco, uh, we paid good money for you to captain our yacht’.

      ‘Ah shaddap you face! Arrivederci!’

  16. He looked a right miserable fucker at that concert if the photos were anything to go by.

    Imagine having to listen to that smarmy cow of a wife going on all the time, dripping poison into your ear. No wonder he’s pissed off.

    Still, he made his bed, as they say.

    Morning all.

  17. Harry is looking a bit jowly in one of the photos taken at the gig.

    Still, far more importantly, this fairytale of 2 tonnes per person allowance, how does it factor in things like heavy industry and military exercises?
    The ordinary cunt on the street has no real say in such activities, and the UK’s average emissions per person (5 tonnes) is quite far down the list compared with Canada (15.22), Australia (15.12), the US (14.44) and even lower than the rinky dinks (8.85), who all ride work and eat beansprouts.

    Given these figures it’s clearly not the emission per person that is an issue, but the heavy industries of that country. That’s why the average emission per head in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait is off the fucking chart.(35 tonnes a head in Qatar)

    The people living there are not burning tires to cook an egg.

    What is Justin Trudeau doing, as his nation’s emissions per buddy are 15.2 tonnes? Must be the shale oil and gas they’ve decided to develop.

    All a load of old shit.

    • A quick calculation puts the Markles’ flight as emitting 300 kg C02 for the pair.

      That’s 7% of their supposed yearly C02 allowance for ‘saving the planet’ blown in 40 minutes, and all to see fucking Katy Perry.

  18. A sobering fact for the eco loons who would block our roads.

    Since 2017, the UK’s emissions per year have dropped from 379,000,000 tonnes to 340,000,000 tonnes in 2022

    in the same period, China’s emissions have gone from 11,026,000,000 tonnes a year to 12,667,000,000 tonnes.

    The increase in CO2 of China alone is 41 times the CO2 reduction the UK in the same period, and that’s without the increased emissions since 2017 from the gulf states.

  19. All I have to say if it is a shame there was no “Paris MKII” while the plane was in the air, would help everyone out really.

    So the article reports, free private jet, courtesy of Texas Oil man, but no one reports what he got in return.

  20. I’m just here to record that, although I haven’t seen it, they were in Vancouver, B.C. the other night (26 minutes by air from my home here in Seattle, WA) at a hockey game. The Mrs. was twerking and spacing during the Canadian national anthem. I have no words to use about this. Just really, it’s too fucking much.

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