Kehinde Andrews (5) and the BBC Again (101)

Are cunts this time for facilitating the indoctrination of young minds with racist propaganda.

Professional race baiter “Professor” Kehinde Andrews has been given a platform within BBC children’s programme ‘Newsround’ to spout Critical Race Theory bollocks and White Privilege bullshit.

This sick ideology is presented by the BBC as fact.

Bbc news

Through its ‘Newsround’ service, the BBC is meant to be providing an educational resource – a resource that is likely to be regarded as authoritative by both children and schools.

It should at least aspire to enlighten young minds.

Instead it has decided to promote what is a highly contested idea. It has made no effort to present alternative views of race and racism – such as the universalist view that people should be viewed and treated as equals regardless of their race; or be judged by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin.

The BBC has chosen to forego any attempt at impartiality, which under its charter it is legally obliged to do.

Earlier this month Andrews was invited onto ‘Politics Live’ to plug his new book ‘The Psychosis of Whiteness’


Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

Nominated by Minge Juice Bottler.

72 thoughts on “Kehinde Andrews (5) and the BBC Again (101)

  1. Cunts like Kehinde Andrews like to harp on about evil whitey this and evil whitey that, but never consider that they are living in a white country, where they aren’t particularly welcome.

    If you hate evil whitey so much, why not fuck off to somewhere no evil whitey wants to be, like Africa for example?

    Then everyone is happy.

  2. ” be more than not racist but actively anti-racist” what the actual fuck does that mean?

    I am genuinely sick and tired of so called minorities..
    please,please,please fucking fuck off.

  3. “Lots of prominent people, including chat show host James Corden and England manager Gareth Southgate have referenced it in the past.”
    That’s it then. It’s fucking gospel, beyond criticism and not up for discussion. Case closed.

    • Corden and Southgate? Fuck me.

      If there were ever a pair of blokes who must wake up each day wondering how on earth they have got where they have it would be those two.

      A zombie could eat the contents of both their skulls as a light snack and still want more..

  4. The Tories promised to take action re. an ‘alternative funding model’ for BBCunts, and of course have done the square root of fuck all.

    If the Tories won’t tackle this, nobody else will.

    Morning all.

  5. Why does the current spate of XL Bully attacks not happen to Kuntinde Andrews?
    I’d pay good money for this darkıe prick to take a severe dog bite and develop gangene combined with Necrotising Fascitis.

  6. Kehinde Andrews is a cunt who has made it his career to wallow in his own self-pity and victimhood.

    Professor of black studies isn’t a real fucking job.

    Birmingham City University is just a glorified polytechnic.

    And ‘Sir’ Lenworth Henry as chancellor of BCU makes it even more of a fucking laughing stock.

    • Exactly so LL, used to be known as North Birmingham Poly. Incidentally, you know the remarkable coincidence with the new name? The initial letters of Birmingham City University represent the grades you need to get in there.

    • Birmingham Shitty University Syllabus –

      BA Corbyn Studies
      B.Sc. Grievance Mongering
      MA Black Civilisation (2 days part-time)
      M.Sc Black Magic
      PhD Whitey on the Moon studies

  7. The usual smug disgusting shit being spouted by traitors and dark keys with chips on their shoulders the size of the Titanic.

    I’d enjoy knowing they suffered the same fate every last one of the vile cunts.

  8. These black marxist twats do not realise that they are making whitey ever more racist. Their lazy pseudo intellectualising is dangerous. Literally playing with fire.

    Charles Manson was convinced that race war is inevitable. So was Enoch Powell. Strange bedfellows? Maybe, but the disparity in their positions in society should be enough to give pause.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Many of the centre-left and millennial/Gen Z persuasion might call me racist, far-right, xenophobic etc. but compared to my dad’s side of the family, i’m a soppy, kumbaya-singing, yoghurt-knitting hippy liberal.

      Since my twenties I’ve realised all such labels are quite relative.
      It depends on how narrow your own experience and Overton window is.

  9. I’m not much bothered by this Andrews-bloke: what he’s saying is predictable and you accept it or reject as you see fit. What troubles me is that the BBC has broken its own impartiality rules in order to, as MJB says, ‘indoctrinate young minds’. This sort of thing is the act of a state broadcaster, not a national broadcaster, and I don’t understand how it has got away with it.
    However, at school I was made to say prayers, sing (in a fashion) hymns and carols and endure religious instruction lessons, but I’m not a Christian (and the same goes for many others) so, while it’s concerning, let’s not despair too much.

    • Apparently, he was ‘compelled’ to appear on such shows, as he wouldn’t have had a career otherwise. Personally, I wouldn’t have been too bothered if I’d never heard of him, but it’s good to see that he was more than happy to appear regardless of his undoubtedly high principles at the time, the fucking hypocritical cunt.

  10. Looking at the world population Whitey is the minority.
    Oh was I not supposed to point that out?
    A thousand apologies!
    Please forgive me and let me live on in peace.
    Wakanda Forever!

  11. Looking at the World population, whitey is the minority.
    Oh was I not supposed to point that out?
    A thousand apologies!
    Please let me and my family live on in peace I beg you!
    Wakanda forever!

  12. What is white privilege, it’s the same as Black privilege or Asian privilege.

    The difference with white privilege is that it is the only one that counts 😂

    Piers Morgan asked Kehinde cunt why he didn’t move to a majority Black Country if he thinks the UK is so bad, his answer was because the white man as spoilt all countries. The actual reason is because he wouldn’t get ‘special status’ in a Black Country like he enjoys in a white country.

    Black privilege is rife in the UK, just look at the ‘modern adverts’, you would be hard pressed to find an advert these day that doesn’t have a black.
    The little P*ki London mayor points to a white family and proudly says they no long represent London, the capital of a country that is majority white.

  13. We, Mother Nature, freed them from slavery to go where they want, but continue to aggravate us by hanging on to our apron strings.

  14. Kehinde is a typical chippy, shaded grade A cunt. The cheeky monkey said Churchill was as bad as Hitler & what Bomber Command did to Nazi Germany constituted a war crime.
    What the POS (not POC) forgets is that spouting off like he does in Nazi Germany, had he been around then, would have earned him an early morning visit from those understanding chaps in the Gestapo & he’d have ended up on the end of a length of piano wire, with his eyes bulging & minus teeth & fingernails.
    As for his shitty criticism of Bomber Command (heroes to a man, in my book), perhaps he could’ve been popped in the bomb bay on a 1000 bomber raid and witness the ‘war crime’ from within the firestorm.

    As for this counting, it pains me that our ethnic, semi-educated, racist brethren are given public voice & are allowed to indoctrinate the youth of a country they hate.

    • I wonder what the Bomber Command survivors would say about someone they prevented from being exterminated slagging them off.
      Perhaps Andrews should study history a little more before inventing a non-subject like black studies.

      • Aye, well II can’t see him managing a doctorate in anything useful. ‘Black Studies’: smoking weed, absent fatherhood, lying under trees (& oath) and stabbing. That covers it.

      • Has Kehinde stopped to consider how many silvery moons would be left if Adolf won, or would the twats head explode trying to work that one out?
        Kehinde there would be NO silvery moons.

      • You who still watch TV may be interested in a programme being aired tomorrow, at 11:05pm, on ITV1.

        Jimmy Akinbola hosts ” Sorry, I didn’t know”
        with 6 panellists who will take the viewers on a tour of black British history from across the globe.

        Should be fun. The panel contains a token white person.

      • just looked that show up JP,this will be it’s fourth season..
        Must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for black history.
        unless each episode is 30 seconds long..

  15. People like to call the number of fat, black women on TV ‘correction for the past’.
    I just keep thinking every advert iI see s for Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  16. There is white privilege in the sense that white people don’t need to eradicate primates from identification algorithms in photo apps to prevent hurt feelings, although nobody asked the fucking chimps and bonobos about being ontologically censored by big tech.

    I reckon we’ll see TED ‘talks’ from Chimps using sign language explaining how aggrieved they are.

    ‘Eight years, humans. You deny we exist! Fuck you!’

  17. If there is such a thing as white privilegI’d like to know who granted it. Second thoughts, perhaps it’s not a privilege but a manifestation of education, industry and sobriety and self control.

  18. There’s never a day goes by when the weak feeble and lazy, can’t counter a logical argument or factual data, related to racism.

  19. There is only one answer to this and that’s to defund the BBC. Fuck them, and their daily bilge diet of anti-White, pro-Hamas, anti-Semetic diarrhoea.

  20. here they go again chippy trouble making fuckers, do they not understand that their every utterance on how bad this country treats the poor black people that they create another aggravated racist.
    I was never racist when younger had a few black mates all soldiers lovely blokes, now I’m a rabid racist all because of positive discrimination and the way my culture and history is being submerged by outsiders who have no history as such in this country, shut the fuck up put your heads down work hard and integrate into your adopted country then racism may cool down, but all the time your trying to belittle and decry your hosts your brewing up a problem.

  21. kehinde can shine my privileged shoes ,
    the wire haired mudflap cunt.

    I’m a racist.
    I don’t hide it either.
    I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

    Im all for my own people benefitting in society.
    I don’t give a shite about some smelly Asian twat or some umbongo.

    yes obviously there’s one or two acceptions to the rule,
    decent black or Asian people.
    But on the whole I think they’re cunts.

    I’ve got privilege?
    I deserve it.
    My grandads fought for this country,
    there’s a time coming when I might have to do the same?

  22. Kehinde Andrews is an odious, racist, chippy little cunt. Guys like him seem to be very common in higher educational establishments throughout the West.

    Perfect example is Michael Eric Dyson who childishly tried to goad Jordan Peterson during a formal debate by calling him an “angry white man”.

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