Gail Bradbrook (2)

This entitled cunt is the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, who I am very please to say has just been found guilty of criminal damage.

She decided to represent herself, and part of her defence was ‘ she had permission from nature’

Quote from the BBC link…’During the preparations for Gail Bradbrook’s trial in July this year, the former scientist, who did not have a lawyer, said she intended to tell jurors that she could not be found guilty because of her right to freedom of expression and that she was also trying to prevent a greater crime of climate destruction’

What a cunt……and deserving of a criminal record. On this occasion this piece of shit came up against a decent judge.

BBC News

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  1. I think her pendulous breasts are rather appealing. The bonus being Ive always wanted to fuck an activist into oblivion. Im game for a try.

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