Gail Bradbrook (2)

This entitled cunt is the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, who I am very please to say has just been found guilty of criminal damage.

She decided to represent herself, and part of her defence was ‘ she had permission from nature’

Quote from the BBC link…’During the preparations for Gail Bradbrook’s trial in July this year, the former scientist, who did not have a lawyer, said she intended to tell jurors that she could not be found guilty because of her right to freedom of expression and that she was also trying to prevent a greater crime of climate destruction’

What a cunt……and deserving of a criminal record. On this occasion this piece of shit came up against a decent judge.

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  1. What a mad cunt. hopefully she gets a custodial sentence.

    Jurors are not entitled to disregard the law in favour of their conscience. I believe the law is clear – if a criminal offence is committed, whatever the justification or cause, then a jury must pass a guilty verdict. It’s then down to the judge to take into account the motives of the defendant in mitigation of any sentence, at his discretion. The Colston verdict was a travesty – the Judge would have been within his rights to declare that the jury had not acted reasonably and order a new trial with a new jury.

    Unfortunately, our great country having been infected with woke cuntishness means that jurys can act like cunts. Judges need to be aware of this.

    • Whilst the law is clear you are correct in saying that dopey juries and judges are making lotteries of what should be open and shut cases.
      Perhaps the ‘Colston Treatment’ for a statue of Nelson Mandela might focus minds.

      • All too true, Guzziguy.

        ER can’t use an imaginary “climate emergency” to break the law. The courts need to send out a strong message and fill the jails with these mad dogs. Otherwise they will be emboldened to commit more and more outrages. They think nothing of blocking ambulances with their “peaceful protests”. Rabid and mad curs need to be put down.

    • If I was on a jury, I would disregard the law and evidence and use the old jury nullification.

  2. four years to prove she is a massive hypocritical cunt, who says justice ain’t swift here..

    could of saved a lot of time and money if the coppers had just kicked her to fuck then and there..
    But we don’t have a police force or judiciary system anymore.

  3. For someone who was a scientist she sure is dumb.

    A 4 year legal battle and no lawyer?!!

    well played genius 👍

    • Who was it who said “someone who represents the self in court has a client who is a fool” ? Mind you the lawyers never like missing a good fee.

  4. As a scientist, she’ll be all about learning…hopefully her tongue will learn to love licking ugly bull dyke pussy and her fanny will learn to accommodate a lezzer’s fist (with plump tattooed fingers that have dirry nails).

    • She already looks like the type that would enjoy that sort of thing, Thomas. Maybe incarcerate her in a male prison where she can be rogered by 18 stone tattooed thugs every day.

  5. It might be a result of my recent flirtation with the Horn Section but I reckon that she is an epic shag.
    Apologies for lowering the tone chaps.

    • Don’t worry Guzzi. I don’t think it’s possible to lower the tone of a site frequented by Mr Cunt Engine.

  6. Evidently this judge didn’t get the memo; 104% of all scientists agree that climate change is man made.

    Or maybe he did and he recognized it as bullshit.

    • I suspect it is the same thing in the States, General, but here in the U.K. it is almost impossible to obtain funding for any scientific project if you can’t link it to climate change. No wonder the science is skewed.

      • Hey Wank,

        It’s close to the same thing here but you need to link man caused climate change to intersectionality.

        For example…since “whitening” your teeth is obviously an example of white supremacist culture, you need to link the use of toothpaste to man caused climate change and the affect it’s production has on perpetuating the patriarchy and promoting Transphobia.

        Then you won’t be able to spend all the money they give you. You have to hire some of your relatives for security, buy multiple houses, take trips to the Bahamas, invest in Bitcoin and then give what’s left back to the fucking politicians on campaign donations so they’ll give you more grants to study more stupidity.

    • Hold back on the celebrations, arfur. A conviction for this sort of thing can be worn as a badge of honour, and will probably prove to be career-enhancing. Sorry.

  7. I think it’d be pretty funny if some disgruntled inmate glued her ass to the bars of her cell door in protest…and then claimed she had permission from Satan.

  8. Extinction Rebellion and similar organisations display an unacceptable lack of diversity and inclusiveness. When do you ever see black- or brown-skinned people on their marches?

  9. Another fucking cultist nut job who has discovered the new religion and thinks that everything is justified because they “have permission from nature.” What a fucking mental thing to say.
    However I think the bitch is right when she says “government authorities” would have approved if they had known her motivation. These cunts think they are rebels but they couldn’t be more Establishment shills if they tried. No way will this headcase go to prison and the judge will probably find himself “retiring” very soon. The law is there to serve the interests of the elites not to protect peasants like us.

  10. Did the hippy cunt fashion that hammer and chisel out of ethically sourced tofu?

    Cast iron Oven.

  11. I notice she’s a ‘former scientist’, which should be the title given to all scientists who believe in and promote the climate emergency lie.

  12. The stupid old cow brought a 75 page climate bullshit statement to read out in court.

    if I was on the jury I would have insisted the sag tit, dish faced old witch was given a custodial sentence just for boring the shit out of me with her eco word salad.

    • Yeah that’s the one. Also filmed in Waitrose buying food flown from all over the world and wrapped in plastic. No farmers market and seasonal food for this bitch. Do as I say not as I do ……the motto of the middle class, holier than thou, tree hugger.

      • Just like the ones wedging theirselves under vehicles, weeping about the fate of their children..

        What you doing having children don’t you know the world is over populated and running out of resources..

        Fuck you and cunt kids..
        Do the world a favour and top yourself..

  13. It’s clear why the stupid cunt had to defend herself; with the defence she was trying to peddle, no solicitor in their right mind would have taken it on.
    Bang the silly bitch up for 6 months, hopefully some hard-faced slags will slap her around a bit & nick her baccy.

    • She’s already a nothing .. the admiration or praise of a thousand, ten thousand, however many base-level dumb cunts amounts to fuck-all, in my opinion.

      The hypocrisy FtF mentioned above is enough on its own that the cunt should have been dethroned by ‘her’ herd of no-spark, zombie, intelligence-lacking minions .. I cannot be bothered to look the cunt up (my distain for her and her ilk is unfathomable ; they make me sick) .. but .. did she pop out offspring at any stage I’m wondering?

      ‘Cos I got myself neutered at the earliest possible juncture I could have ; making sure I never put another innocent on this dying(it’s inevitable) shithole planet.
      (also I don’t like kids, either).

      So any of these cunts whining on ABOUT causing pollution, .. that have kids … can all shut the fuck up rattling their shit in my direction/blocking my car on the road …. unless I go and set fire to an oil well or something as hugely drastic, .. I’ll never be responsible for as much polluting as any of these (the procreating ones, anyways) vacuous dumb idiots, vicariouslydown-the-line if not actually ferrying their little datlings about and suchlike…

      Add the muzzo etc. situation(s) in, and it’s a wonder I’m not on the phone to my vasectomy guy twice a week asking for confirmation of my negative sperm count …. (25 years on!) ….

  14. She had ‘permission from nature’.

    More proof that this whole movement is based on religious zeal than rational thought, and that scientists are as vulnerable as any Heavens Gate-type cunt.

    Have fellow cunters seen how Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been carrying on recently? More high priest laying down dogma than rational and humble.

  15. Extinction Rebellion founder, eh?

    Upper to middle class?

    Pythonesque surname?

    Horse faced features?

    Four cans short of a six pack (permission from nature, for fuck’s sake)?

    Oh aye, without a doubt…

  16. She should be more worried about the RNLI taxi customers from the channel ‘wanting white woman’.

    The fact that she has a face like a camel will put her at the top of their ‘to do’ list.

  17. The cunts who smashed all the windows at HSBC have been found not guilty of criminal damage, comedy gold.

    All filmed, banged to rights but not guilty 😂😂😂

    No wonder we have accept that a man can magically become a woman

    • I wish someone would smash all the windows on their houses, they couldn’t possibly complain!

  18. Funny how zealots and fanatics always claim they’re acting in a noble cause or for the greater good. I’m sure that the Inquisition, the Bolsheviks, Hitler and Mao all thought the same.

    Any bets on the sentence? I’m going for a token community service order and a fine, or a suspended sentence.

    Morning all.

  19. This silly cow should be lead by her bullring through the Town stark naked and let the public decide whether she’s guilty or not. Udders may agree or disagree.

  20. So by her logic if I murdered the boss of BP, I would be justified in doing so because they’re an oil company who pose a ‘risk to the environment?’ Stupid woman.

  21. I’d make the stupid cunt eat 10 hamburgers from those old styrofoam containers whilst sat in a stationary 6 litre Ford Mustang with the engine running and revved to fuck.

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