Difficult Choices

I’m sure some of you may recall my intentions of moving to Denmark earlier this year. My wife and I did indeed spend the maximum amount of days over there without the need of a visa, and we thoroughly loved the place.

However, to actually live there full time required all manner of permits, work visas and a shitload of other paperwork along with the long-winded application form.

Fortunately I was able to find a prospective job and my intended employer did all the necessary “Fast Track” paperwork in order to secure my work permit and thus entitle my wife and I to stay in the country almost permanently.

However, my wife suddenly had a battle with her conscience and declared that she couldn’t make the move after all. Her mother lives alone, is in her 70s and not in the best of health. And the idea of leaving her behind in England just didn’t sit well with the missus (even though a plane journey is only 2 hours away!)

We talked and talked about it, but no matter how I tried, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to change her mind. And in the end I had to acquiesce and turn down not only the great job offer (in IT), but also of a new life living in a fairly decent country (no country is absolutely perfect of course).

It was a very difficult decision to make, and at my age I probably won’t get another chance to make that move again. But I suppose inwardly it was the right decision if only to placate the wife’s peace of mind and that of her mother.

Has anyone else faced tough decisions that have either affected you directly or indirectly, as in my example?

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42 thoughts on “Difficult Choices

  1. I’m with your missus on this Techno.
    if I was to leave these green and pleasant lands I’d quickly wither to nomore than a sickly skellington and die within months.

    ok, they have good bacon.
    but that’s not the most important thing in life!
    more like second.

    you’d never be Danish
    they’d be nice to you but you’d always be ” that Brummy”

    face it.
    you shall never,
    play the dane

    • Is it the same when you are deciding to steal undercrackers or a dressing gown off the neighbours washing line? Or do you just nick both anyway?

      • I constantly struggle with difficult decisions LL.

        I’m.a martyr to my conscience.

        with or without gravy?
        pint or half?
        cash or bank transfer?
        steak or chicken?
        pay or drop it in my pocket?

        I’ve also made the decision not to go to Denmark.
        They can fuck off

  2. The very fact you faced a difficult choice means you are not a cunt. Only sociopaths have no problem making choices. Ted Bundy? No problems deciding what to do, a cunt. Technocunt? Weighs things up and does what is best for others, no a cunt. Ergo, you can be satisfied that you are a better man than Ted Bundy (though probably not a famous).

    Good afternoon, everyone.

    • Great point well made Twenty.

      Much as you miss the opportunity, I doubt you’d ever have been happy Techo if the wife wasn’t truly up for the change.

      All the best anyhow!

  3. I don`t forget Lurpak, Techno.
    I can still hear that catchy jingle … … … ♪ ♫ “You can`t put a better piece of butter on your wife.”♫ ♫ ♪

    • Only the other day I was supping a pint of Carlsberg and eating a Danepak bacon sandwich whilst helping the grandkids make a Lego model and I thought what the fuck have the Danes ever come up with apart from a crappy little mermaid?

    • that jingle was for ‘country life butter.’ lurpak is so shit that it isn’t even worthy of a jingle🤭

  4. I hear you, TC and will have to do something similar in a couple of years.
    My company is having a splendid new building built in America so I will very probably be moving there in 2025/6 to head up the operation.
    At least my kids will be (mostly) grown up by then and them and my mates are only a day away on the plane.
    Once suitably ensconced, I will be hiring only white men aged 40-60. No birds or darkıes hopefully.

    • Once you are settled in the U.S it will be back to dungeon or car boot for the more day-to-day stuff, Cunt Engine.

      • Afternoon LL…I understand lots of the houses in the U.S have basements, so I’ll be able to Fritzlise my new abode with ease.
        I will break my own rule and hire cash-only wetbacks for this oroject.

      • Cuntengine @

        I don’t want you to go☹️
        Your too good for the yanks.

        You’ll go all faux yank!
        chewing gum and thinking everything is ‘awesome’.

        And you can’t get sauerkraut there, or slap your thighs to oompah music.

        you’ll start line dancing, man..🤮

  5. I hear you TC

    many years back when in my 30s my first wife looked at me and said she loved my no longer and left.

    After 6 debauched months i moved an eastern european in with a. very big rack into the apartment who gladly took care of all needed for many months before shifting her out. On meeting a local girl with similar aptitude first wife heard no fucks were given on her leaving and decided she made a mistake and came back. As it was too late and she found two bra sizes other than hers stuffed around the home my story of me not doing anything since she left did not qualify too well. i was faced with the decision do i continue or concede.

    After some careful consideration, on reminding the fist wife her comments were taken literally i had informed her she can fuck off from where she came from and leave me be. Hard at the time, best decision i ever made.

  6. Tough one TC.
    I could have moved abroad and got a lovely villa with pool and grounds. The prices since have rocketed so that door appears closed now.
    But best to not look back with regrets, you never know how things would have turned out. Could have been shot on day 1 or the missus ran off with the pool boy. Who knows?

  7. Regarding using the desktop version of the site on my Android phone, it’s bizarre that some posts have a reply button and some don’t.
    For example, MNC mentioned the dilemma of a full pint or a half and I wanted to (quite understandably) call him a big cissy gaylord for even considering the choice but was unable to.

    • yeah, and I can’t look at previous posts to check my ‘ tickies’ either.

      I keep a log of how many I get and if Nil, I put people’s names down in the ‘ problem ‘ list in my diary.

      plus it effects my eyes somehow?
      like I’ve got a inner ear infection.
      I ran into a wall earlier trying to get through the kitchen door

  8. I think that the way to approach your particular problem Techno is to decide not on who would be the happier going to live in a beautiful country but who would be the most miserable staying where you are.

    You can’t live your life for other people, regardless if that person is your wife or her mother.

    By staying in the UK your wife is denying you the opportunity to do something that you really want to do.
    But she is relatively happy with that.

    However you look at that, and I am seeing things without any emotion, her stubbornness is unfair.

    But is it more unfair than you insisting that she comes with you?

    I don’t think so.
    She can visit her mother whenever she wants.
    It’s only a few hours flight.

    Fucking go.

    You may not get another chance.

  9. Don’t listen Techno!!

    Artie’s trying to split you up then get off with Mrs Techno.

    The dirty fecker

  10. The irony is that your Mother in law knows that she has a finite time in this world and mst probably wants her daughter and you, to take every opportunity before you and grab all the happiness you can.
    I can also empathise with your wife.
    If I had the offer to leave this country, I would grab it with both hands … but only if I could take my Mother with me. I could never live with abandoning her.

  11. Techno I moved across the pond in my early twenties spent ten years (illegal for a few) there. Things didn’t work out and I came back. Things aren’t always greener on the other side.

  12. I bottled out of going to Australia- over 30 years ago. For much the same reasons as you said. I don’t regret – I’m actually pleased I didn’t go.

  13. I hope you are going to get a lot of pervy arse sex and golden showers off your missus for the rest of your life now Techno…..that was a sacrifice and a decent thing to do

    • No offence meant, Techno, but is this a cunting? I remember you telling us about your imminent move and I couldn’t figure out who you were cunting then either.
      Not to say that we don’t find your personal situation interesting, it’s just that I recently submitted a nomination cunting the Russians, Admin told me it wasn’t a cunting and presumably consigned my effort to the waste bin. Which is ok, we don’t get all of them accepted, but the reason given did leave me scratching my head a little.
      Then again. that Putin has operatives everywhere. It won’t surprise me if I receive a visit from the FSB in the near future.

  14. My difficult choice was moving back to England from Denmark.

    I had a nice life there, but my Mum had cancer and I would rather regret something I have done than regret something I haven’t done.

    The time spent with my Mum over the following 18 years until the cancer finally caught up with her was priceless.

    Denmark is still there and I still visit my junior viking on a semi regular basis.

    Now I’m planning new adventures somewhere a lot cheaper and an awful lot warmer.

    • Not a lot of places are more expensive or colder than Denmark.

      I don’t know what the fuel prices are like but you will need heating most of the year, I should imagine.

      I know that eating and drinking out is horrendously expensive there.

      The visitors that come to Spain from Denmark waste no time in getting completely rat arsed.

      You do whatever you want to do, but for me it’s the attraction of very good weather, reasonable energy prices, cheap booze and food and topless or naked Spanish girls on the beaches.

      I hate cold weather.

      Fuck snow.

      • 25° and blue skies in my neck of the woods this week. Might be cooling down a bit next week. I don’t regret moving abroad

      • Loads of cheap seats going.
        only problem it’s with virgin Atlantic, so you are likely to be bummed by the cabin crew.

      • No need to go all the way to Rwanda. I hear there is a choice of rooms available on the Bibby Stockholm.
        Rent, electricity, and 3 meals a day free. Well equiped gym that you only have to share with 50 others (10% occupancy so hardly over crowded). According to the press half of those are gonna throw a 7, because they’re scared of water… or soap, or something similar.
        Wrap a chequered tea towel around your head, and enjoy a day out in London, Jew hating, climbing on war memorials and throwing fireworks at people dressed like police – it’s all legal bro – just remember not to mis-gender a trans or deny climate change….

  15. Life is full of difficult choices, like whether to spit or swallow..

    Now I knew you lot would go the dirty route..

    I’m talking about wine tasting of course..

    • It’s always a difficult choice, BZ.
      Where should I stick my cock into?
      I suppose it depends on what Schofield fancies on that night.

    • We used to be in a local wine tasting group. I asked the neighbour (female) if she spat or swallowed- completely innocently, then realised what I said. Got a funny look back which I’ve never worked out.

  16. most difficult decision I had to make was giving up the job I loved and was reasonably average at due to health problems, one of which was the inability to place my legs in the correct position to stop me falling over if I was pushed, pulled or knocked after getting pulled under one horse 3 times and hitting my head on concrete I had to give in, worst thing was docs could do nothing and after 6 years problem seems to have gone but now there’s no work to go back to, life is a CUNT.

  17. couldn’t you just do the occasional Shetland pony?

    excuse me.

    I’m feeling a little horse

    ouch!!! who threw that?!!!

    • cant get down that far now and they can be little bastards, kick the eye out of a fly some of em.

  18. You make ’em when you have to.
    You then hope you got it right.
    Often turns out many years later you got it half right.
    You’re OK with 50% and regret the rest.

    I moved to Canada in 1988, my lifestyle improved hugely, but as my parents got older it became more and more difficult to deal with their needs from 3000 miles and a 5 hour time difference away.

    On balance, I did make the right decision. If I’d stayed in UK my kids would have missed out on spending time out in forests, lakes and creeks ( I would have, too)

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