“Stick your 50p” cunts

… Except for the cunts in the EU

A brief topical cunting for two of our notable noble Lords Heseltine and Adonis.

These two fossils have said that they are so appalled by Brexit that they will refuse to accept or use the commemorative 50p coin. And Bliar’s cunt in chief, Alistair Campbell had joined in as well.

Well here’s my advise to you, gents : fucking grow up.

Anyhow, none of it really matters because according to Luvvie 2020 frontrunner Hugh Grant, this country is finished anyway.

My piss is boiling…

Nominated by Dioclese

A 50pence piece cunting for Yasmin Alibhai Brown, so enraged with Brexit and the new 50 pence piece she intends to give any she gets to beggars.

This is after Blair,Hestlcunt and Camplcunt said they wouldn’t use the new coin .

What a bunch of virtue signalling petulant little brats they are. How juvenile can you be? These are fully grown adults in the public eye,some of whom have held the levers of power. Jesus wept. How in the name of the wee man did we ever produced such utter cunts prepared to stoop to any level just to get browny points with the disaffected remoaners ?
Other countries must laugh at us.

Hatchet faced witch . Is there nothing they won’t whine about or any depths they won’t stoop to? How we all wish she and her ilk would just vanish from the face of the planet.

Nominated by Mac McCunt

87 thoughts on ““Stick your 50p” cunts

  1. If anyone doesn’t want those special 50 pences, I’ll gladly take them, and fifty pound notes, and a 50 inch telly, and 50 of everything else in the world, apart from diseases obviously.

  2. but WE ARE NOT LEAVING the european fascist block – stupid cunts think it’s all over – it will be when we have our brains transplanted FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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