BBC Radio 4 (2)

What was once a radio station where interesting and meaningful topics were discussed has joined the rest of the BBC in becoming a woke, identity-aware, agenda-driven shit pit.

What’s on the menu today? Mixed weight dating and why it’s more difficult for women to date, where there is a marked difference in weight. I know most men find big girls less attractive, but even the fattest sow in the field finds it easier to find a partner than the average man, so that’s not the problem.

Is it maybe that there’s a danger of being crushed, or smothered to death for a smaller man engaged in sexual activity with a behemoth?

Is it men are put off dating obese women due to the cost of taking them out for a meal?

What is this bollocks? Fat people find it harder to find partners because instinctively men look for healthy looking partners for reproduction. This woke drive to have every negative turned into a positive and tell people that you have to interact with and embrace people that you instinctively want to avoid.

This is in the same vein as the trans campaigner who said men who refused to date trans “women” are transphobic and committing a hate crime, or the anti-racism campaigners who believe not being attracted to non-white people makes you racist.

When will this insanity get kicked into touch?

I don’t fancy fat girls. I’m heterosexual so I’m attracted to women, women that were always women not men who believe they are women. I’m not attracted to very dark skinned women or those with typical African features and big arses. It’s not a choice, it’s my reality.

These cunts are trying to tell us water flows uphill and I’m fucking done with it.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit


77 thoughts on “BBC Radio 4 (2)

    • They’ve appointed a man? I thought it was illegal to appoint men to positions of responsibility nowadays. Maybe he /she /it is transitioning….

  1. Refusing to date trans Women is transphobic?
    Nonsense, it will be a dull date if they are all in a trans – and if they were not I f*cking would be after three minutes of their WOKE sh*te!
    I date Women, not Men dressed as Women pretending to be Women or Men with bits chopped off pretending to be Women, I have no beef with people who do – but being called transphobic for not doing so is just plain wrong.
    Enough of this foolishness.

    • who would want to date a tranny anyway (apart from another tranny) could you imagine reaching down to the nether regions and getting a handful of carrot ‘n’ onions fuck that! perverted cunts.

      • “And now, from Norwich – it’s the quiz of the week, first prize a fully lined oak coffin, second prize some barely used cravats and half moon glasses”!
        Too soon?

      • Sixdog@
        Stop the coy act pal,
        Just fuck the fat girl.
        Consider it charity if you want but when encased in her doughy white thighs you wont regret it!
        Back next day cock in hand.
        Get it ploughed!!!😀😀

      • I once heard that riding a fat lass is like riding a moped. It is great fun until all your friends find out then take the piss.

      • I still chortle at Sid the Sexist’s pickup line for the larger lady: “Ye doont sweat much fer a fat lass”

    • Eh? Nicholas parsons dead in a pool? I always thought he was effeminate, has Michael Barrymore had another pool party?

      • Just A Minute was great hysterically funny at times with the classic line up of Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, and….Jones fella (voice on Hitchhiker’s Guide).
        Kenneth Williams would actually get very sulky if he wasn’t winning. Also his mother always there in the front row.

        About his mother. Asked one time what was going to do later’ ‘I am going home to rub marmalade on my mother’s tits’.

        Shame about C Freud. He was very often the funniest for me.

      • Peter Jones, Miles.

        It was a better show with the original casts, but it becme lousy with *alternative* cmedians, wimmin and th constant appearance of that arse-licker Paul Merton. That cunt made the show unlistenable for me.

      • Perhaps Nicholas has now joined Peter Fenn who used to play the asthmatic-sounding organ on Sale of the Century?

      • I liked Nicholas Parsons, he was everything im not!
        Well mannered, impeccably dressed,
        Matching hanky & cravat,
        “Awfuly nice to see you, simply lovely!”
        Old school englishman thin on the ground now, like his ways, manners etc, but wouldnt emulate them, itd be false, an im not some little puff swanning about in a cravat!😀

      • Neither is Nicholas Parsons now!
        “And now, from Calais – it’s the quiz of the week”!
        “Our first contestant mohammed – get this first question right and you get a dinghy and a map”!
        “Well done mohammaed, that’s the correct answer – whitey IS the enemy”!
        “OK, next question..”
        “Correct again – those double yellow lines ARE the most convenient place to sit outside the school while you wait in your Mercedes to collect your twelve Year old possession – and you have won a free Human rights lawyer for the rest of your life”!
        “I want two free Human rights lawyers you r*cist whitey c*nt”!
        “No problem – and we will get you those carving knives which are such an important part of your religion”!
        “Where’s my free house whitey”?

      • My old man had a run in with him in 1953 when he was appearing at the Hackney Empire with Arthur Haynes. NP had sat himself down in The Britannia Pub on a lunch table reserved for the old man and his cronies. When asked to move NP gave them the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ treatment. They didn’t need to say much as the landlord came over and told him to move. Father reckoned he was an arrogant and snotty twat. although my old man could be bloody difficult.

      • If only they had bought Sale back – Dominic Grieve would have made equally a wheezing sound at the organ.

  2. I’m hoping that after a year or two of Boris we’ll get a return to normality and honesty and all this nappy wearing pc shit will get the elbow it deserves . Most people are sick to death of this crap . The louder these loons shout the more worried they are that their arguments are falling on deaf ears.
    Just switch off and tell em to fuck off.

  3. Radio 4 has become a fairy tale.
    Written by Diane Flabbot with contributions from Magic Grandpa and that fat shouty lass whose been cloned to appear on YouTube 8 million times.
    She has pink hair and is a cunt.
    Get to fuck.

  4. Used to listen every morning. Not done so at all for at least six years.
    I suspect i’m not the only one.
    Almost every BBC production is the same ‘woke’ crap.
    News, drama, sport, comedy, you name it.
    Never has cunts been more apt a description.

    • Count me in. I don’t have a telly and used to listen to R4 and R5 all the time. I can’t tolerate either now, even briefly. How the fuck these cunts managed to ruin even a primarily sporting station with wokeness and ‘inclusion’ is remarkable even for them.

    • Same with the ABC in OZ. One day I was listening and realised that every news item, guest, caller-in was woke. Every radio wave harnessed to promote progressive fuckwittery. Nothing merely for the entertainment or interest of general society. Just incessant plunging of the malodorous and unhygienic dildo of blanket wokeness down our fucking throats.

  5. Why would any man who doesnt have a mental condition. stick his knob up an inverted cock cunt hole`?

    • I dont think you coukd term it a ‘hole’. You’re not inserting your cock ‘inside’ the female tranny. You are inserting your cock into an inverted cock.

      • Just had a look mate, bit confused?
        Is it like a dare or party game or something?

      • Did you find the right thing, involving two gentlemen who are good with colours and their respective old chaps?

      • Well I don’t mind the odd tongue up a (female) arsehole but I draw the line at chutney ferretry

      • Cuntan@
        Is it were 2 blokes join their cocks together by their foreskins?
        Whats that about?
        Jesus im provincial!
        Its probably commonplace in London

      • Some very odd people eh?
        Give deviants like us a bad name!
        Think my eyes are starting to go a bit,
        When looking to see what it was, saw a picture at first thought it was a sausage roll!
        Then it dawned on me what it was!😨
        Right mucky them bandits arent they?
        “Throw a bucket of water over em!”

      • Thats truly revolting.
        Where you finding this stuff?
        Hehee, ffs
        Thatll give me nightmares, Spoons sees that he’ll start wetting the bed!!
        Ps Think im moving desks your a bad influence!😀

      • I’m certainly better informed after this remarkable exchange. The brothers never taught us any of that at St Pats

      • Dunno were Cuntan finds this stuff 3strokes but some of it as sent me fleeing to my mum in floods of tears!
        Hes depraved, and trying to corrupt the more innocent like me an thee.

      • It’s a very dark place inside my noggin! Not even started on the big guns yet, the c*ck spl*tting that made admin throw a fit the other month

      • Yeah after blacking out from seeing that, i had to crawl into my safespace.
        What the fuck was that about?
        Theyre a crime against god and should be burnt at the stake.
        Fire will purify them

  6. Just listened to You and Yours on R4. Often an informative programme. However, today it was ‘Are you ready for Brexit’ And guess what? It was avalanched with Remoaners making points totally at odds with what the programme was supposed to be about. They could have selected and edited to fit the subject. Of course they didn’t. Reinforcing Sixdogs cunting.

  7. Give me thunder thighs and fat arses! Send all the porkers to my Ministry of Browntown!

  8. Now you know how simple minded turds like Linekunt get brainwashed into all this libtard bullshit. He is surrounded by cunts who live and breathe wokeness. Like him they are stinking rich so it’s inevitable that he sees himself as one of the chosen few, a superior being both materially and intellectually. Their innate sense of superiority is the one thing these wankers have in common.

    • I know Linekunt looks as though he’s stepped off a rocket from Venus but this cunt really is living on another planet.
      His latest pearls of wisdom below not only suggest he’s not just satisfied with milking the BBC but, (the Oxford but) he wants to run the whole fuckin’ show. You don’t have to have jug ears to be a twat but it sure fuckin’ helps.

      . Lineker has now waded into the licence fee debate, telling the Guardian: “I would make the licence fee voluntary. I’ve always said for a long time, I would make it voluntary. I don’t know the logistics of how it would work.

      “You would lose some people, but at the same time you’d up the price a bit.”

  9. Everything to do with the BBC is dire, unwatchable/unlistenable fucking shit these days with absolutely no exceptions.

    Hopefully they won’t fuck up the Olympic coverage in July/August however can see them doing this by adopting the following strategy:

    Appointing mostly women commentators for the men’s sports and mostly women for the women’s sports.

    Reusing the same fucking cretin they used last time around (who’s name I cannot even be arsed to look up), the young kid with the trendy hairstyle but who clearly knows Jack shit about a range of sports but he used to be a Blue Peter presenter and is of colour so ticks their most important boxes.

    Rolling out anchor person Claire “The Chin Rug-muncher” Balding yet again. What’s the terminology for the opposite of eye candy?

    God how I hate the BBC. Cunts.

    • Let’s hope we don’t win too many medals. We don’t want to promote inequality and nationalism and we certainly don’t want to see that nasty, racist red, white and blue flag flying about.

  10. When did it become a literal crime to hate something? It’s a perfectly legitimate human emotion.

  11. If you can stand it, listen to Woman’s Hour, ( sexist title ) all they talk about is their cunts, horrible white men, poor ‘refugees ‘, their cunts, how oppressed they are, their cunts, gender fluidity, their cunts, how to properly educate (brainwash ) children, their cunts, the benefits of mass immigration, their cunts, and a host of other barmy ‘ woke ‘ shite .
    But it’s their obsession with their own and other women’s /wannabee women’s cunts that overwhelms everything else, that’s the thing that gets me.
    So you’ve got a cunt, get over it.
    Get To Fuck.

    • That could be me talking Jack. That bloody “Dame” Squadron Leader Jeni Murray is one of the most condescending cunts on Wireless 4, closely followed by her little acolyte Jane Garvey who seems to have been put off dick by her former husband Adrian Chiles (perhaps understandably).

      You can just picture the scene in Broadcasting House before the show starts – Jeni striding round the locker room, smoking her pipe and then dabbing some mascara over her five o’clock shadow. The studio manager steps forward and promises to recharge her dildo so it will be ready when the woke serial starts

      • I’ve been listening to Radio 4 since it was the Home Service (but not Women’s Hour, that’s more than flesh and blood can stand). It must be this new controller who’s responsible for trying to turn PM at five o’clock into a music programme. It’s supposed to be news, but they take every possible opportunity to play some crap music or other and I’m constantly turning it off and then on again after a couple of minutes. On occasions they’ve even had it playing throughout the whole report. They should sack the cunt and stick to talking, that’s what news is all about.

      • “Womens hour”? Who the f*ck is attending to the housework while they laze about listening to lesbians on the radio?
        Last time I listened to the radio some chap called “Winston” was talking about never surrendering – I think that’s what he was prattling on about, it was all in English and Panzers never make for good radio reception!

      • In the old days Allan, Wimmin Sour was on the Light Programme, along with Mrs Dales Diary and Reg Dixon at the Tower Ballroom,Blackpool. But back then it was ladies talking to ladies, not trannies like Eddie Izzard talking to freaks (like him).

      • They don’t actually seem to cover any news on PM anymore. It’s mainly magazine style pieces on IVF treatment and similarly wimin-themed shit.

  12. I saw an opinion piece where a “sausage chop” tranny had gone to their “gender reassignment” surgeon because the newly crafted gash always stunk of shit.

    The surgeon admitted that that was a common trait with the “sausage chop op”.

    Combine that with not quite healing properly (ever), having to shave the inside of it (because it’s made of arm hair), and constantly monitoring that it hasn’t turned gangrenous, why, what’s not to like!?!

    I can’t see any reason why straight men wouldn’t be queuing up for a rare treat such as that…


    • Jesus Christ, that’s an abomination against god right there. The end times have come…fuck me.

  13. I have given up on Radio 4 and it’s woke bollox and don’t listen any more. It’s listening figures are falling faster than Katie Price’s knickers and will continue to fall until the BBC get the message – which is probably never.

    As for fat women, I’ve always liked a woman with a bit more to grab hold of but I’d draw the line at obese. But it’s just Radio 4 looking for more victims of white men to cry over.


  14. Agreed. Cheif woker in the morning being Mishal Husain whose questioning always seems revolve around `how do you feel about unrelated topic? I need to provoke you into looking like a cunt regardless of relevance’.

    Oh Do Fuck off Mish, stick to the fucking facts and stop wasting the interviewees time with your patronising condescending irrelevant nagging line of questioning, you stuck up arch looking harridan.

    • Never realised so many people listened to radio!
      Not bothered with that shite in years.
      Anyone still use gas mantles for lighting?
      Kid died of consumption?
      Tin baths?
      Anyones occupation chimneysweep?
      Fuck sake.

      • It’s because the tight arses don’t need a licence to listen to radio Miserable!

      • Oh knew that Bertie, tight bastards on here, them brexit 50ps?
        These lot will have em straight in the strongbox under the loose floorboard soon as get them.
        Type that siphon other peoples diesel,
        Mend their own shoes, “not had me moneys worth”….

  15. I completely agree with this cunting. I used to find Radio 4 really useful for news and current events updates, but that all seems to have been replaced with unfunny comedy and “dramas”, which are complete and utter shite and make me want to smash the radio into pieces. If they want to save the BBC money, cancel all the trashy drama and plays and just stick to news and journalism.

    • Wearyanddisgusted@
      You new?
      Hello! Im MNC sort of the cool, good looking, leader on here!
      Welcome aboard mate.
      Feel free to give me a ticky, not sure mines working?
      Just where you see the numbers underneath? ‘Likes’ i suppose?
      Anyway see my posts feel free to ticky it!
      Im massively taken for granted on here!!😀👍👍

  16. Always has some proto-architect speaking street in the studio. Causes dangerous driving. I flick back to R3 and mute the talkie bits.

  17. Like a couple of other posters, I used to find BBC Radio 4 very informative, interesting and useful (I especially liked tuning in to it as I went for a solitary winter’s drive along the snow-covered A71 to Ayrshire, with the heaters up high). Haven’t listened to it in about a year or so, so I guess I can’t comment on what’s became of it. Transsexualism, transgenderism, Intersexualism, LGBTG, etc etc is just part of our culture, I’m afraid. And it’s here to stay. Each to their own, live and let live, is my mantra, but being bombarded with it all on a regular basis does get tedious and very frustrating.

    As regards mixed weight dating, well, I like women of all shapes, but definitely not obese (some guys probably have an obese fetish when it comes to women . . . each to their own . . . ). The last lass I had that could be classed as ‘big’ was a one-night stand after a night club about 7 years ago. Got talking to her when the night club finished at 4 in the morning and we got a taxi back to my flat after about half an hour of chatting (she was actually at my high school for a couple of years but left due to her family moving to a different area . . . she actually fancied me and asked me out back in high school). Anyway, we had a good night and had a proper good shagging session (lots of oral, and she literally let me lick her balloon knot 🤟). She was pear-shaped and had big hips and a giant arse . . . not flabby, just big and juicy with some cellulite like Kim Khardashian’s). She was actually still quite good-looking and sexy, in spite of having 3 daughters. Lovely olive porcelain skin and rosy cheeks and her body was in decent nick too. Lovely looking minge, all shaved and well maintained. Was down there for about half an hour . . . probably led to several tooth cavities! Even my neighbour, who lived in the not so well sound-proofed flat above me, said he was going to chap my door to tell us to keep the noise down (she was a screamer, especially when I ‘dived at five’).

  18. My first ever sexual experience was with a big fat woman. “go easy on me” I told her. “OK” she said, “How about a 69?”
    “What’s a 69?” I asked her. “Just relax, you’ll be fine” she replied.
    So we both get into position, and she let’s rip with a huge fart, right in my face.
    “Sorry about that” she says. So we both get back into position, when she let’s rip in my face AGAIN.
    “Fuck this” I said. “I’m off, I couldn’t fucking take another 67 of those”.

  19. I don’t do the beeb cunts in any shape form or fashion these days. They have literally fucked every program up, both radio and TV. Day time radio is a must for me at work and I only listen to talkradio: Julia Hartley-Mussolini until 1000hrs then Mike “Oswald Mosley” Graham until 1300hrs. After that click offy due to that ultra cunt Matthew Wright. Right wing echo chamber radio just the way I like it. Fucking albeeb cunts!

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