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  1. The more I read about these treasonous fuckers, the more I’m convinced that Labour doesn’t want to win the next general election. His choice of shadow cabinet are of such low quality, that Corbyn is now the political equivalent of a 14 week old puppy proudly sitting next to the pile of shit it’s dropped on its owners kitchen floor. I mean who, in full possession of their mental faculties, appoints an agricultural minister who hates farmers? In what parallel universe is that an appropriate decision? What kind of arsehole appoints as his spin doctor a Stalinist cunt, who thinks Lee Rigby’s murder wasn’t an act of terrorism, because he was soldier?

    IF by some miracle, the entire voting population of the UK suffers a simultaneous stroke and votes Labour, this country will be finished. Corbyn will drive out ALL the rich by raising taxes to around 75%, he will reverse all the cuts in benefits spending, and he will gladly allow ANY motherfucker who rocks up here with a sob story to stay, especially if they’re camel jockeys. Think Brown nearly bankrupted us? Watch this space if that bearded cunt, and the cunt in the photo above get into Downing St. Happily, I don’t think that will happen. But never say never.

    • Would you want to win the next election?? ….. After Cameron and his coke sniffer pooch have finished there will be fuck all left to govern;
      TTIP will be in force which fucks us over to the end of time. Wanker Bankers have already shuffled all their debt plus some very generous fees on us which we will never be able to pay back because the whole workforce is on zero hour contracts, and those who aren’t must be fucking insane if they aren’t channaling their salary through a Jersey shell company they set up in their cats’ name.
      Tories are pushing for devolution to councils so the little Hitlers can get hard-ons making your life a little more miserable than the f’krs already make it and there is nothing more annoying than an anaemic Mail reading little Napoleon fuck armed with his clipboard.
      The NHS has been starved of funds, or more accurately, the funds are ‘diverted’ as they like to say so it appears on the NHS budget but really goes to kill Johnny-Foreigner and all the papers can say we’ve been saved from being murdered in our beds.
      NATO; the shop front for Imperialism which in all its history has not stopped a single war, only started pretty much all of them, and contrary to the agreement signed in 1990 promising not to expand East are stampeding at great speed up to the Russian border (dunno about you but I wouldn’t fuck about with Russia) and the toothless, useless, bureaucratic gerbils of the UN just piss their pants and write a letter to their mums then hide in cupboards. NATO dictate how our troops operate and Murika dictates to NATO, and yet, we have to stump up 2% of GDP to go bomb the fuck out of all the relatives of a third of our population.
      Now, GDP. ….. The little love affair between Thatcher and Reagan was just the final act/scene played out over the previous decade and saw the axe fall on just about every industry worth being proud of in the UK. Sure, the cars were shit but they were only really shit once the government took charge and jammed up the works. The companies that survived were the ones who told MP Wanker-Cuntflaps to fuck off back to Dolphin Square and play with the kiddies.
      Fast forward to 2015 and there isn’t really much left other than nail bars and hairdressers worth a fuck to the economy because only the women of the UK seem to have money to spend. So, our lovely Govt Plc use the Enron method of accounting and include Prostitution, Drug dealing, Black Marketeering, The NHS, Prisons, etc as part of GDP which is fine for the last two but I somehow doubt the prositute, the drug pusher and the bloke selling hooky tobacco and iPhones out the back of his Passat keeps accurate records the inspectorate at the Inland Revenue can peruse once a year on demand.
      That the GDP is trotted out and applauded regularly as an indication of the health of the country is at best a lie and worst a fucking lie. It is a vague guess and indicates that the UK hops between their death bed and prison, stopping briefly between the two for a night of passion for a few quid they made cutting some ‘Charlie’ and selling it on, while playing Candy Crush on their new iPhone as the Old Bill home in on their GPS signal. The circle of life 2015.
      Would you want to win the next election?

      • That’s more or less it in a nut shell; you did leave out the derivatives market that we now stand surety for, was that to not scare the kiddies?

        We are fucked and there is no way to turn and run and there’s certainly nowhere to hide.

      • No KC, Dolphin Square is notorious for all manner of activities that have been “swept under the carpet” by successive governments…. that is what all these “inquiries” have been busy avoiding and fogging it out of view; “Midland”, “Fernbridge”, “Fairbank” and all the other whitewashes after the Elm Guest House bust and cover-up.
        ……… Derivatives, don’t get me started.

      • “…… Derivatives, don’t get me started. ” You, me and everyone else can’t start because they are hidden ‘off book’. My opening guess:


        If they hike the interest rate this will be exposed as equities and bonds part company. there is no answer.

      • Read a couple of books about them, one was very good indeed by someone with an Indian sounding name. ……. scary though the amount that are out there.
        We been stitched up like a kipper

      • Derivatives …….. An article from 2009 explaining the funding for new build homes by councils around the UK who had been banned from spunking all our money away on Derivatives up to the crash of 2008.
        Still happening now and one of the ‘watchers’ estimate 220 Billion penalty on a 40 Billion loan UK wide on top of the 7% they are paying for the loan, more than double what they would get from a personal loan at the bank.
        King Cnut, you are so right, we’re f’kd.

  2. He is a piece of shit and an econimcally illiterate twat.Print more money yeah that worked well in Germany after the First World War.He has already had to apologise for saying the IRA should be honoured that he wishes he could assassinate Margaret Thatcher and he also advocated employees spitting in their bosses coffee.Classy guy!He said he would rather swim through vomit than vote for a government bill.Surely someone should help arrange this:P

  3. Rebecca Root is a cunt… Ladyboy and ‘comedy star’ Root has described comments from Germaine Greer that transgender women are not real women as “outmoded, outdated and outrageous”… Ms Greer believes a man cannot become a woman no matter what surgery they undergo, or how they dress…

    Germaine Greer may be one of the world’d biggest cunts, but she’s spot on about that…
    A man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a ‘transgender’ is fucking neither… And that’s that…

    • Just like Muslims in Europe (and with the help of the PC mob), these tranny cunts will soon be attempting to dictate how men and women live their lives, and telling them what’s right and wrong… Fucking Nazis with eyeliner…. and dicks….

    • Its ironic she said that because the feminists are responsible for pushing the gay agenda and trannie sex. Just because she said that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support gay marriage and pooftery cause she probably does. She’s just a bitter old cunt getting old

  4. I don’t like the cut of his jib. I don’t like his face, I bet he drinks real ale and smokes a pipe. And I know for a fact that in his spare time he plays for a ladies netball team.

  5. i want to nominate Vets. ive haven’t been here long so not sure if its already been done . just got back having taken my cat to the vet ( eye problem) . i was in there 10 minutes , bill £103 pounds, £41 for ‘examination’ £52 for a ‘blood test’. on top of this it seems the eye problem will require an operation. i am now waiting for a phone call to get the result of the blood test. they are not taking advantage of the love people have for their pets by any chance are they?

    • Anyone is up for a cunting Ozy ….. I was thinking of nominating myself as I have been a proper cunt today but probably not with anyone on here.

    • Sorry to hear about your cat mate, not nice, Vets are fucking thieving cunts, much like dentists,
      £80 for an examination, another £25 for a polish every 6 months and you better hope you do need any bridge work or you are going to have to re-mortgage the house!

      The UK’s obsession with pets is funny, pets get more respect, love and help than humans!

      The genuine sick & disabled having their £70 a week money stopped, no-one gives a fuck, they are all fucking scroungers anyway with 40″ TV’s, 2 holidays a year and a brand new BMW – according to the press.

      Dogs home burns down in Manchester, £2 Million in donations in weeks.

      Something not fucking right there, we have truly been divided & conquered.

      • Yeah it’s pretty unbelievable what we will do for a animal that has a short life span and no concept of today or tomorrow. I love my cat but there will come a time when it dies it sleeps half the day anyway, more like 3/4th’s of the day actually. The mental health system is a joke I agree its something outta a dickensen novel its the tory scum in power being cunts to the most weak & vulnerable.

      • Dead right, TS…. A registered blind man was declared ‘fit for work’ by cunts … When he enquired/complained about it, some phone monkey told him to go to his jobcentre and ‘see what work was available….’ No word of a lie, this was in Bury near Manchester (the blind bloke is over 60 anyway)…

        It’s also sickening that the BBC doesn’t give a toss about all the mentally ill or vulnerable people who have topped themselves due to the evildoing by that Iain Duncan Smith cunt… The Cook Report and World In Action would be all over it, but, sadly those days are gone…

  6. Sorry to hear about your cat, vets are unfortunately by and large a rip off, but you haven’t an alternative when your pets ill.

  7. vet has just phoned, blood test ok BUT operation on eyes will cost £700 with possibilty of a follow up op, being required. how much do i love my cat?

  8. i think my head will have to rule my heart. just checked out BLUECROSS and PDSA. you have to be on benefits to qualify for free treatment and i am not. neither am i earning. i am existing on money i made from property sale, will see me through to pension in 18 months- just.

    • Apply for council tax and get on it Ozy. PDSA are brilliant and even though I ain’t got a mutt or a mog I still shove money at them when I can

  9. Labour are all fucking filth. They are only interested in sodomizing kids (then stabbing them up the arse to death with cutlery stolen from Westminster), filling their buy-to-let slums with grinning head-wobbling immigrants, fiddling their taxpayer funded expenses (like Yehudi Menuhin playing Flight of the Bumblebee), and forcing little girls to have sex with animals.

    Tax credits are a cunt. There is the Orwellian language from cunts for a start.

    Tax credit is nothing to do with tax or credit. It is a welfare payment so serf fuckers can afford to eat and pay rent (to their greedy buy-to-let landlords).

    How the fuck can it be that a plate-faced bitch working in a shop 45 hours a week, and her tattooed chav partner, working 60 hours a week as a security guard, still need welfare payments for bare necessaries (like mechanically reclaimed meat burgers, cigs and cider).

    Tax credits are obscene subsidies to criminal capitalists, and kleptocrat manager cunts in the public sector, so they can keep more money for themselves and pay less than slave wages to people who actually do some work.

    Businesses (and the shit at the top in local government) get £30 billion a year in tax credit subsidies. This money does not come from corporations (many pay no tax) or the rich (with their Blairite tax-evading blind trusts and a web of off-shore shell companies in tax havens). It is paid by the middle-class and a recycling of the regressive tax paid by the poor who get tax credit.

    As you might expect it was the completely insane loathsome Labour freak, Gordon Brown who introduced tax credit (along with the son of Satan – Tony Blair).

    Tax credit was invented in the USA to cement plutocracy and create serfdom for the poorest 99% of the population.

    Of course no comment is properly rounded without the introduction of Hitler. He said:

    “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

    • Ted Heath wasn’t Labour, nor was Leon Brittan …….. Harvey Proctor wasn’t either and nor was pretty much anyone I could list over the next few pages; Sir Peter Hayman, Colin Jordan, Richard Miles, etc, all Tory, except Colin Jordan of course, he was something …. er, … else wink-wink

      • …. certainly wasn’t Labour.
        Ceryl Smith was and so was that other northern cunt that was up to his neck in it

      • A fucking nonce is a nonce, matters not what side of the House Of Commons (or Lords) they sit on

        Clearly you are one of Chris Spivey’s fucking mentally retarded followers. Go get Chris to do you a tattoo, I hear he is very good!

      • Fuck me no, just Googled him and not my cup of tea thank you, an as for getting a tattoo …… I think not. Very nice on some people but not on me thank you very much

  10. This country like just about every other one on this planet has a secret service that’s capable of low down dirty tricks etc. Can’t they just make this scumbag disappear along with the many others as equally or even more deserving??

  11. Nominate. I would like to nominate Madonna the ahem singer (as opposed to the mother of Jesus) This talentless trout has foisted her excruciating voice and minimal charisma on a gullible portion of society for nigh on 35 years. I never got Madonna with her reinventions, pointy brassieres and gapped tooth ugliness. Let’s not forget the lengths she went to acquire children. I could go on and on, just one last rant. Keep your clothes on and your mouth shut, you skanky old cow.

    • Added to the list.
      Never understood why she has been copied so much in the next generation. She was shite so why would the newbies want to be shite too? Oh. Hang on – it’s the money isn’t it? Silly me…

    • Couldn’t agree more about the old attention seeking gluebag…. This is from an old cunting of mine on the old witch:

      Releasing yet another shite record of dirty talk, religious references, whining, bleeps and farts is to be expected from her… Mind you, so is all the other shit…. Still trying to ‘shock’ people and be ‘morally outrageous’. Going on a US radio show to talk about how she was apparently raped years ago (right after Lady Ga Ga did the same thing… What a coincidence!), then dear old Madge puts out a record featuring known and convicted rapist, Mike Tyson. That isn’t controversial, it’s pathetic…

      Dressing like something from a cheap Nevada chicken joint when you’re pushing 60 is also pathetic… And those who see her as a feminist icon are laughable… Since when was selling sex and getting your tits out an advancement of the feminist cause?

      • I think the old slag sees herself as a female Bowie… Except she doesn’t have his talent or knack for good songs…

  12. Norman I bow down before your succinctley worded cunting. But the old slapper just won’t give up will she? One wonders what her motivation is, it can’t be money, ergo it can only be ego .

  13. my favourite lefty politicians student unions bds members the class war shitbags and the cultural terrorists of the british muslim council are the dead ones and for good measure let aldolfa merkel join them in dropping dead

  14. mcdogshit and the labour vermin were no doubt the illustrious clients of the muslim rape scum in rotherham 1400 lives mentally destroyed by communist not to demonise their protected species.as for mcdogshit abbopotamus corbollocks seamus pigshit milne and jew hater ken livingterd I repeat the words of Boris to them all FUCK OFF AND DIE I notice that Dianne shitbag has lost some weight but she should offer her fat pudding head to isis as she loves them so much. Also blow up all branches of terrorist sympathising amnesty international as well

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