Sir John Chilcot


Relatives of dead servicmen have claimed Sir John, the chairman of the £10m Iraq Inquiry, is using “bully-boy tactics” to frighten them into dropping their legal action calling on him to publish his long-delayed findings.

He’s said if the High Court rules against them they’ll have to pay costs. He doesn’t say who’ll pick up the tab for his brief if he loses – the cunt.

And Cameron’s a cunt – he jeered the other cunt, Brown, when he announced the inquiry in 2009 because it wouldn’t be delivered intil July 2010, after the election. Well he’s been in charge for the 5 years since then and done fuck-all other than the occasional hand-wringing sound-bite.

If Chilcot wasn’t up to the job he shouldn’t have taken it. He flat out refuses to say who he’s waiting on as per the Maxwellisation (another cunt) rules.

He’s a fucking disgrace and gives cunts a bad name.

Nominated by: Mary Hinge-Frottom

14 thoughts on “Sir John Chilcot

  1. Who’ll pick up the tab, we will, we will. Chilcots a lily livered pen pusher who will dance to his masters tune, which masters they are I couldn’t possibly hazard a guess.

  2. Chilcot looks like a peado probably gets money from the queen to hush up or free kids from the BBC, wouldn’t be surprised if they hide him somewhere. Corruption in the house of incompetent elitist cunts “Mr.speaker mr.speaker we are abunch of evil lying backstabbing above the law nonces give us free money and no tax mr.speaker”

  3. Who the fuck said that these ‘maxwellisation rules’ are law ? No cunt. They aren’t so fuck them.

  4. Everybody (with a brain) knew at the time the whole thing was a crock of shit. Only the hysterical media sang out the official line in unison as they did when the first stinky rat reared its head at 09:59 Sept 11th 2001.
    The “report” on the events of that day was up there with Hans Christian Anderson and I expect the Chilcott book of fairy tales will be in the same ‘Childrens’ Fiction’ section of Waterstones.

  5. The outcome of Chilcot’s report will be that Tony Blair lied.

    But he is very sorry that he lied and very sorry that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died as a result of his lies.

    So, that makes it OK.

    I foresee Blair getting away with mild international rebuke, which will last for about six months and then its business as usual.

    He will not be visiting the Hague, he will not be imprisoned for war crimes, but he will make a small fortune out of the whole whitewash in appearance fees…..The cunt.

    • The one thing that does hurt him though, is that he’s so far failed to land the one job he really wants, President of the EU. I truly hope the UK leaves the EU when we eventually get our referendum. Blair will then go to his grave being annoyed that the job was forever beyond his reach. And that it was the British people who put it there.

      • Did you ever get the feeling that ‘Middle East peace envoy’ gig was just incredible cynicism on the part of everyone who voted for him?

      • It was first class trolling as was giving Obama the Nobel peace prize for fuck all. I kinda admire that level of brazen piss taking.

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