Tony Blair [7]


I pray leave to move for an emergency motion under UN charter 666 to nominate the Cunt Tony Blair as being a shameless shitting himself lying spinning cunt.

You will have heard him attempt a pre emptive strike in lieu of the forthcoming Chilcunt report which will almost certainly criticise him for misleading Parliament, or at least it should if it is doing its job. He is sorry for acting on ‘Intelligence which was wrong about Saddams possession of WMD’ apparently. Well hold on right there. You see Blair you lying cunt, in actual fact there was no intelligence wrong or otherwise which claimed Saddam still possessed WMD. This was established during Alistair Campbells testimony in which he was unable to pinpoint what item of intelligence justified your bold assertion to Parliament that such possession was ‘beyond doubt’.

As a lawyer you know full well the import of such a phrase and you used it without justification. You lied in other words. If you had any intelligence which claimed this and which you acted on in good faith and which subsequently transpired to be wrong then you could be forgiven. But the fact is there was none. You are spinning a crock of shite today as if that was the case.

Fuck you , despite joining the Paedophile ridden Catholic church your concience is still eating you up as you look like a fucking skull.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

27 thoughts on “Tony Blair [7]

  1. They should just drop him over wherever it is Isis Drown and Burn people or run them over with tanks. Fucking cunt he is.

  2. Hate the cunt and hope he dies screaming.

    Hopefully alongside that human leech he calls a wife.

  3. what the fuck is spviey actually saying regarding Shoreham? i read the whole thing and i’m buggered if i know what he’s getting at. the only odd thing about the incident is how the fuck did the pilot survive that crash. is spivey saying he wasn’t flying the plane, is he saying actually there was no plane, despite the photos? is he saying no one died. for fucks sake what the fuck is he fucking saying for fucks sake. fuckin hell.

    • The question he never answers whether talking about the ‘obvious’ false flag operations such as the Shoreham air crash or the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy or the AltonTowers roller coaster accident or the storm damage to the roof of the car dealership in Milton Keynes is WHY ? Seriously all these incidents are up there with the Golf of Tonkin with this clown.FFS .

  4. I think spivey is a reincarnated greek god who lives in an igloo, his main diet is yorkshire pudding and yoghurt. On Wednesdays he worships at the shrine of Spongebob squarepants. Now you may think I’ve lost my mind I’m sure as hell he has.

  5. Spivey should be put in a room with some of Lee Rigby’s old army colleagues, and they should give the demented, poisonous fat cunt the hiding of a lifetime…

    What’s next from this cunt? The IRA were flying fairies? The Munich Air Crash never happened (and Duncan Edwards is living in Barbados)? Elvis was Jesus Christ?
    Why this insane fuck hasn’t been sectioned, I’ll never know….

  6. Manchester City fans are cunts… First there is the deluded self importance, the ‘only club in Manchester’ shite, their love of Oasis, the songs about the Munich Air Crash, the inflatable bananas, the fucking Poznan dance (knobheads!), their mercenary team of Gorton Globetrotters, that Blue Moon song (which they nicked off Crewe Alexandra), Francis Lee (cheating, diving, wig wearing cunt!), and spunking all their arab cash like a lottery winner on crack…

    Now, all that was bad enough… But now they want to promote poofery in the game… Football has become PC and sanitised enough… Now we’ve got blue benders?! Well I’ll be buggered, as they say on Canal Street…

    • “Gorton Globetrotters”.

      Fuckin’ell Norman anyone who knows Gorton will join in the laughter till they pee, just a little, but a damp patch none the less.

      • Yes, that is Fash the elder (his brother, John, is also a cunt)…
        Another thing that grates about those bluenose cunts is that on their PA system they play a song by a band from Liverpool (‘Hey Jude’) and they sing the ever so original words, ‘Na-na-na-na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na City!’ over and over again… Still, makes a change from them singing about plane crashes…

      • Nice to see those blue bellends pay such a touching tribute to their deceased goalkeeper, Bert Trautman…. Shame they don’t pay the same respect for their other great goalie of times past, Frank Swift…. One of their own died on that runway, yet the mongs still think it’s funny…

  7. Norman, didn’t you know that Elvis and Marilyn Monroe had a love child who they named Christoper. They chose his surname from Elvis mothers third cousin twice removed. (Deep breath) It was kept secret so that their son Christopher Spivey could expose the truth about bugger all.

    • INo, mummy bear, I never heard that one… What I heard was that the dead Paul McCartney’s replacement in The Beatles (Billy Shears Pepper) got Jane Mansfield up the duff and their bastard offspring has vowed to continue the deranged conspiracy theory legacy he inherited from his father…

      • Thats shite Norman, that rumour is a lie spread by Barbara Bush who is Alastair Crowleys daughter. Dontcha know.

      • Dontcha know? spiveys favorite word form of cuntspeak, but seriously barbara bush looks alot like Aleister Cuntley. It was even mentioned in his documentary wickedest man in the world Dontcha know.. oh fuck now its rubbing off on me ahh fuck it.

  8. Its amazing, the more deeply deluded you become the more truth will out. Tin foil hats anyone .

  9. I only have 2 words to say about the war criminal, murderer and Coward Tony Blair and those are his 2 middle names……

    Charles Lynton

    Google it.

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