The Fall of the UK – An Act of Treachery

I write this from the sun kissed beaches of New South Wales so obviously I have no real skin in this game apart from being a former Englishman who grew up in the Midlands when it was still civilized.

I have to ask, just what the fuck is going on over there?

Of course I see all the posts about the illegal channel crossers and how you all feel but i never really understood the depth of the issues and problems….until I was pointed in the direction of this You Tube Channel

YouTube Link

Just how much is this costing you poor buggers every single day? Thank fuck we have a real closed borders policy here ( and loads of sharks in the water , maybe you could take some for the channel ? )

Fark Moi this is just ridiculous. This lady ( Yorkshire Rose ) deserves to be headlined on every TV channel. I don’t think I will be going ahead with any planned visits to see my old country now.

Nominated by: Grumpy Old Cunt

69 thoughts on “The Fall of the UK – An Act of Treachery

  1. Well, we left the EU sucking our tax money and they still kept us in the ECHR to dump more cunts on us because of it, taking more of our tax money paying for Conservative and Labour hotel owners (short summary but, true e.g Serco).

    So for the EU has a win win because our gutless politicians emotionally and financially invested in this shitty project.

    Don’t bother coming back to Birmingham, you won’t recognise it. Stick to Aussie Beaches with peachy bottoms sticking from thongs on white sandy beaches. I’d rather take the spiders over these dingy raiders.

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