The Fall of the UK – An Act of Treachery

I write this from the sun kissed beaches of New South Wales so obviously I have no real skin in this game apart from being a former Englishman who grew up in the Midlands when it was still civilized.

I have to ask, just what the fuck is going on over there?

Of course I see all the posts about the illegal channel crossers and how you all feel but i never really understood the depth of the issues and problems….until I was pointed in the direction of this You Tube Channel

YouTube Link

Just how much is this costing you poor buggers every single day? Thank fuck we have a real closed borders policy here ( and loads of sharks in the water , maybe you could take some for the channel ? )

Fark Moi this is just ridiculous. This lady ( Yorkshire Rose ) deserves to be headlined on every TV channel. I don’t think I will be going ahead with any planned visits to see my old country now.

Nominated by: Grumpy Old Cunt

69 thoughts on “The Fall of the UK – An Act of Treachery

  1. Those in power need a permanent underclass that forever depends on “free shit”. The parasites are smart enough to know from whence the free shit comes and will vote to keep these benevolent overlords in power. Couple that with a relentless lie campaign about “compassion, asylum, blah, blah” to get clueless cunts to buy into the idea and
    The fix is in. The productive class will never be represented in the halls of government again.

  2. From the Midlands myself.
    GOC, I’m glad you found the haven of Oz.
    Warn as many people as you can – Do not let Down Under become a shithole through unrestricted immigration.
    Use the UK as an example.
    (Yes, I’m aware of the irony that Australia was colonized by the British).

  3. What is going on?

    Total Fucking Apathy.

    This is why we (indigenous Britons) are now becoming second class citizens in our own country.
    Preferential housing, education & healthcare for immigrants-both legal and illegal.

    Local authorities, local government and national government now being run, increasingly, by ethnic minorities.

    Those who do put their head above the parapet (Tommy Robinson / Laura Towler / etc) are cancelled and even prosecuted / imprisoned.

    The foul extreme left have taken control of schools and further education establishment’s.

    White people openly mocked on national television. Refused employment opportunities.

    British history being revised and “coloured”.
    Meanwhile, as long as people can still watch Corrie, Strictly, I’m a celrbricunt, stuff their faces with sugar and salt snd occasionally swap gravy, they don’t protest.

    The way the masses fell in line with Covid, vaxing, track n’ trace etc, shows how the lack of critical thinking in the UK is at staggering levels.
    Most just blindly follow the narrative.

    Total Fucking Apathy.

    That’s the problem☹️

    • Frank Zappa (RIP) had it right when he said on BBC 2 in 1968 that the West was very big on apathy. He also said ‘something’s got to be done. Before America scarfs up the world and shits on it.’

      Buf Frank had it wrong when he said America. He should have said ‘something’s got to be done. Before Islam/The Third World/Woke scarfs up the world and shits on it.’

      Frank also said before his death that the West would willingly welcome a Nineteen Eighty Four type society. ‘Oh yeah’ he said ‘They will welcome it. They will actually ask for it.’

      Very perceptive man, was Frank.

      • Frank was/is a hero of mine. He wrote “stink foot” just for me back in the 70’s.

  4. I wouldn’t come back, even for a holiday, Mr Grumpy. You won’t recognise the place and it will break your bleeding heart. As a white tourist you will stick out like a sore thumb and some cunt will mug you. Keep your memories of what used to be, it was a paradise by comparison.

  5. In the space of one lifetime our country has been utterly ruined.

    No fucker wanted nor voted for the world’s rubbish to be openly welcomed to our shores.

    It’s a crying shame..the Quisling Cunts masquerading as our political class should hang.

  6. Aye you’re better off out of it.

    In saying that though the recent T20 cricket world cup was in Oz and when India or Pakistan played, the stadiums were packed with the cunts. 90 odd thousand gates at the MCG.

    I don’t think they all flew over to watch the games.

    I’m afraid you’re on your way too.

    Point systems point shystems. You don’t know how far these cunts will go with regards to false documents.

    It’s a fucking industry in those places. It’s why we’ve had so many fake doctors and engineers etc.

    • Australia is packed with Indians and Orientals. Absolutely rammed. In a decade or so, every other person will be a Chînkchilla rice monkey, except up north in the flooded areas where only the boguns and Abbos are stupid enough to live. The only Crackers you see are Greeks or Italian cunts. There aren’t many Convicts left.

  7. If you are a burglar and you see a house with locks and bolts, alarms, CCTV and barking dogs you move on. You look for a house where some soppy cunt has left the door wide open.
    We’re that soppy cunt and that’s our front door.

  8. If only they’d listened to Enoch.

    Well, the people did but the quislings in Parliament, aided by the media, got shut of him sharpish.

    I weep when I think of how the country would be now, had Powell been PM for a few terms.

  9. I’ve just seen the best interview of the year so far.

    Calvin Robinson asking a stunned Greta Thunberg some VERY awkward questions.

    Can’t find a link to it,
    Have to try and find it yourself but truly brilliant.

    Well done Calvin 👍

    • She doesn’t have any interest in the consequences of net zero, her only objective is to stop CO2.
      She has been well tutored since her time sitting against a wall instead of going to school but after watching the Amol Raja interview it became clear that she has some strange wiring in her head. At one point she just started giggling, Raja must have thought he had hit her G spot 😂

      • This unelected self appointed Garbage Pail Kid Greta has no qualifications, experience or authority to lecture anybody about anything. The sooner the rubber faced little windowlicker gets married and up the duff, the better. Then, she won’t have time to fuck round dictating to us all, the corrosive little commie gobshite woke novelty act.

  10. I presume you have the BBC in some form over in Oz. Don’t believe a fucking word they say. It is fucking lies from top to bottom.

    • I’m with ya…as long as we can stagger on for a few more years, I couldn’t give a fuck…our generation has had the best of it and the young are welcome to our leavings…luckily I won’t be around to share their woke Utopia/ Shadowy Cabal concentration camp….shame really, I’d take great pleasure in witnessing whatever is coming.

      • We know where it’s heading some variation of 1984 v Brave New World, good luck to the cunts 😂

  11. You may well ask what the fuck has happened over here.
    We’ve been asking ourselves the same question for years and there are manifold reasons that mostly lead back to Westminster time and again.
    We’ve a two party political system where there are now no dividing lines. Whatever you vote for you get the same media trained wankers, just with different colour ties.
    Brexit never happened because the establishment didn’t want it to.
    Squillions of pounds were spunked in a vain effort to ‘lead the world’ during the covid debacle.
    All this the work of a ‘Conservative’ government of nearly 13 years that thinks the country can live on wind power alone, immigrants are cuddly victims, white men are scum, women can have a penis and that the son of an Indian immigrant is the saviour of their party and the country.
    We might not be completely fucked yet, but we ain’t far off.

    • Wind Power REALLY emits the smell of hopeless farts; about a fortnight ago, it produced just over 50% of the UK electricity requirements, but at other times, fart farm owners are being paid millions to put the brakes on, as The Grid cannot cope, and we don’t have batteries to store excess. Just as well, I guess, or the country would go up in flames, if traction-current batty fires are any indicator.
      Whit a load of SHIT.

  12. It’s strange that people still refer to the Enoch Powell ‘Rivers of Blood’ speach.

    He made it over 50 years ago, in 1968.

    The fact is that no politician, no person in authority has voiced their concerns since then in any meaningful way.

    Despite being warned, the people of the UK have been sleep walking into the situation that they are now in.

    What was once one of the great capital cities of the world, London has been given away.

    The flag of England has long been seen as racist.
    St. George’s day is not celebrated.
    Anyone that is brave enough to say that they are proud to be English is immediately branded as a racist.
    Your national broadcasting company has been taken over by people that are anti White and anti British.

    When you start thinking that there is nothing else that Britain can give away, shockingly you see that they are giving away their factual history.
    Important historic figures are being portrayed as being black.
    Black people are being written into historic events.

    White people need not apply for jobs in the public service.
    They will be at a disadvantage because of their colour.

    But the idea that the UK is ‘the laughing stock of the world’ is wrong and actually contributes to the problem.

    The fact is that the rest of the world really doesn’t give a fuck and really doesn’t know what’s going on there anyway.

    A once great nation is now sadly, almost irrelevant.

    The rest of the world is not watching what happens in the UK.
    Your nation is not important.
    I can promise you that there will be hardly any people, even in your closest neighbouring European countries who have any idea who your present Prime Minister is.

    Instead of living in the past and imagining that the UK is still a nation that leads the world, hard work and difficult decisions must be made to claw your way back onto the world stage.

    Living in the past while giving away the future is not the best way to do things.

  13. When I was a lot younger I thought Britain was one of the best countries in the world, and how lucky I was to be born British. I was immensely proud of our imperial history which we peacefully gave up as we granted independence to our colonies. Proud of how much we had given the world in terms of industry, science, medicine, engineering, culture and more. Proud of our revered Institutions like the BBC, NHS, Church of England and the Universities, and yes, even the Royal Family. Proud of the British sense of fair play.

    And what of it now? Whole swathes of the country infested with those of alien race and culture, pandered to by the State. Our history junked or even cancelled by the same Institutions which are now woke beyond repair. Appalling public services and crumbling infrastructure which are getting worse.

    The country that stood alone against Hitler in 1940 can’t (or rather won’t) even stop civilians in dinghies invading, for God’s sake. We’re now controlled by cunts, political and institutional, who denigrate our history and achievements, and are actively encouraging the destruction of our country and culture.

    Stay put Grumpy, if you don’t want to witness the death of a once great country. It’s not pretty.

  14. Have any cunters heard about the plans for King Charles coronation?

    Spectacular concert with all the big names planned apparently.
    With additional and exciting performances to include LGBTQXYZ, Health Workers and Refugees.

    Not sure how the fuck that works but it sounded like they were creaming themselves when they mentioned it before on BBC Faav Laav news.

    Health workers

    3 of the more important elements in the country formerly recognised as the UK.

    A woke dystopia more like.

    Will I be taking any notice of WEF puppet jug ears coronation? Will I fuck.
    A sense a weekend camping in the mountains coming on.

      • I never gave much thought to the monarchy when Liz was alive. Now she’s gone I have no reason to give it any whatsoever and certainly not with this appeaser supposedly at the top.

      • Once chimpboy Charlie kicks the bucket the WEF will reign over us.May Adolf Klaus catch the 🙉 pox.

      • Klaus Schwab, pffft. What is it about that old Swiss spastic that scares people? Call me when it kicks off between the Jews and the Muslims. Until then, party on, folks. 😀

    • It’s going to be absolute shit, Herman. And one can envisage the bill. They’ll wheel out Brian May, Macca, Cliff, Mel ‘ Scouse Cunt’ C, Tom Jones, Blobbie Williams and that ginger fanny Ed Sheercunt. There will also be a load of poofters and ‘world music’ types (i.e: dark personages). Still, on the bright side, surely The Grudge Toting Man Baby and the Megain Locust will be barred. Little Walt’s gobbing off about the Taliban will make them a security risk. Also, admitting that they lied on the Oprah show should make them banned for life. The cunts.

  15. ‘During Mayoral Question Time today, when asked about celebrity endorsements for campaigns, Mr Khan said: “We know the only celebrities that endorse the Tories are Jim Davidson and people of that ilk.”

    I suppose we on here are part of ‘that ilk’.

    Oh well…we’ve certainly paid the price for ‘Chalky’.

    • “I don’t know what he means by my ilk – old, fat men, unfunny comics, Charlton Athletic supporters, what? I don’t get it. And I don’t think it’s very nice. I think everything he does is political, and everything he does shows the type of man that he is. He’s one of these people that thinks that the left is good and anyone that has a different political opinion must be the bad guy. He should concentrate on clearing London up, stopping knife crime and sorting out the police force, getting the public services back together and sorting the roads out. Why is he wasting his time talking about me? Because I voted Conservative? The majority of the country did, that’s why they are in government and his mob aren’t.”

      Well said, Jim. Sadiq Khan is the epitome of the useless cunt politician. London was the greatest city in the world for 500 years, one of them anyway, now it’s just a place to use as a hop-off to Mauritius.

      • “I think everything he does is political…”

        Err, he’s a politician, in case you hadn’t noticed. 🙄

    • And we all know that the only celebrities that endorse Labour are circus freaks like Eddie Izzard, leftist luvvie turds like Phoebe Waller Cunt and Steve Coogan, and psychotic lesbians like Jack Monroe. You know, people of that ‘ilk’….

      Get to frig, Suckdiq.

    • I always find it weird that Australia is considered part of, “the west”. In any case, the Chinese would turn Australia into a place a damn sight better than what our boozebag cousins have, which is… what? A nothing burger culture. Yet they got the 2032 Olympics! Why? Should have been Madrid, Spain.

      But all this talk of the west, “falling” is based on nothing. We’ll be around forever, it’s just the, “old days” are long over and we need to get with the times and compete in the tech markets. Everything else is, “CONSPIRACY NONSENSE!” I am told! 😀

  16. This from the BBC:

    ‘How Everton Women are providing some hope for Toffees fanbase.’

    Yeah right. I am sure that some longstanding hardcore Goodison match goer will have their mind taken off relegation by some silly tarts as their club is turning to shit, on and off the pitch.

    Woke fuckery in a nutshell. Get to fuck, Beeb.

  17. Is it any wonder so many professional people (both retired and still working) are leaving this country in droves!

    They’ve seen how this country has turned into a shithole of epic proportions; they’re sick of the hypocrisy of this and previous governments, the false promises and hidden agendas and the fact they don’t listen the silent majority because it seems our opinions no longer count.

    Those professionals are also sick of being taxed up the ying-yang despite being good citizens, and contributing taxes and NICs for decades. But for this government it isn’t enough. Instead they want to tax you on your income, your assets, your profits and a whole lot more. And what do they do with that cash?

    They give it to the feckless, the entitled, the immigrants and any other cunt with their hands held out demanding (not begging, but demanding) more of our cash.

    Thousands of professionals and skilled workers leaving this country, and I’ll be one of them very soon. There’s no way this fucking government is getting their hands on my significant savings after years of hard work, hard IT courses, difficult IT exams and much prized certifications. They come along and say “Thanks for the hard graft but give us all your money because we don’t give a shit about you other than your savings and assets!”

    The Baby Boomers on the way out, and they’ll be coming after the Generation X people next. Once we’re dead and buried this country will be in a far worse state than anyone can imagine. But you know what? I couldn’t give a fuck!

    Land of No Hope
    Land of No Glory
    Welcome to England

      • Fuck all to do with Brexit, more to do with a world wide liberal left elite who require an uneducated subservient workforce to matain their wealth and dominant position.

        Hopefully one day it’ll turn round and bite the cunts firmly in the arse..🔥

  18. On the evening shift at my dialysis unit, every -and I mean every – patient is either an African or a P@k!. And all but one do the ‘No speaky English’ routine and have no manners whatsoever. I found them fucking unbearable, and that’s why I requested that I be shifted to another time slot. The thing is, every hospital, clinic, medical centre and dentist in the UK will be like this now. It’s an infestation. like a dose of human Colarado Beetle. This country is frigged and is now run for migrants.

  19. On the subject of the UK’s demise, am I the only one who wants to gas and exterminate every cunt involved in ITV’s The Masked Singer? This really is television at its lowest. Fuck knows what John Logie Baird and Lord Reith would think of this shit. The fact that this crap passes as entertainment just shows how far down the toilet Britain is. Culturally and socially.☹

    • I want to gas and exterminate every cunt that appears on so called “light entertainment” television.
      Fucking shite entertainment more like.

      It’s probably always been bad but as the collective IQ and attention span of the population tumbles, then what passes for culture or entertainment gets progressively worse to the point where it’s unbearable.

      Gogglebox is probably the show that blows my mind the most.
      Slack jawed cunts being filmed watching the aforementioned shite.

      You couldn’t make it up.

    • And that fat has been snooker cunt, Stephen Hendry on the Masked Singer The twat isn’t even a singer. If the best they can do is Hendry or Linda Robson in a stupid costume, then that really is the fucking pits.

  20. The thing is, we alll know that this Cost of Living thing isn’t going to go away. Even if gas prices stablise and inflation goes down, energy bills and food prices will continue to go up. Three pounds fifty for a small bottle of Heinz salad cream for fucks sake…

    They will continue to go up and screw people because they know they can get away with it. What Cuntfinder General said about apathy was true. Just like the council tax, just like the three week bin emptying, just like the smoking ban, just like medical receptionists acting like Nazis, just like dentists refusing to see the working class. People will just moan and mutter a little bit and that will be that. This country has no fight any more. It hasn’t had any since Maggie was in all those years ago.

    Also, these cunts who used Covid and the lockdown as an excuse to do next to fuck all will now use this recent strike action as an excuse to do even less. The rail and postal services are shit here anyway, but this country is going to end up like India. The trains will turn up once a month and the mail every three months. Our post comes now about once a week if we’re lucky.

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