Gilluis Pérez

You want a cunt for today?… I’ll give you a cunt…

This cunt is an abomination… A typical libtard snowflake who is nothing more than a servile, crawling celebrity arselicker… Makes out he is oh so right on, but does he mention oppressed women in the gulf states? Or the brave women who have taken up arms against IS? Nah… He just wanks over celebrity cunts like Schnozzer Streep, Fat Arse Beyonce and the Whale Woman Adele… And he thinks he’s clever when he keeps repeating words like ’empathy’ and ’empowering’… The fucking gaytard cunt…

Also, all this bullshit about how he has an ‘affinity’ with women (but only famous snowflake ones, naturally) and all this touchy-feely ‘sensitive’ shit…. I bet he is a complete cunt with people… Especially those he sees as ‘ordinary’… Twat…

Nominated by Norman.


113 thoughts on “Gilluis Pérez

  1. unfortunately he also claimed he lived in the constituency when he didnt. he moved in the next day when he got found out. if they lose heavily they might call it a day. that lottery winner is a contender for COTY never mind the week. i am making a note.

    • Cunt Kinnock the younger says he lives above a kebab shop in Aberavon. I bet he hasn’t even got a toothbrush there. So, Mr Kinnock, what attracted you to the safe labour seat of Aberavon?

      • Hopefully not so safe now he’s been found out to be an EU gravy licking cunt courtesy of sucking Daddy’s EU cock and Mummy’s EU wizened nipple.

        Only Owen Smith is a bigger cunt in the Principality!

  2. I would like to nominate the United Arab Emirate Football Association for a cunting.
    Just read that these arseholes have a list of players with ‘unethical haircuts’ and is against Islamic teachings.
    Ok, Paul Poga looks a bit of a bellend with his barnet but for fucks sake!
    Just another small example of this backward, intolerant ‘religion’. World Cup 2022 is going to be fun, stoning and 50 lashes all round for the infidels!!

    Nominated by Liberal Liquidator.

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