The bit where the SNP Members sit in the House Of Commons should be named Cunt’s Corner. They’re sitting in a parliament that they don’t want to be part of. A bit like Farage in the EU. The voice for Scotland? My arse. A bunch of self serving cunts.

Nominated by Anton Pillar.

Being keen on pissing money up the wall, I see that the Scots Nasty Party are having a debate in Holyrood against triggering Article 50 despite being told it has no legal standing and that Scotland cannot block Brexit. Bunch of deluded cunts oop norf…!

Nominated by Dioclese.

96 thoughts on “The SNP

  1. Fuck em, time the Scots woke up to the EU Socialist Workers Party. Scotland would be independent for 5 minutes before Pissy Nicky was on the phone signing away any vestige of Scotland as a nation to the EU. A nationalist party that would end Scotland as a nation, wake up Scotland.

    Funnily the EU have turned their noses up at an independent Scotland joining the EU, a net recipient of EU benefits is no replacement for losing a net contributor, the EU looks at Scotland, see’s Greece and looks away hastily.

    • But in order to be a proper nationalist party you at least have to be independent and hard working nation which Wee Crankie Sturgeon doesn’t seem to understand considering they are whores and sellouts for EU. Also for her being a so called “nationalist” is somewhat laughable she seems to be fine with scotland being overrun with violent hajis too

  2. Buckfast and methadone gives you the clarity to vote SNP. Fifty odd whining cunts that need to be told to ‘get tae fook’.

  3. Made my fucking day when the voting was announced in the commons on article 50. The sight of that bad smell in the room Angus Robertson shaking his head with his eyes closed in the background. Pure fucking poetry. Looks like Mr Norton when his Mrs told him ‘our Grahams bent’. Fnarr Fnarr.

  4. Last time I was in Scotland we visited a wax works exhibition.
    I was interested in the construction of the model and was unfortunately caught on CCTV with my hand under the dress of Mary Queen of Scots.

    It now appears I’m to be charged with historical sex abuse…

  5. Scotland voted to stay in the UK, the UK then voted for Brexit.
    What part of that simple sentence don’t the SNP or any other remainer cunts get?

    I will happily bet that in 10 years from now, when we’ve hopefully left the EU you will still have whinging cunts going on about Brexit. I’m sick of the whole fucking stinking pie that is Brexit. Where’s that cunt Cameron as well? He should have told the remaining cunts to shut the fuck up and get on with it, too busy enjoying the 30 million pound family funds the posh cunt.

    • Like Cameron and Miller, Sturgeon is finished… Come the end of the year, we will be smelling burning Wee Burney…. Even the Scots despise this foul, corrosive dwarf… Article 50 will go ahead, she will get her ‘second referendum’ and she will lose just like last time…. Her own will turn on her and the stake will be set up…

  6. One dimensional boring lefty cunt Ken Loach has the honour of being first luvvie to start whining at the baftas. Hardly surprising though is it? Bellend…..

  7. Here we go. “I, Daniel Blake!” wins best British film (fuck me what a scant choice that was) and now we have Cock Roach pontificating about allowing in 40yr rapeugees and/or bomb-makers.

    What a fucking surprise! And please tell me Ken, how many of the cunts will you be housing in one of your mansions?

    Fucking shill! And your films are utter twat too you cunt! When I go to see a flick I want to be entertained not brought to the brink of suicide. Besides your films are made so that middle-class virtue signalling cunts can feel good about themselves! Cunt!

    • I can’t watch it, can’t be doing with any more virtue signalling lefty cunts, specially ones in the “entertainment” industry who have used their mediums to spread their vile social engineering filth in the guise of normality to the hungry masses.

      Make no mistake these cunts are the vanguard and messenger of the left pumping their poison into young minds. Aided and abetted by the equally left infested educational establishment.

      • I’m not watching it either, I want my tv in one piece. Saw the headline earlier, the guardian (who else!) are quoting him saying that he hoped people would watch his shitty film and bring the government down. Ken Loathe more like. Or Cock-Loach…..

      • Basically he is saying “Hey thicky leftie cunts, line my pockets, I need more champers cash”

        What a cunt

      • The BAFTAs is a massive cuntorama. What a bunch of pampered, privileged, pompous ponces.
        Can you imagine such hubris from the Hollywood greats of the 40s and 50s? In those days, they accepted that they were in the entertainment business and didn’t pretend to be artists. Plus, they made entertaining films, not miserable dross like Manchester by the Sea or I, Daniel Blake.
        As an aside, were the guests all issued with onions on the door, to hold under their noses during the deceased montage?

      • One thing we can still do better than anyone else. Leftie fuckwit cunts who are very rich.

    • You are spot on there about boring Loach. Miserable gloomy badly made shit for the new hinterlecktchewals that is all the same. A darling amongst the luvvies who mostly wouldn’t be seen dead in a Loach dirge.
      I have tried to see what the cunt is going on about but it’s no use, it really is just everyday shit and depressing as fuck.

      Major cunt.

      • Someone should tell that Kenneth Lonergan spaz that there is no sea near Manchester (unless you count Blackpool, Southport etc… Which I don’t)… The doodle dandy twat has probably never even been to the real Mcr… Fucking cunt….

      • It is Manchester, Massachusetts in the land-of-makey-uppy (USA) and it is on the coast where the land stops and the Atlantic starts.
        Personally I think Danny Boyle should have a crack at doing a “re-make” set in proper Manchester and give the Yanks a taste of how f’king annoying it is to have your films massacred beyond recognition.
        I can see nights out with the lads, punch ups with the asians, mouthy slappers all with Big Fat Gypsy make-up lobbing empty bottles across the dance floor to attract a lad who might buy them a drink, early morning light glissening off the rain swilling last nights vomit down the gutters off Piccadilly Gardens. …… That’s how i remember it growing up.

    • I agree, Rebel… What a load of fucking shite… Like any single one of those luvvie cunt trumpets gives a flying fuck about the genuinely vulnerable, mentally ill, sick, or disabled… Talk about radical chic… Radical fucking cheek, more like… I didn’t notice any of them (including Loach) speaking out when Duncan-Smith, Cameron, Osborne, and McVey used the likes of ATOS to hound people who either ended up dead through genuine illness or suicide… We all know these luvvie cunts favour the dirty thieving cunts from shitholes like the Calais Jungle… To even pretend to care one bit about vulnerable and sick people who are British is just a fucking insult…

      • Someone should tell that bellend Loach that he’s six years too late… People were dying after being declared ‘fit for work’ in 2010…

      • Loach makes films so londonistan luvie cunts can see a slice of real life, all sanitised and packaged into 1 hour and 40 minutes so it doesn’t impose on their busy culturally enriched lives in Hampstead or Islington.

        So far it has made 12.45 million bucks at the box office and this gong will no doubt ensure it doubles that figure. Kerching!

        More champagne, Ken?

    • Never watch that shit purely and simply to avoid cunts giving speeches about things they won’t ever come across but are quite prepared to inflict it on the rest of us.
      If you want to involve yourselves in politics then do so but whilst you are an actor or singer keep to what you know best. In the meantime shut the fuck up.

  8. Oh fuck, just spotted Streep in the audience too!

    No doubt she’ll win an award just to give her airtime to vent her libbo spleen too!

    Hey Meryl, you’re about 30 miles away from the jungle. Feel free to pop over to France in your private aeroplane and fill it up with as many of the cunts *YOU* want to save – cos they’re not coming here! Cunt!

    • Do the cunts not make films that people might want to watch anymore? All the clips seem to be of films that just look ..well….shite.

      I like a film that harks back to Empire…not some soppy shite that wants to educate me. I want to be entertained not lectured. Zulu,The Four Feathers,Sink The Bismark etc….thats what I like.

      • Sink The Bismarck now there’s a blast from the past, loved that film as a kid, also my Grandad served on King George V one of the British ships which sunk it.

      • Susannah York in frilly knickers, stockings and suspenders. Why don’t we have strumpets like her anymore?

    • Funny you should mention Schozzer Streep… And J Kunt Rowling springs to mind too.. But shouldn’t whoever does ‘official’ surveys should do an ‘official survey’ like this one?….

      How many celebrity cunt snowfalke libtards have actually taken in any ‘migrants’ or ‘refugees’?

      A: None
      B: 0
      C: Fuck All
      D: Zero

  9. Don’t know why any of you lot bother watching it, a load of cunts giving each other awards. Who fucking cares.

    • Victims of our spouses’ lousy television taste. I was trying to hide behind my newspaper and hold back the vomit.

    • All of those award shows are one enormous cunt fest .. run by cunts , attended by Cunts and won by Cunts, who then feel they have to impart some pseudo intellectual thought provoking nonsense on any cunt silly enough to be watching…….😡

      • Isn’t that unfunny fat frig, and Hollywood cunts court jester, James Corden presenting the Grammys this year?…. The cuntometer is going to have its glass shattered that night…

  10. Just this minute started watching The Baftas and the first award goes to Ken Loach with his latest offering. All respect to the man and cast of said item. BUT why the fuck does it have to immediately become a party political broadcast on behalf of the Totally Beyond Comprehension Bunch Of Cunts Party. I don’t like your government much but straight in with the thank you to everybody that made this possible speech then onto how the government treats the cunts of Britain on social plus an immediate winge about “child refugees” being refused entry. Sorry Ken. It made for uncomfortable viewing. One word does spring to mind, especially those applauding.
    Shall I give you a clue? It begins with C 🤔

  11. Yeah there’ll be no surprises tonight, whichever cunt has the most virtue signalling attraction they’ll win, guaranteed.

    Hey I see auld R2D2 popped his clogs this year. Friends are reported to have said: “Beep! Beep! Bop! Whoooooo! Whistle!” – at the funeral.

    Now some French cunt spouting more EU propaganda. Don’t worry love, when Le Pen gets in you’ll be one of the first under Madame Guillotine! Cunt!

    Oh and Auntie Beeb doesn’t do advertising right – so what the is EE doing all over the knot-end then? Any chance of a rebate on my licence then you anti-British cunts!?!

  12. And Curzon can fuck off too!

    I had your app on my “Smart TV” – basically shit films that no one wants to see!

    I couldn’t wait to delete the cunt!

  13. And now Rylance jabbering on.

    Ok, I formally nominate the BAFTA Awards for a complete and utter cunting!

    • Never have so many cunts received so much attention for so little (since the last self worship ceremony)

    • What? The Rylance who is supposed to be such a ‘great actor’, but has done fuck all films of note?…. If IS want a bit of good publicity, then they should have done these BAFTA cunts one and all….

  14. The Swiss are going to fucking regret this, you have a sensible immigration law? Don’t fuck with it!!

    !People in Switzerland have voted to relax the country’s strict citizenship rules, making it easier for third-generation immigrants to become Swiss.
    Being born in Switzerland does not guarantee citizenship. Non-Swiss residents must typically wait 12 years before applying.
    Tests and government interviews are also required, which can be expensive.
    Initial projections suggest that 59% of Swiss voters said yes to simplifying the rules.
    The new proposal will exempt third-generation immigrants, who are born in Switzerland and whose parents and grandparents lived permanently in Switzerland, from interviews and tests in the naturalisation process.
    Supporters of the plan to simplify the process argue that it is ridiculous to ask people who were born and have lived all their lives in Switzerland to prove that they are integrated.”

    • Don’t do it Switzerland, have you seen Germany and Sweden lately?

      Relaxing their immo policy has worked wonders for their indigenous population – has it not!

      In the words of the famous horror film: “Be afraid. Be very afraid!”

  15. Just accept the award Stone you big-eyed, semi-lispth talentless cunt and fuck off!

    No one cares what you think on Brexit or Trump! Yours is one vote, mine is one vote. Yours doesn’t matter more because you flaunt your two-backs on the silver screen you cunt!

    Tell you what, I hope they play Chas C’s “Too Many Cunts to Count” track for the closing credits!

  16. No two ways about it……That fucking whale Adele should be harpooned and rendered down. The fat cunt is moving into pole-position in the race for most annoying musician,although,to be fair,I expect Bono to do his usual and surpass everyone with some truly magnificent act of Cuntitude.

    Geldof isn’t a musician so he doesn’t count.

    • Adele has albums called 19, 21 and 25 because these numbers are apparently important to her.

      I’m guessing 3.14159 played a part…..

    • Adele is just another fat tart on the piss chav with a trained ‘singing voice’…
      All in one key, always the same ‘dumped/lost my man/get my own back on my ex’ songs (written by about nine people, and they’re still crap!), and just total stage school bollocks… The fact that the likes of Adele, Bonebag Swift, and Ed ‘Me first!’ Sheeran are seen as the standard these days shows how popular music is fucked…

  17. The EU is starting to resemble the titanic, deeply flawed in its design and construction, unable to turn ( reform) it’s hit the iceberg of huge debt, with the Italian bank crisis looming large , I believe that stands at over €420 billion of which € 300 billion is unsecured!!, the Greek bailout appears to have failed and the bowl is about to come out again!
    This could be the tipping point!
    The first compartments are flooded and this over bloated, top heavy 1950,s relic appears to be on its way down into the murky depths.
    For all their bombast and sabre rattling the noises coming out of the EU are at best mixed, junckers jumping ship by not standing for reselection and members of the 27 are starting to turn in each other.
    The SNP blinded by independence and a loathing of everything English appear to be rowing towards the sinking ship, the only thing that might save them could be Spains veto on them joining as they think that would open the door for the basque separatists.
    We need to trigger 50 asap and the more distance we can put between us and the EU the better, if not we could also end up sleeping with the fish!!

  18. Oh forget to mention Adele , shes very lucky to be around in the era of super sized windscreen TVS!!
    And all the fuckin bleating at the end was totally unnecessary and hugely annoying!!

    • There needs to be an actors version of punk… Albert Finney rightly pointed out that acting is now the domain of the toff once again… Greats like Stamp, Caine, Thaw, Courtenay, and Finney himself wouldn’t make it these days…It’s all middle to upper class ‘daddy’s paying’ or ‘mumsy is an agent’ little turds like all the Harry Potter cunts like Radcliffe and Watson (is she the most overrated bird in history?)… This is also rife with the Yanks: with cunts like Gwyneth Turkeyneck and Taylor Shit (OK Swift isn’t an actress, but it’s the same thing)….

      And what happened to screen sirens, eh?… I mean real women?…. All we get now is skinny cunts and dull as fuck bimbos like Cara Delevigne and Kristen Stewart… Can’t mention real women from the classic era without putting one in the post… So here is the magnificent Janet Leigh… A bit of that…

      • Spam filter is a cunt! I hate the fucking spam filter its screwy all the time what part of my comment was spam? tryed rewording things still fucked, tryed removing the pic link again still acts like a cunt fuck you spam filter

      • Yeah… When I first saw Psycho as a young lad, my mate (niee lad, but a bit of a sotftarse) went home terrified… I went to bed and had a wank…

      • I rarely praise actors but Christian bale was phenomenal in that film. Its a sick fuck movie in parts but his character is so wacky & weird you can’t help but laugh at even the most gruesome bits “Do you like whitney houston?”

      • I agree TS….Bale was worthy of a mention for his performance in American Psycho.
        Worth a look for those who haven’t seen it…..

        In other news…..despite being dead, Whitney Houston is to have a small part in the sequel to the movie she did with Kevin Costner.
        Entitled….The Body Bag.

      • Oh my bad, you meant Psycho “Psycho” as in hitchcock I’m retarded disregard that but yeah janet leigh was gorgeous

  19. When will these cunts learn to just shut the fuck up. Ken fucking Loathe and the fucking likes send me in the opposite direction at stellar fucking speed. Why don’t I hear you bleating on about the steel workers, mining communities or fishermen of THIS fucking country. Why? Because it’s not flavour of the fucking month. You have the fucking brass neck to say which side you stand, government v people. I don’t recall any fucking whining when they were handing out grants to British film makers you cunts. Fact is you and your chums don’t fucking care about your own fucking country. To a fucking man every one of you cunts will have stepped into a 100k Range Rover or Merc and fucked off to the Ritz or some other over priced piss take of a dump and sucked each others cocks dry. How fucking much was your gas and leccy bill this month ken? Don’t know eh. Council tax? Thought not.
    That fucking vile show of in your face wealth cost enough to keep maybe 100 average families in the UK housed, fed and warm for the next fucking year. If you really care go hire a warehouse for 5k and get some plates of sarnies from Saino’s and a few bottles of Prosecco for 7 quid. Have your little party then give the rest to someone who fucking needs, indeed deserves it far more than you. Oh I forgot, it didn’t cost you a brass fucking farthing did it. Paid for by the Academy (British tax payer). Your films are shite and you make me fucking wretch. Fuck right Off.

    • Loach is a cunt alright . I think he’s delusional rather than unprincipled , although that doesn’t excuse him. At least he’s a recognisable old school leftie dinosaur , but his views would be more valid if he was living under an undemocratic regime.

  20. The whole BAFTA`s and Grammy`s were a predictable yet still utterly nauseating display of millionaires trying to get their tongues as far up each others arseholes as possible whilst preaching leftist politics.Why don`t these cunts change the record and not be a walking talking cliche?

    • Adele’s tongue was so far up Beyoncè’s arsehole last night she was able to tell reporters that Beyoncè uses Aquafresh Fresh Mint toothpaste.

      I’ve just seen her accepting her award I can’t remember the exact words but it went something like this: “Oh I’m so sorry. I’m so white and you Beyoncè – my hero – you should have won this award because you’re black. I’m so upset. I’m going to have console myself with a pint tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a movie bag of Doritos and a 4Ltr bottle of Tesco Value cola!”

      • Beyonce and Adele… It’s a close call on who’s got the most annoying voice, and on which one has got the fattest arse…

  21. The usual cavalcade of cunts at the BAFTAs , all straining at the bit to display themselves as exemplars of the compassionate society . What a load of wank.These tossers should realise that they are actually prime catalysts for the despised populists , or grown-ups , who despise their ill warranted bleatings about the society they do precisely fuck all squared to fix.
    Can you imagine if they were living in a totalitarian state where they faced a real threat of being suppressed and marginalised? I wonder how many of them would have the guts to voice their anti-government cant . Maybe Loaches prognostications would hold more validity if we were living in an authoritarian state. He’s got principles though which is more than can be said for his co-attendees at last night’s shite fest.

      • This cunt is an abomination… A typical libtard snowflake who is nothing more than a servile, crawling celebrity arselicker… Makes out he is oh so right on, but does he mention oppressed women in the gulf states? Or the brave women who have taken up arms against IS? Nah… He just wanks over celebrity cunts like Schnozzer Streep, Fat Arse Beyonce and the Whale Woman Adele… And he thinks he’s clever when he keeps repeating words like ’empathy’ and ’empowering’… The fucking gaytard cunt…

      • Also, all this bullshit about how he has an ‘affinity’ with women (but only famous snowflake ones, naturally) and all this touchy-feely ‘sensitive’ shit…. I bet he is a complete cunt with people… Especially those he sees as ‘ordinary’… Twat…

      • I detest this type of male feminist cunt, who’s an absolute prick. Christ, I sound like an advocate for transsexualism. The guy deserves a severe dose of the Ebola virus. We could send Pauline Cafferkey to look after him, in the hope that her bio hazard skills let her down again.

    • I loved his “…brought up in a family of strong women…”, aye because his Dad probably did one before the best part of him had dribbled down his mother’s leg – like most of his NYC ilk!

      Take a look at the single mother % amongst the black/Hispanic communities, both east coast and west coast, it’s 70%.

      Maybe if his Dad had been around to give him one upside the head then maybe he wouldn’t have turned out like the cringeworthy shit that he is! Cunt!

    • Nasty little Spic. Arse-bandit by the look of him. A good example of why Queer-Bashing should never have been made illegal.

  22. The SNP are like a parasite on the arse of England. If you want to stay in the EU then fine, but with the price of oil tanking your going to have to sell a shit load of Bell’s and haggis to pay your blood money to them bunch of corrupt cunts in Brussels.

  23. I don’t like the look or sound of ponce, just another talentless vacuous cunt! The problem with satellite and free view tv is the amount of channels, 1000,s of programs and shows which need some Cunt to stand in front of the camera, it’s opened the door to a tsunami of completely useless, unfunny, talentless and annoying cunts!!
    Never has the expression ” less is more” been proved right…..

  24. Poor Angus Robertson. Just lost your seat to the Tories. Let’s FUCKING celebrate. Where’s your Indyref2 now, you fat NAZI CUNT. And u think that’s funny! Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh’s just lost her seat too. HALLEFUCKINGLUJA, ya FUCKING terrorist CUUUUUNNNNTTTTT. Onto Alex’ Jabba the Hut’s’ seat next. A’INT LIFE GREAT😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁.

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