Gilluis Pérez

You want a cunt for today?… I’ll give you a cunt…

This cunt is an abomination… A typical libtard snowflake who is nothing more than a servile, crawling celebrity arselicker… Makes out he is oh so right on, but does he mention oppressed women in the gulf states? Or the brave women who have taken up arms against IS? Nah… He just wanks over celebrity cunts like Schnozzer Streep, Fat Arse Beyonce and the Whale Woman Adele… And he thinks he’s clever when he keeps repeating words like ’empathy’ and ’empowering’… The fucking gaytard cunt…

Also, all this bullshit about how he has an ‘affinity’ with women (but only famous snowflake ones, naturally) and all this touchy-feely ‘sensitive’ shit…. I bet he is a complete cunt with people… Especially those he sees as ‘ordinary’… Twat…

Nominated by Norman.


113 thoughts on “Gilluis Pérez

  1. This cunt needs a couple of kicks in the bollocks to see if he still has any. If the cunt does have any bollocks they then need to be kicked every hour for a couple of days. What a fucking cunt and more proof that Twatter and Cuntbook gives a platform for cunts like this to become relevant to the society of fellow cunts that are fucking everywhere on social media. Fuck off.

    • That’s the problem with social media mate.

      These twats were always restricted to drum circles, hippie gatherings, university clubs and film / tv award ceremonies.

      Now they have a platform with which they can unite with all the other pointless twats in the world to congratulate themselves on how important they are.

      If it wasn’t for isac I’d have lost faith in the world a long time ago!

  2. A cunting for Valentine’s day.

    What a load of bollocks, so some cunt decided to make what was a celebration of famous Christian Saints called Valentinus (one of whom married Soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and ministered to persecuted Christians) into romantic load of bollocks which means you have to make a load of fucking effort for your Mrs. Yet another commercialisation of a Christian event (Christmas, Easter) in which you are bombarded by the Supermarkets wanting you to buy ‘A Valentine’s meal fucking deal’ FUCK OFF, what about a day when the man gets spoilt? (A bottle of Rum, gram of Coke, socks and boxer shorts and the Mrs cooking your dinner in suspenders) No we don’t get such a treat do we. It’s no wonder women outlive us. So this is a cunting for the cunt or cunts who decided this was a good idea.

    • On Valentine’s day last year, my missus was working late so I thought I’d make an effort.
      Ran a nice bubble bath, lit some candles, made a nice meal, quality bottle of red, followed by a good movie.

      I remember thinking at the time…she’d fucking love this…..

    • We do have steak and blowjob day but they seem to forget!

      We get all the other shit from America so why can’t we have steak and blowjobs day!?!

      Guess the shop cunts can’t commercialise it so it gets lost.

      …no matter how much you fuckin remind them.

    • well our celebrations have bottomed out, Mrs went to the wax works yesterday as a surprise, and surprise it was!
      Obviously Joseph Menglies sister works there, I could have done a neater job with a hammer and bolster in fact “having your cunt kicked in” sprung to mind when I checked out the damage.
      So no action going on down there for a while.

  3. I bet he has Daddy issues hates himself and has been indoctrinated by a single mum to believe he and all men are cunts.In his case though he is a grade A cunt.

  4. You can tell the cunt Gillius is trying so fucking hard to look ‘caring’ and ‘understanding’ of women. I’ve got news for you cunt you’ll never understand women. If the cunt has (which I doubt) a Mrs then I bet she has the soft cunt cooking, washing up, and doing the Ironing. What happened to a man being a real man? I don’t give a fuck if you don’t have a job and the Mrs is the bread winner you still have to be the Man of the house. Fucking cunts.

    • I guess he has to try something. Bet his dick is as soft as the vindaloo shit that I took this morning.

  5. Never heard of this cunt. Is he well known in any way or is he just a cunt trying to make a name for himself by arselicking slebs and agreeing with anything they say ?
    Whichever it is he is clearly a massive cunt with no original thought or ideas of his own.

  6. A fellow cunter on here has the name ‘Too many cunts’ and how true that is. I wonder what the ratio of cunts to non cunts is? It’s got to be 7 cunts to every non cunt. There are Too Many Cunts, I need a holiday.

    • Ratio of seven to one? Not in my experience. Of all the people I’ve known, I’d say 95% of them were cunts. And they may have thought I was a cunt. And that’s ok. Because the only people whose opinions I’m interested in are the people who I respect.

      • Mate I could go to the moon and I’d still probably find a cunt.

        ..well the fact that there instead any air is pretty cuntish for a start.

    • Every last one of us can be a cunt at times, what separates the true cunt from the rest of us is the ability to know you are being a cunt, learn from it and stop being a cunt.

      Others however make it a lifestyle choice.

  7. This is your archetypal mangina, white knight, beta male cunt who will hang around with wiminz all the time but never get laid. Give your head a shake, you fucking loser! Chicks do not like “men” like that, he will forever be in the friend zone and never escape. Has he never heard “treat them mean, keep em keen”? Tragic waste of testosterone. Let’s hope some kindly old geezer gives him a handful of red pills soon.

    • Very true, women like a man to be a man and to also be a bit of a ‘always right’ cunt now and again (gives them something to whinge to their mates about). You can always spot the man who thinks being understanding and listening to the mostly crap they talk about will get him some juicy cunt but in reality she ends up with a man who treats her a bit shit now and again and she will then whinge about it to Mr ‘understanding’.

      • Too right.
        Mr treat em a bit shit gets the fanny.
        Mr understanding gets to listen to the stupid, pointless tyrant of shit.

        I know! I used to be Mr nice guy. All those those years ago I had so many girl mates.

        Only when I became unconcerned with their STUPID fuckin problems I started to get some fanny.

  8. Someone on Twitter please message this cunt telling him he is on is a cunt. He may actually take some advice from us.

    • I don’t think he’ll take any advice, he’s too far gone.
      When someone says they’re”grateful to live in the time of Beyonce” , they’re too far gone.

      • What!!! the cunt actually said “grateful to live in the time of Beyonce” gentleman we are well and truly fucked; if a grown man said that in public, why bother, fuck it all; is whats left worth saving?

      • Mother of holy blue tinted fuck. If he said “grateful to live in the time of Beyonce” then the cunt-alarm has just blown itself off the wall. This is the type of cunt that has turned the gender neutral understanding hipster fuck into an artform that nobody wants.

        I bet he cries at these shite romcoms and has a cabinet dedicated to Jane Austen books next to his Rupert Bear trouser press. What in the fuck has happened to the real man instead of a limpwristed designer sympathy crusader on his unicorn. Copies of “Right On Monthly” must be stacked everywhere.
        It’s laugable if it wasn’t so tragic. What in the name of Christ has happened? For cunt’s sakes society…grow a clue.

    • Maybe he needs an award.

      I think perhaps we should start producing isac merchandise to pay for a fancy trophy for these cunts.

      This cunt definitely belongs in the hall of fame!

      • We could have a ceremony and everything.

        A pink carpet and everyone gets to throw shit at them as they arrive.

  9. Why oh why did I bother looking this cunt up, a few tweets and I was not sure if he was a wind up or for real.

    I can live without this sort of cunt polluting my head space.


  10. Urrgghh man. Followed the link.

    Got down to one artist to another artist ….

    ..almost chundered from the cuntery.

    What a twat. Is this guy actually an artist?
    Can’t say I’m too savvy with the “artist” “actor” lefty snowflake fraternity.

    I feel ill now.

    Great nomination norm.

    I would scroll further but I’d throw up!

  11. Don’t know the cunt but I’ll take all your word for it. I therefore concede that he is indeed a cunt. Same with cunts like Philip Schofield and Richard Madeley that appear on what are really just programs for stay at home women talking about PMT, pregnancies and man worries. Go and fuck off and get a mans job ya poncey, shite talking cunts.

    • Yea, sucking up to someone that has nothing better to do than sit in Costa coffee with their friends and going to the salon to get their cunt hairs plucked does not constitute work in most people’s books!

      And if they can’t even do that they’re even bigger cunts so why bother sucking up!

  12. Gareth Snell is a cunt. Who he? He is the Labour candidate for the Stoke by election and it seems he has been a bad lad on twitter making sexists and mysogonistic comments including calling those lovely ladies on loose women “sour faced”, some bird off the apprentice “fucking annoying” and “speccy” then advising her to “piss off”. Of our old chum Janet Street-Porter he has this to say, [she] “is a polished turd. Shiny and shit” There is more. I wonder if The Flabbot will care to defend her colleague?

    So that will be UKIP winning Stoke, then. Good news at last.

      • Totally. But then again so did David Davis when he said he would not kiss The Flabbot due to his lack of ocular deficiency.

    • Dunno, in fairness to him he only speaks the truth, much better then the usual PC brainwashed cunts usually associated with Liemore.

      Well Labour if this was the UKIP candidate you would be wetting your pants in rage.

      Over you Jeremy and UnLady Di.

      Though in fairness and I don’t know why Liz Kendall rings my bell

      • And I’d do that horse faced 4×2 Rachel Shabi right up the dirt box and wipe my cock on her curtains on my way out.

        After securing her consent, obviously.

      • Liz Kendall rings my fucking bell too. But why oh why was she ever in a relationship with the unfunniest cunt in the universe, namely Greg over grown fucking retard Davies. WHY!!!

      • I think I would have a rumble with Liz Kendall, there is certainly something about her Sixdog, then again I have a stinking fucking cold and it feels like I am all drugged up to the eyeballs.

    • Sexist and misogynist
      “sour faced”
      “fucking annoying”
      “piss off”
      “is a polished turd”
      “Shiny and shit”

      …normally I wouldn’t piss on labour if they were on fire but this guy seems alright

    • I’d vote for him.

      No wait. I voted labour once in my life and I got FUCKED!!

      I won’t be making that mistake again

      “We care about workers” HA.

      “We care about young peope” WHAT?!

      “NO more boom and bust” FUCK OFFFFF!!!

  13. We’ve been rewatching The Prisoner again and, seriously and truthfully, I think old Pat MacGoohan was onto something.
    It’s almost as if he foresaw the world that Social Media would create with half the population too cowed to speak the truth and the other half eager to grass them up or persecute them for the slightest infraction or sign of non-conformity.
    The episode entitled Free For All is particularly telling.

    I am not a number, I am a free Cunt….

    • The last episode (Fallout) when Number Six tries to have is say, but is shouted down or drowned out by all those masked freaks who look and sound the same is more or less a premonition of snowflakes and the social media mob…. Anyone who says anything they don’t agree with or like and it’s ‘Racist!’ ‘Sexist!’ ‘Ignorant!’ and ‘Hater!’ repeated over and over…

      • If it ever gets to the point where we can’t call this site “is a cunt” anymore due to censorsh… err I mean “regulations” them how about “The Unmutuals”?
        Another “chill down the spine” episode…

    • Very good insight, Mr Bastard.

      Another prediction of a world dominated by trivia and bullshit came in the 1985 book ‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’ which is well worth a read.

      • Is it better then Roger Waters Solo album by the same name, Fred? I’ve heard it, was a real mixed bag if I remember correctly

    • How did he look like Hitler ?
      Did he have his niece’s shite sprayed all over his puny,weak chest ?

      • My cunt of a Da always had a moustache, and over the years , i swear it was getting smaller.
        Haven’t seen the dirty, orange, fascist cunt in years, so i don’t know if he managed to perfect his Hitler look.

        Him and all his mates were supposedly “hard”, but they all had skinheads, moustaches, earnings and chains around their necks and in the summer, always wore vests.
        They looked like a bunch of pooves to me.

    • I’m often mistaken for Dara O’Briain….. I assume that’s why people shout “Cunt” and “Wanker” at me in the street.

      • @Sixdog Vomit
        Never cared for Sparks thought they kinda sucked… kimno my house wtf? sounded like a Roxy Music ripoff in my opinion

        Even tho Ron Mael kinda looks like Der Führer. The fact is he is jewish, russian and austrian so he gets the look from that

  14. FUCK OFF Carragher you red shite cunt. Get some elocution lessons before you soil our screens with your filthy biased dross. CUNTO UNO.

  15. Not advocating violence towards women, but who would you most enjoy kicking in the cunt?

    a) JK Rowling
    b) Lily Allen
    c) Madogga
    d) Wee Burney Sturgeon
    e) Other

    • Have to think about that Norman

      a) I could claim to of invented Quimich
      b) I assume you mean Keith?
      c) Can’t afford the cost of surgery to have my leg removed from the fetid hole
      d) I would want to call in air support to be sure the job was done right

      e) Adele, she is a fucking disgrace, simpering all over Beyoncé who is a cunt. She should of given her the middle finger and said who yo bitch! Also the George Michael tribute, why is this man suddenly elevated to sainthood? Public indecency, driving stoned out of his box, jumping out of a motor on a motorway endangering fuckers who actually wanted to live, smack head., the media selling toxic shite to the masses and Adele peddles it like a pro.

  16. Well forward to the complete snowflake spazout when Geert Wilders wins in Holland next month and the end of the EU becomes a reality….

    • I hope the libbo media is doing as good a job over there as they did here with Brexit and in the US with Trump.

      If they’re as fed up of being dictated to by “modern liberals” as we were and the ordinary folk of the US were then Geert should be a shoe-in (I hope), and then Le Pen to follow.

      That’ll piss Les Dawson (Angela Merkel) and Arthur Mullard (Adele) off no end! Good! Cunts!

      • Oh the crying and the whinging and the award ceremony speeches!

        It’ll be a cunters heaven!

      • No chance will Wilders win. The way the cloggies vote makes it very difficult for a single party to win over all power. It always ends in a coalition of some sort. He may well win the biggest popular vote and the most seats but all the other parties will make a coalition to prevent him from getting any real power so he could win a moral victory but no control. Which is a right cunt.

  17. My mate had a cunt of a lecturer today who said she thought and hoped Brexit would be a failure and deserved to be and that parliament should have voted against the referendum result as it proved people couldn`t be trusted to make a logical decision.It wasn`t A C Grayling by the way.

    • Tell your mate to name the treacherous cunt so that we have another body to line up against the wall!

    • So she’d prefer that her country went down the pan,than see a country that has taken back control of its borders,finances and laws? Just shows how blinkered and stupid so many of her kind are.

      If the vote had gone the other way I wouldn’t have been pleased,but I’d have hoped that whatever happened,it made the country a better place,not a disaster zone…..but I’m just an uneducated bigot,so what would I know.

    • The north will go fuckin supernova!!

      I’m a southerner. I’m sure that the south will kick off too but nowhere close to the north.
      I’ll be cheering them along and I’ll have no problem marching into London to smash the snowflakes. I don’t know a single person that wouldn’t.

      Don’t these twats realise that they’ll get fucked if they treat the ordinary Englishman like a twat.

      We wouldn’t be where we are as a nation if we were soft.

      They’ll learn. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  18. Stoke voted 70% leave so if UKIP don’t win there it won’t be looking too good for them. Gonna be jolly interesting.

  19. Har har har!

    The EU is bricking it! Guy Verhofstadt basically saying what any sensible person has known for 20yrs!

    Even Juncker has decided to put his gravy in a thermos flask and fuck off before it’s too late.

    Verhofstadt has come clean on a stagnating economy within the EU – so all you remoaner cunts wanting us to stay in the single market and keep the doors wide open for every Tom, Dick and bomb-maker to come in, well you remoaner lot can now fuck off because the EU’s chief Brexit negotiatior has admitted the “experiment” is fucked economically, and with Greece about to go pop for the 3rd time and Italy waiting in the wings…still want to be part of that action you feckless twats!?! We’re much better off out!

    O’course, Verhofstadt’s answer is to make the EU even more powerful and degrade the importance/power of the EU nation states themselves. I.e. let’s fast track in a totalitarian EU Federal government which can sanction/oppress/force nation states to their will.

    Well another European cunt tried that in the 1930’s – didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Verhofstadt also states that the EU isn’t much liked from within or without. Yes and the reason for that Guy me auld china is that folk across ALL EU states (including Les Dawson’s Germany) are fed up being told what to do and how to feel. The identity of any state *IS* the nation and the only cunts who want it to be otherwise are those cunts riding the EU gravy train, i.e., cunts like Guy Verhofstadt!

    Are you sweating you EU cunts? Yeah, not enough for my liking!

    And to think Jockland wants to get into bed with that nest of twats! Well you’re fucking welcome to join them and see how much they care for you and you’re negative benefit to the EU! Shit on your neighbouring fellow countrymen (who actually care about your lot) if you must but don’t expect us to supply the toilet paper when your arse needs wiping! Cunts!

  20. I hate Adele but I’m glad she won in a sense now that every lefty website like CNN, Buzzfeed and the Beeb are saying beyonce lost because Adele is white and its Trump fault of course because hes president and also white . This is retarded anyway because they both suck The funny thing is adele is so pathetic she would probably give it to beyonce as shes a crazy virtue signalling fat cunt

    • The mentally retarded snowflakes are saying that pile of shite La La Land is only winning awards because it is a “white” film. The lefty cunts are losing their fucking minds.

      • They are turning on themselves the cunts. History tells us this it what happens. Popcorn time.

      • Not to take her side or anything but winning the lotto can ruin your life especially if you have a big family or horrible with money. Family fights over how much they “deserve or should get”, that close friend who can really use a loan because something something. Your kids fighting over how much they should get…. its a game of favorites that always plays out

      • With that amount of cash to hand you can have all your family mysteriously vanish en route to your new island in the Bermuda triangle. And any “mate” who asks for a sub gets knee capped. Problems solved. Money is wonderful, there is no problem which cannot be overcome with the proper application of cash.

      • I misread it, I thought she had won 17 million but she only won 1 million when she was 17. I thought you had to be 18 to buy a lottery ticket, Camelot should ask her for the money back for cheating. That would show the cunt.

  21. Stupid bint has clearly spunked most of her winnings and wants more, hence selling her story to the press and considering suing Camelot.
    Greedy cunt.

    If I won the lottery jackpot I’d pay someone to clean my kids rooms, and buy a couple of pints with the remaining tenner….

  22. Paul Nuttall is a cunt. What with the Stoke by-election coming up and a good opportunity for UKIP and this prick has been caught out. Stupid cunt claimed on his website in 2012 he lost friends at Hillsborough, now the wanker admits it wasn’t true. Fucking cunt and it isn’t helping that I can’t shake this fucking cold off either.

    • Colds are cunts.
      Off work, get to laze about, house to yerself.
      Sounds great, but isn’t, coz a cold takes the pleasure out of everything, even porn.

      Hope ye feel better soon, Gingers Ballsac.

      • Thanks birdman, you are right about porn. I do have comfort though in Jack Daniels unlike the uncaring Mrs, sometimes she just doesn’t understand me 😁

    • Why did UKIP choose a lying scouse cunt as a leader? They must have known he would claim to be either

      a/ John Lennons son.
      b/ Cilla Black’s grandson
      c/ Knew victims of Hillsborough


      Have it away with party funds.

  23. Judge Neil Flewitt QC is a monumental CUNT.
    Romanian Orsolya-Anamaria Balogh went to A&E with abdominal pains.
    She went to the toilet there and a baby came out of her.
    She never knew she was pregnant, so luckily she was in hospital, right ?
    Nah, fuck the hospital, she just shoved toilet paper in the poor little baby’s mouth and dumped him in a BIN.
    Luckily, a cleaner found the baby and he was saved.
    Now the mother is definitely a cunt, and deserves everything thrown at her, but judge Fuckwitt gave her a year’s community sentence.
    Again, for the visually impaired, A YEARS COMMUNITY SERVICE !

    Part of me hopes the kid grows up to be a psycho, and tracks his “parents” down.

    • How the fuck can you go full term and not tell you are pregnant? How the fuck is that possible? Even Romanian pikeys must know the basics of human reproduction. Are these the cunts who are supposed to be benefiting the country so much?

      • The male European gypsy moth can detect the female gypsy moth by smell from a distance of over 4km.

        These statistics still apply if you discard the word moth….

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