Rugby Football Union (RFU) & Luther Burrell

Here we go again.

”RFU will open investigation into racism at Newcastle Falcons after Luther Burrell claims”

Another ex player, and the ‘ex’ is significant, suddenly claims racism in his sport.

”Burrell, who won 15 caps for England between 2014 and 2016, gave an interview to The Mail on Sunday last month in which he claimed that racism was “rife” in rugby union and that he had been called a “n—–” and a “slave” by teammates.”

Funny how none of this was an issue 8 years ago. Is it compo setting in? Revenge for being dropped?
Fuck me when I played colour was the least of your problems. Abuse was constant and god help you if you were ginger.
He should look warily at the oily little parking stanley who tried to destroy Yorkshire cricket and see what a glittering career he now has.

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42 thoughts on “Rugby Football Union (RFU) & Luther Burrell

  1. It is amazing the avalanche of complaints about “racism” all come tumbling out, one after another, when the player has retired, and the media appearances and the money are starting to dry up. Compensation is a wonderful thing. They gets weary and sick of tryin’ as George Gershwin had it. Innit bruv.

  2. Utterly pathetic.

    A few years ago,whenever you got a group of blokes together, they’d take the piss out of each other…building sites, The Forces, sports was almost a rite of passage ( I don’t mean the likes of the bullying at Deepdale,that was something else altogether). It was expected and actually taught people how far they could go and how to deal with piss-taking.

    Now we are reduced to the pathetic level of grown men whinging about being called “hurty words” years ago..words that,I’m guessing, didn’t really bother them at the time and are just being regurgitated now in order to get a payday.

    • Morning Mr F….mental isn’t it?
      My mates and I have spend nigh on 40 years being horrible to one another and enjoying it immensely.
      Same with work chums. This bloke I work with and I were ‘asked in for a chat’ by the concerned accounts bint a couple of months ago after she overheard him wishing that I would fall off a cliff into the mouth of a waiting killer whale whereas I hoped that he’d be raped by a gay giant with full-blown AIDS.
      When the stupid doris asked if “everything was going to be alright between each other”, we just looked at each other and pissed ourselves.
      It’s how blokes are. Well, not modern cissy fagğots, but bollocks to them.

    • That’s right DF. My dad was in the Marines (the real ones we have in Britain, not the pretend Yank ones).

      Therefore, I got to meet his mates who were mostly Marines too. One was called ‘Sooty’ (not even black, just a bit tanned – ‘Linekeresque’ if you will). Another one ‘Rusty’ (sometimes ‘Ginger Bollocks’.) One was called ‘Ripper’ but I never got the reason given to me. Oh, ‘Greasy’ forgot about him…part eye tie I think.

      Nobody gave a fuck and they all gave as good as they got. And they’d have climbed over hot coals and walked through hell to save each other’s lives.

      Cunts like this are all the same. Spunk what money they made during their careers and fancy a nice payday.

      And to fuck with their mates’ careers and lives.

      Cunts, the lot of them. And you’ll find they were even worse themselves when it comes to ‘racism’. Case in point, that chippy cricket cunt was found to have been having a go at the 4 be 2s.

      They are cunts! Good cunting.

  3. I was in the Royal Marines in the mid 90s, whilst piss taking was fucking merciless (my ears a slightly large apparently 🤣 ) from starting at CTC and then the rest of my service, the black guys never took any racist abuse that I saw.

    Generally in meritocracies you don’t see it because everyone has earned their right to be there through a standard set of assessments

    Professional rugby teams always seem tight knit to me, I dont believe this N word shit he’s coming out with one bit.

  4. Banter amongst mates is natural.
    Its only in recent times its become a issue with the more easily upset.

    My mates have been my mates for nearly 50 years.
    We mercilessly rip the piss out of each other.
    But if it was a stranger being cheeky we’d instantly turn on them as one.

    Its what blokes do.
    Its affectionate.

    It bonds, insider nicknames etc,

    Bet the men at Agincourt did it?
    They definitley did during WW2 ,
    Its natural .

    It weeds out the crybaby types.

  5. Let’s take this to its logical conclusion to the point where when a child is born and the midwife exclaims “It’s a boy!” expect the nurse and the hospital to be sued 40 years later for hurty words and transphobic/sexist/misogynist slander!

    Call someone “four eyes” = Sued
    “Fatso” = Sued
    “Thicko” = Sued
    “Ginger”= Sued
    “Spotty” = Sued

    … in fact the world is your oyster in terms of hurty words and mental anguish. And I’m pretty sure lawyers are fully aware as well.

    I wonder if you bunch of cunts will inevitably sue each other for being so wicked to each other over the years. In fact I feel quite stressed even talking about it. Can I sue someone?

    • My remaining years will, I fear, be taken up with fighting endless
      historical charges of ” Being a nasty old rude Cunt”.

      Anyone on here got any experience of Court cases?…I may call on them as an expert witness in the future.

  6. White people should watch their backs and have nothing to do with black people, including employing them. To much fucking hassle. We’re going backwards in the pursuit of “progress” .

  7. When I used to work night shifts,
    Was a few black lads there,
    Everyone got along.

    One black lad we called ‘Bubbles’ after Jackos chimp.
    But it wasnt nasty ,
    We liked him.
    He took it as a joke and gave it back.

    Its all intent, context.
    No malice involved.
    If someone had said something and meant it,
    Wed all of been appalled.

    • Morning MNC…it’s nice that white blokes and black blokes can, for the most part, get along.
      Hey, at least both groups can enjoy hating the real cunts: bloody pakıs.

      • Morning Thomas.👍
        Funnily enough the black lads and the stanleys at work didnt get along to well .

        Never saw a stanley work alongside/help anyone but a fellow stanley?
        Maybe a cultural thing?
        But none of them were grassing types and all were united in hating management.

        Hate brings people together!😁

  8. Give Luther a break. It’s probably all those concussions he got playing he suffers from selective memory..
    Can’t remember what he had for tea yesterday but can remember a racist honky calling him names 10 years ago.

  9. It’s safe to say this has fuck all to do with racism and everything to do with easy money.

    Every dark key who ever played at a professional level will be racking their memory to come up with a similar tale,should they be so inclined.

    It’s on the same level as the Stanleys who club together to crash other people’s cars and get an insurance payout.

    They are all cunts and the organisations that grovel to them are also cunts.

  10. I cannot imagine any of the preverts on this site running to the courts for a payday from the less horn obsessed members of this community.

  11. This all goes back to the useful idiots who all fell for the shit peddled by that lying, racist, sex pest parking Stanley cricketer.
    Now anyone can make shit up and the gullible cunts fall for it..
    Let’s ruin careers and organisation’s just for the hell of it..

    • Yes the Jew hating P*ki cricketer, that story ran every day for a least a month and still gets the odd mention now.

  12. In a slanging match anything goes (not here, everyone is very polite) but in a very heated argument things may be said that offend, well tough.

    Racial slurs, what the fuck, its not the end of the world. Calling someone a stinking pile of dog shit I guess is fine but add the word black to any nasty comment and the sky falls in 😂

    • When GCHQ has finished compiling dossiers on the denizens of ISAC,
      And the Met start to arrest us,
      Im unfortunatly going to have to throw some of you under the bus to save my own skin.

      This is with a heavy heart, and deep regrets.

      But ill be accussing at least 3 off you of misgendering me,
      And 2 of you of touching me inappropriately.

      No hard feelings.

      • “No hard feelings”

        I bet that’s what your missus has been saying to you for years while trying her best to tease you seductively!

        BTW. is your family still blanking you out based on what you said to them yesterday?

      • Morning Techno,

        Dunno, Im first up theyre still in bed.
        Lazy see?

        Im waiting for the gym to open at 10am,
        So get home around dinnertime and see if Im still a social pariah😁

      • I’ve got in at the ground level, MNC, sorry….I’m a transbumder muzzıe who self-identifies as a pıkey so I’m echelons higher in the victimisation stakes top trumps than any of you hetero, cis-normal gammons.
        Or ar least that’s what I’ll be telling the pigs when I’m being interviewed.

      • I will of course deny ever knowing anyone from New Mills however I had heard the rumours about some unlawful goings on at a property sporting a country cream gate.

  13. That`s nothing. You would not believe the amount of abuse I receive. Mostly from black people.

  14. The link is to the Guardian ‘rag’, they love a bit of shit stirring like this especially if they can target, in their eyes rich, white privileged mens sports like rugby and cricket.

    Is the foreword to the article written by a certain G. Lineaker. He’s black and was abused.

    I’ve not heard of this rugbyist but the nom is good enough for me to instantly conclude that he’s an attention seeking cunt, cut from the same piece of cloth as the Jew baiter at Yorkshire.

  15. Looks like rugby’s going to go down the same self flagellation route as English cricket has. Lots of resignations and employment law busting sackings with people having their careers destroyed on a ‘his word against mine’ basis. No doubt there’ll be enquiries, whereby a conclusion is decided before they’ve even started.
    If the authorities think beating themselves up is going to cure anything, they’re very much mistaken. All it does is open the floodgates.
    Look at Yorkshire cricket, where they are now terrified of turning down young park key players. The England wimminz football team, who conspired to ensure they only have wimminz coaches.
    What starts as a spurious complaint for compo can end up being a takeover of institutions. And all because nobody has the balls to call out a liar.

  16. And the answer is… don’t employ or do business with them and keep away from them at work where this is possible. You don’t have to be cunt with them or give them funny looks. Just keep it to ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and don’t be pally. One slip up in the pub and bye bye career, perhaps hello plod. If I can’t relax around someone, I won’t have anything to do with them.

    I follow this now and my life has been much easier for it.

    Fuck them, they’ve brought this on themselves.

  17. He should be less wortied sbout racism and more worried about being buggered in the shower by some rugger queər. Rugby is rife with poo-pushers.

    • Or crispy Anne Heche (who might shuffle her mortal coil in the next few hours, the drunken idiot).

  18. What about Yorkshire cricket captain Andrew Gale. Sacked in December last year, subsequently won an employment tribunal, along with others, yet now charged by the ECB and asked to attend an enquiry.
    This from the man himself.
    “On this basis, and bearing in mind my income from cricket ceased on December 3, 2021, I do not intend to spend my limited savings in paying my legal team to represent me at the ECB hearing.

    “The ECB governs an industry from which I have been ousted and which has turned its back on me. I will not be attending any hearing or acknowledging the outcome.”

    This is where things end up if the powers that be surrender to these Mickey Mouse claims. Even the law is ignored in pursuit of wokery. Cunts!

    • I read his statement, good on him, I didn’t see any reference to it on the fucking BBC Look North (Leeds) who were up the lying cunts (Azeem Rafiq) arse for weeks.

  19. Always thought Union players were a bit touchy feely ever since turning pro.
    Give me League any day.

  20. What about the case of John Terry and Professor Rio’s brother? Found not guilty in a court of law but fined and suspended by the Premier League. So much for British justice eh?

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