The BBC [60] and the Premier League [4]
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A duo-cunting for these two cuntish corporations. What has happened? Well, it is, apparently, Ramadamadingdong for the worlds’ muzzer population. How does that bother us in a majority Cristian country? Well, it seems that not only are the BBC shoving it down our throats, but the Premier League are allowing football games to be interrupted so footballers can “break their fast”. That’s fucking great – will they also be allowing CofE or Catholic players to stop to take communion during Sunday games. How about a break for seder during Passover? How about a few minutes before half time to let off a load of fireworks for Diwali?

Anyway, not to worry as the PL have helpfully produced a pamphlet entitled “Ramadan and football”. I bet you never thought you’d see those two words together in a sentence?

What utter, utter cunts. How long before Eid becomes a national holiday in the UK?

Nominated by: Lord Cuntingford

48 thoughts on “The BBC [60] and the Premier League [4]

  1. All religions are shite but some are shitier than others, as George Orwell didn’t say.

    Our morally-superior rulers hate Judaism and Christianity but love Islam despite the fact that the latter is simply an Arab supremacist version of the other two. Fuck ‘em.

    Here’s my post about Easter from last year. The reason I am opposed to Islam is because I’m opposed to Christianity…

    Freedom for East Anglia (Queensland Branch).

  2. You mean it’s not a National Holiday?
    Well, blow me over!
    Here’s a thought.
    In order to prevent the poor dears fainting, just as they’re about to score the winning goal ( hahaha), how about they don’t play?

  3. Football will soon adopt the American football style of a break between every “play”…the Septics use the time to show adverts,the Premier League League will need the time to virtue-signal….a break for Ramadan,a break to show support for the Bumboys,a break for some terminal child to be wheeled onto the pitch,a break to Take the Knee, a break to remember football fans crushed by their fellow “supporters”,a break to remember some old Fart who played in the 1930s Fairs Cup,a break to highlight child poverty,a break to allow that Fat Fruit,Robbie Williams to plug SportsAid….and on and on.

    All this from a sport and clubs run by amoral shysters who actually only give a shit about one thing..their own bank balance,and played by multi-millionaire mercenary players who are mainly too stupid and self-absorbed to actually give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

    The BBC are Cunts too.

      • Thank you and I’m sure everyone will be relieved to hear that I’m OK….I don’t eat the chicken ones…the filling is cheap shite…not like the meaty goodness contained in the steak ones.

    • There was a game recently I think, where the cunts had a minute’s applause for some dead old cunt, followed by some gayness shit, then the Ukraine bollocks and then the fucking knee bending.

      It’s every fucking game all this shite now. I’ve heard the argument ‘Muh. You don’t complain about Remembrance Sunday.’

      Fucking weak ‘argument’. It’s once a year, not every fucking game and definitely not a virtue signal for most.

      Next Remembrance Sunday it’ll take until the Monday to kick off, after all the other shite has stuck their oars in. The players taking the knee for that dead criminal cunt just after the Last Post is played on Remembrance Sunday is a fucking disgrace , the fucking cunts.

      Might as well not bother with the games anymore. Just have these millionaires with shit haircuts virtue signalling and preaching to us for 90 minutes on the pitch instead. The dark key, gay and wimminz pundits in the studio can go on at us about racism and gayness too, as they usually do now. They stopped with the tactics and line ups some time ago in many cases.

  4. The UK may be a Christian nation but Islam is the overwhelming religion.

    Christian, for the majority of people is simply a label.
    Something that they inherited at birth.
    They will only go to church for weddings and funerals.

    I suspect that most people that call themselves Christian have little interest or knowledge of the religion.
    Only a tiny minority will actively practice their religion.

    Islam is entirely different.
    It is more than just a religion. It is an all consuming way of life where only a tiny minority will not practice their faith.

    While the Christian leaders of the UK are more concerned with making political statements rather than promoting the religion of the nation, it is inevitable that Islam will dominate and eventually take over.

  5. One good thing about Ramadan. The streets are less filled with litter with the peaceful lot only eating at night. Go check and see if you happen to live near one of their enclaves.

    No good things about bbc and pl they are just cunts.

  6. Regular readers may be aware that I am not a football fan but from what I read I can only assume the football authorities are incompetent or stupid. A game yesterday between teams from Liverpool and Manchester, thousands to attend. On a day when Euston station is closed the game is played in London. Why ? Am I missing something here ?

    • I think you’ll find that the FA owns Wembley therefore playing these matches elsewhere would mean a loss of income for the FA. They don’t care how the fans get there, nor how difficult it was for them yesterday.

  7. On a flight home from Australia last week I asked for a beer, when it arrived it was poured into two plastic cups the stewardess apologised and said it was because of Ramadan she couldn’t give cans out, WTF can anyone explain that one?

    • My guess would be not to ‘offend’ the peacefuls. If it’s in a cup, it could be pop or coffee for all any cunt knows. If they see the beer can, they might go nuts on a plane or take out 50 grannies in the airport.

      We are fucked.

    • An acute case of ‘no can do’ ? Wrong, wrong and wrong…unless you were flying on a Muslamic Airline?

    • You should have seized control of the plane and flown it into the Kaaba at Mecca….or demanded a gobble off the air-hostess.

    • Qatar once refused me and the wife Redbull during dingdong as the fuckwit in the Doha lounge said it was alcohol. Good airline the rest of the year.

  8. Off topic, but the little nuggets of wisdom you can pick up from our national broad caster. That item of street furniture I always knew as a lamp post is called correctly, a “lighting column”.

  9. The UK is a free country (well almost) and no one is forcing these cunts to take part in Ramalamadingdong, it’s their choice.
    If their job is a problem and they want to indulge in the bullshit of not eating or drinking during the day then take time off, why the fuck should the majority of the the UK including the Premier league have to make changes to accommodate the cunts.
    Why the fuck do the BBC (and others) have to announce the start of this crap, it’s not like anyone who isn’t a goat shagger gives a fuck and you would assume that the goat shaggers know anyway.

    Muslims should fuck off to the camel/sandylands where they can indulge in everything that Islam offers (except grooming young white girls).

    It’s Easter Sunday, peace on Earth and Kindness to All 😂

  10. It’s hard to know which of these cuntish organisations are the worst. Both will only be happy when the country is enthralled to the “religion of peace” with 24-hour virtue signalling. I wouldn’t piss on either of them.

  11. ASTONISHING!! All the time I hear these “football pundits” (overpaid thick as shit ex players who talk bollocks) moaning about VAR….how it interrupts the game, takes too long, takes away the spontaneity of goal celebrations, the cunts in the stadium don’t know what’s going on blah blah woof woof. And now THIS!!! Oh let’s stop the game so Abdul can scoff a box of fucking dates! I can guarantee not one of these pundit cocksuckers is going to have anything to say about this shit. They are just ventriloquists dummies and we all know who has their hands up their arseholes.
    Sir Fiddler makes a good point about the NFL and I’ll come back to that later. I have to go and break my fast, check on the goats and kiss the fucking carpet now. Alan’s Snackbar!

  12. Not overly religious, but the demeaning and weakness of modern western Christianity has led us to where we are.

    Promiscuity (glad I’m married because loads of women behave like s l ags on Tinder nowadays)

    Family values? Don’t make me laugh!

    Community coming together every week in church – that’s gone (and I’m a fucking hypocrite because I rarely go)

    Schools no longer doing the Lord’s prayer/grace etc.

    Other, more ‘conservative’ religions pushed to the front and lauded (Islam in particular)

    Gays and trannies/degenerates lauded – pure coincidence this shit is happening I suppose?

    We can mock Christianity along with other religions and ‘fuck them all’, but sadly the world doesn’t work like that. All that happens is a dominant religion and culture takes over your own.

    The proof is in the pudding, no?

    I used to he a fan and agree with Dawkins and ‘Hitch’ mocking ‘sky faries’ but I now realise their arguments were pretty lazy and boring.

    It’s more nuanced. Not believing is fine, but mocking Christianity is getting us royally fucked over.

    And the modem church is too fucking weak too. Bring in preachers from the Westrbo Baptist Church. Imagine one of those cunts as Archbishop of Canterbury? Yes, kidding.

    I reckon our own DF would be a good candidate. No gays or trannies allowed in to church and shooting cunts for being late. Mosques turned into Frey Bentos pie factories.

    What’s not to like?

  13. ‘Mo’ Salah should be careful taking up that position (pic) during the transbumder/gayness celebration month. Fat Reg or some Widow Twanky cunt will be elbows deep before he can say ‘Allah’.

  14. Hungry Arabs?
    Once upon a time we were blissfully unaware of this and all other aspects of their filthy ways.

    Luckily our great leaders decided to ruin the country by flooding it with vermin.

    Oh and everyone employed by that Quisling shithouse of a broadcaster should be gassed.

    Fuck them all.

  15. I don’t know what Ramadan is about, probably something to do with taking a goats virginity?

    I know Easter is about the worship of chocolate,
    And something about Jesus coming back as a zombie.

    But don’t know where this fits into sport?

    They go down this road and itll be animal sacrifices and kids circumcision on the pitch.

  16. WTF has football to do with religion? As much as its got to do with Bleks Love Mansions, the Rainbow brigade, or Nut Zero – which is FA.

  17. I fucking hate the BBC. I’ve been watching some classic comedies on YouTube recently…….It aint Half Hot, Steptoe, Alf Garnett, Fawlty Towers, Little Britain, Catherine Tate etc. All of them BBC and none of them could be shown today without being cut to ribbons. Now we’ve got Mrs Browns Boys and Citizen Khan for fucks sake!
    I fucking hate the BBC.

  18. Why do they have to stop the game anyway? If it’s afternoon ko they can’t eat anyway, if it’s an evening ko it’s dark by halftime so why can’t they stuff themselves then the cunts?
    No the Prem and the telly companies (especially the BBC) need to signal their virtue and demonstrate how right on they are.
    You have to hand it to the wokies. Having taken over the major institutions of society they’ve realised that Prem football is watched by untold millions across the world and is an ideal platform for their propaganda. You can expect a lot more of this globalist bullshit.

  19. I noticed last week that the Athletico Madrid fans were having none of this shite though.

    Man City played there midweek and the 68,000 or so fans booed and jeered the fuck out of the City cunts when they took the knee. Fucking beautiful it was. Loud as fuck.

    • And it’s got to the point where if ‘my’ team (Arsenal) played Athletico Madrid (unlikely because Arsenal aren’t good enough for the Champion’s League) , then I would be supporting Athletico.

  20. How would these religious nuts like it if sport broke out at their churches and mosques?!!

    A game of football breaking out whilst theyre drinking babies blood?

    Or spontaneous cricket while they are in the middle of snake handling?

    Theyd moan like fuck .

    Besides its a health & safety risk playing football in sandals.

    • When they break their ‘fasts’ (they eat like fucking gannets from sunset to about midnight every day by the way,) it will be Eid.

      Surely it would be racist not to allow the peaceful players permission to slaughter sheep and goats in the goalmouth? And why are they not throwing some drugged girls from children’s homes at them at half time?

      Fucking Nazis.

  21. Football. Fucking Foot fucking Ball!!
    Doing what football does best these days.
    Virtue signalling it’s fucking arse off while further alienating and boiling the piss of lifelong fans. (former fans)

    Youngsters growing up and witnessing this ubiquitous weekly anti white/anti Christian shitfest will be none the wiser to the social engineering they’re being exposed to but the older fans who still go along, pay and applause this utter wank – they’re part of the problem.

    Football matches could and should have been boycotted en masse last year once sizable crowds were back in the stadiums and the George Floyd commemoration was in its infancy.

    Piping applause over PA systems during the European Championship matches at Wembley to drown out any booing of the knee bending should have been the final straw.

    Pandering to the alphabet communidee (still no gays who’ve came out mind)
    Pandering to the latest cause (Ukraine) offering nothing and helping virtue signal our way into a war – thick fucking cunts.
    Now it’s peacefuls and the annual Ramadandingdong bomb-athon.

    It’s too easy to be conspiratorial when you look at how football in particular has been targeted most aggressively by the powers that be.
    Targeted to further subliminally demoralise an already demoralised section of society.
    The national sport and the lifelong passion for millions of white working class folk the length and breadth of the for over a century – grandfather’s – father’s – sons etc etc.

    Worse still is that not one of these so called pundits, observers or journalists would have the minerals to call any of this bullshit out for what it is. Not one. Any that did would be finished and they know it.

    How’s about a minutes applause or a bending of the knee for the thousand plus children raped and pimped by the Ramadan enthusiasts in Rotherham? Thought not.

    Anyways – back to breaking that fast live on TV so viewers can sit and clap while I’m wrapped in my various flags.

    Fucking treacherous Cunts!

    • Great post HJ👏👏👏👍

      I was hoping Roy Keane would be the one to call this out. He’s come close (‘Get on with the game’) when having a go at Utd players ‘promoting themselves on Social Media – I reckon he was on about Rashford).

      But he couldn’t bring himself to do it, so fuck him too.

      All spineless cunts!

      • Cheers CB.

        I’m sure there’s a lot of cunters sick of football nominations or maybe sick of my rants.
        Without sounding overly dramatic I would go as far as to say my passion for all things football saved me as an unruly teenager.
        Whether it was playing, watching, reading comics, magazine’s and books.

        To see that same sport disappear up its own woke arse while repeatedly reminding me that people like me are part of society’s problem, has been very disheartening.

    • It is strange how the media choose to point out the lies being put forward by the Rooskies regarding the Ukraine but fail to mention the crowds booing the taking of the knee by footballers.

    • Seconded-an eloquent description of the current wonkiest, that is modern football👏🏻

  22. As a young man, I once paid half a weeks wages to watch a football match. I would have had more pleasure getting blotto and puking a curry. Needless to say, I have never watched a match since.. As for the BBC. I have the proud claim of never paying a TV Licence.
    (BTW. The National Motor Museum has a TV detector Van ! Its complete shite! Never worked! A fucking DR Who spent twig! )

  23. Fucking beam me up Scottie. My only small victory is that when the knee taking takes place I turn my back on it in the ground or turn away if it’s on TV. I’m losing my interest in football fucking big time. While we’re on the verge of WW3, fucking thick as shit idiots take a knee for a career criminal and thug. Fuck off you sad pathetic cunts.

    • You hit the nail on the head there BF. Honouring the Criminal Classes in the misguided belief I fucking care. I don’t !

  24. The woke seem to be winning in this country.
    The so called Great British Public appear happy to take the official government/media line, whether it’s Covid restrictions or taking the knee. They’re too keen to on the ‘right’ side, which to them means the side that most people are on. So they clap at the knee taking, I’ve given up booing and look at my phone while this shite happens and hope they all get bored of it soon

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