Ewan McGregor [5]

Ewan McGregor is a cunt.

That utter luvvie twat and woke licker, Ewan McGregor is all outraged and indignant at some black bird from the new Obi Wan Kenobi series getting alleged racist abuse on social media.

Like the useless penalty missing England players after Euro 2021, it depends how many messages there actually were and where they were actually from (they weren’t from England). But – like the MSM with the Euro 2021 ‘racism’ – McGregcunt has forgotten to mention how many there are or who was actually doing it.

Naturally, he will want to blame white English (or English speaking) people and make a huge fuss about nothing.

Also, did McGregcunt say a word when Gina Carano was hounded out of her job and shat on by Lucasfilm/Disney for daring to speak her mind? No, the luvvie fucker never batted an eyelid.

Thing is, the lovely Gina isn’t black, you see. And nobody gave a toss because -according to woke zealots like McGregcunt – only black lives and black Star Wars actors matter.

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Milton [2]


Last year in these hallowed pages I told you the tale of woe of some fat-arsed lazy bleeder of a South American freeloader who came to this country “looking for work” (presumably he has never had any as he spends most of his time campaigning for two housing pressure groups – no time for “work”), got a council flat in Southwark and then got his wife and two children to join him in the studio flat, and complained he was overcrowded.

Milton – who is very quiet about his surname (presumably so we can’t check if he has a criminal record, which wouldn’t surprise me by the look of him) – took his case to court, and – surprise, surprise – won:

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I don’t normally support Labour run councils, but in this case they were absolutely right – when he first turned up, posing as a single man, he gave no indication of a family back home – still less that he was planning to import them. He was the engineer of his own misfortune, but nevertheless the courts have decided he should go to the top of the housing list. It pays to be foreign in England. I wonder how long it will be before dunning the council because something in his new abode displeases him?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Liverpool FC [3] and Jurgen Klopp [2]

Liverpool FC and Bitter Jürgen the German

Last night (28 May, 2022) saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool 1-0 in the Champions League Final.

I waited for Klopp’s bitter interview in his passive, aggressive fashion and he didn’t disappoint. Digs at Real’s ‘long balls’, their ‘defensive tactics’ and two ‘poor decisions’.

In other words, they parked the bus, we’re better than them and the ref was shite. Well, if he means the goal Real scored and got (wrongly in my opinion) disallowed, then I agree. I doubt he meant that though.

It’s his grinning, smiling ‘Nice Guy ‘ attitude while being a bitter cunt that fucks me off. At least Ferguson and Wenger would be bitter with bitter faces and angry voices, not this fake smiley shit while spouting vitriol. And what is it with Liverpool FC and ridiculous, brilliantine white nashers?

Anyway, I also saw the scousers still haven’t learned and still turn up to big games with fake or no tickets. The cheeky fucking cunts are now ‘demanding’ an investigation into why there was a delayed kick off and some fans (getting lary with the rozzers) got teargassed.

Well, it’s because loads of your ‘best fans in the world lah’ fans turned up with snide tickets and caused delays at turnstiles. They then kicked off it seems, as did others pushing to get in (hmmm…never their fault remember?) and got gassed.

This shit always happens around their fans it seems.

It’s obviously racism against scousers, innit lah? I blame dat dere Maggy Thatcher.
Liverpool FC were also the club who instigated the take the knee shite in the Premier League.

Boo boo for Hillsborough but don’t mention Heysel lah.

Fuck off.


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(Note. This will be the last Liverpool FC-related nom for awhile, unless something really catastrophic happens! – Day Admin)

Meghan Markle [14]

Me-gain Markle is an attention seeking cunt, I bet this gold digging slapper was booking her plain ticket to Texas as soon as she heard the news that a shooting masicer had begun, muck like Adelle at Grenfall or Lilly the mong in Calais, these fuckers love a disaster and an opportunity to try and look like caring, supporting, gentle people.

The reality is jthese fuckers just see it as a chance to be on the news and gain a little good publicity, whilst looking like a hero, I don’t believe a millisecond of it, Megain is just a desperate, attention seeking F list ex actress who is now only famous for bagging the Ginger fuckmonkey and breaking up families.

She gives not a single flying fuck about the kids that were gunned down, just about forwarding her profile, what a cunt.

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I would like to second this cunting. The media are also cunts for aiding and abetting this fraud.

“Meghan Markle fought back tears at a makeshift memorial for the 19 pupils and 2 teachers killed during Tuesday’s Texas school shooting. The former actress, 40, laid a bouquet of white roses during her low key (LOL!) visit on Thursday. The Duchess made the trip in a personal capacity as a mother, her spokesperson said, adding that she wanted to give her condolences and support in person.” Yuck, yuck and triple yuck!

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Are there no depths to which this money grubbing publicity hound will not sink?

Apple [5] Rotten to the Core

There is no denying Apple have produced some very innovative products over the last 40+ years, coupled with some sleek designs and good quality craftsmanship. It is no wonder many people prefer Apple products over most of its competitors. Hell, I even cut my teeth on programming and IT engineering after buying a 2nd hand Lisa and original Macintosh in 1992 (both produced way back in 1982, and cost thousands even back then!)

However, quality doesn’t come cheap, and so it comes as no surprise that everything these cunts sell is at a super-premium price. Even 2nd hand/refurbished kit can still command eye watering prices for those wanting to try Apple but don’t have access to a bank loan to buy one from new!

And then of course there’s the questionable ethics behind the manufacture and assembly of their products. They source components for manufacture from many places around the world including Japan, Switzerland, Poland, the UK, the US and of course China/Taiwan.

The assembly process is mostly carried out in China and Taiwan. Places of cheap labour, unethical working practices, and currently a big friend of Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

To its credit Apple has stopped sales of its products and services into Russia, but at time of writing hasn’t done anything to piss off the Chinese, probably because if it shut down its factories it would massively hit sales growth and of course profits.

Another annoyance with Apple is that even though its products are well made and have a very high quality assurance threshold, when things go wrong and your device is out of warranty you’re faced with one hell of a bill if you want it repaired by an authorised Apple Service Provider (ASP).

For example, up until around 2015 most Apple laptops and desktops had either standard SATA drives or solid state that were portable and easy to replace. But with the advent of the T2 security chip integrated into the System Management Console on some of their devices, Apple decided to increase security further by soldering the SSDs to the logic board and encrypting it, which means they cannot be swapped out, and neither can they be cloned or backed up/restored remotely should the device fail to power up and you don’t have iCloud or Time Machine enabled.

Another example is that if you have a swollen battery, an ASP probably won’t replace the battery but will replace the entire dependent components as well. In other words they will swap out the battery, keyboard, top case, track bar and anything else related to the battery. You end up paying not only for a new battery but new components that replaced perfectly good working ones.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that Apple is one of the richest most profitable companies on the planet. And yet ethically they are complete cunts, and their cavalier attitude towards their customers is equally cuntish.

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And on a slightly different Apple note, here’s one from Ruff Tuff Creampuff

Apple Together are cunts.

According to this bunch of workshy wokies, being asked to get back to the office after “working” from home during the pandemic is deemed racist, sexist and ageist.

“It will make Apple younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more neuro-normative, more able-bodied.” How ghastly!

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probably transphobic too. I’ll take that as a given.