Peter Kay [4]

Peter Kay and no it’s not it’s not for his o2 shambles.

Peter Kay man of the people I will sell my tickets for 35 quid same as 2010 tour.

A couple of things firstly 35 in 2010 was overpriced when other comedians were 20 , and a bare minimum were sold at 35 quid rest were vastly more.

Stop pretending you are a man of people you are a cunt and garlic bread still isn’t funny.

Nominated by: John McCunty

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National Odd Socks Day

National Odd Socks Day. My employer informed us yesterday that Monday 14th November is Odd Socks Day. This means that if you happen to be anti-bullying ( I used to be, but there are some grey areas these days) you can demonstrate this by wearing odd socks on Monday. The employer and indeed the BBC helpfully pointed out that odd socks are socks that do not match. Thank God for that or I might have made a total mess of it. Anyway, I have a vision of some soft cunt proudly wearing his odd socks on Monday, only to be ridiculed by others, and then having a breakdown. What a time to be alive…

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Nominated by: Mary Hinge

Subsidised Childcare and Parental Leave

Grabby Cunts.

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Why the fuck do parents think that other people should pay to raise their children? Free schools,free healthcare,free meals,child benefits and yet here there are whinging on for even more subsidised childcare and parental leave.

The fucking nerve of the Cunts… “We want our choices back” they chanted…well here’s a choice you’ve still got…if you can’t afford them,don’t have them. I only wish I had the choice of opting out of paying tax to subsidise their choices.

I’ve a fucking good mind to start wailing that “the Govt.” should pay for my Hounds and pay me to look after them.

They should be told to gather up their mewling brats and Fuck Off.

Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

mystic maven wants to add this to the mix

The march of the mummies. Not a horror film, although some of them could be suitably cast in one.

This took place on 29th October and they are basically demanding Government reform on childcare, parental leave and flexible working.

They all demand this, that and the other, as if the world owes them something. Well fuck off, if you can’t afford them, don’t have them.

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Intersectionality [2]

A nomination for the warped and condradictory cluster-fuck known as ‘intersectionality’.

What’s funny about this intersectional shite is the identities of the oppressed have no time for each other. Black men have no time for feminists or LGBT.
Muslims have no time for LGBT.
Trans have no time for Lesbians.
Sometimes i think ‘intersectionality’ is so idiotic a philosophy that it was invented by the Christian right to seed the destruction of the.secular, neo-Marxist left, but the left are so moronic and culturally ignorant they could quite easily do this by themselves.

I guess that’s why we so many of them dyeing their hair blue and screaming iobscenities in publc; they’re trying to hold so many opposing worldviews in their limited brains at once….


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National Law Review Article

Oxford University Students

This one looks like piss take but seemingly is true:

”Oxford University students fear freshers’ fair stalls may be too triggering for some”

”Oxford University’s student union has said it will place “trigger warnings” on freshers’ fair stalls which students could find distressing.”

Fair stalls? Distressing?

Apparently an Anti Abortion stall can make them go all vapoured and unnecessary. Likewise some fucker wearing a blue rosette. There will be recovery spaces for those affected.

”In a message posted on social media, the student union said it was not able to ban any society from having a stall at the fair because of UK freedom of speech legislation.”

Were it not for these Nazi free speech rules the students Union would only allow favoured causes – Trannies, oppressed blacks, muslim clerics, vegans and artisan quinoa sandwich stalls.

Oxford is supposed to take the cleverest students. And turn them into cissified halfwits.

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