National Odd Socks Day

National Odd Socks Day. My employer informed us yesterday that Monday 14th November is Odd Socks Day. This means that if you happen to be anti-bullying ( I used to be, but there are some grey areas these days) you can demonstrate this by wearing odd socks on Monday. The employer and indeed the BBC helpfully pointed out that odd socks are socks that do not match. Thank God for that or I might have made a total mess of it. Anyway, I have a vision of some soft cunt proudly wearing his odd socks on Monday, only to be ridiculed by others, and then having a breakdown. What a time to be alive…

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Nominated by: Mary Hinge

78 thoughts on “National Odd Socks Day

  1. Managing to put odd socks on was easy as a kid, in the dark. Always rest assured there was another pair like it back at home. It was the thought of those unfortunate people that has six fingers, trying to find gloves that we used to find amusing.

    • I’ve just discovered that my mate (snooker oppo) is totally fucking colour blind?? no questions please i’m truly fucking mind fucked myself.

    • I’ve got diabetes and odd socks, do I get a titty fuck from the Gob on a Stick Rayner?

  2. It’s odd knacker day up here; 1 bollock lower than the other in support of Trannie Awareness. Must hang either side of a g-string as worn by the Izzard.

    • My socks are made by artisan milliners from recycled dusters.

      I’ve always been more eco aware than you people.

  3. National Odd Socks day?

    As my great uncle used to say as a call-handler for Samaritans, get a fucking grip and grow the fuck up.

  4. Fuck me, is there any any day of the year that’s not national or internal ‘something or other’ day. Fucking give it a rest.

    The only one I want to hear about is international ‘Owen Jones is a cunt’ day.

    • I said this the other day! Every day is some fucking bastard National/Global/World day! Get to fuck, you daft cunts. I don’t need it to be any fucking day to think about stuff. Same as n*gnog history month. Fucking shite, the lot of it!

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