Subsidised Childcare and Parental Leave

Grabby Cunts.

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Why the fuck do parents think that other people should pay to raise their children? Free schools,free healthcare,free meals,child benefits and yet here there are whinging on for even more subsidised childcare and parental leave.

The fucking nerve of the Cunts… “We want our choices back” they chanted…well here’s a choice you’ve still got…if you can’t afford them,don’t have them. I only wish I had the choice of opting out of paying tax to subsidise their choices.

I’ve a fucking good mind to start wailing that “the Govt.” should pay for my Hounds and pay me to look after them.

They should be told to gather up their mewling brats and Fuck Off.

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mystic maven wants to add this to the mix

The march of the mummies. Not a horror film, although some of them could be suitably cast in one.

This took place on 29th October and they are basically demanding Government reform on childcare, parental leave and flexible working.

They all demand this, that and the other, as if the world owes them something. Well fuck off, if you can’t afford them, don’t have them.

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67 thoughts on “Subsidised Childcare and Parental Leave

  1. The reason why we need a younger generation to pay for our pensions in the future is entirely due to successive government’s mismanagement of public funds.

    If I have been paying into my own state pension fund through National Insurance contributions then why should I need any further assistance when I eventually want to claim it?

    The only reason is that no funds are invested or held anywhere.
    Every pound in National Insurance contributions paid on a Friday is spend by the government by the following Monday.

    There is no pension fund.
    It’s like an enormous ponzi scheme.

    Trillions of pounds have been spunked away.
    If the same tactics were used by private pension companies then the directors of those companies would be jailed.

    In order to maintain the population at the present level then each couple must have 2 children.
    Having 2 children is expensive and responsible people will only have as many as they can reasonably afford.

    Feckless, lazy scroungers use child benefits as a top-up for the other range of benefits that they receive.
    Have more kids so get more money.

    Fuck them.
    Pay benefits for one child per couple only.
    If they have more children then it’s up to them to find the money to pay for them.

  2. Hmm. Perhaps the brat-factory subsidy could be made a loan, like the student loan scheme. Of course it would have to be a damn sight more efficient, but the fact that you were born at all would commit you to an extra taxation rate until the full cost to the State of your upbringing had been recovered directly by HMRC.

    I speak as someone whose father fiddled my (wasted) education costs for years.

  3. Ok. I will give you a scenario:

    Imagine a family with the old “2.4 children” as it was known when I was a lad. 2 parents and 2 children.

    Dad works full time in a reasonable paying job and Mum works part time.
    A 2 income household and a relatively comfortable existence.

    Dad goes out to work one day and never comes home because he’s tragically killed in a car accident.

    Instantly Mum is now a single parent having to manage on her own with less money. Going from a comfortable existence to living below the breadline almost overnight.

    What about that then?

    I’ll give you another scenario:

    Little Tommy’s Saturday afternoon under 13s football league. Dad comes every week to take his son and watch him play.
    Sadly, one week Dad has a heart attack at the match and dies on the way to hospital.

    Again, Mum is now a single parent having to manage on her own with less money. Expected to carry on as before but with less.

    What do all you armchair experts suggest then?

    I use these 2 examples deliberately as I know first hand where this has happened…..
    Not all single parents are feckless mothers or fathers. Some of them have just been unlucky and have had some bad shit happen to them.

    I hope that none of you experience the same.

    • The scenarios that you have written about are unusual.
      There are benefits and support for the isolated cases like you mention.
      Quite rightly so in a civilised society.

      The vast majority of people are taking advantage of the generous benefits that are freely available from the state.
      There remains a huge number of single mothers that rely on handouts supplied by the taxpayer who go on to have even more children without any support from the fathers, just to be able to claim more benefits.

      It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

      If the supply of something is free, and in this case, financial handouts. Then the demand will always outstrip it.

      If a limit was put on the benefits that feckless, useless cunts were to be able to claim then there would be more help available to the deserved cases that you have highlighted.

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