‘Professor’ Sunny Singh (2)

I wish to bring to the attention of the denizens of the award-winning website ISAC a self-cunting by ‘Professor’ Sunny Singh (no, me neither).

Apparently there is some sort of pathetic spat going on at the Society of Authors – a ‘trade union’ (as if) for writers – whose membership sounds like a rollcall of previous nominations on this august forum…

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Back in 2020, Singh, when refusing to take part in a debate, was responsible for this word salad that even the recently recunted Guardian would be embarrassed by…

“I get regular invites to debate on various platforms. I always say no. Because debate is an imperialist capitalist white supremacist cis heteropatriarchal technique that transforms a potential exchange of knowledge into a tool of exclusion and oppression.”

Readers will no doubt be astounded to learn that Singh is the daughter of a diplomat and attended a private university in the USA.

Nominated by: Emperor of East Anglia

(Surely by the fact this twat speaks colonialist English suggests she too is part of the “imperialist capitalist blah blah woof woof!!” Oh, and the fact she still lives in the UK despite finding it a place of all the bollocks quoted above – Day Admin)

57 thoughts on “‘Professor’ Sunny Singh (2)

  1. God, she’s lovely. I want her to have my babies and do the washing.
    She “teaches”two modules of creative writing at London Met, and no doubt pulls down a reasonable screw for this socially useless occupation: nice work if you can get it. Still nicer if you can spend your waking hours bitching about inclusivity.

    “Singh” suggests a Sikh background, incidentally. Normally proud and well-adjusted UK citizens, I wonder what went wrong with this one.

  2. I did a professional qualification at the University of Westminster, which sounds good but is really Paddington Poly. Stabbings in the canteen were not unusual, as the rich diverse mix of cultures vied for dominance in the drug supply trade. I think youths had to show they were in education to qualify for their gimmedats back then. A decade later we took 8 students from there on a 6 month placement, nothing had improved. All suffered from a combination of cretinism, laziness and shitty attitudes. The best was a young peaceful, who possessed some brain function, which with his rat like cunning can get you a fair way in life. Made an effort with him but without reward. For his final assignment, an essay on what he had learned during his work experience, I gave him the title, “Spot the dog goes to the circus.” Like the rest of his tasks, no work was handed in. We refused to take any other placements after that waste of time. Fuck knows how London functions as a society given my experience of it’s denizens. Got some good weed though.

  3. What a surprise, another woman with brown skin irrationally despising the straight, white, British male. Translating this in to regular speech, she doesn’t want to converse with men. Probably, because her sexist (that’s correct, not feminist) ideals and her racist ideologies blaming white people for the world’s wrongs will be shown up with facts and straight answers and she doesn’t want to look a fool.

  4. Just nominated Albanians for the same, these cunts love to bemoan the UK, but develop a stutter when asked about fucking off back to their fly blown shit hole with no benefits to milk and depriving us of their company.
    No as long as foreigners cunt turn up here, suck on the enormous tit that is our benefits system, while playing the historic victim and telling us how much they hate being here…
    Simple fuck off elsewhere, cunts

    • “… with no benefits to milk.”

      There’s a saying – “If you don’t want ants, don’t throw sugar on the fucking floor!”

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