The BBC [63] and Britbox [2]

The BBC and it’s fucking Britbox. Endlessly plugged.

Not content with levying a poll tax on the British population they have now come up with a way to make us pay even more. Not compulsory in this case but still a fucking cheek.
All repeated stuff you can find on multiple other channels, so why pay? Well, what they claim is that there are programmes not available anywhere else. The fucking dire Spitting Image and some dramas. You know, the sort where half the cast is brown regardless of period or suitability.

But a thought occurs. What or who paid for these paywalled dramas and so on? Could it be the license payers? You can bet your bollocks it is.
And is this not misappropriation? Theft even when you think about it.

The BBC, not just cunts but fraudulent cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Note. There’s a couple of other BBC noms due to go live soon covering the Queen’s jubilee and a gay TV show. Please don’t involve them here, thanks – Day Admin)

34 thoughts on “The BBC [63] and Britbox [2]

  1. I wouldn’t think Britbox would be marketable in the UK. Thought is was for us yanks who like brit shit. Guess not?Yankbox wouldn’t make sense here.
    I’m waiting with faint hope for a streaming service that is guaranteed not to be woke. That would sell quite well. Call it Wokeless.

    • You dont have a compulsory TV licence in the States as far as I know. We have to pay for these cunts or risk prosecution. So Yankbox wouldnt be a fucking cheek.

  2. For a set of Commie Gaylords they still know how to squeeze every poor bastard til the pips squeak.

    I can’t be arsed listing their ever growing list of failings…it’s not necessary anyway..30 seconds of their “news coverage” does the job nicely.

    Traitors for Oven.

      • Naga Munchmonkey is such a laughable cunt. Never shuts up about how she ‘dated’ Prince. Yet her BBC paymasters recently slaughtered the Purple Napoleon as a misogynist and a nasty piece of work (the crappy BBC series ‘Evil Genius’ that only picks out/on dead people). So, such a woke gobshite like Munchmonkey would never suck up to such an alleged woman basher/hater, right? Wrong! Because Munchmonkey – like all her woke ilk – is a hypocritical only when it suits her cunt.

  3. In one advert for this pile of shite, they have a talking bust of William Shakespeare waxing lyrical to an interracial couple, of course they are, about how great is. Meanwhile the types who work for the BBC are the same ones who want to ‘decolonise’ education of dead white men like Shakespeare but having some token box ticker jibber jabbing wouldn’t sell subscriptions.

    • LL@ – “Is this a dagger I see before me?”
      “Yea blud – dagger and ting – give up da Rolex sundial honky!”

  4. Is Pravda still calling itself the BBC then?
    SO glad I do not fund this degenerate shitfest.
    Want to defund these shitrats? (TV licence cancellations currently running at around 10,000 a week) –

    • I haven’t told them I’ve ditched my telly either.

      I love getting threatening letters through the post. They get redder and angrier each time. Now there’s an open window saying “immediate action required”, in an attempt that they try and shame you to the postman too.

      Each letter they send out is also wasting their money. Nobody has “paid a visit yet”.

      I wish I still had my bitey German Shepherd roaming loose just for the occasion. It would bite first and ask questions later.

      It bit the parts delivery bloke on the arse and ripped his trousers and arse cheek, it was my fault, I forgot he was out. I gave him 500 quid to get rid of the issue.

      Then it ripped my mates son arm open, and it needed 30 stitches in it. I told him to get fucked as he had not told me he was coming up and just walked in the yard.

      I come home one day and he had just gone completely off all his feet. I couldn’t bring myself to shoot him, so my mate come round and put him out his misery, it was awful to watch, but fast and painless.

      Best dog I’d ever had.

  5. Defund the BBC, save everyone £150 a year and after all Dave can carry the baton 😂

    Let the cunts fight with Netflix and Co on subscription channels….. Britbox can fuck off.

  6. I can’t see what the issue is in having a Sky Box etc that has the option of cutting off BBC on the box if you don’t want to pay the TV licence. I for one wouldn’t give two shits if I never watched the BBC again, it would probably make me healthier too as it would reduce my blood pressure not seeing that smug cunt Lineker and about 50 other turds ever again.

    • What we need is an innovate company (new box) who allows you to watch any channel as you wish but pay per view like 20p a day, I’m pissed right off paying 100 quid to watch shite and repeats.

    • The problem is the thieving bastards insist you pay them for watching ANY live channel. To me, that’s like having to pay Waitrose an annual fee to shop at Aldi. They can fuck off.

      • Exactly this. It made some sort of sense back in the days of 3 channels. The TV tax contributed to the installation and maintenance of the terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure.

        Here in the 21st century it is utter bollocks. If I want to stream live sport on (say) Amazon then TVL say I must pay the BBC tax. But if I wait until the match finishes, I don’t need a licence to watch it on demand. Huh? Which brainless cunt dreamt up this fuckery?

    • That’s an additional £150 per year.
      Unless your black or asian.
      Then they will kiss your arse for free, at the same time.

      • And they’ll give you a starring role in a period drama or a job as a sports pundit

  7. Shitbox more like – and right up the shitbox is where the BBC have been taking millions of license payers over the years.

  8. I’d gladly pay if that then allowed me to punch Munchetty in the tits every month upon payment. I don’t think I have ever hated anyone more.

  9. I’m entirely in favour of the BBC telly licence. As long as gullible pricks pay it, it keeps snooker free for arseholes with no conscience.
    Long live the licence fee!
    And long live bland wankfest Homes Under the Hammer (but only episodes when that sexy ginger minx Martel Maxwell appears) .

  10. I suppose all the classic comedy is “edited” so that the snowflakes don’t hear any of the naughty things Albert Steptoe used to say about wogs, or Pakis or even (in “Lands Fit For Heros”) yje bit where he calleds the Frenchman “a bleeding French snake”.

    Save your money and invest in “Boggs Box” a chance for a very modest monthly fee to see every evening films, from my extensive series of adult filmed entertainment of a frank and explicit nature – take tonight – instead of Emmedale Farm settle down to watch our widescreen production “Strip Search” which features Dawn Butler, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry as three wimminz subjected to a humiliating naked search by customs officer David Lammy, as he subjects them to beastial intimate inspections with the aid of his trusty German Shepherd, and where after a good deal of jizzum is exchanged the three women form a lesbian trio to fight off their attacker and indulge in acts of appalling depravity, better imagined than described.

    The supporting feature is an oldie which will appeal to the more degenerate man affected by the Gayness – Peter Mandelson and Anthony Blair in “Toilet Slave”. We are not allowed, due to good taste and decency, to offer a synopsis for this film, except to say one reviewer described it as “the biggest load of crap I have ever seen on the silver screen”. Suffice it to say Mandy had his hands full.

    All for £15 a month. What a bargain. Neither film is- in our opinion, – suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

    • ‘……better imagined than described.’

      Even with my limited imagination I’d be scared to try.

  11. Most of the classic shows are cut to ribbons so not offend the LGBTYXXDFE and enriching communitees.

    I would rather eat my own shit than give the BBC money for this excrement.

  12. My argument with Britbox, and any other attempt by the bbc to get you to pay for archived programs, Is that every telly tax payer has a stake in the costs of initial production. Yes, we do contribute to everything from actors salaries to on set catering, yet they appear to be able to charge for repeat viewings. If you choose to buy a physical format, a dvd for example, it could be claimed that’s slightly different, but aired repeats?
    Anyhow, they can plug it all they like with as many dark keys and gays as they can muster. It’s doomed to fail.

    • My arguement with Britbox is it’s funded by us. That’s the only issue I have with it.

      • I understand it is mostly repeats of old BBC shows so have we not paid for it all already? You would think it would be free at least but really we are owed backpay, a bit like royalties. Fucking chiselling bastards. I still listen to Radio 4 Extra and there was a programme on this evening with BBC types debating whether British comedy was dead. The old trout they had on there said ‘ooh no what about Romesh Ranganathan” and the other twats all agreed. They are completely fucking clueless. What is funny about some bog eyed cunt who seems to be on a permanent holiday at the license payers expense?

      • Not funded by me. I wouldn’t have their licence given to me for free never mind pay for it. The lying, gay loving cunts can go fuck themselves. The Bastards Bothering Children are doomed. They are a dinosaur.

  13. Is Danny La Rue still alive? Don’t suppose he was gay or tranny enough to merit being repeated. I always thought that Bruce Forsyth was the sleaziest, creepiest, cringiest cunt on the BBC. Even more so than Saville. The wife liked him in strictly, despite me pointing out he was a lecherous, fake, hypocritical, narcissistic P.O.S.
    Learn from my experience cunters, never marry a Catholic.
    And checking for a penis is probably a good idea nowadays too.

  14. The BBC is finished for good in Chez Norman. Wimmin on Match Of The Day is bad enough and their obsession with wimmins football (as was a tart as Doctor Who!). But a choccy poove and a dark hued trannie sidekick in the TARDIS is the final fly on a very smelly woke dog turd.

    And they can stick their Camelshagger World Cup up their arses. Wimmin referees! For fuck’s sake…

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