The “Impartial” BBC [49]

The BBC, yet again worthy of another nomination. Before I begin I should point my fellow cunters to this article on the BBC’s very own website stating it’s responsibilities to impartiality:

All I can say is that the snowflakes at the BBC must follow the lefty cancel culture so very prevalent in our educational establishments and simply gloss over anything not in line with their own woke agenda as not worthy of comment.

Watching (I know huge mistake) this evenings news to witness the most biased fest of arse felching, endorsing that piss reeking senile old puppet Biden as the future president of the good ol’ U S of A. Using the Democrats assertion that the upcoming election is a fight of good versus bad, pitching themselves as the rebel alliance versus the empire. Usual array of backers of course, trawling out Obama, who virtually managed to bankrupt the country (but we won’t Mention that). Solid Joe, man of the people, blah fucking blah. No mention of a counter viewpoint, just section upon section, belittling, characterising and demonising Trump who pre Covid was doing a decent job of revitalising an economy that had been destroyed by the previous democrat government.

When will the woke left realise that the reason Trump was elected is that the majority still reject the left and their overly woke, safe space, cancel culture, micro aggression, Antifa, soy boy bollocks that is being rammed down people’s throats day in day out by the ‘unbiased’ media. Everybody can see Biden is just a puppet. Choose the most senile candidate, get him elected, declare him unfit to govern and let the real face of the democrats come to the fore and fuck America right in the asshole.

I for one would pay good money to see the Donald win again just to see the woke meltdown all over again.

Nominated by:Bellendiousmaximus

Tim Davie – New Boss of the BBC

(Am surprised the BBC chose a white bloke as the new boss. So much for diversity they keep banging on about! – DA)

The BBC Yet Again

The new boss seems to me to be a slippery sod.

Having started the job less than a week ago Mr Davie has nailed his colours to the keep the licence fee. A supreme irony occurred to me namely the cunts want people to pay £157 per year to the organisation regardless of whether they use the services of the BBC.

Many people including myself do not wish to watched lesbians dancing with one another, BLM propaganda etc. Yet Mr Davie and his gang think it is reasonable for all TV set owners to pay this tax. However, at the same time the BBC is promoting the idea that any person can illegally enter this country and be entitled to free housing, healthcare,education and spending money even though they have not contributed in any way to the finances of this country.

I defy anyone to produce a reasoned argument supporting this lunacy.

Nominated by: Guzziguy


…and seconded by: Norman 

Tim Davie is a cunt.

The new Director General of the BBC stated that he wanted more impartiality and less opinionated employees. Then he says that Gary Lineker is ‘exempt’ from these new rules (which actually happen to be the BBC’s old and traditional rules). So the human oil slick Linekunt can still gob off and talk shit all he likes. I dare say this ‘exemption’ will also apply to that Jimmy Hill in drag cunt, Emily Maitlis too. So, in other words, fuck all will change.

Same old Beeb. Same old cunts.


Chiyo and the BBC (47)

A creature called fucking Chiyo and the good old BBC who chose to put this bollocks prominently on it’s website:-

‘Chiyo is transgender and, in April next year, he’ll be standing on stage with a group of other men – who aren’t trans – to be judged in what is ultimately a male beauty contest.

He’s a finalist in the (coronavirus-delayed) Mr Gay England 2020.’

Mr Gay England. Who outside of the shrieking shirtlifter community has heard of this shite?
And when you think about it, if this fucking catamite is a tranny how come it is now gay? Seems to defeat the purpose of losing the meat and 2 veg in the first place. Did it like it up the arse before the transition?

Thank you BBC for deciding news priorities and bringing this freakshow to our attention. Well worth the poll tax.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Identity Politics and the BBC (44)

If this has already been nominated I’ve missed it, if not could I nominate the BBC yet again please?

What has our venerated public service broadcaster done now you ask?

The BBC has spent some of the license tax on producing a programme to be shown to kids in classrooms all about gender. The 9-13 year olds (the age of puberty are shown a movie of other children their own age asking a trans thing and a lesbian headteacher all about gender, at one point they are told their are now over 100 genders.

The BBC call it education, I call it indoctrination.

Decide for yourself.


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

The Blatant Hypocritical Sexism of the BBC. (46)

I was watching the snooker last night, not something I do too often, and I noticed the referee was a young, well tasty blonde bird. She looked about 18/19 to me (probably because of the glasses) and you can imagine what I was thinking every time she bent over the table to replace the blue.

But i’m thinking how comes somebody that young gets to be a professional referee at the World Championship? Oh yeah, it’s because she’s a right sort and 95% of the audience are dirty fucking geezers like me.

Then on the link to the next match there’s some tasty bird, no tits but trying to show as much of them as possible. Then the next match is refereed by…….have a guess……another young blonde tart bending over the table! Ok, it gave me the horn but that’s not the fucking point is it?

Where the fuck is Jess Phillips when all this blatant sexual exploitation of wimminz is going on? Oh, that’s right it’s on the BBC so they are our lefty libtard friends and beyond criticism.

It’s comes to something when a cunt like me has to point out the bleedin’ obvious and the feminazis have fuck all to say.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog