The BBC & BHM (36)

I have long been content to simply read and enjoy this excellent site, but this week I have finally been tipped over the edge into nomination by (who else?) the BBC.

I was enjoying breakfast with my pre-school aged children when CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke (no, me neither) started nominating his ‘heroes’ for Black History Month. Well, what else would you expect at 7.30am on a television channel for under sevens?

Nigel began, with breath-taking originality, by nominating Muhammad Ali. He told the tale of Ali going from being a poor boy to ‘the best boxer in the world’. Enter – ‘What’s a boxer daddy?’

Now, I love boxing, and Ali is an absolute legend, but I have enough trouble stopping the kids hitting each other without CBeebies extolling the virtues of a man who is largely famous for being really, really good at hitting people.

Nigel then moved on to his next hero, who was (imagine my surprise) Barak Obama. He described Barry as ‘the first black president of the United States’. At which point I switched to Channel 5, adverts and all.

Fortunately, the kids did not pick up on the overtly racial nature of Nigel’s statement and start with ‘What does ‘black’ mean daddy?’; ‘Am I black Daddy?’; ‘Why not daddy?’

I do not believe children should be raised to view themselves or others in racial terms. Only division and hatred can result from this. But it seems Auntie disagrees and has no lower age limit for indoctrinating the next generation with this vile propaganda.

And all for a mere £157.50 a year.

(It’s gonna be a long fucking month! – DA)

SKY (10) & BBC News COVID Coverage

A ‘Let’s make a Drama out of a Crisis’ cunting for both Sky & BBC’s complete waste of time & effort coverage of the latest lockdown rules !

“This is Sky’s Alistair Cunt reporting to you ‘Live’ from Liverpool – the city that has entered Tier 3 (dum dum daaaa!) lockdown measures & nothing at all is happening !. I could be showing you footage of any other day, as no fucker goes to the High St to pay over the odds anymore, anyhow”

“Following the governments new 3 Tier lockdown measures, we sent BBC reporter Katie Falsesympathy to see how Manchester is reacting to the news..”
“Clive, I’m here in Manchester, where useless Mayor Andy Burnham is still whining & bitching like an old woman. But I’ve come to Machester normally ‘vibrant’ city centre to talk to Wayne Kerr, owner of the ‘Fuck a duck’ Cafe”
“the Gov’t are killing my business Katie. I’ve implemented social distancing in my 4msq cafe & limited customers to 12. I even started selling cheese & hydroxychloroquine pasties and Dexamethasone wraps. I’ve now got to let both my illegal Syrian workers go”

Labour leader Dame Kweer Storm-in-a-teacup, made a bold stand against the PM’s latest announcement by neither supporting or condemning the restrictions.. “Labours clearly defined policy of sitting on the fence & having no policy or ideas of our own, is at the heart of our fight for the UK working class” Dame Kweer told our spam faced reporter, Sam Coates.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings 

The BBC [35]

Yup, yet again the cunts have been at it. ‘Over what?’ I hear you ask?

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, a feminist, full on lefty with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome has passed away age 87 after being at death’s door for about 5 years.

While I take no pleasure in that, it seems the BBC are calling her a ‘champion of human rights’; ‘trailblazer’ and generally kissing her arse. Added to that, their sinister tones when stating that Trump is ‘demanding’ that she is replaced ‘immediately’ with his own pick. The message is simple. While her dead body is still warm and the children are still crying, Trump is laughing wickedly as he clears out her desk and installs a Nazi in her place.

Let’s have it right. The woman was a commie cunt out to destroy the USA. The USA voted for Trump but this fucker was blocking him from doing the bidding of the nation at every opportunity.

But this hasn’t stopped the BBC from reporting on her death as though the world is mourning the passing of a communist supreme court judge. Just because she’s died shouldn’t create such a false narrative about her.

They’ll be saying that next, the orange man will take a dump on her grave and dig up her rotting corpse.

Abolish the BBC (I don’t pay for it btw). The cunts have been taking the piss for far too long now.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

(It was mentioned on the BBC’s 50th nomination that we’d had two previous BBC nominations numbered 49. Well, yes and no. When we convert nominations to actual daily posts, we search for “The BBC”. The first #49 was titled “The Impartial BBC” which didn’t come up whereas the second #49 was titled “The BBC” which did. Hence the confusion over the numbering. To make amends, we’ll skip 51 and head straight onto 52. Glad you’re paying attention. Carry on  – NA)

The BBC (34)

Al-Beeb haven’t been cunted for a few days so I’m going for a yes-I-have-read-1984-and-I-am-aware-of-the-concept-of-newspeak-and-you-cunts-think-we-don’t-know-what-you-cunts-are-up-to cunting for Tim Ravy Gravy Davie’s latest stunt.

Dear BBC, you and I both know Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tuffnell are not ‘leaving’ or ‘departing’ the show but are being kicked out due to them having all their arms and legs and a skin colour akin to a multi-pack of Mini Milks.

My moms for future presenters and captains are:
Raspberry: Tanni Grey-Thompson. She might have a problem taking the knee though.
Peaceful: Mo Salah
Gay and Non-white: Nicola Adams. Two for the price of one.

I’m sure they will all get along famously.

Nominated by: SimmyJavill

(Congratulations to Auntie Beeb on 50 cuntings! Here’s to 50 more – DA)

The BBC (33)

Yep the BBC again!

05/09/20 A friend of mine went to a #Saveourchildren protest march with 2000-3000 people in London, goes directly to the BBC headquarters (and Disney), protests and chants outside about their sickening program of leftist tranny and worse gender identity politics aimed at children, pedos and all the other scandalous BBC behavior and doesn’t get one mention on BBC news or as far as I’ve seen so far on no other MSM, what a fucking surprise! Imagine the MSM coverage if that march was BLM or another Marxist far left terrorist group like Antifa, ER, etc. you could channel hop for a week and still not be able to get away from it!

Do not fund the BBC with your hard earned! Do not bow to the extortion which is called a tv licence, seriously just don’t pay it. If you knew the pleasure I get when I see Gary Lineker’s smug grin knowing I am not chipping in for his wages you would all stop paying this extortion too I can assure you! You can think of a great deal of other BBC cronies you hate yet are chipping in to fund their lifestyle and opinions which most likely stands for everything you hate! Give it time and if they get their way they will have the P along with the rest of the letters make no mistake!

Links courtesy of Dick Dribbler in reply to me in the “Proud Trust” Nom.

Defund the BBC, the perverts they have protected and still protect, their hard left agenda and all their Brexit bias!

Fuck Off!

Nominated by: Coolforcunts