SKY (10) & BBC News COVID Coverage

A ‘Let’s make a Drama out of a Crisis’ cunting for both Sky & BBC’s complete waste of time & effort coverage of the latest lockdown rules !

“This is Sky’s Alistair Cunt reporting to you ‘Live’ from Liverpool – the city that has entered Tier 3 (dum dum daaaa!) lockdown measures & nothing at all is happening !. I could be showing you footage of any other day, as no fucker goes to the High St to pay over the odds anymore, anyhow”

“Following the governments new 3 Tier lockdown measures, we sent BBC reporter Katie Falsesympathy to see how Manchester is reacting to the news..”
“Clive, I’m here in Manchester, where useless Mayor Andy Burnham is still whining & bitching like an old woman. But I’ve come to Machester normally ‘vibrant’ city centre to talk to Wayne Kerr, owner of the ‘Fuck a duck’ Cafe”
“the Gov’t are killing my business Katie. I’ve implemented social distancing in my 4msq cafe & limited customers to 12. I even started selling cheese & hydroxychloroquine pasties and Dexamethasone wraps. I’ve now got to let both my illegal Syrian workers go”

Labour leader Dame Kweer Storm-in-a-teacup, made a bold stand against the PM’s latest announcement by neither supporting or condemning the restrictions.. “Labours clearly defined policy of sitting on the fence & having no policy or ideas of our own, is at the heart of our fight for the UK working class” Dame Kweer told our spam faced reporter, Sam Coates.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings 

47 thoughts on “SKY (10) & BBC News COVID Coverage

  1. I find those vox pop interviews really depressing…they confirm my belief that we have become a nation of….I was going to write “frightened old women” but that would be totally wrong,the old seem the most likely to say “Sod it,we can’t all just hide away for ever”….no,we have become a nation of whiny,weak,selfish inadequates. A “Run,Hide and Tell” and “Nanny Knows Best” nation so convinced of their own personal importance that they can’t see past the end of their own noses and realise that life can never be “safe”.

    I don’t know if interviewers deliberately pick that type..I certainly hope so because if they are truly a fair representation of “Joe Public”..we really are fucked.

    • Ive not seen the BBC coverage
      But know what Skys will be like.
      Marcus Rashford=saint
      Coronavirus= spreading fast ,killing all in its path
      NHS=struggling bravely
      Trump=possibly all his fault
      Andy Burnham= down to earth reasonable mayor bravely protecting the north, a white northerner you can like
      Rishi Sunak= a skinflint tory who cant be criticised to much because at the end of the day hes a paki
      The arts woefully underfunded
      Struggling bravely
      Fuck off
      I read between the lines.

  2. DFF, I am certain both outlets seek out certain types to be interviewed just to fit in with their agenda. Usually shit stirring against any political decision that is right of centre and not fluffy wuffy woke lefty shit. Even if they are not actively seeking out certain types they seem to ask the most stupid person available in anyone place.

    Love the header, very scouse pool that..

    • It was very evident with “Brexit”…articulate “Remainers” but inarticulate “Leavers” every time.


      • Very very true. Fuck knows why they do it do they actually believe that the left socialist way will work.. I despair at times

      • Very true DF, I recall the itv news interviewing ‘leavers’ : all they showed was a string of tattooed, pierced, gap toothed scruffs against a background of a chippy and pound land shops.
        No shit and no attempt at disguising their bias and haste to label leavers as unwashed, ignorant unemployed who eat junk and shop in downmarket establishments.
        Unabashed and pathetic smearing.
        Where’s the fortitude gone today? It’s not just twatty millenials running scared, there’s plenty of middle aged drones parroting the “for the greater good’ mantra.
        Gutless wonders.

  3. Good write up LotR. More truth in your nom than in a years worth of MSM shite from those couple of shit stirrers.

  4. Strangely enough I had typed the following into the BBC shit earlier on, but forgive me for repeating it here:

    The constant fearmongering of the BBC is perfectly captured here:

    This appeared on their website on Sunday October 24th. In other news, an athletic lesbian is pictured elsewhere (in the “NEWS” section!) to bolster the effeminate homosexuals who watch their Saturday night poofters dancing show.

  5. I’ve never had it.
    I’ve never met anyone that’s had it.
    I’ve never met anyone that knows anyone that’s had it.
    What a load of bollocks, all blown out of proportion by scum journalists and their psychotic obsession with sensationalising everything out of all proportion.
    And they’ve got the politicians wrapped around their fingers….
    I’m more worried about weak politicians and scum journalists than I am about a virus.

    • ‘I’ve never had it.
      I’ve never met anyone that’s had it.
      I’ve never met anyone that knows anyone that’s had it.’

      I’ve never had AIDS, nor do I know anyone that’s had it, but, we know it’s there. It’s definately there, I know people that have had it, mate nearly died from it and I deal with it all the time, yet, despite the fact I’ve sat in the back of an ambulance, less than two metres from someone that DOES have it wearing Level 2 PPE, (face mask, apron, gloves), I’ve never had it. Make of that what you will.

      • Don’t know, but, there are shit-loads of people that do what I do every day and they’ve not had it, either. I really don’t know what’s going on.

      • This is the problem. I work at a hospital but not front line as such. I do go on wards every day ( not the COVID one, 8 people in at present, no one on ICU with it I might add although seasonal flu is clogging up now. )
        Most of the doctors actually by speaking to their secretaries the majority seem to have the consensus this is all blown out of proportion. The management however have decided to implement more stricter measures on wearing PPE without any reason. Staff are getting annoyed and morale is wavering but while the management is fucking around and we still have the tree shakers lurking in the hallways and offices quivering I see no end to these restrictions. I have known 1 person personally get it at work. He is a Porter spent a week or so the ward and took about 4 weeks at home to recover fully. He was a bit overweight to begin with and an asthma sufferer. I know of no one else personally. We had one member of staff die but she had the underlying conditions.
        The more it goes on the more sceptical I become. Cannot work it out. I would of thought working in an office with 13 people in a hospital someone would have got it?

      • My Mrs got it. Me and her two sons had to self isolate. We were thinking ‘ok chances are we’ve got it too’ but didn’t show any symptoms whatsoever. Right as rain. The Mrs spent three days in hospital, she has an underlying condition which means she has low adrenalin levels. She took steroids to help with her breathing and her endocrinologist reckons that saved her life. Coughing and spluttering all over the house. But me and her lads, nothing, not a snifter of infection. The ambulance crews that turned out on the day she was hospitalised were ace. Fucking heroes to a man.

    • IT’s real alright. I know several people that have it or have had it. Range from sod all constant cough raging flu for a fortnight to critically ill in hospital with life hanging on a thread. It is real. The response has just not been good enough from the start and to open pubs clubs etc for the summer was always going to cause a massive increase in numbers. Just not a consistent enough thought out response right from the start.

  6. Morning cunters. Up early today the wife’s clock didn’t go back automatically, must be government run. Totally pissed off with the news, do not watch it now. It’s covid or trendy woke news, like this-
    Unknown Warrior likely to be white soldier because of ‘bias’, research suggests

    The National Army Museum suggested bias may have influenced the selection of the body whose remains were interred at Westminster Abbey.

    Totally sick and fed up with being fed inane bullshit. As the old saying goes, OPINIONS ARE LIKE ARSEHOLES, EVERYONE AS ONE. Fuck em, the whole fucking lot.

  7. It has long been known that the media control the politicians.

    To be fair to the politicians, most people are too abjectly pig shit thick to give anything but unquestioning credence to whatever shyte is printed in the papers, on line or what dribbles from Tom Bradby’s limp orifice at 10pm.

    News is king, so the politicians have to work to be shown to be making the ‘right’ decision, although in many cases these are the exact opposite of what they really should do. An unpopular but right decision would be shot down in the media and Dame Kweer would gleely seize the opportunity to make capital from it.

    Good cunting, by the way!

    • Sorry, but I lump politicians in with the ‘most’ and ‘pig shit thick’ with added ‘greedy’, ‘self-serving’, ‘hypocritical’, ‘treachorous’ and often also ‘treasonous’.

      • No apologies needed Moggie; I agree with you here. There will be exceptions (Frank Field, Kate Hoey).

        The point is that politicians, irrespective of their turpitude and ability, will be hampered by our all powerful media and even if they wanted or were capable of the best decisions, this is always tricky because of some media/journo with a massive fucking gob/opinion. Take Tom Bradby for example – Orange Man bad. Sparkletits wonderful.

      • Sorry, should be turpitude and lack of ability.

        For example, Angela ‘Breasts’ Rayner.

      • Kate Hoey and Frank Field are two of the few politicians I wouldn’t shit on given the chance. Common sense reasoned views. No wonder they didn’t make it to the top.

  8. A fine cunting indeed.
    Journalists are a bunch of cunts as are the cunts that accept their tawdry wares.
    Most of them should be shot for undermining morale.

  9. Gave up with the news on tv when the brexit campaign was on. It become so apparent that all of them were just using it as a campaign to spout their political views. Same with Corona Virus, fear mongering to the extreme.

    I struggle to watch much on the box these days because you can see them ramming their opinions down your throat with no corresponding view allowed. Tories bad, Trump evil, Blacks are wonderful as are the Alphabet Gang. If you disagree you should be carted off for more brainwashing.

    I’d like to think their will be a backlash, but I fear it will be stamped on by the authorities. We are rapidly becoming the USSR. Your views will be made for you and if you disagree you’ll be carted off and put in cell.

    • ‘I’d like to think their will be a backlash’

      I keep my fingers crossed, every fucking day to no avail. Fuckers are STILL kneeling before every fucking game shown on Match Of The Day, last night. Kneeling for a convicted, cowardly criminal.

      • I’ve been avoiding the football for that very reason DCI.
        I was really hoping they’d stopped that bollocks by now but obviously not.


      • I just look away from the screen until it’s over. Why they show it on Match of the Day? For the BBC it’s the most important part, another opportunity to brainwash you.

      • Me too Herman. In fact I stopped watching MOTD altogether when details of Linecunt’s obscene salary emerged…. and of course all the waste of time pundits and post match interviews with managers and pigshit thick players.

        I can’t wait to see fans‘ reaction to the kneeling cuntery when crowds return. There will be respectful silence at first but after a week or two the backlash will begin.

      • Stop the stupid fuckwit kneeling. Does the premier league have zero tolerance for any less than 100% wokeness? Is this part of their new normal? No! So give it a fucking REST.

        And AND stop facking women commenting on men’s sport for fack sake. If I want my eardrums ulcerated by the ravings of an opinionated clueless entitled fishwife I’ll call the missuz. Jeezus H. Christ etc

      • Italy vs Ireland, yesterday on ITV. Maggie ‘Box-Tickers-Delight’ Alphonsi presenting, straight over until kick-off, switch back over and a fucking bird is commentating. Back to ‘A Bridge Too Far’ for me. Fuck. Right. Off. England rugby players my fucking arse. My clubs third XV would give those tarts a shoeing.

      • Exachary. A state Aussie u15s boys side beat the national women’s soccer best eleven.

  10. Journalists? Along with politicians, they are scum of the earth. Baiting, lying, simpering, arse-licking cunts. They should automatically have DNAR stamped on their foreheads.


  11. That Joe Biden is more of a threat to society than Covid, and little girls in particular, What a dirty cunt. As for the BBC and all the rest of the so-called MSM, never touch it. Only thing I watch regularly on TV nowadays is Law & Order SVU. Dick Wolf is a bit of a cunt though.

  12. Public health message is all they should be putting out, the constant interviews with left wing tosspots, fine examples of the great unwashed, BAME wankers who just just fuck off, experts, pseudo experts and miscellaneous cunts just causes confusion.

    They are still banging on about free school meals in the holidays….. Why? What does the media have to gain by constantly running this story, parents know they need to budget for the cost of feeding kids in the holidays, they are at home, for fuck sake just use some common sense.

    The answer to Why is so that if the government change policy they can run another story for days and days ….. U turn!

    The media are useless cunts!

    • Free school meals is utter wank. Schools are to educate kids – why should they be responsible for feeding them ?

      These cunts that ‘can’t afford to feed my kids’ …..
      You mean you can’t afford to keep sending them down the chippie, KFC & Macdonalds ? Struggling to pay for Pizza deliveries 3 days a week ?
      a loaf of bread & jar of jam = £1
      Frozen veg > £1
      Fish fingers = £1
      Frozen chips = £1
      Maybe not having the latest iPhone, Sky sports, a new car on finance & 40 fags a day would help the £ family budget.

      Why should everybody pay to look after every ugly sprog you knock out ?

      As Doug Stanhope says “Don’t fuck in the front hole. Sodomy is eco friendly & abortion is green”

  13. Just dump your telly, or try leaving it switched off. Talk with your other half, go for a walk, read, watch YouTube docs. Give it a try, would you miss it?

    • YouTube….. absolutely Mr Hardy! Always great music but yesterday I was thoroughly entertained and educated with a Doco on Lancaster bombers.

      Mainstream TV can cunt off

  14. Know one thing, the TV is the most effective propoganda tool in existence. Once you realise our addiction to it the cure is simple.

    • With the built in camera and link to broadband internet your telly is a heartbeat away from being a Telescreen.

      Monitors your face when it shows footballers taking the knee, or a mixed race drama, or trans school story time, or muslims having Christmas turkey, if you twitch they send the stormtroopers round

  15. I watched a film called Official Secrets last night, it’s about the GCHQ whistle blower who highlighted America was in collusion with the U.K. government in trying to blackmail (is that term still legal?) the UN Security Council into supporting a war on Iraq. It was quite refreshing to see a labour government getting the shit for a change, and in particular the Uber Cunt himself, Tony Blair. How he is allowed freedom, let alone meddling still with world affairs is beyond me. It’s like letting Peter Sutcliffe drive lorries after his faux pas.

  16. I do not believe a word the MSM tell me.
    In my relatively short time on this earth everything I have ever respected has gone to shit and insanity.
    I see the only way forward being drawing the lines and civil war.

  17. Growing up I learnt to never take things at face value. Think it through first before making a decision.

  18. I don’t trust either the Beebscum or Sky Shite.

    These two sets of cunts actually thought the demise of a chiggun eating known criminal who threatened women with loaded guns from across the pond (Saint Chicken Floyd George, of course) was more important than those who have died from Covid and the NHS workers who are trying to fight the virus. Chicken George has had more coverage and eulogies than Lady Di, John Lennon, and both Kennedys combined. So that alone shows where they are both at. Fuck the pair of them.

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