Diversity Built Britain

Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any more left wing, out they come with the release of a new 50p coin with the moniker, ‘Diversity Built Britain’ plastered on it.

The press release has a grinning Rishi Sunak holding the coin.

Now I for one agree that non whites have done things to help Britain. On balance?…meh. Probably been a bad idea. Bit some have helped, for sure.

But built the fucking place? Fuck off!

Britain was over 99% honkey as recently as 1948. It was still over 94% in 1997, when Blair then fucked the country in the arse.

The honky man built Britain. And if you keep on telling them otherwise they might start wanting to deport ‘diversity’.

Get the fuck out!!

Oh, and Britain built loads of fucking other countries too. So fuck off!!!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

71 thoughts on “Diversity Built Britain

  1. If that is truly the case, then perhaps he would like to name one thing invented by a dark key? Yep, nothing.

  2. Giving the immigrant the vote and a mouthpiece was the greatest error of all time. May the wrath of the festering fistula invade rectally, any who disagree.


  3. Our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s fought for freedom of this great country. Well, we may as well put fucking Adolf Hitler on the next £10 note when it is next issued.

  4. W0g’s and pAk!s bring misery anywhere they choose to squat, they are parasites and are unable to conduct their lives in an honest way, show me any area in which they are heavily represented and you will find a dirty, lawless shithole, they are incapable of acting like humans.!

  5. Ordered an engraver, so if you see CUNTS engraved on one of these 50pence pieces, you know Whodunnit

  6. And there was I, being told it was all built on slavery and racism. I mean, that’s why all those statues are being covered, vandalised and pulled down and chucked in the river….isn’t it???

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