The BBC [56] & It’s Woke Impartiality

”BBC News presenter Huw Edwards is ‘being spoken to’ by bosses after he wrote that he felt ‘uneasy’ about a museum removing a portrait of an Army general due to his links to slavery.”

What Edwards actually twatted was:-

‘As a journalist I feel uneasy about this element of “censoring” history.
‘Should not Picton remain on display as a reminder to Wales of an aspect of its past – no matter how disgraceful?’

Yes, fucking outrageous. How dare he express a mainstream opinion which jars with the overpaid Tarquins and Jemimas in Saville House. Which is not in Wales but fucking London.
Not like the completely unbiased opinions of Lineker and co. Which dont seem to require ‘being spoken to’.

NB Picton was killed at Waterloo fighting for his country. He was a product of his time.

Fuck the BBC. Then defund the fuckers.

Link to story.

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67 thoughts on “The BBC [56] & It’s Woke Impartiality

  1. Huw Edwards is afflicted with a condition that is intolerable to the Black Biased Cuntporation:

    He is White.

    • It won’t be long before we see New Broadcasting House have armed guards standing by while the newsreaders do their job – a bit like East Germany and Soviet Russia at the height of the Cold War – “ze shall be shot, duckie” the DG will warn if they go off script.

      Watch the BBC or ITV “local news” and you might be watching the Jamaican or Nigerian local news – all the faces are black.

      • Well WC, thank fuck I don’t watch it😀👍

        I watched a classic football match on YouTube last night:

        1978 home international

        Scotland 0 : 1 England

        Wonderful players on both teams-Dalgleish, Jordan, Wilkins, Mills, Souness, Copell, Clemence, etc, etc.

        All WHITE, all committed, all slogging their fucking guts out.
        Commentary by Moore.

        Happy fucking days👍

      • Watching the England team now, you could be mistaken for thinking we were part of the Africunt continent 🤔

    • Huw Edwards. I don’t have too much sympathy for this count. Arch propagandist for Remain.

      He’s where he is because he represents an earlier form of diversity and inclusion bullshit, that if regional accents. When the BBC decided that to appear less London centric that they should feature more regional accents, the likes of Huw cashed in. But what goes around comes around I suppose.

      This reminds me of that quote by someone “first they came for the Jews, and I said nothing because I wasn’t Jewish…”.

      First they came for the received pronunciation and I said ‘owt…

  2. “Two artists with TRINIDADIAN ROOTS have been asked to provide greater context of his life.”
    Cue a picture of the cunt whipping the fuck out of a couple of female slaves with their boobies hanging out.
    Dat ‘Im whitey innit bruv.

  3. Its totally fine for cuntwipes like Nagging Munchabutty, Emily Maitlis or Brucie to launch into rants about Donald Trump or the Tories and get “spoken to”. You know the fuckers are just going through the motions.

  4. Those cunts are a fucking disease.

    I have no idea why they seem obsessed with ethnic minorities who compared to Europeans and especially the British have achieved nothing at all of note.

    Absolute poison.

    • This is the problem with the rest of the world . They can say what they fucking like but it all boils down to envy and jealousy.

      Britain invented pretty much fucking everything whilst they are still banging shit with a mortar and pestle.

  5. People have no right to complain if they’re still funding the fuckers, knowing their proclivities.
    Just stop their payments.
    What are they going to do? Send you a letter printed in red ink every couple of months.
    There’s still been no visit from a Crapita goon round my house, alas.

    • Thomas-if IsAC stages a revolution and we end up in charge of a strict anti-woke regime, as Minister of Culture, what will you have planned for Television viewers?

      • Hmmm…a wonderful program of retoxification, immos earning their keep by appearing on game shows where taxpayers money is used to fund gladitorial games.
        Lions vs mużźies vs pædos in a classic colloseum.
        Semi-nude feminists armed with nothing but an ill-fitting bikini vs rottweilers and dobermans.
        Ex-BBC commies running away from combine harvesters whilst we take potshots at their ankles from the roof of the machine.
        Fuck me, it would be glorious!
        My imagination is on fire now.

      • It’s a knockout over the channel
        Put up obstacles like ferries and container ships ( a la frogger) going by then an inflatable dingy choice of four , one with a slow puncture one with a dodgy outboard motor , one with a stuck rudder that goes round in circles and a normal one. That gets you too the next obstacle of running over a floating pontoon with “ whooo white supremithists “ (nod to salty cracker) pushing wrecking balls from each side trying to knock them off then if you get past that it’s a half mile swim to Blighty where you have to sing land of hope and glory in full and in tune with no accent before you get any chance of staying in a travel lodge.

  6. I wanted three specific things from Bojo and his troop at the last election, all of which we were told would be addressed;
    1. A meaningful Brexit 2. Immigration controlled 2. the BBC licence tax issue.

    Number 1? Sort of, I suppose. 2 and 3? Forget it.
    The Beeb just goes its merry Guardianista woke way, and it looks as though fuck all will ever be done about it, in spite of mealy-mouthed words to the contrary.
    I’d defund the cunts yesterday, and let ’em sink or swim in the real world.

    Great nom, CG.

    Again, morning all.

    • I was listening to R4 Today programme yesterday and they were interviewing an Australian about their immigration policies.. The BBC bloke (Justin Webb?) quoted something from The Guardian. As soon as The Guardian was mentioned the Australian just said that will be suitably impartial. You could almost hear the spluttering at the BBC.

  7. Sooner these fuckits are shown we won’t stand for this bollocks, the better.
    New ‘sensible’ DG & managers or scrap the beeb.
    Nuff said

  8. So what are they going to do about human arsewipe, St Linekunt? He’s on twatter practically every day crying about “asylum seekers” (ie Jihadi dinghy rats) and fucking climate change.
    I’ll tell you shall I ……sweet fuck all. The BBC are traitors to this country. I suppose they would have preferred Boney to win at Waterloo……anybody as long as they are foreign and prepared to fuck over the hated working class.

  9. The media created ‘Crisis in Cricket’ took another turn yesterday when the Asian, female CEO of Leicestershire Cricket Club resigned a few months early. The BBC stated that she ‘was one of only two BAME CEOs in cricket’.
    Fuck me with a cricket bat, there are 18 first class counties so that represents 11% of the total- how can that be thought of as under representative?

    • Why did she quit?
      Shortage of workers in her “sweat-shop”?
      27 workers short, perchance?

  10. 12-year-old girl stabbed to death yesterday evening in Liverpool city centre.
    4 youths from the culturally-diverse area of Toxteth in custody.
    I may be adding two and two together, but there’s no mention of their ethnicity on the Beeb.

  11. And when is somebody at the BBC going to carry the can for the Bashir business? Let’s not even mention Stuart Hall and Sir James Kiddyfiddler, that’s been swept under their lumpy carpet long ago. Fucking n*nce loving criminals.

  12. The impartiality of the BBC needs to be scraped and it should be pro British, OK the news is the news, just report it but stuff like this they should be saying fuck off.

    A British general who fought at Waterloo being taken down, fuck 50 years ago the people who run the museum would have be sacked for being Anti British.

    Sick of this slavery crap, I don’t fucking care if Britain was involved in the salve trade, you can’t cancel every character from history because you don’t like what they did at the time.

    Churchill was a racist, fucking good, gets my vote!!

    Did Micheal Vaughan say about the P*kis ‘there are too many of you lot’, well I hope he did and I agree with him.

  13. Everything about the beeb is abhorrent. Shut it down pull the plug 🔌 and blow the fucking building down. Cunts

  14. It’s not just El Beeb that’s at this shite. My grandson very recently applied for a post graduate position at MI5. He duly received the application pack and started to fill it in. He got no further that his initial enquiry and pack as he is white and heterosexual. The application process would only progress deviants and the dark hued races. Splendid this, MI5’s mission is to keep the country safe and it’s being entrusted to weirdo’s and foreigners. We are fucked.

    • I would have thought any job now is first dibs for BAMES, Wimminz and bent boys.
      White, male and straight? You might get a look in if there’s any left over or it involves hard fucking work.

  15. Yeah, close the bastards down and turn Jimmy Savile House into a prison for dinghy rats.
    How sweet would that be?

  16. Same shit different day … again.

    Unless real action is taken everything will become a lot worse … gotta be nearly time to burn the fuckin’ BBC to the ground … both metaphorically and dare I say it … actually.

    When these cunts try to cancel anything I go outta my way to stick it right back in ya fuckin’ face. Have a problem with that? Say something to me … go on … please … FAFO! Cunts all of ’em.

  17. The BBC is a barrel full of dirty, filthy, stinking rats.*

    *Hat tip to Gene Wilder/Mel Brookes.

  18. Was reading on Spiked the other day about some bint called Marinella Spring. Her title at the BBC is “Specialist Disinformation Reporter”.

    That title tells you everything you need to know about the Beeb. Fuck me.

    • What does that mean? Is she (they? he?) reporting disinformation? Sounds a bit 1984 for my liking.

      • Fact Checking:

        Stating anything that goes against the narrative/agenda is disinformation.

        (See the Wikipedia entry for “ The Kalergi Plan”-a conspiracy theory, apparently 😂)

      • Kalergi plan.

        One of my favourite conspiracies that one.

        Best to consign that one to the tinfoil archives at the exact time that western Europe is quite literally in the middle of an invasion of overwhelming numbers of our darker hued and mainly young male brethren/replacements.

  19. Very few if any historical figures stand up to today’s wanky wokery , judging people’s actions of days gone by with today’s lofty standards is utterly ridiculous, this hideous agenda is as usual being driven by a very vocal MINORITY!! , aided by cunts like the bbc , sky , guardian and other assorted MSM twats…..

    You don’t learn anything by destroying or denying history
    Only by knowing our history can we hopefully avoid making the same mistakes again …….

  20. “You don’t learn anything by destroying or denying history
    Only by knowing our history can we hopefully avoid making the same mistakes again ……”

    Marxists don’t want anyone to learn actual history, only their revisionist version of it. They’re especially keen to airbrush out all previous failed attempts at socialism, communism.. This is why they like to call it year zero after the revolution.

    • I love it when you see these cunts in the street. I always say ‘socialism has been shown to be a vicious tyranny everywhere’.
      ‘Oh’ they bleat ‘REAL socialism has never been tried’.
      ‘YOUR brand, you mean. Sweetness and light for evermore; as long as everyone does what YOU say. Fuck off’.

      Walks away.

    • 100% correct , you’re never change a Marxist my point is there’s a whole raft of people that have been swept into this bull shit and simply don’t understand the true intentions and subsequent ramifications of what these Marxists really want ……….
      Sheeple sleepwalking into the abyss……..

  21. The BBC are cunts. I don’t pay their tax anymore and I feel a lot better for that, and not watching any of their bullshit programmes.

    I didn’t tell them I was dropping the licence fee (why the fuck should I? If I didn’t own a car I wouldn’t be obliged to write to the DVLA to tell them I don’t need to pay car tax).

    This results in umpteen letters from them – I’ll bet I’ve been sent 30 or so during the past year. I mainly use them as firefighters but maybe I should have kept them all and put them online for amusement. They all read like a 5 year old has written them fresh in from playing cops and robbers in the school playground. Each iteration has an increased level of threat. The last half a dozen or so have been along the lines of:

    We are investigating you now because you smell guilty from a distance;

    Our agent is definitely going to visit you now if you don’t cough up first;

    You still haven’t coughed up so we are visiting next Wednesday, maybe (no visit );

    Cough up now or we are definitely going to visit you;

    Right, that’s it now, we are definitely, definitely going to visit you now and this letter has an official red stamp and signature on the bottom so yah boo sucks to you little person (today’s letter).

    What an absolute bunch of wankers😁

    • I’d never heard of General Picton till I read this nom.
      He seems a decent sort to me?
      Served his country well,
      I don’t care about any links to slavery.

      Im no scholar, no intellectual.
      But I know why the hysterical hero bashing from the marxists.

      If people arent proud of their country,
      Its achievements
      Its history
      Then its so much easier to rewrite it,
      People without pride are rudderless.
      They can be steered in another direction.
      Huw Edwards should feel unease.
      Hes gone against the Manifesto.
      They cant have that!
      Our history is important
      It shows us who we are.
      Where we came from.
      It gives us identity.

      Thats why the commies hate it.
      Thats why we should preserve it.


      • Picton was a hero. The troops under his command thought the world of him.
        He was brave and unlike many today, had a spine.
        Every village, town and city in the land should have a street named after him.
        Evening, MNC 👍🇬🇧

      • Evening Jack👍

        How many current ‘leaders of men’ can say they have the loyalty of those they lead?

        None id hazard?
        If they say hes to be deleted from the annals of history
        All the more reason to celebrate him! 😁🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      • There are loads of places in the Commonwealth named after him, there are towns in NZ, Australia and Canada named after him, wonder if the woke warriors in NZ/Canada will try and change it though once they have their little meltdown over it. You are spot on about history and its importance and why the cultural marxist hate it, its why they are trying to change US narrative as the war of independence being about the preservation of slavery rather than escaping taxes and control from England. Of course its complete bollocks but CNN/NY Times and all the other lefty wank puffins lap it up, but what these fools are doing is destroying the real strength of the US from within, and we have enough like the Beeb/Guardian and most of the Labour party who would like to do the same for the UK, Fuck them all to hell and back.

      • Strike a light – is that the level of dipstick they have working for them?!

        I’ve been thinking about the best response if one of these cunts does turn up at my door. It’ll be no good them pretending they are here to read the meter (under lock and key to stop anybody sneaking a smart meter in when I’m not looking). Some other YouTube vid’s (Google “TV Licence Goons” – there’s literally tons of content out there) either don’t answer or simply say “not today thank you” and then go silent.

        I think the latter response is favourite, having thought about it. There’s no chance of anything you say being misinterpreted plus, as appealing as it is to give the hapless agent some stick, it’s the BBC themselves I’d like to argue with not some minimum wage waster who can’t get work elsewhere.

  22. Huw Edwards got his job because he is Welsh. He will lose his job because he is white, heterosexual, middle aged and Male – but he was pretty vocal about the “stupid little undereducated brexiteer types” and said nothing when the likes of Munchetty and Maitliss (to name two of many) were spitting their loony left bile so I have little sympathy for the Man himself, but am on board with the message behind it.
    There is an increasingly powerful movement to remove white people from existence – they literally hate us and want us all dead, and the sickening thing is the number of white people in their ranks doing everything they can to hasten the process in the desperate hope that if they assist with the genocide they will be given favourable treatment – good luck with that one – history has repeatedly shown the kind of benevolence socialists and fascists exhibit.
    I have Family and relatives buried all over Europe and the wider world who fell fighting for our Country (as do lots of people who are now described as either “racists” or “useless eaters” by people who have done fuck all and fought for less) and increasingly I genuinely wonder if they would have bothered if they could see the future and the damage done by 75 years of cultural marxism and a generation of weak, spoiled, entitled, hate filled adult children who detest the very system which has given so much for their freedom and stridently demand a system which will give them none.
    History will look back at us and wonder why we didn’t do anything when we had the chance.
    I believe humankinds greatest fight is in front of it – free people ranged against socialism and islam – and YET AGAIN those who would rather not fight will be pushed into a position where they must, not for glory, land or the spoils of war but simply for the right to be left the fuck alone in peace.
    The pawns, as always, will be moved around in a river of shit and blood so the Kings and Queens can keep their privileged positions and wealth and those still left alive will wonder where the “land fit for heroes” they were promised has gone.
    The “thin end of the wadge” has now turned into a hammer, with too many people desperate for a sickle to join it – this will not end well.
    Nearly forgot – FUCK the BBC!

  23. Topping news all – our undercover agent at the BBC B&WC reports excellent progress in his mission, I asked if he had been “pumping the Ladies for information” and was informed he’s “got them all licked – laarvly”! 😃👍

  24. Wokery at its finest.
    The BBC should, in the words of my grandmother, be shot with shit.
    And as for the Covid unquestioning propaganda, they should fuck off into oblivion.

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