Sola Scriptura

The Bible alone or ‘Sola Scriptura’ is the problem.

Yes from Luther, Calvin, Zwingli the cry was to hell with the ‘traditions of men’ all we need is the Bible alone as the sole rule of Faith.

But the problem with that is every Tom, Dick and Harry can set himself as an authority on the Bible and start his own church.

The joke number of Protestant denominations (from a protestant source) is 32,000. That’s 32,000 different interpretations of the Bible. And the differences are not small either- the nature of the Godhead, whether baptism is needed for salvation, church governance.

Yes the Catholic Church did guard the bible jealously for fear of erroneous Interpretation in the past. Remember it is 2000 years old and has much much experience dealing with heretics.

On the surface sola scriptura is a very attractive notion. Here in England for example we have the idea that the Reformation freed the people from the ‘clutches of the Catholic Church’. The people could read the Bible for themselves. How liberating! And decide for themselves what it meant!. Yes why not? It all sounds so good and open and freedom-loving and casting off the ‘yolk of Rome’.

But therein lay the chaos of the the plethora of churches we see around us today. Such division is a scandal.

Given this day from his Chair in the See of Barnsley, Pope Plastic.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic,for%20Christian%20faith%20and%20practice.

74 thoughts on “Sola Scriptura

  1. Lockdown still stopping you knocking on doors with the good news Miles?
    Never mind, some of us can console ourselves with happy memories of brutal nuns, prevert priests and incessantly mumbling hail mary. As for the plethora of proddy churches. Who gives a fuck?

  2. Fuck me Miles – “…every Tom, Dick and Harry can set himself as an authority on the Bible and start his own church.”

    You’ve just inspired me on a business venture – The Holy Trinity of Maskinback.

    I will have a female Vicar – around 5’10” tall, 22 years old, blonde with piercing eyes, long legs and massive tits. The congeregation will be heaving out the door. I will be on the collection plate and will get to take the lovely female Vicar around the back of the font for an after-service consultation!

    Who said there isn’t a lighter side to ISAC?

    • The man will not cease to strive until he converts us all!
      It’s come to the point where I’ll happily chat with a Jehovas Witness for a more conservative view!

      • Jehovahs do rule. You should see the size of the fucking great “Jehovah City” they have built down the road from me. The cunting thing necessitated its own new roundabout off the main road.

        From Google Earth it is the size of a town. Jehovah only knows where they get the cash to fund this folly.

      • Afternoon Ruff.
        It might just be safe to take off the tin hat today!

  3. Im with the Jesus House of all, the Nations in Brent. Apparently they have fucked Kweer Stamer up the arse, as shock horror, Africans dont like the alphabet people very much.”, “dey eat da poo poo”

    • That must be to whom Jeebus was praying. The Father (possibly Jeebus), The Son, (also Jeebus), and The Holy Goat (maybe Jeebus).

      “Heavenly Father, hello. It’s me. You know, you.”

      • That’s the Holy Trinity all set out there, Captain, but no goats allowed in the Holy Trinity of Maskinback.

        Lonely, MILFy divorcees/widows looking for divine inspiration and a leading light to fill their empty lives are always welcome to my church. Especially those who are generous when it comes to loading up the collection plate for the perennial chestnut which is the “church roof repair fund”.

      • Father Masky, are you telling me that you don’t mólest choir boys, melt down church candle-holders, steal from the collection plate, piss in the holy water, or wank yourself dry in the confessional booth? You degenerate religious types disgust me.

      • Guilty on all counts, as charged, except for the molestation of choir boys. I’ll leave that one to one or two of the more salty contributors of this magnificent forum.

  4. Excellent nom.Miles…excellent.

    You stand as a bulwark of sanity against a sea of degenerate blasphemers.

    “Father Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do.”

    • Thank you Mr Fiddler.

      Funny you should use the word ‘bulwark’. Reminds me of
      ‘The church is the pillar and bulwark of truth.’

      Note the church, not the Bible.

  5. The Church of Rome still has all the best tunes. The Castrati were the origninal pop stars. It also gave us the wondrous cinematic genre known as Nunsploitation. The Protestants still need to up their game to come anywhere close.

    Peace be with you, Miles.

  6. Very true. The Reformation unleashed a plethora of biblical interpretations and often went in a radical direction, culminating in the madness of John of Leiden and the Munster Rebellion. Ironically, the man that started it, Martin Luther, was ultra-conservative and hated the radicals, but they all stemmed from his idea that the individual, rather than the church hierarchy, should read and interpret the Bible. And what do we have today as a consequence – a plethora of loony Protestant religions from the Mormons to the Church Of Elvis the Prophet.

    The Protestant Reformation was undoubtedly a cunt.

  7. casting off the ‘yolk [sic] of Rome’

    Who has been egging you on, Miles?

    You remind me of Sir Henry, with his congenital tendency toward hilarious malapropisms, for example: the Greek Harpics™ [sic] of mythology.

    Interestingly, my first hifi system comprised Solavox PR25 loudspeakers, a Strathearn STM4 deck with an Ortofon VMS 5e cartridge and a Rotel 314 amplifier. I bought it new from Comet for about £110 in 1978 with the money I’d earned as the coal boy for some eccentric old spinsters. It didn’t sound bad at all.

    • Afternoon CS.

      I still have a pair of PR25s up in the loft… can’t remember if they still work or not. And a pair of Celestion Ditton 110s.

      Currently making do with B&W DM602 S3s.

      • I thought ‘yolk’ could mean a harness or retraint not just the yolk of an egg.
        So casting of the yolk or harness or bind is right. Isn’t it?

      • Dm602s are excellent RTC, but I find they need driving hard in order to “sing”. A bit like Venetia, who is now back 😁

      • Know what you mean. I blew the tweeters in 2010, cost £90 to replace.

      • Eggscellent riposte, Ruffers!

        I bet poor Miles is now feeling a little scrambled.

    • AjaCS, not for me my brain is spinning from all the detail, still I hope it makes some happy.

      • You have my absolute absolution, Miles; I offer my complete remission. At least you didn’t try wriggling out with some BS about it being a typo (it is a different keystroke sequence, so it couldn’t have been).

        Full marks from me for your candour, Miles!

  8. It is always interesting to read Miles’ nominations and comments they tend to try and rise us above the normal base thoughts that most of us have on here.

  9. Humans disagree a lot. Consider the interpretation of the film Jaws; daft academics thought it wasn’t really about a shark, one theory being ‘masculinity in crisis’ (ffs), but Spielberg said, and I believe the book author also said, it is actually just about a shark.

    There isn’t even just one Satanic Church, there are plenty of them with different interpretations. Some of them don’t even believe in Satan whilst others do. That’s people for you.

    Anyway I thought Henry 8th finished us off from the Yoke of Rome because of his marital problems? Perhaps not such a bad idea after that Malleus Maleficarum.

      • So does the Bible, quite a lot.

        On a brighter note, Jaws was a good film.

        (You’re gonna need a bigger Bible! – DA)

    • This reminds me of Moby Dick, one of my favourite novels. You can read as a simple tale of an obsessive quest for a bad ass whale. Beneath the surface the whale is a metaphor for god, fate, evil, destiny – all the big questions. This has spawned an epic library of PhD thesis and critical analyses- a whole industry in fact. But at the end of the day it’s just a bad ass whale and can be enjoyed as such.

      It also reminds me of the old joke about a supposed modernist painter. He displayed a painting of squiggly lines with a gaping whole in the centre. . An art critic asked him if he was “trying to represent the pent up frustrations of modern life”. The artist replied, “no, I was trying to paint a hairy cunt”.

  10. Great nom Miles. As a Catholic brought up amongst Calvinists I can see both sides here. The Reformation was a genuine response to corruption but like many revolutions lost its true path and instead of bringing a brave new world brought the same problems that had caused it. However, one big difference here is that we are talking about a “spiritual” improvement in people´s lives, not a material improvement and I don´t think the Reformation succeded in replacing the spirituality of Catholicism. I might be wrong here as I have never attended a Protestant service but I doubt if it could match the feeling of communion and spitituality you find at a Catholic mass.

    • Humans need more than a bland talking to about their failings. Give me St Pauls, Rome over some shitty white walled church with a vicar extolling frugality, climate change and st Gretta . At the end of the day its about”I want more life” . Unfortunately for religion the life on earth is getting pretty good. No pain, no pandemics. All we need now is no death. Come on Boris you fat cunt. I demand eternal life you fucker and I want it now. Pull your finger out.

      • Yeah I see John Calvin as the worst that came out of it. Obsessed with sovereignity of God he tortures the mind with his teaching.

        See we are ‘totally depraved’. Only God saves us ‘by Grace: we can do nothing. So theres no point in doing good works? No, there’s no point in doing anything at all. Well how do you get to heaven? You are elected to go there. But how do I know I am one of the Elect? You just know. But I thought Jesus died :for all’. No, it was a ‘limited atonement’ He died for the Elect. Well what happens to those who aren’t one of the Elect? They go to hell. So God made some human beings who were preordained to go to hell. That’s it. And they cannot do anything about it? That’s right.

  11. I wonder if in another two thousand years dull cunts will be arguing about what flavour their chosen God’s cock tastes of, or will humanity finally grow up a little?
    Stupid cunts.

    • “The People’s Front of Cheese”!
      “No! The Cheese People’s front”!

  12. The Church’s truth, any church, is the same as Markle’s truth. A one sided interpretation of make believe and vague facts. The same applies to all religions though some are not inherently vicious.

  13. The late Dr Donald Coggan (sometime Archbishop of Canterbury) was an all-round good egg, as well as a gifted linguist and towering intellect and scholar.

    Less known is that he was frequently caught by the Dean and Cathedral Constables during his time at Canterbury as Archbishop in the Seventies feeding the gargoyles with Heinż Toast Toppers™. Coggan’s modus operandi was to open one of those small tins of the savoury comestible and leave it wedged into the mouth/spout of the gargoyle. He appeared to choose either the mushroom or bacon and cheese flavour depending on the location of the gargoyle.

    It became quite a problem as the spouts became blocked with the many empty tins. Obviously the contents were pecked out by the ravens (not eaten by the gargoyles as Coggan believed). Problem was, the empty tins remained wedged in and caused some minor flooding in the Trinity Chapel, the Chapter House and parts of the organ loft.

    It was of course all hushed up at the time, and ascribed to pressure that Coggan felt himself under. He was wracked with guilt about the self-evident failure of his “Call to the Nation” in 1975 as well as his (very private¹) doubts about the ordination of women.

    ¹ Coggan was ostensibly very much in favour of such modernising of the ministry, but in private he was much more circumspect

  14. It was an Anglican vicar that signed my shotgun application form, confirming that I was a person of ‘ good character ‘.
    The daft cunt.
    The manager of the local branch of the old Midland Bank was furious.
    Happy days.

  15. Religious bigotry. If we ever needed a reason to abandon organised religion, the content and tone of your posts on the subject, highlight perfectly, the hypocrisy of the church(s).

    My god is bigger than your god. No mine is……

    Keep up the good work😀👍

  16. When I was younger, I was a member of a Protestant church youth group. ‘Hotbed of sin’ doesn’t even begin to describe the disgraceful carryings on.
    It fell apart, when the bloke in charge ran off with a highly fuckable seventeen year old blonde.
    Great while it lasted.
    As it happens, I ran into one of the ‘ girls ‘ a while back. A very sensual black lady, who I’d spent some delicious times with in those heady days. She cheerfully informed me that she was happily fucking behind her husbands back and if I ever fancied getting it on, she would willingly ‘ jump on me ‘ !!!!
    I’m tempted.
    Good afternoon.

    • Shameless…utterly shameless.

      You pollute a Holy discussion with your depraved and lewd fantasies.

      Vile despoiler…thy time is nigh.


      • It’s too late for me, I’m beyond redemption.
        I suspect that I’m not the only one.
        See you in hell. (So you’ve been to Rotherham then! – DA)
        Bit parky again.
        I’ve been freezing me knackers off.
        Afternoon, Dick.

      • It’s a bit warmer today up here…but it fucking wants to be..Monday was fucking Arctic.

        I’m not going to Hell…God has already promised me St.Peter’s job judging people at The Gates of Heaven. I will.of course,be harsh but fair,as always…there’ll be one or two shady characters on this site who’ll be none too pleased to see Fiddler jiggling the keys to The Heavenly Realm when they come knocking.

      • Fook me ! If they’ll employ you, I must be in with a decent shout.
        Not sure how interesting heaven would be though, endless hymn singing, chatting with God, being nice to everyone.
        Fuck it, me mind’s made up, I’ll stick with hell, much more fun, wall to wall sluts and 24hr opening, smashing !!
        Heaven is full of pansies.
        Get To Fuck.

  17. I’m glad I’m an atheist!

    The different flavours about religion, and who to believe in, and who not to believe, and what trespasses you should avoid, and all that bollocks – too much like hard work for my tiny mind!

    If you follow a particular faith, then fair play to you. But to me its all a load of made up bollocks to suit a particular need, especially when it comes to revisionism for modern day believers – which is basically moving the goalposts of ancient scriptures to appease contemporary thought!

    That said, I always enjoy Miles’ nominations – very thought-provoking and different from the norm. Although I do sometimes wonder if he is high/drunk at time of writing his intriguing noms 🙂

    He is the Melvyn Bragg of ISAC

    • Sola Scriptura. Never heard of it so I looked it up. I’m still no wiser. My brain simply refuses to take in any of this crap. It has more important things to occupy its time, like estimating how much bread I need to last over the weekend (bread as in wholemeal).
      Nobody who thinks for themselves would entertain any of this bible stuff for a minute, but the way I look at it, if it keeps them happy that’s fine.

  18. Luther,Calvin and Zwingli are all black bloke names?
    I thought spades belonged in Hades?
    Unless heaven has secure lockers and is segregated im not keen on going now.
    You never answered my question about Bethlehem!
    Genuinely wanted to know.
    I made God aware of your rudeness and your getting a demerit on your file!!

      • Dunt like it Miserable. He has to be born in Bethlehem of Judea because of the ‘line of David’
        But I never knew there were two Bethlehems.

      • Nor did I Miles.
        But there is! 20 miles from where they set off.
        And its a fishing village.
        This archeologist also said that the interpretation of joseph as a carpenter, well the word used could mean either carpenter or stone mason, and in the middle east theres plenty of stone for a mason but not much timber.
        I thought it was interesting.

      • ‘Unless heaven has secure lockers and is segregated im not keen on going now.

        Don’t worry Miserable Mr Fiddler says he wants the keys. He’ll keep undesirables out.

        I was thinking maybe you could offer yourself as a heavenly removals man up there.
        As it says in the Bible ‘there are many rooms in my Father’s house’
        You know shifting stuff about.

      • Im sorry Miles but im not working with Fiddler as site Foreman.
        Id happily carry on working in heaven but how would I go about being paid?
        You know what jews are like…😀😀

  19. Great nom miles ! Nice to see a balanced view
    Are you from Ulster at all ? ( asking fir a friend )

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