BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

287 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. Only repeats of Catherine Tate show, and there’s NO way Al-Beeb would make that today. Am surprised they risk the wrath of the woke cockwombles by repeating it.
    I might watch Shetland tonight, ni e scenery, and Tosh is rather alluring. I think she might even be straight.

  2. I’ve heard it all now. The BBC News website has a feature today on Alex Hales having to deny that his dog has a racist name- Kevin.
    It would appear that in some quarters Kevin is a nickname for POC so it naturally follows that anyone calling their pet Kevin is one step away from being a KKK member. Well, that is the line that the BBC appears to be taking.

  3. Ursula dropped 7 says that the eu should consider mandatory jabs according to the BBC.
    Has no one told them that the U.K. is no longer in the eu so they can go fuck themselves.

  4. I’ve had a serious vendetta against BBC4 for cancelling Westway. The shite they broadcast, and they cancel Westway, an INCLUSIVE radio serial BEFORE inclusive was stamped on every fucking bog roll to come out of Tesco Express.

  5. B.B.C. They are just full of ads. Why are we still paying for the T.V. licence? B.B.C. Sport is just full of ads! Backhander Broadcasting Company, & don’t forget all that paedo stuff they are scum. The lowest of the low. Cunts!

    • Yes I totally agree with you mate about all the ads. I emailed the BBC complaints Department and told them there are far to many many adverts on the BBC advertising the BBC. I received a a reply from them saying that they ‘didn’t consider it advertising’ the thick cunts. But alas I did try to reason with them

  6. Yes well fuck you again The B.B.C. Match of the Day highlights. Full of fucking ads! Full of cunts at the end surrounded by adverts! This shit has got to stop, or fuck off the licence fee! I have had enough.

  7. Has anyone else seen the footage of the bloke smashing away at the Eric Gill statue yet?
    I can’t be arsed to put up footage or a link but it’s out there.

  8. Moliere´s 400th anniversary year and how does the BBC mark France´s equivalent of Shakespeare? It interviews the director of a version of “Tartuffe” set in Birmingham with a “British-Pakistani” cast. “It worked surprisingly well,” said Mr. Smug Luvvie Director who was white of course. Sacre bleu!

  9. Here’s the latest headline on the BBC cunts:

    Be good if it does actually happen but it’s promised for FIVE years time. Doris will be long gone by then and, probably, the fake Conservative party also. So, unlikely to actually happen then, just a soundbite. Like stopping the dingy raiders. Like taking back our fishing. Like kicking out the ECJ. Like not raising taxes. Like not scrapping the triple lock on pensions.

    What did the BBC cunts say about this? “Very short sighted a public services broadcaster is very much needed”. By whom exactly? Half the country don’t consume their biased woke driven crap.

    The BBC are cunts. The Government are cunts.

    • They could easily do it now, split the BBC news from the entertainment side, fund the news out of general taxation and the entertainment could go commercial like the other free to air stations.

      It can’t be that complicated, there is already a BBC news channel which could host all the political stuff and just leave the BBC 1,2 and 4 to stand on its merits, if their drama and light entertainment is so good it will survive.
      They might start cutting salaries and cutting out the dead wood.

      Fuck the BBC

      • This is very true, but I don’t think we should hold our breath waiting for the cunts actually to do anything off their own bat.
        It’ll tack take dynamite to blast them out of their smug complacency.

      • Peter Bones private members bill second reading was put back to this coming Friday – scrap the licence.

  10. Admittedly this is from the DE but they are said to be rowing back on it already:

    This is the bit that really pisses me off though:

    “A report by the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee released a report in March last year that warned a lack of investment in broadband infrastructure meant the ministers would have no choice but to stick to the current funding model until at least 2038.”

    “No choice” based on the assumption that the BBC and broadband availability are synonymous in some way. NO they fucking are not! The BBC could disappear off the face of the planet and more than half of the UK population wouldn’t miss them.

    It’s high time these elitist cunts had their faces pushed into the real world.

  11. I don’t pay it but I still hate:

    Their pervasive, sanctimonious, lefty, woke propaganda paid for by a mandatory tax;

    The fact that, if you don’t pay the tax, you can’t watch other live free to air (clue is in the “free” bit!) channels.

    Their constant, aggressive, communications (letters) designed to coerce you into paying for something you may, or may not, need but which assume that you are illegally watching live tv. “You have not paid our tax so you must be a criminal pay up now or we might send an enforcer round next Tuesday!” (Sent virtually every couple of weeks.). The sheer audacity displayed here makes me want to shake them by the neck!

    So, I signed the petition for a referendum on the licence fee. What do the con-servatives decide to do? Freeze the licence fee for a couple of years. How in the sweet name of fuck is that addressing the request for a referendum? The BBC are cunts. The Con-servatives are cunts!

  12. You recently signed the petition “Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV licence.”:

    On Monday 17 January, MPs questioned the Government on the future of the licence fee and BBC funding, following a statement by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport Nadine Dorries MP on the funding settlement for the level of the licence fee.

    Read the Secretary of State’s statement, and question from MPs:

    In her statement the Secretary of State announced that the licence fee will be frozen for the next two years, and will rise in line with inflation for the following four years.

    Find out more about the new licence fee settlement:

  13. BBC 1 was on when I got back from the boozer on Saturday and it went something like this: Weakest Link, Pointless, Danny Dyer being all Cockney on the wall and then that cunt Kevin McIntyre’s wheel. Every time I went in the room another quiz show was on …. Stupid canned laughter.

  14. Don’t do this, it’s illegal!

    TV Licensing cunts can only come in IF you’ve already received a court order specifying the day. So some cheeky cunts are hiding the telly round a friend’s house the day before, and picking it up the day after.

    Pass on this warning not to break the law.

    • What makes you think it’s illegal? If some cunt turns up to see if you are watching television and you don’t have one in the house, what can he do? There is no proof and that’s the end of it.

    • I recognize that this is a belated response to CC’s comment but he(?) clearly doesn’t understand the law concerning TV licence ownnership and TV programme viewing.
      It is NOT illegal to own a television (or any other equipment by which television programmes can be viewed) without a valid TV licence.
      It IS illegal to:
      (a) View ‘live’ or on ‘catch-up’ any BBC broadcast without a valid licence.
      (b) View ‘live’ any broadcast by ANY broadcasting organisation, without a valid licence (this is why it’s called a TV licence and not a BBC licence).
      The viewing of non-BBC output on ‘catch-up’ without a valid TV licence IS legal.

  15. Well, who’d think that !
    The BBC tells us today that the price of potatoes in Algeria has risen 30 % in the last three months.
    Frankly, I believe that this little gem of information is of fuck all interest to 100% of people in the U.K.

  16. No, nothing comes close to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, AKA the Socialist Propaganda Unit (SPU) – pronounced spewww. This bunch of half-wit, half cast leftie fuckers beats the cake.

  17. Apparently the only people available to whinge on the BBC about the delays in the NHS cancer screening and treatment is a fat dyke and her partner.

    Very sad though the case is surely someone who represents the majority of the population could have been interviewed. Like me with a young daughter and partner who has prostate cancer!

    Cunts at the Beeb with their everyone in the country is gay, lez, bi disabled or transforming into a cunt or cock bollocks as usual.

    Don’t get me started on our favourite high diving knitting fairy and his personal crusade to enlighten the world on how fudge packing is the new normal. Cunt!

  18. the Blacks Broadcasting Corporation.
    Yes, the BBC.
    If you’re White , you’re Shite.
    BBC aka BLM.
    Pro black , anti white, anti every other Colour of skin.
    BBC = RACIST CUNTS. and WE pay for these Oxbridge Left wing Black worshipping Cuntards.

  19. I haven’t been paying the cunts for a couple of years now. Resulting in monthly letters in red envelopes threatening god knows what (I put them straight in the shredder unopened).

    The other day though a “Capita Goon” turned up at the door and stood there for 5 minutes before putting a “threatening leaflet” through the letterbox. (A hand delivered version of the postal red envelopes – my shredder is getting full of this shit).

    He declined to leave a message on my Ring doorbell (which says: “please leave the package outside the door and you can leave a message after the tone” of you don’t choose to answer the ring which I didn’t – I knew it was a Capita Goon as he wasn’t carrying a parcel).

    Does anybody here know is that all they’ve got (hand deliver one of their stupid messages)?

  20. The Beebscum are showing themselves up yet again.
    For their show, Strictly Cunt Dancing, some sambeaux tart hilariuously fell on her fat black arse while attempting some flashy dance move. Some cunt called Fleur East. But the thing is, the fat cow was allowed to re-start from scratch, and her enormous clanger was edited out.

    Now had that been done for a whitey, those cunts would be swinging in the trees, and I dare say that slavery woulld be mentioned as well. But there’s this to consider. Would the BBC have told us about this fat cow falling on her vast arse if the thing hadn’t gone viral? Also, why should someone get a free pass simply because they are a Francis Bigger? I think we know the answer to both of those questions….🤔

  21. Do those BBC cunts know what irony is?

    On today’s news, the twats were bleating on about the ‘plight’ of migrants.Then the next story is about an enquiry for the Manchester Arena bombing…

    Had there been some sort (any fucking sort) of control over migrants, then the human filth who bombed the Arena might not have been here to do so.

  22. It’s nearly time for the BBC’s festive shitshow. I wonder, what will be on this year?

    Top of the Pops (featuring Ed Sheercunt and a horde of instrument-free sambeaus)

    Mrs Brown’s One Trick Pony Piss Poor Old Mother Riley Nepotism Show

    The BLM Fat Cunt of Dibley

    Stormzy attempting to read the Nativity

    Strictly Cunt Dancing (where shoeshiners who fall over get a free pass)

    NeverEnders (rape, murder, arson, incest dystopia Christmas special)

    Anything with drag queen circus freaks in it

    Jools and his Cuntenanny

    Fat Cunt Human Slug Corden licking various celebrity arses.

  23. Just waiting for the mind numbing load of gash they have in store for the masses retarded enough to spend Xmas in front of the TV.

  24. The reason why the little beeb continually have shirtlifter norton, fat cunt corden and unfunny mcintyre in view, is because of the stupid public. Isn’t it about time the mindless viewers were cunted ?

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