Cunts wearing masks

(Matt Suckcock forgets his mask and his own rules – DA)

Yep those ‘like being ordered what to do cunts’ are surrendering cunts and have the potential to switch sides in a war.

Crossing the road is risky and so is not wearing a mask some say…I say uncertainty and risk makes us feel truly alive and life is to be lived. So c’mon cunters live a little amd absorb some of my spirit of adventure and take some risks and don’t wear a mask.

If Covid 19 gets me at least the fans won’t remember me being aaaht and abaaaaaht with a damn mask on my face, no they’ll remember me as a cunt who would not be told what to do.

I’ve been to a few events etc lately and all these social distancing, mask wearing etc measures they are asking customers etc are a farce.

Live a little cunters…who wants to die as a careful cunt.

PS If you die of Covid 19 after my advice…I knew naffink abaaaaaht it.

Go fuck yourselves.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt 

Anneliese Dodds (2)

A hand-me-my-rubber-gloves-while-I-clean-behind-Steptoe’s-fridge cunting please for this raddled old trollop, simply because her whining voice, the shit that comes out of her mouth, and the sheer grimy look of the old bag really upsets my sensibilities.

There is a great collection of pictures of her on this BBC piece, which shows the sheer horror of this alleged woman:

Where to begin? The hair which looks as if it hasn’t seen comb or shampoo since childhood, the piggy little eyes, the big hooter, from which you can imagine candlesticks drooping down the nostrils, the thin-lipped mean looking mouth, which hides God knows how many dental catastrophes, black broken molars, and the passageway to appalling halitosis, the skinny neck looking like it has been filched from a 90 year old granny, smaller tits than Tom Daley, which doubtless droop thanks to her poor little kids having at one time having to put their mouths to the rancid organs. It is best not to dwell on the piss-stained knickers which doubtless reek of rancid quim juice, and round the back the numerous skidmarks. Like the old cunt herself, they get washed on an annual basis whether they need it or not.

This “woman”(?) – a former PPE student at Hilda College, Oxford, is only 42, and is profoundly disgusting to see. She ought to be ashamed of herself looking so antique. She has no sense of dress, cleanliness or pride. She is a hag. She looks like the end of the world. Even Mother Theresa looked in better nick when they lowered him into the coffin.

When you look at the old fucker, you can understand why some men are homosexual. The idea of fucking this rust-bucket incites nausea. It makes you wonder at the lack of standards of her “partner” (and what he looks like – nothing on earth I imagine)

How dare she and Dame Kweer have the arrogance to inflict this human turd on us.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

End the Union once and for all.

So the Scots, Irish and Welsh want to have some autonomy over central government on the issue of lockdowns. Fair enough, they all have their own toytown assemblies and a fair amount of control over their own affairs.

However, both the Welsh and Scots assemblies are demanding more money from London to aid them during their own decisions to have regional lockdowns. So in essence English taxpayer will be subsidizing Scots and Welsh businesses and its citizens while they all stay at home doing next to fuck all.

Doesn’t really sound very fair to me, more so given the amount of cash London already gives both countries in normal circumstances. So much so they I do think the Welsh should have a similar referendum as the Scots in terms of going independent.

If they vote to leave, then that’s it, goodbye and find your own revenue streams. Central Government might give you one’s year’s funding as part of the transition, but after that you’re on your own. Piss off to the EU if they want!

Of course there’s still the issue of the monarchy and other bits and pieces that would need to be resolved during the breakup of the Union, but for me I think its time every country stood on its own 2 feet and discovered its own destiny.

The Union does sound rather anachronistic in these “enlightened” times of wanky wokishness anyway.

Nominated by: Technocunt

Out of focus Camerawork

An arty farty cunting for out of focus camerawork.

Everyfucking thing you watch now uses this wanky technique. And I dont mean where they are protecting identities.

It seems to be somehow profound to present half the fucking picture out of focus to make things look profound. It isn’t profound it is wanky and annoying.

Drama or documentary, some cunt thinks fuzzy is great viewing. It ain’t.

And modern cameras don’t need to do it. It’s cunts who think this is great television.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble 

Dodgy Boxing Decisions

They used to say if a boxer went to fight in Italy he would have to knock his opponent out to get a draw. In recent years Germany became the country to avoid because of home town decisions.

However on saturday the 17th of October Lewis Ritson fought Miguel Vazquez at the East of England Arena in Peterborough, a fight which was televised. I wanted Ritson to win because he’s a Brit but it soon became obvious that he had a hard night ahead of him. He plodded around the ring after former world champ Vazquez and got his head boxed off. Former boxer Matthew Macklin working as part of the commentary team scored it ten rounds to two in Vazquez’s favour.

The result was a foregone conclusion but the judges scored it 113-116, 117-111, 115-113 for Ritson. The judge who scored it 117-111 was Terry O’Connor who has form when it comes to questionable verdicts. He seems to decide who’s won before the first bell and was pictured looking at his phone while the fight was still in progress.

After the fight Ritson said he thought he’d won because his punches were harder, which proves he has an alarming lack of knowledge about the sport as any punch that lands is a scoring punch, and most of his punches missed the target completely.

I’ve never liked home town decisions in foreign countries, for them to happen in this country is unacceptable. This result was scandalous, disgraceful and embarrassing. O’Connor is to appear before the British Boxing Board of Control to explain himself but all three of the judges should be looked at, as even the score of 116-113 in Vazquez’s favour was hopelessly inaccurate. Either these judges are corrupt of they are incompetent, either way their jobs should be forfeited.

Nominated by: Allan