Eddie Izzard [3]

March for Europe

What does Eddie Izzard have? He has a mental disorder common to many members of the Labour party. It’s called ‘Left Wing Retard Completely Bigoted and Intolerant Too Stupid To Be Taken Seriously Syndrome’ or LWRCBITSTBTS.

Sufferers usually display a hyperactive sense of entitlement, a vastly overblown sense of their own importance, an entirely unjustified belief in their own intelligence and moral and ethical superiority, and an arrogance that defies all logic.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Shami Chakrabarti [3]


Shami Chakrabarti needs a good cunting.

Another leftie preaching about the evils of Grammar Schools and how unfair private education is in general….Whilst sending her kids to a private school….Oh the irony….What prize cunt.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Baroness Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General. FFS!

Far be it for me to suggest that she got the title and the job for sucking up to Corbyn and fudging her anti-semitism report.

Serious questions are being asked, but you can bet your life the cunt ain’t gonna answer them…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Amber Rudd [3]


Amber Rudd is a spineless cunt…

Good idea to get UK companies to go on record about their foreign workers (aka cheap labour), but backs down instantly when the snowflakes and leftie cunts cry ‘racist!’… She is now letting in grown men from the woglands and ignoring the warning signals from Cologne and Paris… One (probably more) of these ‘children’ will either rape or kill someone, and the BBC, Rudd, May and the Mayor of Londonistan, ‘Citizen’ Khan, will have to explain it away…

This is going to be both a tragedy and a farce…

Nominated by: Norman

Killer Clowns


Killer Clowns need an absolute massive megaton of a cunting. What the fuck is that all about ?

A couple of them have been seen with knives and machetes ffs. A 30 year old was arrested in Norwich although with those inbred retards his mental age must be about 8. Grown men dressing up as clowns, jumping out on people putting the fear of God into them and in one case causing a woman to give birth prematurely. Absolute cunts,cunts,cunts.

Just hope one of them jumps out at me. From that moment he will really know the tears of a clown plus what life is like without teeth or bollocks.

If some inner city yute was out with a knife or machete he would be carted off sharpish. What’s the betting these cunts get off with a slap on the wrist as it’s all just a laugh. Well try laughing with a tube up your nose you fucking wankers.

Symptomatic of morons over here pathetically following crazes from over the pond. Trick or treat! That’s a subject for another cunting at another time I am sure.

Nominated by: Johnson

Theresa May [4]

Maggie May - or may not...

Maggie May – or may not…

So the Tory tossers thought they would get another Margaret Thatcher as leader by electing the old dobbin in kitten heels, Theresa May. No chance cunters. She don’t look a like leader, she don’t talk like a leader and by God she don’t walk like a leader. Exploded in embarrassment the other night as the old round shouldered tart teetered orn her kitten heels following her belly doine the corridors orf Brussels. This is supposed to be an ambassador for British fashion? Fuck me.

Supposed to be there to put the British point orf view re fucking orf and the Euro Cunts refused to talk and gave her fifteen minutes at one am after a long dinner and piss-up. Orn top orf that indignity before the bash even started the Euro Cunts, odious froggie dwarf Holland, shite pants Schultz and garlic arsed Tusk (pronounced Toooosk cunts) went oit orf their way to tell her to fuck orf in front orf the BBC News cameras. Even some Lithuanian slapper in a Myra Hindley syrup had a go.

Bugger me. Would Mrs T have stood for that? No fan orf the lady but she did have a nice line in putting Johnny Foreigner in his place. She pulled orf a take no prisoners re-negotiation.
Orf course the continentals have always despised Her Majesty’s Sovereign Realm but we did have armed forces to keep them polite. All gorn to some dodgy scrapyard in India now but we do have a few aging nukes left. Lets drop ‘em orn the EU while they are still in date and we can yet afford a few gallons orf fuel.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke