‘FYI’ on Sky News

Sunday mornings after enjoying a walk with the dog, I like to make my breakfast, (bacon and eggs on brown bread, yes it was lovely, thanks for asking) a cup of tea (2 sugars) and sit and catch up on the news. I like my current events with a tinge of leftie virtue signalling, so watch Sky News. I like watching Sophie Ridge tie politicians in knots.

Anyway, they have a kids news programme on called “FYI” and its a bunch of mixed gender, mixed race, carefully selected bunch of precocious little brats! The type of kid who goes to stage school. Over indulged little bastards, who mainly talk about the environment,
how naughty Trump and Boris are and any and all from a left wing agenda. I’m a father and I like kids; used to be one, but if I had a kid like one of these media brats, I’d donate him to Gary Glitter.

They should be out knocking a ball about, smashing windows in empty factories, playing split the kipper. etc. Not swanning round in makeup telling adults a skewed view of the news.

Get yer homework done, yer little shits!

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

Luvvy Nepotism

I’d like to nominate luvvy nepotism. What is it with these cunts who get their talentless family members on the idiot box? Fucking cunt Bradley Walsh is at it now with his no-mark son, going on an all expenses paid jolly for the brainwashed to watch:


It goes back to those other two cunts, Madeley and Judy Fattagen getting their daughter on the payroll; whatever happened to that cunt? Then there is that unfunny posh bastard with his equally irritating cunt of a father, Jack fucking Whitehall getting the old boring cunt in on the act.

Fuck me, have these cunts no shame?

Another unfunny cunt, Romesh Ragamuffinathan with his fuckin’ mother showing her boat race. Fo’fuxake fuck off, will ya. We don’t want to see you, or your fucking relatives because you are all cunts. I’ve no problem with the average Joe cunt giving a helping hand to family members, but these luvvy cunts can fuck off….Grrrr.

Nominated by Chicken George


Cocky Tourists

A cunting for arrogant, disrespectful tourists who treat other people’s home countries like they’re theme parks that exist for rich westerners personal amusement. A skank was arrested the other day in Muslim Maldives for wearing a bikini in a public place, which from the locals point of view is like going naked:


Now I’m no fan of Islam, but it is their country and this cocky bint thinks, “oh well, I’ll do whatever I want to do, make way for me and my human rights”. They have a right to have their own country, with their own customs, social norms, and laws. When going abroad, a person should respect other peoples tradition and not trample on them like “well, I’m so rich compared to these peasants I’ll just do as I please. I’m special!”  You’re not special. You don’t even belong there, so respect others’ cultures. Their home nation isn’t one big resort that only exists for your pleasure and entertainment.

I’ve got no sympathy with cunts who go abroad and naively expect those foreign lands to be like home, that you should enjoy the same privileges as here, and then get themselves banged up for spitting in the face of the hosts.

Nominated by Agent Double-O Shagga

Sabotaging Cunts

Sabotage is a word that you don’t hear that often nowadays. I would imagine that people with blacked out faces, crawling under fences springs to mind, but that’s not the case.

Sabotage can come in many forms, The stop the war coalition was an instrument of sabotage – very vocal about Iraq, but not a peep when the Russians went into Syria. Extinction rebellion another prime example, paralysing infrastructure and disrupting services, yet not truly focusing on the global message. Happy to sub advisers at £400 a week in London, but not that keen to fly to the Amazon and try and put the fires out. The P.C woke brigade are another bunch, destroying free speech and curbing natural curiosity/expression. I suppose we could put the flat worlders in with this group, another bunch of deluded cunts who are more than happy to shout people down.

Mad…the country has gone fucking mad! But really it hasn’t. It just seems that a small bunch of deluded cunts shout louder than the masses, causing disruption and we just sit there saying nothing.

Nominated by lord benny

Another Cultural Enriched Cunting

Another cultural enriched cunting this time for the Huddersfield seven, convicted at Leeds Crown Court, Four have been named, but for some reason, three have not for ‘legal reasons’….. God knows why.

Six have been sentenced to a total of 55 years, the seventh is still to be sentenced. What do these seven citizens have in common and what have they done to deserve the 55 years plus? Well I don’t think anyone on ISAC will need more than one guess. They are all Asian – I would also suspect of Pakistani origin –  and have been convicted of grooming, raping and distributing young girls from the age of 12.

Cultural enrichment seems to be a continuing theme, Asian (Pakistani) men have no regard for white female children, it seems to be irrefutable, so why aren’t the media calling this out every time the woke cry ‘diversity is our strength’? The answer? I have no idea, but anyone who does is labelled Far Right. The truth doesn’t matter in our multicultural Britain.


Nominated by Sick of it