Jamie Oliver [7]

Jamie Oliver

There are far too many of these tv cooks producing a lot of poncified shite using ingredients from their “store cupboard” or from a “delightful artisan” supplier who at least is bright enough to rip the pretentious shits off.

Led by King of the Cooking Cunts, Jamie Oliver, they should all be halal butchered before being turned into organic dog food, although save me Oliver’s tongue! It should feed a family of starving Ethiopians for a month, if they can scrape the slavver off it.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Being on holiday


Being on Holiday is a cunt,

Fucking hot weather, loads of sexy women, cheap Rum and Vodka, no traffic, no everyday life, no Tesco, and I can still get on Is a Cunt.

The reason it’s a cunt is that I have spotted a few potential cunts!

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

Twitter [3]


I’d like to nominate top cunts Twitter for permanently suspending Milo Yiannopoulos’s account for his spat with Leslie Jones, one of the ‘stars’ of the PC remake of Ghostbusters.

Whether you like Milo or not (I do), this is another case of the erosion of freedom of speech and is a very worrying trend. It seems that mainstream media, many politicians, the majority of school teachers, the majority of academics, Facebook and the film industry have a PC Marxist kind of left wing bias which is being imposed on the whole of society, and which our young seem to be soaking up like a sponge.

This is dangerous stuff and needs to be countered.

Nominated by: Serena

Tanveer Ahmed


Can I nominate Tanveer Ahmed for a cunting?

This is the Muslim prick who drove 200 miles from Bradford to Glasgow to stab the shopkeeper for ‘disrespecting’ Islam.

Well your religion deserves disrespect. I could tolerate the stupidity of the religion a lot more if it wasn’t for violent unthinking cunts like you. Yes Christianity is bullshit but at least their members know to behave you ignorant cunt.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

Amber Heard

'The Danish Girl' Photocall - 72nd Venice Film Festival

Amber Heard is a cunt…

Now, I’m not saying that Johnny Depp isn’t a cunt, but there is something weird and crazy about her… An all too convenient and quick ‘abuse’ story suddenly appears… Something about it (and her) really stinks like a chinky wrestler’s jockstrap cooked in chip fat….

Nominated by: Norman