UK General Election 2019

This is not so much a cunting as it is a playbook – should any of our common sense contingent get approached by, or have chance to deal with, any party campaigner or – even better – candidate.

It does not matter the party, or colour of the rosette; it is universal because they’re all a pile of wank!

No matter what they say…

“The Conservative Party pledges £129bn for the NHS, 100,000 new homes over the next 10yrs, 2,000 new schools, and and an extra lane on the M1 and M6!”

“The Labour Party pledges £139bn for the NHS, 200,000 new homes over the next 10yrs, 3,000 new schools, and and an extra two lanes on the M1 and M6!”

“The Liberal Democrat Party pledges £149bn for the NHS, 300,000 new homes over the next 10yrs, 4,000 new schools, and and an extra three lanes on the M1 and M6!”

Sincerely agree with them and then say this: “That’s fantastic, and I will vote for you/your candidate if you will answer the following simple question honestly: Why? And while you take a moment to think about it let me explain that the birthrate of the indigenous peoples of the UK is currently at 1.8, which is well below the replacement rate of 2.1, a difference which also more than cancels out the fact that people are living longer in general. So, if the indigenous population is not increasing, what is necessitating this massive spending bill that will invariably cause huge tax hikes? To reiterate my original question: Why?”

If it’s a Tory pleb then they may mention Priti’s plan to decimate immigration (a plan that is also being backtracked on already).

If Lib/Lab then they’re likely to blank you and fuck off without another word (after the gooning smile has left their smug faces).

If you get chance – and I pray you do – state the above reasonably and pleasantly (give them no reason to brush you off as an angry zealot/bigot/whatever) but above all else, make sure plenty of people hear you, and – more importantly – your question.

The party campaigner’s/candidate’s reaction/response will be all telling.

Let the cunts squirm. THEY (the 600 green leather arse polishers) are the reason this country is falling to bits. Only THEY have the power to affect change, and yet THEY remain complicit in our destruction, and the destruction of our way of life, all whilst favouring those from without at the expense of those from within. It stinks!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Lane Hoggers

A ‘Keep left, you cunt’ cunting for cunts with no lane sense, if you please. What is their thought process? Do they think they use less fuel in lane 2/3? Is it a smoother ride? I have absolutely no idea and I’d personally like to shoot the thick, selfish cunts. The cunts have to be given a ‘polite’ reminder with the bull-horn to pull over when I come up behind their sorry arses when I’m on blue-lights and sirens. The cunts expect ME to undertake them rather than pulling over. Doesn’t work like that, you cunt. An empty fucking motorway and you have some absolute festering cunt sat, like a cunt in lane 2. I’ve just returned from France. Say what you like about the garlic-eating surrender monkeys, but their lane sense is superb. I say, fine these cunts a grand a mile they’re in the wrong lane and ban them for a year.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

Fois Gras advocates

Disgusting foodie cunts who are up in arms by foie gras bans.

While foie gras can be produced by natural feeding, in France it must be made by a process known as gavage in which ducks and geese are force-fed corn through a tube. The force-feeding occurs for about two weeks after the animals reach maturity. The practice is banned in some countries.

Geese are cruelly violated by the production of this poncy, foody shite. No fucker needs to eat this. The production is disgusting and makes a mockery of EU animal welfare regulations.
The pretentious cunts who regard this practice as acceptable disgust me.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Irish Question

I am going to cunt the Irish Question.

Firstly a little background info ex HMF and living with a an Irish failed Catholic 1st generation.
Now Ireland like Kurdistan has been abused by enemy’s of the UK, Kraiser bill ran guns to them during the first world war, Hitler did pretty much the same to the independent Ireland during world war two.
Now we have this shit going on, Ireland failed, I am sorry but that fact, when collins asked for the support of the British army to quell any opposition after the uprising he admitted the division and failure.
Now again the border is an issue, the eu insists that we should put in measures contra to the good Friday agreement (a thing that I do not like).
Now why should we do this on their insistence?
It would seem that the boggy man of the eu on Ireland is the recommencement of civil (its not trust me) war.
Factually I have worked with both sides of the border and the south hierarchy are happy without the prod problem, on the north well things have changed, drastically changed (in the 90s things “turned around”).
The loyalist paramilitary’s now out gun the IRA, NIRA, and PIRA with the opening of the once closed eastern European market they are armed to fuck.
I dont say this as a threat, fact is when I was knocking round in the Balkans IRA buyers were popping up because their freebies were stopped, The UDA had lets say more financial fire power.
This is going to be interesting and currently the EU is going to start the fire

Nominated by lord benny

Lily Allen (9)

Lily Allen.

Here we go again cunters, our favorite mongs opened her trap before engaging her tiny brain:

Stop singing rule Britannia? Fuck off you dozy fucking tart. I thought you had given us a break and fucked off to America?

Do us all a favour Lily…FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!


Nominated by CuntyMort