Team GB


I would like to nominate all of Team GB for a cunting.

Gone are the days of Joe Bloggs donning a tracksuit and taking a run or a swim for their country as amateaurs and picking up a medal at the end.

Its no longer the global school sports day.

The cost for Andy Murray to grunt Cmon to himself every fucking miniute – 4.7 Million. Mohammad Somali Farrah, x 2, Cost 9.4 million. The manbun cunt Louis Smith, spare time Strictly Come Dancing cunt, ching up another 4.7. Every other cunt 4.7 per medal.

All for what? To beat a chinaman over a line? Spin off a Diving platform or Gym Beam with your shower mate. Or a cunt over a blike track?

I see now they fly home in a gold painted 747. I bet the cunts didnt chip in for that ticket either.

I wander – if it is such Univesity Education needs to be paid back at 4.7 % per annum, why these cunts would not be garnished at least from endorsements they get to do this, to pay something back. 4.7 is a lot to pay a cunt to feel amazing at the end.

Albeit from the National Lottery, I am sure some other cunt can do with 67 x 4.7 million plus a gold plane to get home more than these cunts.

Its not as if any of these cunts are short of a bob to start with.


Nominated by: King Cunt



As soon as the heads of the various Christian churches stop talking about the ways of Christ and start acting in accordance with the words of Christ they can fuck off.

I have read the bible and not in one sermon does Jesus say create a large organisation in my name and gather as much wealth as you can. Oh and make sure you don’t spend the Wonga on the poor and homeless, spend it on gaudy robes and gold stuff all dedicated to me.

These cunts believe in Jesus less than I do. Welby is a clueless cunt or a manipulative cunt exploiting suckers for cash and power, no matter what everything he does adds up to cunt.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

Celebrity charity appeals


I’m sick and tired of seeing celebrity cunts pleading for money for starving children in Africa.

Africa’s problems are for Africans to sort out, hand outs from gullible Europeans never actually make it to the intended recipient, a large part goes in administration fees for the charity and the rest is pilfered by corrupt wogs. And why would the corrupt wogs running things want this situation to change? They wouldn’t, the status quo is very nice thank you.

Africa has everything going for it, oil, gold, diamonds, iron ore, and many more. Much of it has fertile soil and a climate you can’t stop things from growing, huge potential for tourism, the list goes on. Africa should be the richest continent on the planet. But it isn’t and that is the fault of the Africans, so they can fuck off. Cunts.

Tom Hiddleston can fuck off and all. “1/3 of refugees are children” Are they fuck, Tom. 60% of the cunts are single military age men. Cunt.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Self driving cars


I’d like to give a cyber cunting to the idea of “Self driving cars”

How fucking stupid do you have to be to sit back in a car and let it drive itself with all of the other fucking idiots and hazards you have to deal with on the roads. If you don’t want to drive yourself, get on a bus or a train you fucking lazy cunt.

I actually laugh when I see that some halfwit is killed in a “self drive car” accident, they deserve to be removed from the planet.

Nominated by: See You Next Tuesday