Diane Abbott [7]

Diane Abbott is a cunt.

I mean, she just is.

I notice that the fucker has no issue using the ‘M’ word when it’s in the context of…

The brave Muslim Imam who put himself in harm’s way as a driver ploughed through hundreds of innocent worshippers.

An example not to just the Muslim community but the whole of the UK.”

And rather than allowing division to rule the day, the Muslim community in Finsbury Park is leading the way in bringing people from all walks together.”


This literally was live from Parliament 5mins ago.

All fucking lies and vitriol. Darren Osborne you cunt!

Diane, the country isn’t just divided it’s fractured and irreparable, and it’s like this because cunts like you gloss over “peaceful” atrocities, will never use the ‘M’ when in a negative (although accurate and apt) context but will happily use the ‘M’ word when it comes to love, peace, integration…

You make me fucking sick Diane Abbott!

And let’s not forget Finsbury Park Mosque’s favourite son, Abu Hamza. He was all for love, peace and integration wasn’t he. And the fact he had hooks for hands and had a shot eye was just a misfortune accident with a potato peeler wasn’t it.

I mean it couldn’t have been the fact that he blew them off while making bombs to blow up infidel, infidels like the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) could it!

And all while living in a state paid for 12 bedroom house in Kensington for him and his brood of God knows how many little “bomb makers”, also while receiving thousands a month in benefits courtesy of the arse pockets of the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) via your treacherous leader of the time: Tony fucking Blair!

And let’s not forget having to foot the legal bill to the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the hooky-handed cunt to attempt to avoid deportation. That was UK plc money well spent wasn’t it.

Diane Abbott you are a cunt, a thick as pig’s shit, racist cunt. But I’m not allowed to say that to you because – as you’re a person of colour – that makes me the racist, even though you are the CUNT!

I will never understand how you have held any position in office. I wouldn’t let you lick stamps in a post office!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

Young People

A long overdue cunting of young people.

Believe it or not, I’m glad I’m not young.
It seems to me that the vast majority of young people are utter, utter, cunts.
(Unless you’re a young cunter of course, in which case you’re ok and this cunting doesn’t apply to you).
I can’t really say too much (but I’m gunna anyway), when u was young I was a dumb cunt and just like young cunts today, I thought that I knew it all.

Most terrorists are young people, most crime is done by young people (I think) and they all drive like cunts (though I guess they’re still better than Indians).
Most of the people that shit their pants on a regular basis are young people (a bit younger that the one’s I’m cunting, but still young people none the less).

And what’s with those skinny fuckin jeans?!
You look like a cunt, and you’ll have one soon if you keep wearing trousers like that!
Though having a dick AND a cunt would probably be quite trendy in your libtard, lbwgt (whatever the fuck) culture.

While watching the recent election coverage, sky news (cunts too) decided to interview the “yoof” to see how they were voting.
…guess what. Every one of the gullible, deluded cunts was voting for comrade corbyn.
“Because he’s the kind of guy you could have a beer with.”


Maybe if you’re a member of the IRA, ISIS, ANTIFA or some other acronymed shite, but most normal people would smack the cunt if they got chance.

I can’t just blame them. It’s society’s fault.
The youth of today are all told that they’re special and that they can do whatever they want if they believe.
When I was young I was told “children should be seen and not heard” and if I moaned about something: “tough. Stop moaning.”
Most now seem to believe that they are actually special and that they can change the world.

No. You’re just a cunt same as the rest of us.

Sleb culture, Social media, SJW’s … all “yoof” shit and I hate it all.

….and don’t even get me started on those Glastonbury cunts.
I hope it fuckin pisses down all weekend!

Though the “yoof” of today are so wet already they’d probably hardly notice.


Seeing hordes of these socialist shitkickers on the ITV News last night, protesting about the Grenfell tragedy with their political slogans on their banners ‘end government austerity’.

I tell you what, you soapdodging, beany hat wearing, rag wearing, blue haired, arsehole acrobats, why don’t you get a job instead of trying to be activists? They interviewed one cunt on there who was clearly not the full turnip; he described himself as an ‘activist’ and ranted on about how Kensington Council had failed everyone. Then he promptly broke down in tears.

Years ago, loops like this would have been tranquillised and would have been resident in a nice padded room. Most of these nut bars are attracted to pied piper Corbyn’s tune for promises of more money, courtesy of taxes on the ‘rich’.

If cunts like this got off their arses and concentrated on making themselves a living instead of their ambition stretching to one of self appointed community mouthpiece, then perhaps this country might see an change in fortune.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

Have I Got News For You. (HIGNFY)

I would like to nominate Al-BBC staple Have I Got News for You for a cunt-therapy session. Therapy for my benefit of course, not fucking theirs.

Not only has this satirical cuntfest gone well past its sell-by date, it has fermented into an unrecognisable, putrid mass in the fridge crisper. Choice vegetables of course in this salad o’shite being Ian Hislop, Paul Merton and whichever liberal elite comedians happen to be out-cunting themselves each week as the ‘guest’ hosts.

Confession time – back in the 90s, I used like this show. I remember Paula Yates and Piers Morgan on respective episodes getting a good old cunting. That Bruce Forsyth terrorist card game was funny. The William Shatner one wasn’t bad. But the show is now just a sorry fucking self-parody tribute act. What is worse, is that like anything from the Al-BBC post 2008, it has been infested with divisive neo-lib rhetoric and goes hand-in-hand with the very fucking worst dregs you find nodding sagely to Polly Toynbee columns in the Guardian.

The political agenda is barely concealed – all parties might be mocked but it is evident where the bread is buttered by noting who gets a real kicking. Unsurprisingly, plenty of pro-EU/anti-Trump/pro-immigration bollocks can be heard within each episode; topped off with the crowd of blue-haired quinola-scoffing hemp-wanking fucktards in the audience, who have taken to cheering anything pro-EU.

I no longer watch this shitfest, but in a moment of ill-judged stupidity I tuned in for the 2017 post-election special. What a fucking monumental mistake that was. Leading the charge as host was Jo Brand: a perfect fucking encapsulation for what the corporation champions as a box-ticking ‘comedian’ and amazingly, not even the most unfunny cunt with that surname. Ian Hislop as ever doing his indignant lectures that were once cutting and revealing, but are now just dull rambling speeches into cuntdom, delivered with a constantly bemused face which is so delightfully punchable – his head is increasingly resembling a cancerous potato. Central to the shit-mix is Paul Merton, who once upon a time at least had irreverent timing and wit, now reduced to a randomly barking shitheel whose outbursts are neither funny nor indeed fucking relevant. Guests this episode were Alan Johnson – a fucking member right down to his own surname – and Ross Noble, a truly unfunny rambling fucker whose head and sigmoid colon make a perfect geometric fit.

To be fair, HIGNFY is far from the only show that has been politicised beyond any humour; but it is one of the worst and most dramatic examples of right-on hijacking that I can think of. Plus, the ‘guest’ host list could be worthy of a cunting all on its own. A special place in cunting hell is reserved for the likes of Victoria Coren-Mitchell, her chinless fucking husband David, Alexander Armstrong, Miranda Hart and fucking Eddie ‘Top Cunt’ Izzard. Every single one of these bastards boils my piss into supercritical steam.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Stephen Gilbert

Speaking of obnoxious Lib Dems, Stephen Gilbert a former MP for Newquay and St Austell deserves a cunting.

Recently, Gilbert went onto Facebook and launched into a rant against everyone who voted to leave the EU. Like all butt hurt liberals and Remainers, he’s completely incapable of arguing with facts and logic, so he followed standard butt hurt procedure and posted a picture of an EU flag with one of the stars as a tear, below which he wrote: “F***wits the lot of ‘em. From Great Britain to irrelevant England in 24 hours. Now, how do you claim refugee status?”

Gilbert first became MP for Newquay and St Austell in 2010 with a majority of 1,312, clearly very popular. He lost his seat to the Tory candidate back in 2015 and apparently, has spent the past two years training to be a teacher. With his attitude though, I wouldn’t want him within 30 miles of my daughter’s school. He has one big problem in his quest for re-election. The constituency of Newquay and St Austell voted Leave by a margin of 64%.

So basically, this far left Farron fucktard is asking people he has badly insulted to send him back to Westminster. Seems a pretty dumb thing to do if you ask me. Then again, we all know that Lib Dems are hardly rocket scientists. If I was a voter there, I would have given him an unambiguous FUCK OFF!  (Ed:  The electorate there did just that).

In one rant, he has insulted 17.4 million British people and proven once again that the Lib Dems are not a party for Britain, they are traitorous, pro-EU, pro-immigrant, anti-British, democracy hating cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.