Vanessa Feltz [2]


Vanessa Feltz is a cunt.

Did she say anything when Rolf Harris was arrested and charged? Did she contact any of his victims and offer her support? Did she step forward and say anything during the actual trial? Nope – she said and did piss all.

But now the old slagwagon is all over the press claiming she was another of Rolf’s vicitims. We all know that Harris is a dirty old nonce cunt, but I think Feltz is making this one up. Look at the state of her, for a start. Harris may have a screw or two loose, but he’d have to be bloody loopy to feel that up!

If Rolf had walked free you can bet that Feltz wouldn’t have said a word (she would probably have supped champagne with him!). I know some out there will do anything for publicity and extra money but anyone who tries to cash in on something like this is a sick cunt.

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside



Having worked in Israel, I can confirm that Hamas do not give a fuck who they kill or maim in their search for Jihad.

They ARE cunts of the first order and they DO hide behind women and children. The gutless pieces of shit.

I was shot at on a regular basis, which is fucking unnerving when a 7.62 round buzzes 6″ past your eyes and then gets followed by half a dozen friends a few seconds later.

Couple that with being knocked out of bed at 3am by a rocket attack and nearly being the victim of an IED if some brave as fuck IDF bomb disposal unit hadn’t disarmed the thing planted under a civillian car. A civillian car by the way driven by an Israeli woman taking her kids to the market.

The whole market would have been blown to bits along with a bunch of European contractors relaxing on a Friday afternoon at the only bar / restaurant in town, none of which were Jewish. That was aimed at us!

Hamas are cunts, the libtard, left wing, useless idiots that believe every word they say are cunts and are welcome to fuck off to Gaza and be used as human shields.

Probably the only useful thing they will do in their entire illegal immigrant appeasing, BBC watching, Muslim cock sucking lives.

Stupid cunts

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

Lutfar Rahman


Lutfar Rahman is the vote-rigging, extremist Muslim cunt that owns Tower Hamlets. The place is overrun with freeloading cunts that cannot speak English.

Flatten it and turn it into a car park. Cunts.

Nominated by: Miserable Cunt

Lutfar Rahman, the controversial mayor of Tower Hamlets, is to face a High Court trial over claims of electoral fraud. Four petitioners won their bid to expose Lutfur Rahman’s election victory to a full inquiry after allegations that voters were promised council houses if they voted for him.

They claimed Rahman’s team used a “variety of forms” of fraud when he won the mayoral ballot by 3,000 votes in May. Now the cunt is going to have to go to court and defend himself. Hopefully the court will see right through him and lock the cunt away where he belongs.

“I am completely confident that at the end of this process such claims will be exposed for the smears that they are” he said. Well, we say not just a cunt, but a crooked lying cunt to boot.

Nominated by: An Honest Muslim Cunt

Paedo Entertainers


What makes me sick about these light entertainment paedo cunts is the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ personas they put on and everyone fell for….

In the 70s I remember my mum saying “He’s a good bloke that Jimmy Savile…. He works in kiddies hospitals for nothing…” To which my dad cynically (and rightly) replied: “Come off it! Nobody in this world does nothing for nothing… There must be some sort of pay off…” And how right the old fellah was… They all did it: Savile and his ‘Saint Jimmy’ image…

Stuart Hall, the laugh-a-minute Court Jester of BBC telly… And of course Rolf, with his wobbly board and his loveable eccentric act… One can imagine some poor kid grassing Harris up in the 70s or 80s and the response they got… “That Rolf Harris?! Impossible! He does all those silly songs and cartoon time for the kiddies… Not him, never… He’s too nice!”

Same goes for Jim’ll and his ‘endless charidee’ work and Hall with his madcap football commentary and his showbiz smarm… That is what is really disgusting about sickos…. Their nice guy and zany funster routines were an act and they knew it… They also knew what they were doing, they knew why they were doing it and they enjoyed it… Reveling in their own fame and getting their kicks at the same time…

Nonce scum…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Douglas Murray


Douglas Murray is a prize cunt…

Murray, who claims to be an author and ‘media commentator’ (ie: a gobshite!), had this to say on the Gaza related protest in London:

“London’s pro-Palestine rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle..”

What this Netanyahu shagging bellend failed to tell you is many Jewish people actually participated in the protest and are appalled by Israel’s actions in Gaza…

Fuck off, Murray! A media commentator (the twat gave himself that title!) who sticks up for child murderers… What a cunt!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside