Christopher Flossman

Chris Flossman a Green Party activist and former Parliamentary candidate is a monumental cunt who is so far up his own arse that his first instinct when children are blown to pieces is to make out the Tories are worse and therefore the real enemy we should focus our attention on. and deflect from the threat of radical Islam.CUNT CUNT CUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A post on his social media yesterday (supplied to me by a friend as the cunt blocked me):

“:Ugh, Im sorry. but these Conservative posts about sympathy for victims of the Manchester attack, but wtf.
Conservatives: your government has killed more people in benefit sanctions than this attack. does the nature of their deaths somehow make them worthy of sympathy, than those you’ve killed in the cold and the dark away from cameras?
honestly, the way people are able to divide their sympathy on this is imo evil. being reflective on this, I suspect that this is because people cannot comprehend death by social infirmity. I have seen children wither away on dialysis, life shutting down before their eyes. just in the same way as people with depression, ill health, and old age, are isolated and executed by a benefit system designed to kill them.”

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead

Lefties [2]

Just wait, lefties will be out this afternoon, anxiously telling us that Islam is THE religion of peace and that we shouldn’t blame muslims. The muslim community itself will be more concerned about a backlash against muslims than it will about the victims. Corbyn has issued a statement in which he managed to avoid condemning the atrocity. Don’t worry though everyone, he’s going to talk to ISIS, have a nice cup of tea with them, and everything will be sorted out.

I might try a cunting on this issue later. I need to calm down first though, because my youngest daughter and my niece were at that gig last night. Physically they’re ok, but we’ve been up all night because they’re terrified and in deep shock. And I’m trembling with rage.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

(Sorry for uploading this before you had elaborated but it helps strike home how close to home the threat now is to us all)

These sycophantic leftists trying to out virtue signal each other are making my piss boil.I am conviced now that they seriously to some degree want the country to be conquered by the peaceful ones as a sort of avenging for slavery western intervention and any other shit you can point it that doesn`t involve blaming the Religion of Peace.If it is a religion of peace why do they warn us against speaking out against it through fear of radicalizing people?Either they know it is a lie and are saying “shhh don`t burst our lovely multicultural utopia” or they are indirectly being complicit in the spread of this ideology.As Enoch Powell said “I can already hear the chorus of execration. How dare I say such a horrible thing? How dare I stir up trouble and inflame feelings by repeating such a conversation? ”:

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Powell`s issue was that he mistook the problem as lying with race when it was culture that was the issue.
Nominated by Shaun of the Dead

James Corden [6]


Why does it always turn into a competition of who can grieve the most in public? He’s acting…he’s got to be acting. He sounds like a lost little boy. It’s sad, it’s fucking tragic…I feel terrible for people involved…but come on! All this bullshit about ‘community’ and ‘spirit’. Fucks sake! This is a city of millions. Tramps, junkies, footballers, bankers, every ethnicity under the sun. There’s a load of good people and a tonne of cunts too.

Still, I guess the media machine has done its job. Someone blows up a bunch of innocent kids in the name of fuck knows who…and I’m angry at Corden.

Blame averted!

Nominated by Total Crank

Assem Allam

Cunting Assem Allam
The dark spectre of Blair,s return is becoming reality with the assistance of Assem Allam, the richest person in Yorkshire. And why am I cunting Allam ? It’s because of his history, his slimy deals, his contempt for British Culture, his attempts to buy power and influence, and a willingness to deal with the slime ball Blair and Mandelson.

Allam entered the UK in 1968 aged 20, allegedly fleeing from the tyranny of Nasser’s Egypt..Within weeks, the penniless immigrant was studying for his degree in Economics and Accountancy courtesy of the taxpayers of the United Kingdom of Benefits plc. He qualified in Economics , became an accountant, got a loan and began his Empire Building.

Within a few years, he became very successful. But he wanted more. It is known in the Yorkshire Dales that the Hull Pharoah would aspire to the Lords, or a title of Rank that would satisfy his egotistical need.

Allam as many will know purchased Hull City AFC in 2013. He immediately attempted to change the name of the club
citing that Hull City was “an irrelevance”
The fans erupted. ( case is ongoing )

Having bunged ( generously donated ) a huge sum to Ed Milliband, and taking daft Ed for a ride in his Limo, the pratt was non to discreet in stating his price. Support for the purchase of the land title of Hull City AFC. ( there is a dark reason for this )

Non too subtle, Allam has denigrated the historical integrity of a proud City and a proud County, and is impressing the “raghead mentality ” and corruption of his ilk to the fore.

A long story so far, and now you will see why I cunt this bastard.

He has agreed a deal with Tony Blair, and is prepared to invest heavily in a “New Labour Party” following the general election. Disaffected Labour MP’s who are opposed to Corbyn will be recruited to a new political party. It will be led of course by Blair. The aim of representation is to target the labour vote, the Muslim Vote and the Pro European Vote. Allam has made a financial offer of support, and is keen to be active within that party to ensure that ALL UK Muslims are represented (!) There is a price of course.

An immigrant to our country, has grown rich very rich. Not only is he wealthy but he is power mad, and actively seeking to ingratiate himself further. He is an arrogant tosser, who has little if any respect for our HERITAGE, and our ethnicity. And as he has said on so many ocassions, and with great authority, “this is MY Yorkshire ” next, it will be “My Kingdom” and it will be Islam.

Thanks for the rant. He is a cunt , and a fucking ungrateful arrogant fuckwitted greedy grabbing bastard, who has the money and the clout to fuck our country over. Cunt!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole

Litter Louts

I’d like a quick rant about the feckless Cunts who are too fucking lazy to take their fucking litter home with them.

I live in a rural area,but we get more than our share off tourists.I went out this morning to find one of the horses chewing on a plastic bag which contained some half-eaten sandwiches and empty plastic pop bottles. The cunts had obviously had their picnic,and on the way home,decided to wind the window down,and chuck their rubbish over the nearest hedge.

Who the fuck comes out to the country and decides to spoil it by dumping their rubbish? It can’t be that hard to put it in their bin when they get home. It’s typical of a country which seems to have lost all self-respect,manners and common decency.

I swear if I ever pick up any rubbish which has an address on it,some cunt’ll get a visit from an extremely irate old cunt.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler