Tranny Appeasement

I wish to nominate for an cunting on the award-winning website ISAC, the current trend for appeasing any freak, deviant or attention-seeking mong in the name of transgender rights. This morning on the fucking front page of the Sunday Times was this story about the NHS having to quiz everyone over the age of 16 about their sexual orientation.

Fuck me ragged. Last time I went to hospital I had suspected meningitis and once I had described my symptoms I was straight into the treatment area and admitted less than an hour later. Why on earth would anyone need to ask me whether I liked to take it up the bum? Some cunt staggers into Casualty with a broken arm and some cunt with a clipboard asks him whether he likes birds or blokes? Fuck off with all this fucking shit. Unless you are being treated for a collapsed rectum what does your sexual orientation have to do with anything?

There are people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria and who need medical help. But they are about 0.3% of the population, approximately 192,000 people in the UK. I bet there are more fucking stamp collectors or chess enthusiasts than that. Why the fucking fuck does such a tiny minority get such attention? Fuck me with a rusty fucking fish fork up the fucking ass.

This comes as there is talk that the ‘gender’ question will be omitted from the 2021 census. For fuck’s sake, surely the NHS need to know how many men and women there are in a particular area a lot more than the number of ladyboys and/or chicks with dicks? The provision of basic medical services like gynaecology and antenatal and postnatal care swing to mind.

The laughable twats at the BBC who love all this shit. But I wonder how they square their love of all things transgender with everything peaceful?


Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt

eBay [2]

A two part nomination for eBay and some of the illiterate intransigent cunts who buy stuff on it.

I’ve been on eBay for about 12 years ever since I moved house and had a clear out. On the whole eBay buyers are OK, but once in a while you get a fucking idiot. For example, the cunt in Jockland who claimed the bracelet see bought wasn’t correctly described – it was – and didn’t fit her fat podgy wrist. Not her fault of course.

For example, the bloke who bought a book of me, failed to pay or answer emails and then sent me a string of abuse after I raised a non-payment dispute. My fault of course, not his for not paying after he’d had several reminders and an invoice!

Or the one I had the other day who bought a roman blind off me and then complained it was the wrong size because she didn’t read it properly and took the width as length and vice versa. My fault of course because I only stated the dimensions in bold type in two different places in the listing.

That’s my stage one cunting. Now we move on to stage two – eBay themselves!

I got negative feedback from the last cunt with the blind so I try to leave her negative feedback. This seems reasonable to me as the error was entirely her fault. Guess what? eBay don’t allow sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. Only positive feedback is allowed ffs!

So – no right of reply, no mechanism for removing inaccurate or malicious feedback comments, and no way to leave negative feedback for a crap buyer.

eBay, you are a bunch solid gold, grade A, greedy, intransigent, unhelpful, biased, up your own arse cunts. And some of your buyers are fucking illiterate, not my fault, rude, self fucking righteous arseholes.

There. I feel better now.

Nominated by Chas C

Pikeys [2]

A monumental cunting for PIKEYS, these pieces of shit have turned up in Walsal and parked 50 vehicles in a field, then said pikeys have allowed their pack of probable stolen dogs loose and an 80 year old woman has been attacked by said pikey mutts and the the thieving, lying, cheating, benefit claiming, tax dodging, leprachaun scum have has the brass neck to say the woman was trespassing on their land….

W.T.F is wrong with these cunts? I reckon some ethnic cleansing is due or send these fuckers back to the emerald isle with a pair of water wings…..Kiss the blarney stone pikey cunts, one day all your mistreated animals are going to turn on you and I can’t wait…..

Nominated by fuglyucker

Christie Elan-Cane

Some non binary tranny fucktard has been given leave to appeal to the high court (or higher, did not read it all) because he/she/it is demanding a non-binary passport.


Nominated by kravdarth

An emergency cunting is required for professional mutant and passport gender objector Christie Elan Cane.

This Nosferatu doppelganger has secured the right to take on the government over the requirement for passport holders to disclose their gender. Apparently born as a woman, Cane had its female sexual characteristics removed and had the leftovers thrown to the dicky birds. I.e. no twig and berries fashioned from the meaty scraps.

Cane, quite correctly, has ‘female’ on its birth certificate. Whatever cut ‘n shut work has taken place since, it is still female. This will never change. The only people who believe this is fluid or erasable is frankly in need of a strait jacket and a high dose of sedative.

What superheats my piss is that all of us who hold passports don’t get a say over one oversensitive, mentally ill Michael Stipe lookalike, that is likely to get its way if right-on cock-decryer, Maria Miller has a hand in the proceedings.

Fuck off Cane, you bald, emaciated little cuntwich. This bullshit propagated by the mentally ill really needs to stop before the likes of Cane are pushed off a very high cliff.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback