Ant & Dec (3)

Remarkably unfunny, insincere and are seemingly the go to twerps for ITV on a consistent basis. The little one especially, with a slimy grin the classroom snitch would be proud of, is a major cunt who needs a slap.

The streak of piss along side him, is only ever so slightly more bearable, if not for the fact his away from camera antics have stopped dominating national headlines as if the nations well being depended on him.

A once studio runner, a dear friend of mine once said “Reality TV is the norm these days, cheap to produce, watched in droves by the soulless and brings in copious amounts of profit. My idea for a uncut reality show based on the “stars” of this country’s off camera antics has yet to be seriously considered”


Nominated by Blue Jam

Gina Miller (9)

“Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller says she will take the government to court if the next PM tries to shut down Parliament to push through no deal.”

Editorial standards have fallen a long way at the BBC, you’d think the editor would at least check articles for basic typo issues.


Anti British campaigner Gina Miller says she will get another donation from Soros and……say no more!

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Apparently Boris says we need a new treason act to replace the one removed by Blair. You might think that was to protect his own arse but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Maybe Boris had Gina Miller in mind when he came up with the idea?…

Nominated by Dioclese


Crisps are cunts.

First off, Pringle’s Adverts.

Trying to make out it’s clever to eat crisps, that multicultural, musical and groups of somersaulting rent a friends all unite over a cardboard tube full of fake flavoured deep fried potato slices makes me sick.

I hate the the fat bitch at work, nickname ‘family bag’ reaches for a bag of crisps designed for 6 people and probably contains 2 potatoes to fill her hunger, it’s not food fatty.

Then there are Americans who call them chips, no, they are crisps, chips you have with a burger or a piece of fish. (Yes I was given a family bag of crisps with my burger in Washington DC by a confused looking spam).

Fucking stupid little potato slices, they are cunts.

Nominated by Captain Cuntoff

Bob Lazar

I’d like to nominate Bob Lazar.

Who is he? He’s just made a documentary that’s on Netflix about his time working on flying saucers at Area 51.

I read about this attention-seeker many years ago and his amazing discoveries that he never trips himself up over or contradicts, and he seems to have terrible memory problems and migraines. Perhaps it’s all that fucking ice cream he used to eat with his small grey chums (acvording to Bob the grey alien has a fondness for strawberry ice cream, a detail left out in both Close Encounters and Fire in the Sky).

Why should anyone bother watching his documentary when he botched his story under the slightest scrutiny from Joe Rogan. The guy has had 30 years to get it right!

I bet the US Dept of Defense love him, the timewasting cunt. His UFO nonsense distracts people from stuff that might actually be happening, such as PRISM and the paedophile rings in high society.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime


I’d like to nominate idiocracy for a cunting.

Division weakens the whole, except when it’s Diversity, when it is a strength.

– The Supply and Demand equation is the easiest numerical formula to understand by anyone, except when it relates to people, where the laws of mathematics break down.

– Equality is a virtue when it’s outcome based, but discriminatory when it’s opportunity based.

– Majority rules… providing you have the appropriate pronouns to identify yourself with. Cis, white, het males need not apply (whatever the fuck that means).

Welcome to clown world. Up is down, left is right and in is most definitely out!



I haven’t posted for a while but please also notice this: the neo-liberal, socio-global puppet-masters of their useful idiots on the far left have now realised that the “waycist” argument no longer works to browbeat anyone right of Comrade Corbynov.

So now – in order to silo common sense individuals into yet another hate category – the new “waycist” label is now “climate change denier” with all of the prepubescent hysteria attached to it! Cunts!

They won’t win…

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!