Project Fear 3.0

Long time no post cunters, but had to vent my spleen at events post Bojo becoming PM

If one fell into a coma in 2017, awoke today and turned on the news, he’d be no fucking the wiser that he’d been out for the fucking count two years.

Here we have project fear 3.0 …..but without any inspiration or guile…..just the same old arguments as two years ago. Fuck’s sake, back to showing lorries stacked on the M1 or whatever. The pound dropping ( strong currencies always recover) farmers and “just in time ”
FUUUUCK you’ve had 3 years to make up new stories you lazy bastards!! WE’RE NOT BUYING IT ! Oh and we know well take a hit but it’s worth it cunts
A remainer said to me other day ” see this is what leaving means ” ….. I said nah mate, this is all your fucking faults…the markets and business…..if you’d just have backed the winners we’d be 3 years into recovery you fucking insidious spineless cowardice cunts!

Good to see so many new on here…. the anger is growing.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

Jeremy Corbyn (20)

A cunting, once again, for Jeremy Corbyn.

But this cunting is specifically for Magic Grandpa’s obscene squiring of Dianne Abbott back in the late 70’s.

To put this in context, read the following quote from a 70’s Labour weirdo quoted in Rosa Prince’s biography of Compo –

“For some reason he called four or five of us and said: “Oh, we’ve got to go back to my flat and pick up some leaflets.” It seemed a bit odd — “Why the hell didn’t you bring them with you, Jeremy?” So we all bowl along to his bedsit, follow Jeremy into the room; there on the mattress on the floor is Diane with the duvet up to her neck, saying: ‘What the ****’s going on?’… it was the late Seventies, it was still a point of interest, a white man with a black woman, so he was slightly showing off: “I’ve got a new girlfriend, and she’s black.””

This reveals so much about the Labour and New Libtard mindset. A black girlfriend is no more than a trophy to show off how “ right on” one is. It also shows Magic Grandpa off for exactly what he is – a virtue signalling, masquerading cunt with appalling taste in women.

Or maybe he never fancied Diane and was only interested in her as a trophy that he could show of to his lefty friends.

Answers on a postcard please.

Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

…or at least the BBCs Wireless 4 involvement in it.

Every trainee radio producer (looking for a quick promotion to TV) descends upon Edinburgh every August to produce sub standard crap to fill the airwaves – they really need two more episodes of ‘Just A Minute’ to go with the 500 they have already recorded in London this year. Then there is the smug self-satisfied cunt Clive Anderson, introducing his “hilarious” weekly chat show with three or four equally smug and self-satisfied guests (most of whom are also appearing at “the Festival”). Then comes the worst of the lot – “Stand Up.” Every wanker who ever cracked a fart joke at school is qualified to stand up and piss off the drunken audience with even more fart jokes.

Radio 4 Extra get most of this shit (under the generic title this year of “Funny At The Fringe” – but don’t hold your breath), but you can be sure Wireless 4 will manage to salvage a few hours of it for it’s “6.30 comedy” and a few cheap guests for ‘Just A Minute’ or series 100 of The News Quiz (that is not a joke – either the content or the fact that it really IS the 100th series about to start).

Comedy and Edinburgh Festival go together like fish and chips or strawberries and cream and this week of course a previously undiscovered comedic talent – John McDonnell trod the boards with his own knockabout obscene comedy. It seems the BBC and the organisers of the Edinburgh Festival are lazy unimaginative bastards, and are shackled together like Punch and Judy or Hitler and Eva Braun.

Perhaps I am a cunt for not appreciating tradition – but to me the Edinburgh Festival is as shitty as Strictly Come Prancing.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

UK Government and British Army Generals

Major Robert Campbell

The British government and the Generals running the British Army are in dire need of a nomination. Back in 2003, 19 year old Said Shabram drowned while trying to escape capture by British troops. An investigation carried out at the time cleared all those involved of any wrong doing. In 2006, the file was passed to the Army Prosecuting Authority, who decided not to proceed with the case. Then in 2008, the Aitken Report came along and for unknown reasons, the Army Provost Martial began a new investigation in 2010.

At around the same time, Leigh Day, that traitorous bunch of shyster lawyers mounted a civil action against the MOD, who paid the family £100,000, despite not admitting liability, and there not being a shred of evidence that the soldiers involved were in any way responsible for his death. In 2014, IHAT took on the case after being passed the file by that other traitorous bunch of shysters, Public Interest Lawyers. The man they were mainly after was Major Robert Campbell.

When Maj Campbell was deemed medically unfit to serve and signed off sick because he suffers from PTSD, hearing loss and multiple physical injuries, the case was passed to the Service Prosecuting Authority for investigation. It decided in December 2018 that no charges should be brought and Major Campbell thought his long ordeal was finally over. WRONG!

He has now been told to give evidence in public to the IFI to satisfy human rights laws, but has so far refused. And fucking good on him. How many times are these cunts going to dig into this case? He and his men have been found innocent SEVEN times. The chances of yet ANOTHER investigation finding evidence that was missed before are far lower than the chances of me having Naomi Campbell sitting bare arsed on my face. And believe me, I am doing everything I can to ensure that Miss Campbell gets her seat.

After being told of this eighth probe, Maj Campbell handed back his service medals. And I don’t blame him. After the harassment of a man who led his men and served his country with honour and distinction, what he has had to go through since 2003 is a national disgrace. May promised she would put an end to the hounding of service personnel who were accused of acts of abuse. Like her promises that ‘no deal is better than a bade deal’ and ‘Brexit means Brexit’, it turned out to be a barefaced lie. I hope that bitch roasts in hell.

I was recently at the protest in support of Soldier F, the ex-Para who stands accused of murdering some Fenian on Bloody Sunday. We marched all the way to Media City in Salford. Robin Horsefall, one the SAS troopers who went into the Iranian Embassy made a fantastic speech. At one point, he was by a jumped reporter why we had decided to march to Media City. He said, “Because every time we gather in the City Centre, you ignore us”. The smug replied, “Well we’re listening now”. Robin replied, “because we’re outside your building”. Meanwhile IRA terrorists are walking the streets, happy in the knowledge that the atrocities they committed, and they are many, will never be investigated and they will be punished, because Tony ‘traitor’ Blair, gave them immunity. Why can’t us ex-service personnel be granted the same?

Happily, we now have Boris in charge. He’s setting up a Ministry for Veterans Affairs, which will be run by Johnny Mercer, an ex-Rupert with the Paras. So at least we have someone who knows the score in charge. Maybe now, we’ll see an end to the harassment and people like Maj Campbell can finally live their lives free from the pressure of assholes continually trying to prove that he’s a murderer, when he so clearly isn’t.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Tom Bateman

Who the fuck is Tom Bateman?

I have had as much as I can stand from the loony logic left brigade. What sort of a cunt complains about the Royal Marines, that thin professional line which stops the country from turning into a smoking ruin?

How many ships has Tom Bateman, the professional ship detainer, detained?

And frankly why is he complaining that they were quick and efficient at securing the vessel? ‘Scuse me cuntface Bateman what do you think the correct means is to secure the ship? I’m waiting…..apart from your comment that using helicopters is dangerous. Should we sand all the sharp metal surfaces? Clean the kitchen before we start, or not drop oily diarrhoea as it is a trip and fall hazard? Just ask the crew if they don’t mind not shooting at me while I’m just seizing your vessel ’cause you’re doing loads of fucking illegal shit?

This is all just the thin end of a fat PC wedge that Tony fucking Blair started, to keep his horrid fat clown in beans.

How many of the poor marines have been shot or shot at by hiding lowlifes? Please answer that question Bateman, you fucking lump of pus filled flap discharge.

So now I’ve put it into context – the ‘illegal maritime act’ – what has Tom Bateman, the almighty cunt faced twat, now got to say?

It would it have been a better headline if…….

Three marines killed in ship seizure by applying loony left logic? Is that what you want, Bateman, you grimy, slippy fist?

I think that the Royal Marines have a little bit more training than Bateman, and its great they are so revered and the World is shit scared when they’re involved. I honestly don’t think consulting the ship’s Captain or the entirety of the treacherous BBC would bear a single useful, military relevant comment. Out of your depth and out of your league, you fucking fat libtard. Leave important stuff to the people with nut sacks the right size for the job.

Next time you want to emasculate the armed forces with your (and I use this term loosely) ‘journalism’, think before you write an ample load of tosh, that I wouldn’t scrape out of your herpes ridden shit pipe if it was trapped in there with 25000 carats of diamonds, you useless, whinging, lefty, double-faced cunt arsed, minge of a scribbler.


Nominated by Dingly