Jihadi Apologists

With the recent resignation of Michael Fallon over a bit of knee touching, Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary and has used his first major speech to call for UK jihadis’ to be hunted down and eliminated. This provoked the usual wailing from left wing cunt waffles branding him ‘insecure’ and ‘juvenile’ despite probably 99% of people would agree with him.

You join a terror organisation with the aim of bringing carnage to Britain and expect to return home pulling the wool over the eyes of appeasing bollock brain cunts as misguided or disillusioned? Your human rights went down the crapper as soon as you were viewing terror propaganda, getting a chubby on thinking about ‘paradise’ and your 72 virgins,as soon as you stepped on the plane your fair game, no questions.

The same cunts are the ones who hound British troops for years over jackanory bullshit ‘war crimes’ fairy tales, PIL parasites et el , yet them and their like are prepared to give treasonous cunts a free pass on the premise of being young, idealistic and some fucked up warped version of somehow upholding human rights.

Nominated by liberal liquadator

Owen Jones [5]

Owen Jones is a stereotypical left leaning tosser of the kind our hijacked education system keeps churning out. Many in turn become teachers and churn out more of their ilk.

Owen Jones and his kind equate the old working class with the scum underclass. When in truth, the old working class would have detested the work shy scroungers of today. They are not the same.

Owen Jones is a hypocrite, who refuses to acknowledge that it is real world capitalism which provides him with his lifestyle. Does Owen Jones think he would fair better as a gay man in the socialist utopia of Russia? I think not. Would he acknowledge this? Again, I think not.

God forbid that Owen Jones and his kind ever get any political power, because he is militant and he would force his values on others. You can tell this through his attitude. He is intolerant of the opinions of others.

Owen Jones is a dangerous extremist, who needs to be exposed as such at every opportunity. He needs to be held up to ridicule and confronted by opposing intellectuals who are more than a match for this snivelling wretch.

In conclusion – Owen jones is a stupid fucking cunt.

Nominated by Some Bloke

Billy Connolly (2)

Billy Connolly – what fucking empirical cunt.

In all my years I have never found anything this over-excitable, boorish bellend has said to be even marginally funny. Not once. And like a radioactive turd, he ruins everything he appears in – not least that fucking episode of Columbo.

Everything about this cunt grates on me and always has. Now he appears to be in the pantheon of ‘respected’ comedy talents. How the fuck did that happen?

Cuntfuck extraordinaire.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Christmas advertisements

Christmas advertisements which have an overt “peaceful” presence – are they for fucking real!?!

Last night I had the misfortune of witnessing ABBC1’s Christmas advert for the first time. All very plausible except until you realise that the main protagonists are a swarthy “peaceful” looking cunt and his (no doubt genitally mutilated) daughter. The story/sentiment is bang on, the characters “right-on”, and in the process falling completely short of the reality – “peacefuls” do not celebrate Christmas.

Next up – Tesco’s “Turkey Every Way” advert. Please note the scene at 34 seconds in. Again pure reality – “peacefuls” do not celebrate Christmas.

Also extra cunting points for having one of those snowflake screechers ruining further the very shite Shakin’ Stevens “Merry Xmas Everyone” song in the de rigueur “breathy” voiced, acoustic rehash, which accompanies the ad.

Maybe the first verse of that song should also have been rewritten to truly reflect a modern, “peaceful” Britain…

Bombs exploding,
All around us.
Children dying,
And their Mum’s.
Tis the season,
To kill a few more people.
Alluah Akbar everyone!

My point is this, if we’re going to be properly inclusive of all faiths then why are there no Jewish, Hindu or Sikh characters/actors enjoying the celebrations along with our “peaceful” friends?

I honestly just don’t get why everyone from the meejah to politicians to ad campaigners are so hell bent on only ever promoting a positive image of our “peaceful” friends when – yet again – the reality is the complete opposite!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

The Brexit Breakthrough

I Woke up this morning (baby) to hear a ‘Great Brexit Fudge Tunnel’ deal had been miraculously agreed upon. Hurrah! Our previously useless Maybot had somehow triumphed over the devious crooks that run the EU and had magically DELIVERED something that only one day before would have been considered impossible!

What a fucking turnaround…bring out the bunting…street parties a-go-go!

Only problem is we have to pay the Evil Empire a minimum of £45billion Net for…?? And remain in the Single Market and the Customs Union UNTIL the Irish border question is solved to the satisfaction of Ireland /EU /UK and the DUP, which of course is likely to be NEVER. So the same as remaining in the EU with no influence or seat at the top dinner table, but guess who’ll still be paying for for the food and entertainment…

During this eternity no third party trade deals will be allowed, freedom of movement/immigration will continue uncontrolled, and to add insult to injury the ECJ will continue to have jurisdiction within U.K. for 8 more years at least!

So there we have it, as predicted by so many on this site:


Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Once more the field is strewn with the corpses orf capitulation and bugger me we lurch orn to Trade Deal negotiations as the vanquished, the beaten force. We are now led by a generation orf surrender monkeys into a dark ignominious twilight orf defeat. How our enemies crow. The Oirish Snake Veradkhar hisses its triumph, “We have achieved everything we wanted”. That includes offering dual EU citizenship to every proddy cunt in Northern Ireland thus inserting a massive crowbar between it and the remaining tatters orf the UK.

To rub acid into our wounds the Hunchback orf Downing Street totters aroinde looking pleased with itself while Junker caresses its hump.

As to the illegal “Divorce Bill”, that is to be only £40bn oh huzanners and ring every church bell in the land. Guess where most orf that moolah will be going? To the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and which cunts are the major beneficiaries orf that? Surely not the Frog bastards, those self same cunts running the “Negotiations”. What worse oitcome could there be than an arse and a gobfull orf Eurospunk? The Hunchback has thoroughly pissed orf Trump yet again re Jerusalem so no prospect orf help there.

Poor Blighty’s only hope can only lie in the bloodied and torn state orf its arse. At some point in the future the EU will become disgusted and bored at what we have to offer, dump us and move orn to fresh bum.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

( To read the full text of the agreement click here )