Lazy fucking ISAC Admins

I don’t publicise when I go away on business – I have to earn a living and one has to do this shit – but there are five of us supposedly administering this site, not just me.

So when I get back and find that the nominations page is overflowing and there are 114 comments in the moderation queue I get right royally pissed off that I can’t turn my back for a couple of weeks without coming back to this shower of shit.

I took the brunt of the work over when Dio stepped down and I’m happy to do the lion’s share but FFS I don’t deserve to be left to do every fucking thing myself.

I’m right royally pissed off. If you want this site to continue then there needs to be someone other than me putting in some fucking effort.

For two pins I’d shut the fucker down and bollocks to the lot of you!

Nominated by Admin

(Normal service will likely be resumed when I get over the jet lag if I can be fucking arsed)

118 118 [2]

I would like to cunt the 118 118 directory enquiry service.

Apart from the fuckin annoying adverts have you seen what they charge? £4.40 plus £4.40 a minute !!. Wtf ? What sort of idiot is prepared to pay that? Apparently lots, since it keeps going.

Nominated by Richard1

Public Breastfeeding

Mother of three Natalie Forester of Stoke-on-Trent was asked to leave a public swimming pool after deciding it was ok to whip out her bangers and start feeding her brat in the pool.

Aside from having baby facilities provided and the obvious health implications there is this sense of entitlement that everyone should bow before these ‘earth mothers’ as they are doing the most natural thing in the world. Well, I like to take a satisfying morning dump but wouldn’t pinch off a brown loaf in the shallow end, the cheeky cunt despite her outrage, composed herself enough to quoted the Equalities Act at staff.

Time to realise noisy, shitting, puking brats are not the centre of everyone’s universe, you selfish cunts.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

David Beckham [6]

David Beckham is still a whopper of a cunt…

It appears ‘Becks’ is due to fight an allegation of speeding in a Bentley over a ‘technicality’ …

This basically means this little cunt thinks he is above the law and that he shouldn’t have to take a speeding offence on the chin like every other motorist in Britain now has to…

I have disliked this cunt ever since he chose to be a brainless celebricunt over being a professional footballer, and for marrying the worst and most talentless leech of a media whore cunt since Yoko Fucking Ono… His abusive tantrums about not getting a knighthood also showed what he has become…

But not accepting a speeding ticket when he’s obviously bang to rights? Why doesn’t the little knobhead just swallow it? One gets the impression the media darling/whore does not like being told he is in the wrong… No wonder Fergie took aim with the boot and then gave him the boot, the little cunt….

Nominated by Norman


Imagine running a business where your customers are too young to be allowed to pay for your service, their parents don’t pay for your service but the Government pays you so long as you turn up. Imagine also that if your customers complain, you can fuck them up with no comeback. This is what teachers do.

If you had an ice cream van and the Government paid you for opening up in a certain place and gave you a register of kids you had to serve, how would you treat them? You would feed them the cheapest shit you could get away with and if the kids or their parents complained, you would say it was the kids’ fault. This is exactly what teachers do and that is why they are cunts.

Nominated by James O’Brian