Invisible Walkman


I wish to cunt the “invisible walkman”

The invisible walkman is a condition that effects many cunts, they normally have an upright stance an a bemused expression on their face as they go through day to day life totally oblivious to their surroundings.

Prime example one of my neighbours who came home last night and reverse parked accross the back of my car which is in a parking space.

This is going to involve me having to pay them a visit and ask the embarrassed hubby to move the abandoned vehicle much to which he will comply yet again, and apologise.

Where as it would be a lot simpler to slap her round the head with a cricket bat and shout “wake up!”

Sad, but she is not the only one, I find them standing in shop doors looking inwards blocking the entrance, stationary in front of supermarket shelves, driving at you on the wrong side of the road and its not just women.

What is going on?

Nominated by: Lord Benny

Katie Derham


Katie Derham is a cunt.

Once upon a time she used to be an innocuous presenter on Classic FM. She was then recruited by the cunts at the BBC to present the Proms, amongst other “highbrow” programs (none of which spring to mind). Thereafter it was downhill all the way. She was then made a “Star” by joining

Strictly Cunt Dancing (with Carol Cuntwood, Susannah Cunt, Anita pakiCunt and Naga Cuntchetty, to name a few). All these BBC Luvme cunts are now convinced they are “Stars”, but they are merely a bunch of cunts.

For the doleful performance on the Proms last night, Katie, and all your BBC cunting about before that, you are hereby awarded the title of “BBC luvme Cunt”

Nominated by: Big Al

Black Lives Matter UK


Black Lives Matter UK are cunts.

Imagine saving for years for that holiday of a lifetime, or just putting up with a shit job all year, looking forward to a week away from it all, to remember what life is all about. Then, a couple of yards away from the airport that is the start of your holiday, you are stopped in your tracks, and your holiday is ruined because some pathetic student and dolescum types are having their five minutes of glory.

Any sympathy that people may have mistakenly had with their non cause has evaporated with only the BBC to trumpet the cunts cause, which is bullshit. Radio four had it as it’s lead article on the PM show, with the usual bollocks stats and figures but no story. Next time the cunts do it, and they said there will be more protests (yawn), let’s see how many crusties we can jump over in a challenger tank, Eddy Kidd style……

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Renee Zellweger


I’d like a quick cunting to go the way of Renee Zellweger. I know she’s been cunted before, but

I’m dropping this in for the moment as she’s going to be constantly on TV interviews with the release of the latest Bridget Jones tosh … so just some food for thought. A couple of years back, if you remember, she appeared in the press at a red carpet affair with a whole new face look, so much so that with any amount of attempts you would never have guessed who the fuck it was. A big fuck off face change .. I’m sure you can google a before and after.

I’ve only just been reading her ‘explanation’ as to why she looked so different … She totally denied any cosmetic surgery having been carried out …. but put it down to ‘having been pre-occupied’ thinking about a friend of hers having just been diagnosed with a neurological disease. ‘ Having been pre-fucking occupied ‘…?

I’m only nominating her for a cunting for treating the rest of the world as cunts in expecting us to believe a fuck off story like that.

Nominated by: Boilmypiss