The Islamic State


I’d like to nominate ISIS for an epic cunting. You can add HAMAS and AL-Quaeda to that as well.

I’m sick and tired of watching news reports with videos of these arrogant extremist cunts bragging about how they want to establish their global caliphate, how they want to eradicate any other religion but their own, in short how they intend to bring back the dark ages to the planet.

Most of all, I’m sick of the liberal left wing do-gooder cunts in this country whose political correctness has stopped the UK from cracking down on the little bastards who bugger off to fight in Iraq then come back to the UK bragging about how they helped their “bro’s and sista’s”


Nominated by: Toadspanker

If these extremist cunts want to leave Britain and fight in the middle east they should be given a one way ticket. Basically fuck off and don’t come back !

Nominated by: Cuntface

Millie Mackintosh


Millie Fuckin’ Macintosh is an uber cunt whose inherited lots of money from Daddy’s tarmacing business.

She is desperate to elevate herself to the level of a Kardashian cunt. She reeks of it.

Got the “rockstar” hubby (Professor Fuckin’ Green) and always posting utterly pointless selfies on Twitter which for some reason gets press inches.

She’s vain and affected and I despise her (and her cunt husband, but that’s another nom).

Nominated by: white knuckled angry cunt

Sue Perkins


Sue Perkins urgently needs cunting. You cannot turn on the radio or television these days without encountering this desperately smug, woefully unfunny, third-rate k.d. lang tribute act. If ever someone deserved the full Jill Dando treatment, it’s Sue Perkins.

Nominated by: Fred West

Not in the pink, decidedly erascible you might say. Still stuck in bed with me leg up due to a spot of gout or some such. Forced to have the television on to drown out the sounds of the memsahib shagging the gardener. Poor sod. In between whiskies actually watch some of the shite. Get me money’s worth. Point is at my age the tv licence is free not that I ever bought one.

Why is this Sue Perkins bint on everything? Smarmy smirking superior on quiz shows, braying away on cooking shows with an opinion on everything and a knowledge of fuck all. The ugly chinless dyke spends most of her time when she is not barking at the camera swivelling and goggling her loon eyes through massive bins selecting fillies to shag once she has strapped on her dildo.

Perhaps that is it. In Cameron’s Britain she represents the token dyke. Bloody lot of tokens around if you ask me.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Seann Walsh


The ‘comedian’ Seann Walsh needs a cunting. The single most unfunny cunt on the planet, and this planet has Russell Howard and Omid Djalili on it so he’s done very fucking well to top that mountain of cunt.

Did you see that monk thing on BBC he was in? Jesus Fucking Cunt it was abysmal. The cunt seems to think telling a really meandering, shit, ultimately unfunny story from his (probably annoyingly good) life, then realising he is getting no reaction, shouts and swears in a cunty manic way until the audience nervously and uncomfortably snigger at him constitutes stand-up. In all honesty the lad needs to die.

That cunt John Bishop needs to fuck off too.

Nominated by: Cunt O’Macunto