Office Workers

I work in an office of around 12 people of all ages, genders and personalities. But being in a relatively confined space you cannot help but people-watch, and by Christ are there some irritating cunts in my office – the same kind of cunts that probably populate most offices (and factory floors come to that), across the length and breadth of the country.

You get the two-faced cunts, who become “matey” with you only to drill information about your private life so that they can fly back to their little hive across the room and gossip to their pals.

Then there’s the loud-mouth cunt, either over the phone/mobile, or shouts across the fucking office, even if other people are trying to have phone conversations with customers.

Then there’s the sick-note cunt. Always rings in with a cold on a Monday; and then moans when his/her backlog is piled up and complains that no one is helping out.

Then there’s the footie cunts – come Monday or Thursday, they’re at it for a good hour talking about “last night’s game” which was shit anyway.

Close on their heels are the soap/reality cunts – every day is the same; they twitter and bitch about so and so even though they’re supposed to be fucking working.

Then you have the young cunts that can’t stay off their phones; and moan when they find social media is blocked from their company computers.

Lunchtime cunts, who bring their smelly food into the office and stink the place out.

Window cunts – who open the only window in the office because they’re warm, even though people nearest the window might not be; and also end up with all their paperwork blowing around the office due to a breeze blowing in.

There’s probably a few more cunts, but I really can’t be bothered. Needless to say I hate working in offices!

Nominated by Technocunt

Migrants, the Media and the Left

Today there are multiple stories about the conditions in US migration centres, overcrowding, lice infestation, hygiene, this is coupled with a photo of a father and daughter found dead face down in the Rio Grande.

This is all Trump’s fault of course; nothing to do with migrants choosing to enter the country illegally, nothing to do with many of them having traversed other South American nations en route, nothing to do with the migrants taking risks with their kids’ lives and their own.

What’s the President meant to do? Build holiday camps for them and attract thousands more? Let them in and give them citizenship just because they show up? At some point even the most liberal lefty will realise you have to say ‘no more’.

The much less publicised side of this story is the crime committed by many of these migrants, from traffic violations to rape and murder. There are many cases if people care to look.

Trump isn’t a great bloke, he has some real issues but that doesn’t make him wrong about everything.

Immigration must be controlled or it is invasion. I get people want to escape from shithole nations and start a new life elsewhere but the reality that’s plain to see is they mostly don’t start a new life, they bring their old life with them but now they are protected under human rights and similar BS that merely provides a protective umbrella, these South American cunts laugh at US laws.

The truth is some US companies want cheap labour and the Democrats want voters, and both groups are prepared to fuck the American dream to get what they want.

All this really should not bother me, apart from the whole fucking shit show is mirrored in Europe with Africa providing the constant flow of migrants.

I don’t have all the answers but I don’t see the people we elect to protect our best interests looking for solutions either.

They can blame Trump for the bodies in the river and he shitty conditions in detention centres but if these migrants were not being encouraged the overcrowding and deaths would decrease. There are millions and millions of people across the world living in shithole countries and if the current policies continue sooner or later they will be heading our way.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Clive and Lorna Lucas

“Who?” I hear all ye cunters cry……a couple of right cunts, that’s who.

This pair were on the same flight as that recent addition to Cuntsville, Chloe Haines, the crazy bitch who went ape shit on a Jet2 plane and had to be restrained, culminating in a new asshole being ripped for her, courtesy of a whopping great £85,000 bill from said airline.

Read all abaaat it!! here:

Lorna and Clive (cunt names) apparently were instrumental in restraining her, helping to ‘strap her into her seat in the chaos’, so quelle surprise, what do they want now?

Yes, indeed, a payout.

They have moaned like fuck about the fact that they were only offered complimentary soft drinks whilst still on-board post-Armageddon. This wasn’t enough to satisfy their inconvenience and they feel outraged that they are not being offered some of the share of the money the airline are trying to reap back from the psycho herself.

What totally opportunistic, greedy, cynical fuckers these two are. Firstly, whatever happened to just doing something because it is the RIGHT thing to do, in the event of  very desperate circumstances? What anyone would do when they see people struggling and who need assistance. That comes with a price tag now, does it?? It seems to go over their thick skulls that there were numerous other passengers on that flight who were put out and traumatised by this, but have the dignity and self-restraint not to seek compo out of it.

Secondly, are they that thick that they believe that Jet2 will see any of that money from the (undoubtedly) substance-addled chav? They should be so lucky, therefore, even if a payout was on the table, they would get a percentage of precisely fuck all.

Thirdly, even if none of this shit fest had happened, they were travelling to TURKEY for their jollies, so that fact in itself makes them giant cunts.


Nominated by Nurse Cunty

Philip Hammond (13)

This poor excuse for a man has to be the cunt of the week, if not the year. The purse-lipped, floppy haired piss and shit stained failure orchestrated yesterday’s parliamentary stitch-up not allowing a no deal Brexit, yet didn’t have the guts to vote himself. The foul little Judas literally made the bullets for others to fire:

He is a coward of the first water, a snivelling little Establishment turd and like every turd ought to be flushed into the sewer. What a cunt.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Cora ‘Trigglypuff’ Segal

I reckon that IsAC regulars always enjoy a bit of light relief, and this nomination is made with that end in mind. You may or may not have heard of Trigglypuff, so allow me the honour of introducing you.
A couple of years ago, the University of Massachusetts hosted a debate entitled ‘has political correctness gone too far?’. During the course of the ‘discussion’, a barrel of lard fat fuck feminista in the audience went into a raging meltdown, hurling abuse at the panel on stage. This earned the beast the nickname ‘Trigglypuff’, presumably due to the ease with which it became ‘triggered’.
Luckily the episode was caught on camera, and has since, as they say, ‘gone viral’. Trigglypuff has become an internet legend, proving to be a source of amusement and derision for cunters everywhere to savour. So allow me to present Trigglypuff, the truly repulsive face of SJWs everywhere;

Now some of you, like me, may be wondering what has become of the specimen since it made such a public spectacle of itself. Well, one rumour has it that it was last spotted mating with a blue whale off the coast of Newfoundland. Another suggests that it was harpooned by a rogue Japanese whaler, and kept that nation supplied in whale meat and industrial oils for a month. It’s also been claimed that on a particularly hot day, it scratched itself and spontaneously combusted, burning with a luminosity so fierce that it was visible to the orbiting space station for three days.
Truth is, I for one don’t know what became of Trigglypuff, so if you’re aware of its current whereabouts, please inform us immediately. The people have a right to know, if only to enable us to relish the sight of a complete and utter cunt in full flow once more. Bring it on Trigglypuff, these days we’re in need of a good laugh.

Nominated by Ron Knee