I’d like to cunt Banks, hardly original but considering it our bastard money my gripe is the weekend.
Specifically in the age of 24 hour access online to everything, why can’t these fuckers make a payment leave on a Saturday , Sunday or a Bank Holiday?
If nearly every transaction Is cunting digital why can’t the lame fuckers pay my expensive shit out when I ask them?
If I say the first of the month pay it on the first.
Don’t fucking dick around with your ” Oh our system doesn’t operate that way” excuses.
Make it FUCKING HAPPEN you useless bell-ends.

Nominated by, BastardWellBastard

Diane Abbott [9]

Normally, when the Abbottopotamus is on TV, I have to press the mute button. There’s only so much stupid I can handle. For some reason though, I watched her being interviewed on TV by that other cunt, Piers Morgan. I find it truly soul destroying that there are people in this country, Corbyn supporters, but still people (just) , who consider this bulbous cretin, this enigma of evolution, this affront to the human race, to be a fit and proper person to be the Home Secretary in a Labour government. I wouldn’t trust the Queen of Retards to knock on a door, never mind be the person in charge of national security.

Having watched her dodge a simple question SIX times, it baffles me how she manages to walk upright. How the fuck can someone as staggeringly thick as this biological balloon put even one word together, never mind a whole sentence. And she has the nerve to claim that people hate her because WE are racist? No, Diane, we hate you because you’re an arrogant, self-important moron, who has an IQ so low, even a single celled organism would look at you and say, “fuck me, what a thick cunt SHE is”. This wasn’t a train wreck interview. It wasn’t a car crash interview. It was the interview equivalent of the impact of the meteor that hit Earth 65 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs. Those motherfuckers got lucky, they didn’t have to endure this slow witted waste of a sperm and an egg. How can someone as devoid of intellect as her be considered human? Even the fleas on a baboon’s arse are more intelligent than her.

What’s even more staggering, is that there are several thousand people even more stupid than she is. And by sheer coincidence, they all live in the same constituency, because the dumb cunts actually voted for her to represent them in parliament. If ever there was proof that democracy died a horrible death about two centuries ago, the Abbottopotamus is it. And considering the low quality of our current crop of politicians, that takes some doing. She’s lucky that breathing is something that doesn’t require conscious thought, she’d be well and truly fucked otherwise. On the bright side though, we’d no longer have to endure the idiocy of Diane the Dipshit.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw


Joseph Isaacs what a sad cunt

Joseph Isaacs is a cunt. He’s just received a 20yr sentence for attacking 96yr old Normandy veteran Jim Booth with a claw hammer, despite being repeatedly hit on the head, Jim bravely fought my opinion the sentence dished out is far too light for this utter fucking coward.He’s lucky I’m not running the show, as he would experience a world of fucking pain for what he’s done.I hope he gets banged up with an ex squaddie who has a suitably Old Testament attitude to retributive justice. Isaacs is a total fucking cunt , unlike Jim Booth, who I imagine would have kicked the living shit out of him had he been younger. I do hope Jim lives out the rest of his days in total contentment, he deserves it, not many Normandy vet’s left now.

Rightly nominated by, Jack The Cunter

Admin note, if you put things in the right place things happen, especially when it is such a worthy nomination.

The cunts that allowed the destruction of Europe.

West Europe is finished. Cars are burning every night in France. Mostly kept out of the media. Rape so epidemic that the swedes have changed how they categorise the crime in order to not offend their ‘new Swedes’. Again, mostly kept out of the media. We’ve now got a snackbar home secretary and a snackbar London mayor. And no cunt seems that bothered!! If you buy any fresh meat product from one of the supermarkets, if you look closely enough, you’ll see a little Halal symbol. In every single supermarket.

Then, of course, you’ve got the industrial scale rape of young white girls – which goes into the tens of thousands – up and down the country. And of course the terrorism.

So. My question is this – what is the point of these cunts? If we’d known in the 60’s when they started turning up oop North what we know now, would a single sane cunt wanted to let a single one of them in?

Nominated by, Mecha-Rigsby


Pop up adds.

Advertising really fucks me off. Made by irritating cunts that think it’s ok to butt in whenever I look online. FFS has anybody ever seen an add that made you go out and buy whatever shite they are promoting?
Next cunting is for the add sales cunts ,that call and try to persuade you to part up with hard earned money for a Shitty bit on a page in some shit magazine you’ve never heard of. Cunts
Do advertisers go to the same uni as estate agents to learn cuntishness?

Nominated by, Berkshire Hunt