Owain Wyn Evans

I’d like to give this regional weather reporter a fuckin’ good cunting.

Now, he might not be known by many and that’s why a quick look at the clip below will put you in the picture:


This notorious shirtlifter is also known to people in Yorkshire and the Midlands. He’s a fuckin’ mincer of the highest order and makes Tom Allen look like Charles Bronson. When he’s giving the forecast, his fuckin’ arms are waving all over the place.

He said “I do camp it up sometimes doing the weather, but I don’t even notice I’m doing it, when I’m waving my arms around”.

After reporting on a Fun Run, one of the other presenters asked him would he join in to which he replied “I can’t really run”. You would you cunt, if I stuck this red hot poker up your arse. And don’t stop till you and your boyfriend get back to Wales where you can wait for the next cold front to kick you in the cunt.

Nominated by Bertie Blunt Ubercunt

Oliver Letwin MP

Oliver Letwin…

Boris’s deal may have been a bit shite, but Letwin the cretin has got his revenge on Boris for sacking him with his ‘Brexit blocker’. In short, even if we get the best deal ever, the Remoaners can now delay it. Forever.

What a pathetic, vindictive little cunt. Throw him in the Thames!

Nominated by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Cunt

A special Saturday cunting please for this old fuckwit who has meddled yet again and forced yet another delay to Brexit:


What a pity the old motherfucker doesn’t get his arse off the green benches right away, fuck off home and entertain some rough trade in his home at 5.00 in the morning. I am sure he has the money – why else would a rentboy drill his raddled old ringpiece?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Oliver Left-TIT and all those Remoaning MPs holding us and our government captive.

What an utter bunch of devious cunts of the highest order. Elected under a manifesto that they had absolutely no intention of sticking to.

Boris’s attempt is shit, but voting to delay inevitably is a Cunt’s trick.


Nominated by Blimpo

Steven Smith

A nomination for self-confessed idiot Steven Smith, who thought it would be a spiffing wheeze to get his mate to squirt pepper spray in his eyes – because he didn’t think it would hurt.

He thought he’d blinded himself after he pulled the stunt, using a £3 spray he bought online from China. After getting an unnamed pal to squirt it in his face, dad-of-three Steven turned the spray on his mate – before they both doubled over in agony. Postman Steven from Widnes, Cheshire, said the pair couldn’t breathe properly or open their eyes for 20 minutes. Asked why he did it, he said he thought it “wouldn’t be that bad” but admitted it was “the worst pain I’ve ever felt”.

His unnamed mate is a cunt too.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Gay Christmas Trees

Yes, you thought there were some things the modern world couldn’t intrude on……there are some things the snowflakes can’t touch. Think again my friends. Now we have Christmas trees for our bent community.

They’re not real, of course, but is anything real these days? Yes, artificial trees decked out in the rainbow colours. Available from Amazon at £196 a pop. You should get one…….they’ll last for years and you don’t want the ‘Thought Police’ kicking your back door in (oooh, cheeky) on Christmas Day do you?

Jesus Christ! He was gay as well you know? Seriously. Fucking fact.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

Protesters (2)

Protesters and people who stop people going about their lawful business are complete cunts.

What those in positions of authority (Government and Police) have to realise is that if they fuck around with these protesters, the public will take matters into their own hands. I for one enjoyed watching that Extinction Rebellion cunt getting a kicking this morning….people on the DLR are miserable cunts to start with, so it must’ve been nice to kick that cunt senseless.

A few years ago, these actions would have been classed as potential terrorist activities. The leaders of these cunts flaunt and parade around with impunity while we have to listen to the reasons why the cunts aren’t in prison. This has gone too far now.

To summarise, these scroungers and benefit cheats should realise that without people going to work of a day they will not be able to buy their drugs, cigarettes and alcohol……idiots.

Nominated by Spanky Mc Spank