Bill Oddie


Bill Oddie – Cunt by name, cunt by nature

For years the little misogynistic cunt and former children’s presenter has presented twitcher programmes generating viewer comments such as “what a little tit” and “you stupid bustard”. Then suddenly genus cuntus avem (species cunt bird cunts) is given the old boot by the BBC allegedly for an unspecified incident that occurred during filming on Brown Sea Island (spiritual home orf the Boy Scouts). Oddie claims he left for “health reasons” and has floated a history orf Looney Toons behaviour in support orf this including the now fashionable bipolar (Fry, Miranda Hart, Griff Rhys Jones et al) and attempted suicide. Sources at the BBC claim he took a pair orf size twelves with hobnails up the arse because he is a miserable little git. Why is it that with this type orf cunt it is only ever “attempted suicide”? Other claims to fame include the support orf convicted paedo Rolf Harris. At least Oddie has been orf the gaydar for a few years or so I thought……

Then bugger me I inadvertently switch on some lunchtime discussion on immigration and such and there is the miserable old bearded cunt boring on about how he is ashamed to be British and the strain on the Health Service ect ect is down to the indigenous population having too many kids. Nothing to do with unrestricted immigration and he rejoices in the “diversity” that has hit this once great nation.

This policy orf “rub their faces in diversity” followed by Brown, Cameron and Clegg is the greatest act orf genetic manipulation since Hitler. Would a cunt like Oddie nominate a small island orf the coast orf Africa and fill it up with every species orf ape known to man and let them go fuck? There would be howls orf protest from the bleeding liberals orf the world. Must ensure the integrity orf the species, interfering in the processes orf nature, loss orf bio diversity ect ect. But absolutely spiffing me dears to conduct such an irreversible experiment upon the human population of Britain and without the consent of anyone outside orf a tiny metropolitan elite.

In retrospect I do miss his haemorrhoidal spats with Kate Humble (always fancied eating a bit orf Humple pie meself) and to cap it all it has given the BBC the opportunity to fill Oddie’s void with that lisping cunt Chris Packham (unmarried). Carry on Cunting, campers.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Wayne Rooney [3]


Wayne Rooney is a prize cunt.

I have been a Stretford Ender man and boy for over 35 years. But I loathe this syrup wearing, whoremongering, moneygrabbing, skiving scouse twat.

The fact that this bellend is United captain: following greats like Robson, Buchan, Bruce, Law, Cantona, Charlton etc makes we want to puke…

With our back four (three? Whatever) already fucked this scouse bastard decides to kick some Hammers player in the knackers and gets a three game ban. He is just a cunt who is there for the money and he is a fucking liability.

Nominated by: Norman

Charlie Mullins


Wide boy plumber, Charlie Mullins, is a cunt and needs a length of copper pipe with a 90 degree solder jointed connector poked up his jacksie and some scalding water then piped into the open end.

He’s a dodgy barnet wearing, Pat Cash lookalike cunt that’s got an ego as ludicrous as his dress sense. The blue shiny suit wearing cunt. Such is the state of our society that this cunt gets to appear on Question Time.

He’s a thick, ill informed, spivvy looking, way out his depth, bollocks talking cunt.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Emma Thompson [2]


Emma Thompson is a hypocritical cunt of the first order.

She has been a renowned supporter of left-wing politics but when it comes to educating her daughter, it seems Emma Thompson is prepared to put her political leanings on the back burner. She sends 14-year-old Gaia to a north London private school instead of entrusting her education to the state.

Once Gaia turns 16, her mother hopes to enrol her at a state school near their home in West Hampstead – however even that will be one of the UK’s most elite establishments. Thomson, a champagne socialist worth around £30 million, was educated at the school herself when it was still a grammar. It has long been a favourite of wealthy left-wing parents who can afford to live in its expensive catchment area, and inspectors regularly describe it as ‘outstanding’.

She’ll be right at home there with all the other hypocritical socialist cunts. Several of Blair’s cabinet members sent their kids there too.

Typical bloody Labour Luvvie cunt. Preach to the working classes and then shit all over your principals when you’ve made a few quid. Don’t do what I do, do what I tell you!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Sky Sports


Sky Sports is shit. Their presenters actually now spend time in front of a screen to show viewers what pricks are saying on social media about the day’s sporting news. People don’t pay for a subscription to see some twat of a Crystal Palace fan on twitter spouting bollocks. But that’s what Sky Sports is giving people these days…

The only good thing on Sky Sports is Natalie Sawyer. A cracking pair of tits!

Nominated by: Norman