Patrick Stewart [4]

Patrick Stewart needs a cunting. Whilst in Berlin to promote the new Wolverine movie, this pathetic, left wing cunt trumpet had the nerve to apologise on behalf of the British people for Brexit. Apparently, he’s ashamed to be British now that we’re leaving the EU. Well fuck off to L.A. then, you whingeing, baldy cunt.

I’m fucking sick of multi-millionaires assuming they have the right to speak for the whole of the British people on issues that only traitorous left wingers give even half a fuck about. And Mongy Allen has been in the news again, believing the bullshit from the failing Deutsche Bank, and celebrating the fall in the pound. Seriously, a bank that is struggling after paying billions in fines because of dodgy business practices, is really not a bank you want to be taking financial advice from.

Anyway, back to Stewart. He can go fuck himself with a pinless hand grenade. Fucking left wing dick head.

Nominated by Quick Cunt McGraw

Sadiq Khan [5]

Sadiq Khan is a cunt. His latest stroke of genius is to raise London’s congestion charge by a tenner for vehicles over ten years old. In other words, penalising drivers too poor to buy a newer car or punishing them for not buying new products.
The party of the working man…

Nominated by Mr Bastard

Tony Blair [10]

I’d like to nominate Tony Blair for a cunting.

His utter contempt of the British people as being “too thick to decide” with regards to Brexit (and that cuts both ways against those wishing to leave as well as those wanting to remain) just exudes everything that is wrong with him and his faux left-wing cronies, i.e., “Ours is the party of the people! Now let us dictate exactly how you live because you cannot be trusted to make any decision for yourselves. Power to the people! We just don’t expect you to use it, we’ll do that for you.”

The conceited superiority of this cunt really needs slapping down! And would he have been so vocal had the result gone the other way? His way, the gravy train for him and his cronies way?

It’s no secret that Tony B.Liar had designs on the top seat in the EU with all of his toadies in tow like Mandy Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, which halted as the WMD scandal hit.

But now the cunt is back and is shilling for another seat in the EU and his vehicle is to rabble-rouse the remoaners into kicking off (not that they need much of an invitation), even after parliament has now decided and passed through that Article 50 should be invoked (House of Lords aside – another nest of unelected cunts).

The cunt has obviously been promised something from Juncker, Tusk or Verhofstadt to attempt to derail democracy because once invoked in the UK they’re bricking it that their house of cards will collapse all over them! And let’s face it, that would be no bad thing, unless you’reof the ilk of Tony Blair and his cronies!

Tony Blair, you are a cunt. An educated lawyer type of cunt (to worm you way out of shit with your smarmy legalese) but when it came to Brexit yours was one vote. When it came to Brexit, mine was one vote.

Your vote does not count more than mine just because you are a cunt of undefined proportions!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

BA Cabin Crew (2)

BA cabin crew; cunts. Most are well past their sell by date harridans or else mincing old queens. Now they are going on strike, again.
They say their lot with BA is so bad they have to sleep in their cars and live on pot noodles. They say there is no future working for BA.
If that is really the case then go get another fucking job. There will be plenty of jobs available once we kick all the Eastern European gypos out. Cunts.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benderdict Cuntberdinck is a ginormous cunt… When asked why he hasn’t put his huge amount of money where his big mouth is and took in some of his ‘beloved’ ‘refugees’, what he said was hilarious…. Cuntberdinck said he ‘couldn’t’ because his ‘house (ie: mansion) wasn’t ready yet and it had no electricity’…. The cunt is a millionaire and could buy a whole street of ‘normal’ houses if he so desired… He could also pay rent and suchlike for a good few ‘refugee’ cunts if he wished to… Truth is he obviously doesn’t, but he expects everyone else to welcome these freeloading filth with open arms… Same goes for the human oil slick, Lineker, and Lily the singing spaz… There’s one thing worse than a bleeding heart cunt, and that’s a plastic bleeding heart cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

Who were the others who promised to take in refugee families? I’m sure Geldof was one – we need to get some updates as to which of these bleeding heart cunts has actually delivered on their accommodation offer. I’m guessing not a single one.

Nominated by Fred West.