People that think recaptcha is appropriate are utter unredeemable pitiful cunts.

The football team I support just won a football match. I want to post on their official forums, share my love for the team, acknowledge their tremendous achievement. But no! To register I have to help Google train their AI to recognise a fucking street sign.

It wouldn’t be so bad but I’m assessed against their current AI model and a whole swathe of fuckwit Americans, which means that accurate street sign identification isn’t what they’re after. No, to register to post on a forum I have to accurately guess what some mutated inbred fuckwit American considers to be a street sign.

I could almost handle that. Almost. Except that to contact any company, regarding anything, I have to fill in a fucking recaptcha. Am I human? It doesn’t actually fucking matter, all that matters is that I spend my time and energy training Google’s AI to make the same fucking mistakes that the American public will make.

Fuck this anti-person technolgy, fuck Google and above all, fuck the cunts that think it’s reasonable to fuck over their customers, their supporters and any cunt trying to contact them by imposing such a nonsensical cuntish fucking waste of time, brainpower and energy on them.

Nominated by Quivering Quim

The Labour Party (4)

The Labour Party.  This once noble institutition was set up in 1900 to champion the rights of the poor working class. To fight the power of the millowners and the landed gentry.  This was a time when to be poor meant to have nothing and to be poor meant to be ill and have nothing and no support.  Up untill about 1989 this party fought for the poor . It is now stands for a random collection of minority interest groups ….disconnected from the people it was set up to represent.  But yet people still vote for this shit?

Nominated by the good the bad and the cunt

The Fonz

A nostalgic Cunting.

The Fonz.

For forty odd years I’ve nursed a deep and abiding hatred for Arthur Fonzarelli. He was a character in a dreadful American programme called ” Happy Days”. It involved “The Fonz”,a weedy looking,rather sinister 40 year old “biker” who apparently preferred the company of school children. He used to hang around some kind of youth club with his adoring teenage fan club,hitting the juke-box and saying “EEEH” like a special-needs escapee from the Sunshine coach…or “Sit on it” which I rather suspect was an instruction to one of his barely-teenage acolytes….what the “it” that he wanted them to sit on was never made clear,but I can take an educated guess. The filthy predator had even inveigled his way into the home of two of his young admirers,where he apparently lived rent-free by also charming the pants off the old,fat sexually naive Father and Mother.

I don’t really care about his rather distasteful desire for young meat, it was probably all the rage back then amongst those with a theatrical bent,just as it is now. What fucked me off about the greasy little Pisspot was that he stole screen time from Suzi Quatro all dressed up in leathers….lovely stuff she was back then…not nowadays,obviously..she’ll be a wrinkly old biddy now.

Fuck Off.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler


Mark Field MP

For any cunters who have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, this is the fella who forcibly ejected a dopey Greenpeace “activist” from an formal dinner at the Mansion House on Thursday evening in order to prevent said fuckwit from approaching the top table and spewing forth a load of eco-bile to the assembled throng.

He has since come in for a great deal of flak from the leftie/feminazi/ecotwat brigade because he apparently used “excessive force” in so doing. Utter bollocks. Jesus H, if anyone was listening to that fucking daft bint Fogarty on LBC this afternoon, you’ll know what I’m on about here…..

He’s a bit of a hero really, so why, I hear you ask, is he a cunt?


Nominated by Ghee The Witches

Mark Field is certainly NOT a cunt. He did what any decent person would have done when demonstators stormed the Mansion House to potentially threaten life and limb of the eminent people present.

Even the security guards – where the fuck were they incidentally? – said he grappled the demonstrator in question exactly as they had been trained to do.

No, Field’s behaviour was in no way cuntish – but the actions of the Foreign Office in suspending him was cuntish in the extreme. And who is the Foreign Secretary? Why, none other than potential PM Jeremy Cunt – sorry, Hunt – who has just proved to all and sundry that he’s more than a wee bit weak and wobbly.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Violent lefties.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the good old plastic skinheads the antifarts.

These fucking cowards should have the motto “only in a crowd”

The latest action, as reported in the Daily Snail, is the PSC violently intimidating Jewish shop owners, with one daft cunt even commending old Adolf the Bastard himself.

These utter cunts make my blood boil. I’m not Jewish, but I know some Jewish business owners, and what Israel does or doesn’t do isn’t their fucking fault. The ones I know are generally savvy business men that buy and sell what sells and makes them a few quid, paying their fair dues in tax along the way and giving an eye watering amount of their profits away to charities (and not the popular ones with their expensive offices in London and millionaire trustees, but local hospices and individuals who have had a shit start and gone off the rails. Regardless of religeous or other affiliations).

But it’s ok for these cunts to get violent and more worryingly than that, it now appears to be ok to be violent towards Jews.
Night of the long knives???

I wonder if Channel 4’s holy-jokes will compiment its far right anti Islamist gang with a far left anti Semitic one to balance out its indoctination of the youth? I thought not! Utter lopsided cunts!

These far left bully boys need a lesson in history and fast. I suggest the World at War series whilst strapped to a Clockwork Orange desk chair with their eyeballs exposed and all 16 or so episodes with no eye drops.

I bet they all drive Audis and fucking VWs too the cunts. No doubt a VW van that looks like it’s been pimped with a gift card from Halfords.

Nominated by Blimpo