Julie Walters


I find it hard to believe, given she will be on at least one film at this time of year, that Julie Walters has failed to be Cunted.

I recall first coming across Walters in the 80’s when by some miracle she gained the lead in a couple of movies during the British Film revival. Due to not being spectacularly shite, though I could have smacked her in the face during “Educating Rita”, she seems to have become “National Treasure”.

There is nothing, from Victoria Wood, through Adrian Mole, to the Harry Potter franchise, that Julie Walters hasn’t made worse by her presence. Her overacting, screechy voice, hunched mannerisms make any scene she appears in painful to watch.

Julie Walters is proof positive that once you’re in with the in crowd in the nepotistic puddle that is British acting talent, you are made for life.

And who picked her to play Cynthia Payne? If you turned up at a brothel and Julie was on offer, you’d have a tug at home instead.

Nominated by: Cato

The alpha male


Just been to visit my nephew and his wife and kids. This isn’t showing much family loyalty but I’m sorry to have to report he is actually a flash cunt.

Firstly to quote ‘You know how I paid for this watch ?’ Me- ‘no’. Him £15,000′. I think this was supposed to impress. Dear oh dear.

Then he starts telling me about his job. He is ‘something in sales’. He tells me how he spends all day getting people to buy services they don’t really need and how this boosts his commission. ‘I’m on £80,000 atm should be up to £100,000 next year.’

To cap it all we then go for a drive in his executive motor. Fuck me! You know those knob heads who tail gate? That’s him. He actually said ‘Oi little man in your little car get out my way’ whilst flashing his lights and bibbing his hooter. He also took great delight in over taking cars as close as possible and I mean about 2 inches. All this with his 2 kids in the back.

I told him he was driving like a cunt only to be told ‘ I know what I’m doing.’ A prime example of the ’alpha male’.

Nominated by: Ozmandias

Rachel Dolezal


Rachel Dolezal is a cunt…
Why pretend for years to be something that you are not?

I’ve known both black and white lads from Jamaica and, like the black lads, the white lads also love their weed, their reggae and talk in patois… But they don’t pretend to be black, because they aren’t… And why is this silly bitch trying to make out she spread all this bullshit in order to be a race rights activist? One can be white and still stand against racism and be a race rights activist… Just like a man can speak up foe feminism (it won’t be me though)…

A cause that somebody fights for or supports is about belief… It has fuck all to do with skin colour… The daft tart probably did it to get attention and appear ‘cool…’ The stupid cow wants to ask people who lived in Apartheid stricken South Africa or the USA in the 1950s and 1960s how ‘cool’ it was to be black…. Fighting for a cause is one thing, but pretending you are one of them and know what they are going through? That is just taking the piss and is so patronising…

What a cunt, and I thought Plastic Paddies were bad…

Nominated by: Norman

Ntokozo Qwabe

hqdefault (1)

Ntokozo Qwabe needs a serious cunting. He’s a South African student studying at Oxford. Qwabe is one of the leaders of a group cunt students, who are demanding that a Statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed, because it offends them. Naturally, Oxford have told them to grow the fuck up and get a life. Actually, they haven’t they’re being pussies, as left wing scum usually do.

Qwabe is exactly the type of foreigner I despise more than any other. More than muslims. The foreigner who comes to the UK, and then becomes politically active. I have to say, I’m sorely tempted to use a certain word starting with ‘N’ when talking about this piece of shit, but I won’t. The big problem Qwabe has, is that his studies at Oxford are being funded by a scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes. Although, this uppity n…err…non-white shit house, reckons that the money was stolen from his ancestors, so he’s not in any way a hypocrite.

That aside, this jumped up little cunt has NO right coming to this country and telling US what to do. Tatchell and Greer have been allowed to get away with it. This prick should be told, in no uncertain terms, that he either shuts the fuck up and shows some gratitude for his FREE education, or he’s on the first plane back to the shit hole he came from.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw