Richard Branson [5]


Richard Branson needs a cunting. He recently fell off his bike (which I toasted with a couple of bott…err…glasses of Jack Daniels). To see the photos of him though, you’d think he’d been wounded fighting in Helmand.

Take a fucking reality check, you bearded, tax dodging twat! You face planted from a bicycle, you did NOT take a fucking bullet. Trust me, if you had, you wouldn’t be in the mood for photos.

Suck it up, you soft cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Branson fell off his bike?

Nah, don’t give me that shit. The Corbynistas got him ‘cos they couldn’t get a seat on one of his trains…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Hillary Clinton [4]


Can I please re nominate Hillary Clinton for cunting?

I just watched a movie called Clinton Cash. Shows how this corrupt cunt and slick Willy have worked as a team taking bribes from some of the most fucked up organizations in the world. Bought and paid for fucking cunts.

(Ps Twitter are a bunch of biased left wing cunts too)

Nominated by: Captain Reacharound

Killary Kiloton is a weapons grade cunt and if she (?) gets back in the Whitehouse there will be a second civil war in America.

Despite allegedly being a crook, a proven liar and dirty tricks con woman, she is painting Trump as the bad guy. Take a look at this video, you would be mistaken for thinking USA is made up of slopes, wogs, turban heads, dagos who can’t even speak the language, beta white men and mongs. Silver lining, look how many dislikes it has. Ha ha Killary, judging by this evidence you are in for a proper kicking come November and hopefully that will be the last we ever hear of you.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Water fighters

maxresdefault (1)

Water fighters are cunts…

I mean, we all did it as kids (in that glorious summer of 76) but fucking older kids and adults having water fights is as childish as fuck … I dare say the same thing that happens in kids water fights happens to adults who do it too…

There was always one kid who liked to throw his/her weight (and water) about, but told the others that they ‘weren’t allowed to get wet…’ Needless to say the smug little cunt got a drenching and then kicked off Viz Spoilt Bastard style and ruined all the fun… Now that is going to be worse if it’s pissed up ‘youths’ or adults in a park acting like three year olds with water guns (spoiled cunts… We just had empty Fairy Liquid bottles)… Some soft twat is going to get soaked, go into a ‘rage’ and it all kicks off…..

This happened in London and it begs the question: what the fuck were bottles and knives doing at a seemingly innocent water fight? The cozzers should have water cannoned the lot of them…

Pathetic cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

The Burkini


Now the Burkini was banned in lots of French seaside resorts. It was enforced by the police.
The libtards got their leftie pants in a twist and decided that to ban this burka for swimming was an acronym to feminism.
The left wing uk media kicked and screamed about how it was the first step towards nazism and now the ban has been over turned.

So you have the media and feminists sticking up for Muslim rights. On principle.
If these utter cunts, particularly feminist cunts took a moment to climb down off their very high horses, they might realise that Muslims are the biggest mysoginists on the face of the planet. Islamic ideals are about as far from feminism as you can get.

The media cunts have dressed it up as being about freedom.
“You can’t tell women what they can and can’t wear”
The ban isn’t about dress.

It’s about one simple thing that the media refuses to address….
The pervasive encroachment on everyday life of Muslim religion.
This has to be stopped.
This is a line in the sand and will indicate which way we are going with this invasion.

It’s a political game of football and if the Muslims win, they know it’s game on and sharia law is the next battleground.
They will inevitably dress that up as something else ie- freedom, to get their way too.

You Gotta hand it to the cunts.
Studied our weaknesses to use against us.

And while I’m at it- that cunt Muslim mayor Khan- his first action as mayor was to ban pics of birds in bikinis on London transport advertising.
Dressed it up as protecting body issues of course.

Turbo charged dangerous cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

Sarah Champion MP [2]


Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence and she is a cunt.

What the fuck woman? How can you resign along with most of your colleagues when trying to unseat Jihadi Jeremy then decide you made a mistake and whilst abroad withdraw you resignation without explanation?

Could it be you heard whispers of deselection? I can only make assumptions because you didn’t care to be in the country or explain your oil tanker U-turn.

Can your judgement or principals be trusted? Not in my book.

Lastly what made you think you were qualified to be shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence? Coming from Rotherham made you feel overly qualified?

Another particle of shit in the shower of shit called Labour.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit