Wayne Rooney

Up me arse, son, go on !

Wayne Rooney is a cunt…
Mauricio Pochettino should be Manchester United manager if Solskjaer is not appointed according to-Wayne Rooney…

I just don’t get this wankfest over Pochettino … And fuck off, Rooney… You grannygubbing syrup wearing pisshead pilled up KFC filled fat cunt…


Nominated by Norman

Gwyneth Williams

A You & Yours, Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Just A Minute , Saturday Live cunting please for this woman who has announced her resignation as Controller of Radio 4 after 8 years in the job. She would have avoided this cunting had she made this wise decision 7 years ago, but her tenure has been marked by a bevvy of shitty wimmins interest programmes, miserable plays about slavery, American wimmin voiced by British actresses who sound like bleeding Victorian poets.

8 more years of the gobshites of The News Quiz and The Now Show, late morning comedy shows devoid of any humour whatsoever, witless talk shows, including one that sounds as if we are entering the fairy grotto, judging by its signature tune, where for 5 minutes two members of the public witter on about matters only of concern to themselves (if even that), 3 times a week with a repeat on Sunday of all 3 years of the sanctimonious bellend Micheal Burke (how apt) with his Moral Maze, which, maze like never ends, the provisional wing of R4 mornings, Wimmins Hour, which though around since god was a lad has got ever more strident and right on in the past few years, and the current affairs wall to wall fuckdom that is relentlessly ever more anti-Brexit, including the Remain lousy panels and audiences that make up every Any Questions?.

What fucks me off about this old bag is that in her farewell message today she has had the fucking cheek to say she has not dumbed the station down, but smartened it up. Smart? The Rev Richard Coles, Wing Commander Jenni Murray, Jeremy Hardy, Miles Jupp, pompous little arsehole that he is, Paul Merton, the miserable sanctimonious “writers and broadcasters” who give their left wing views on every subject under the sun. What a load of fucking shit, as Nan Taylor used to say.

Nominated by W C Boggs

John Sweeney and Panorama

Sorry if someone’s already cunted this cunt.
I’ve been busy so haven’t had time to issue this cunting or been able to check the noms page recently…

A double barrelled, nuclear powered cunting for Panorama “journalist” (if such a thing still really exists), John Sweeney.

This man is not only a cunt but he’s quite, quite, mad (just see some YouTube clips)…
He also has just about the most uuummm annoying uuummm voice that I’ve ummm ever ummm heard.

Having not watched the Bourgeoise Brainwashing Caliphate for longer than I can remember (though to be fair my memory is not exactly world class), I’d never heard of him or knew that he fronts Panorama.
That was until Panorama decided to do a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson named “The Tommy Takedown”.
Well, John being a typical arrogant, lefty, bourgeois supremacist, he didn’t stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Tommy wouldn’t take this lying down.
Tommy sent in undercover journalists and exposed the classist, racist prick for what he, and every one of his BBC friends, is.
Utter cunts.
Watch this clip if you want to see the real (fuck ugly) face of the BBC.


So the white working class male is a cannibal from the Amazon to these cunts?
Does that include black working class blokes?
How about Asians?
Are the women cannibals from the Amazon too?
Imagine the outcry if he’d said “black working class male”, instead of white…
He’d be fired.
He be kicked to the gutter by all his “anti-racism” ilk.
But hating white working class males is fine.
Well, it’s fine until the 23rd February anyway. Apparently Tommy has loads of footage exposing this cunt and the BBC as a whole.
He’s going to set up 2, 30ft screens outside the BBC offices in Manchester and basically rub their noses in a huge stinking pile of their own shite.
Tommy’s also released a clip of this cunt spending £220 on a piss up at lunchtime ON TAXPAYERS’ MONEY.

We’d be fools to think that these lefty fascists will take any responsibility, adopt any modicum of humility or try to apologise.
They’ll just do what they always do and look down from their ivory towers, whilst smearing everyone against them as “far right” scum.

Whatever happens though, it’s going to be so fucking satisfying to tear off that veil of virtue that these lefty, champers-quaffing, racist bigots always hide behind.

Never underestimate your enemy bitches…
Even if you do regard them as “cannibals from Amazonia” or “creatures from outer space”.


Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

The First Purge

Remember – pre Trump – a film called The Purge?

It was a dystopian, edgy piece of fiction where for one night all crime is legal including murder.

The first two films (pre Trump) were basically affluent suburbanites jelous of their neighbours wealth/possessions and so wanted to exact some legal persecution on them out of spite.

The post Trump Purges (Election Night and this one) have essentially been “The Man” purging illegals, the poor and “culturally enriched”.

The First Purge focuses on the first experimental purge on Staten Island (a poor and “culturally enriched” borough of New York).

This time there’s not even a thinly veiled layer of humanity when it comes to the hated demographic.

Initially the purge is a big flop as the “culturally enriched” decided to merely just have happy-happy street parties like Mardi Gras, not remotely interested is looting the fuck out of everything and burning “The Man’s” shit to the ground (because they never loot, riot and burn shit to the ground for any minor excuse in real life do they, no, that’s completely unfactual isn’t it…).

So – as it’s too happy-happy – the all-white organisers mobilise their all-white special KKK, mercenary, police and military squads to start purging the “culturally enriched” only.

Needless to say the hero is Cadillac Escalade driving drug dealer, whose not really bad, he’s just a misunderstood good guy with a heart of gold who loves his community.

Yes, you genuinely could not make it up.

If the purge was a reality, I’m pretty fucking sure that the hated demographic would be in the majority when it came to barricading themselves in for the 12hr 7pm-7am purge interval.

I’m also fairly sure that the “usual” opportunist looters, etc., would be out in force – not that any of that footage would be shown – for the same reason Crime Watch was taken off our screens (hmmm?).

It is the blatancy of media outlets (news, film, TV) in the post elected Trump era to demonize a single racial demographic (even though the heads of those outlets are invariably from that same demographic), with no evidence to back up that demonization, purely for political/social brownie points that rankles. Why, isn’t that the very definition of “waycism”?

They live in majority white, rich neighborhoods, in gated residences with private security firms ensuring that only the “right kind” get into their protective bubbles. No illegals to be seen here (unless they’re in the gardens, kitchens or nurseries).

It must be great being so socially minded when you’re minted.

The only good thing coming from this pile of fact free fictional turd is that yet again it just washes over you, thus further diminishing any stigmatism of being called “waycist” because that’s just anything that the neo-liberal fascists choose to label as being “waycist” these days.

Well we no longer give a fuck because that’s just bullshit, promoted by elites who wish to subdivide society into smaller and smaller in-fighting sub-groups because they know that as soon as the greater public realises that THEY are the real problem, and not some cosmetic difference that we have no control over, that there will be a cultural revolution and purge, except it will be the plebs Vs the elites, and gates and private security will not be enough to stem the tide of thousands – if not millions – wishing to get “Mussolini” style on their asses!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

The Daily Fucking Mail

The Daily fucking Mail.

Aside from the sidebar of irrelevant TOWIE/Kardashian cunts, and aside from the editorial switch to Pro-May, pro -Remain, they’re turning into another copy paste clickwank site for lib-left outrage like the Huff post.
Deciding to take CNN’s word on a story about a Vietnam veteran and Native American banging a drum on a protest and singing um-pappalappiom, and being confronted by a young man in a MAGA hat, who decided not to move.

The student’s crime was to stare at the veteran, making the hero feel uncomfortable and blocking his ‘retreat’, despite getting closer to the young man, who also dared to look ‘smug’. His friends were ‘mocking’ the veteran by singing and having a jeer, but no eggs, bottles or punches were thrown (see AntiFa for details).

Gladly, not many commenting agreed with Mail and CNN’s version of events, and there was no audio of the crowd shouting ‘build that wall’ on the featured video, just our hero’s say-so.

It doesn’t surprise me that ‘stars’ have come out to condemn the students. They’ve no doubt been ordered to by PR and flunkies.
We’re outraged at it all, darlings… where’s my Champagne and Colombian spritzer, Consuela?
Consuela! Are you like, the fucking ‘ help’ or whaaat?!’

Fuck the new libcunt Daily Mail and the vapid cunts who make a habit of reading it.

Also, please someone tell Peter Hitchens to set sail to Telegraph Island.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime