Lee Furlong

An obscure cunting with more than a hint of Scousism.

‘A British tourist accused of spray painting his name on a historic landmark in Thailand could face 10 years in prison.
Local police said Lee Furlong, 23, from Liverpool, has admitted defacing Tha Phae Gate in the city of Chiang Mai.
Video appears to show a man spraying “Scouser Lee” on the gate, part of which dates back to the 13th Century.’

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Gina Miller [7]

Sorry but this thick-as-pig-shit, married-for-money-to-a-rich-motherfucker n!gger-nagger deserves another cunting for now comparing Brexit supporters with terrorists.

This thick as pig shit and twice as nasty bitch deserves to be exposed for the fucking whinging self centered cunt that she is.

The truth is she sounds as shrill and demented as Alistair Campbellend, and hopefully after March 29th next year the pair of them will be discarded on the waste ground round a manure factory and totally irrelevant.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Rob Brydon

Hellow, Iym Rrob Brry-donn and Iym a bit of a cunt, aren’t I?

Wel-come to the Rrob Brrydonn Show. A show all abowt ME! A smug, unfunny, Welsh oompah-loompah wallowing in my own e-go. Yes!

Fisrstlee, we’ll take a look at some of my wonderful prrogrammes. Like Would I Lie To You, a pannell show where I can tayke the piss out of David Mitchell for being a posh, Sutherrn Sofftee, and likewyse tayke the piss out of Lee Mack for being an ignorant Northerrn monkey! I’ll occasionally gurn at the cam-er-a and flash my phosphorescent gnashers.
Aren’t I fabyoo-lus!

And who could forget my programme The Trip where I’m able to contrive all sorts of situations in Italy and Spain just to be able to make sorry imitations of Anthony Hopkins and various James Bonds. And…I wasn’t even the more irritating one in the programme. Heh Heh!

Don’t tell me you have-unt seen my P & O advertisements? Ah! I’m so jocular. They’re paying me to PER-SWAYDE you to go. Ha ha! Of course, in ree-al life, I wouldn’t be seen dead on a cruise ship! Ha ha, I’m wonderful.

Iym only a short-arse, you know. I ee-ven wear high he-als.

Have you heard my Man-Trapped-In-A-Box? Ha ha ha, aren’t I hilaaaarious?

Iym Rob Brrydon and I’m a bit of a cunt. Ha ha!

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Women and Mobile Phones

‘Women are from Venus, men are from Mars’, so they say. It’s a useful turn of phrase to describe variations in attitude and outlook between the sexes. I reckon that a prime example of this syndrome can be found in relation to the use of mobile phones.

Yesterday I got on a bus and chanced to sit in front of a lardy scratter who was giving it what for on her mobile, verbal diarrhoea of the ‘so ah sez to ‘er ah sez listen ah sez’ variety. You’ve all been there.

After about ten minutes, a bloke opposite gets a call, which proceeded like this; ‘hello…yeah…yeah…right see ya’. Fifteen seconds max. Meanwhile the whale spouts on…and on… until lo and behold, a second phone in her bag goes off. Wtf??

A SECOND phone, presumably for when the battery in the first gives up the ghost.

Then it’s ‘gotta go that’s my other phone ring ya later’ (!!!!), on to second phone and off we go again… ‘yeah ‘ello like ah’m on the bus (no shit, Sherlock!) no ah wuz just speakin’ to ‘er no she ‘adn’t ‘eard so ah told ‘er wot ‘ad ‘appened like an’ she sez…’.

After 45 minutes of ear-bashing my journey came to a merciful end, and I walked up the road day-dreaming about taking that mobile and stuffing sideways into the fat sow’s fucking fat gob. Where mobile phone use is concerned, women are indeed from Venus, and men are indeed from Mars.

What on earth do they find to yak and burble on about for so fucking long?

Nominated by Ron Knee

Theresa May [20]

Yet another cunting for May, if she survives the week.

Has any politician ever been so out of their depth? Ever?
She took on an already fucked up Home Office and managed to make it worse. Some feat.
She called an election where she went round saying ‘strong and stable’ like a twitchy, wooden robot and managed to make Corbyn and his band of nasty, incompetent, Marxist, Anti-Semites look credible.
She used craven appeasement as a negotiating tactic with the gnomes of Brussels.
She tried to sell N Ireland down the river before twigging that the DUP wouldn’t wear it. Thus looking completely stupid.
Last week Raab had to go to Brussels to ‘unagree’ some ridiculous legally binding appeasement negotiated by her chosen incompetent Whitehall Remoaner Oliver. Which she will have rubber stamped.
And she has achieved the seemingly impossible. After 2 years hard graft, and at the eleventh hour, every fucker, of all political hues and opinions on the EU, without exception are opposed to the silly cow. How the fuck is that possible?

Truly cunt of the decade. She should win the Chamberlain prize for her utter inability to negotiate or inspire.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble