Self Service Checkouts


And can I nominate for a truly epic cunting “self service” checkouts in supermarkets. Devices worthy of Lucifer himself, designed to get the “valued customer” to do a minimum wage job as checkout operator for fucking free with the added bonus of pushing your blood pressure into the lower stratosphere!

Nominated by: Mr Angry

Self-service checkouts don’t even successfully cut out the need for staff because you always have several staff members lurking around to assist with the inevitable and frequent self-service fuck-ups. Add their hourly wage to the increased losses from shoplifting and is there really much of a saving?

Nominated by: Fred West

The Police [2]

Lincolnshire Police sign, badge, logo

Time for another cunting of Plod.

Nonce cunts like Savile and Cyril Smith go uninvestigated during their lifetimes, as do the vast majority of domestic burglaries, and is it any wonder since Plod is evidently too busy having a go at 4 year old girls who ride their bikes on the pavement?

Whoever this fucktard plod from Lincolnshire Police is, he or she should be named, shamed and beaten to a pulp. Fucking cunt.

Nominated by: Fred West



Politics…….what a crock of shit. There is so little between most parties that you may as well just vote by colour these days. They will all say one thing and ultimately do other things once in power as history has shown!!

Polititians…….what a bunt of scheming cunts (then again I always thought I would have made a cracking politician. Prime Minister Mr Cunty Cunterson!!!)

But if you take away politics, politicians and the democratic process where would we be???? We would probably be living in a Europe that resembled the 3rd world crap zone that is the majority of the middle east, every one fighting each other and being told what to do by some crazy, power hungry murderous Muslim (or other religious cult) cunt who would be trying to convince us all that a “spastic book” written thousands of years ago told us to live that way.

Ahhhhh religion………what a crock of shit!!!

Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson

Cyril Smith [2]


On the subject of Fat Nonces, whom even an xxxxxxxxxl size would not fit, the Independent Police Commission is FINALLY carrying out an investigation into the misdeeds of that fat pervert Cyril Smith.

Admissions emerging that not were plod ordered to release him when he was first arrested, but then threatened under the official secrets act and made to hand over all evidence that would have sent the fat bastard and his accomplices down for a very long time.

The downfall of one very fat MP of a party which had its fair share of perverts would of course not make headlines for long, so one must assume that there were bigger fish caught in the investigation.

The cunts who ordered the cover up need to be named and shamed

Nominated by: Lez


Steve Bell's If … 13.11.2014

The bastard SNP want to make the people of the other three nations believe they represent all Scots. As Fat Alex and Wee Jimmy found out, and as our new Scottish friend Mr FYSST pointed out, they don’t. In a democratic vote, the people of Scotland voted to remain part of the UK. Losing a two horse race by more than 10% is a major defeat.

The vile SNP seem to have a new strategy. Wee Jimmy has sent Fat Alex as her ambassador to London television studios to talk utter bollocks and piss everyone off so much that ordinary people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote to boot Scotland out of the Union. And a lot of folks are falling for it.

The racist scum of the SNP are treated with far more respect than the deluded buffoons of UKIP when, in actual fact, Fat Alex and Wee Jimmy spout far more bollocks than Farage and co. These racist twats who think Braveheart was a documentary do not represent the views of ordinary Scottish people.

Nomimated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt