Sophia Hadjipanteli

You’ve got to cunt the unibrow model or cunt the BBC for running the story on the ugly model who would make the most frightening emoticon ever!

They say she’s a Greek Cypriot which should mean she’s isolated from the rest of the world by the Mediterranean, thank fuck.

Don’t, whatever you do, try to search for a photo of her on the internet ‘cos you’ll suffer PTSD for the rest of your life. (Oh fuck! Too late – Admin)

Her eyebrows look like somebody’s weaved a pigtail on her forehead. There’s a side benefit tho’ .. no need to think about what your next weight loss diet will be.. one look at this and you won’t be able to eat for weeks..

The fucking BBC will put anything on their website no matter how nauseous it makes us

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

West Midlands Police

I’d like to nominate Birmingham Police Force for a cunting.

I saw this story in the “Currant Bun”. Basically a woman had her phone stolen. It had tracking and theft reporting apps on there one of which takes the picture of said thief when they try to unlock the phone and emails it to the owner.

This coupled with GPS tracking and reporting basically gave a snail trail of the perp’s whereabouts and movements in fine detail.

When the owner presented all this evidence to the local constabulary they basically told her: “Can’t be arsed.” – citing that the GPS fixes were *ONLY* accurate to 300 metres.

Unimpressed the owner did her own legwork investigating the locale of the phone and within a short while even had the perp’s name and address.

Again the response from Birmingdrabad Constabulary was: “Can’t be arsed!”

My reason for this cunting is not because of the disgraceful apathy with respect to an actual crime, no, it is because if I was to post on Twatter: “All ‘Peaceful’ cunts are terrorists!” or “We don’t want anymore gimmigrants from shithole countries!”, etc., I’m pretty sure – even in my digs 300 miles away from home – that I’d be getting a visit from the “Hate Crime” Stasi who are more interested in stamping out sentiments such as: “I wonder what ‘culturally enriched’ part of society committed those stabbings then!” than they are stopping said stabbings in the first place!

And we all know that the “Hate Crime” Stasi only target one demographic in that respect, namely non “culturally enriched” types who have the audacity to identify as men.

Moreover had the perp looked more like Tommy Robinson as opposed to a 40yr old “Calais Jungle” child then I’m pretty sure swift justice would have been metered out in that instance too.

Whether there’s reticence by said officers on the ground so’s not to upset their PC (pardon the pun) loving, quisling, deviant bosses or not, it’s still a fucking disgrace!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Scarlett Johansson [2]

The virtue signalling of this celebrislag is infamous enough (Time’s Up, Saturday Shite Live, attacks on the Trump family, wearing dresses designed by Mrs Weinstein etc)…

But this Hollyweird trollop has now surpassed herself (yet again)…Johansson playing a transbender has got nothing to do with art, acting, or (as she says every other minute) ‘diversity’… It has everything to do with appearing as ‘liberal’ and virtue signalling as much as possible… To be a tin god to the hordes of PC obsessed snowflakes and social media cunts…. Then again, she could (again) be trying to divert attention away from her antics with Woody, Polanski, her attack on James Franco, and her past (ahem) friendship with Uncle Harvey?… Whatever, she is still a cunt…

An add on to this cunting…

Scarlett Johansson has dropped out of a role in which she was going to play a transgender man following a backlash from the LGBT ‘community’..
Johansson was set to play 1970s Pittsburgh crime boss Dante “Tex” Gill, who was born Jean Gill, in Rub & Tug…. But she was criticised by those who dictated/demanded that the role should have gone to a transbender actor…. Johansscunt crawled to the higher authority that is the ‘community’ with the following statement:

I’ve learned a lot from the community since making my first statement… While I would have loved the opportunity to bring Dante’s story and transition to life, I understand why many feel he should be portrayed by a transgender person….I am thankful that this casting debate… has sparked a larger conversation about diversity and representation in film”

Bowing and scraping to the fanatical fascist libfucks makes her even more of a cunt… Mind you, maybe to take this film role, create a snowflake hoo-ha, and then pull out, lickarse the libtard zealots and then look good as a virtue siganling liberal was the plan all along?… What a cunt…

Nominated by Norman

Lefty birds on dating sites

I have noticed a tendency in the last few years on dating sites such as Tinder and Plenty of fish for shear arrogant, ignorant, tribalistic, inflexible intolerance by lefty Snowflake women who (no doubt claim to be tolerant, knowledgeable and enlightened) who often state on their profiles “Tories or Kippers need not apply”

………translation – “I’m a shallow-minded bigot with deeply-held, irrational beliefs which I can’t defend with logic, reason or facts as to do so would force me to re-evaluate my beliefs or even concede to a man that I may have been wrong.” This is essentially the adult equivalent of fingers in ears “Lalala I’m not listening”

Now come on ladies, do you not think some men who aren’t Tories or Kippers might be put of by the intolerant bigotry for which you haven’t even done the due diligence of explaining your reasoning?

Do you not also think that potential suitors might think “Holy shit, if she’s this inflexible and insufferable when single, how bad will she be in a relationship? And what if my politics go more rightwing as I get older? Will she dump/divorce/castrate me if I go rightwing? Best steer clear, left swipe”.

Dopey tarts need to exercise some fucking self-awareness otherwise will become cat-ladies. I just checked the profile which instigated this cunting and she’s 35 (almost over the hill) and does indeed own a cat, make of that what you will.

I might point out that many of these women tend to have been university educated and now reside in the public sector (often nurses, psychiatric nurses and doctors) which I think betrays a certain degree of visceral self-preservation (re tories austerity) but also a degree of tribalism (re the unholy trinity of public sector workers/socialist unions/labour voters) and lastly a degree of self-entitlement (we the tax payer fund your fucking wages Bint!).

For all his faults, Milo Yiannopolous had it right when he said women should never have got the right to vote as they vote almost universally left (they also tend to be smug and pompous about it if they happen to have a degree).

So in summary – lefty, uni-educated, public sector worker women on and off dating sites, you are cunts.

Nominated by Two In The Stink

Tim Farron [5]

Arch remainer and well known gimp Tim Farron thankfully missed the recent vote on the ERG amendments which should torpedo the whole silly Chequers mess due to ‘other important commitments’?

What could these commitments be to make the vertically challenged ginger topped git miss such an important vote to his few followers I hear you ask?

Well, it turns out that he was speaking on his Christian values and beliefs on gay man sex. I personally struggle to see the connection here but clearly he must be some deranged deviant of some kind.

While it would be easy to fill these pages with almost unlimited examples of Farron’s bumblefuckery but, I think it is clear for all to see, that he is a total cunt.

Btw – that twat Cable missed it too – as has been previously highlighted on these hallowed pages – another cunt.

Nominated by Proper Cunt