Anna Soubry [2]

A quick emergency cunting for the poor post menopausal minging remaining cunt that is Anna Soubry.

Every fucking week she’s on the biased news that is BBC moaning and whinging about how to stop Brexit, I swear if she could she’d launch a terrorist attack against leavers, she’s such a world class cunt .

She always looks like she’s in need of commitment to a mental institution. She’s seriously fucked up .

Even today she’s back on the news with Cunty Ummana. Yep on the good old biased BBC again with her plan to stop Brexit .

Fuck off Anna we all hate you . Go live in Belgium or on the fucking asteroid that nearly just hit us .

Nominated by Cunt Care Less

George Soros (2)

George Soros, born in Hungary 87 years ago as György Schwartz, now an American citizen is a 24 carat cunt. He is the man who made a fortune back in 1992 betting against the pound and is filthy rich. No doubt Anna Soubry creams her knickers at the thought of the senile old cunt donating £700,000 towards anti-Brexit groups, £400,000 of which goes to Britain First the wankfest dreamt up by Gina Miller – who has even admitted this week that her organisation is anti-democratic. Exactly, and why is a coffin dodging old American motherfucker interfering in British politics?. Why doesn’t the government have the guts to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

Lady Mandelson, Dick Branson, Blair, Gina Miller – all the very rich men and women who feel that they have the right to patronise us and tell us what is good for us and they are not even hesitating in opening their wallets to buy their will.

I am not jealous of their wealth, if they didn’t have it, I wouldn’t either, but all those pansy lickspittles like Mandy and his bottom feeders in parliament and out of it ought to wonder why these individuals are prepared to be so profligate and what it is in it FOR THEM because that is all they are interested in.

Meantime Soros should spend his money on Viagra and a rubber woman and fuck himself to death an ugly toothless stinking poncy heap of shit.

Nominated by W.C Boggs.


Where can you even start with these little arseholes.

By ‘millennials’ I mean anyone that was educated after Blair got in, in 97.

The ‘men’ – and I use the term very loosely – all have stubble or shitty beards that make them look like a fucking Victorian engine driver. All covered in tattoos. Skinny jeans, shit shoes and ironic T shirts of bands the spastics have never even heard of.

‘What does your tattoo mean?’
‘I just want to be an individual like all my mates’

They cannot string a sentence together without punctuating every other word with the words ‘like’, or ‘basically’.

And that is just the men. No wonder they’re such zeta male pussies when you scrutinise millennial women a bit more closely.

They are invariably 3rd wave feminists. I.e, cunts. Many of them have blue hair. They can often be seen screeching on social media and being ‘woke’ but become uncharacteristically quiet when you point out inconvenient truths like FGM or how appallingly their beloved ‘refugees’ treat their fellow sisters.

They are also *always* current or former students.This rot set in when Blair came in in 97. He encouraged these halfwits to go to ‘uni’. Back in the day, only the very smartest kids went to university to do worthwhile subjects like maths and physics. Now, something like 50% of school leavers do, to study bolleaux like sports science and gender studies. We should be charging these lazy cunts a quarter of a million pounds a year to fuck about with such nonsense after they leave school.

Then, we have our friends the transgenders. A word that didn’t even exist five years ago. But god help you if you offend them. I still have no idea what a transgender actually is and I care not a jot. If you’ve had your knob chopped off, you’re not a woman. You’re an moron that thought he was a bit more interesting than your common garden bender, and will soon realise you were just a common garden bender all along. Whilst you await this road to Damascus revelation, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you ‘identify’ as Millennials.

Nominated by Mecha-Rigsby.


Oxfam (2)

Oxfam are cunts…. Here is their new appeal….

Remember, just £30 a month will provide clean prostitutes for up to six aid workers…. Even a fiver could help pay for a blow job… So please give what you can, very good, very long time….

Nominated by Norman

Winter Olympics – and the BBC

The Winter Olympics on the Beebistan Broadcasting Corporation.

So it’s time again for the love in that is the Olympics, on BBC, the four yearly shitfest of sportspersons and activities you’ve never actually heard of. The Winter Olypmics is a particular favourite.

Curling. Polishing some Ice with a brush so a fucking great stone can slide along it. Not taking a good shit, as I wrongly assumed. Appears to be done by Scottish dikes and Norwegians.

Moguls. Strapping ski planks to your feet and sliding down a bumpy slope covered in snow. Looks like a good way to have a stint in A&E to me.

Snowboarding. An excuse for a bunch of ‘right on’ lefty snowflakes to get a free holiday and wear ludicrous clothes whilst hacking on about half pipes, twists and catching air. Grow up you fucktards.

And finally good old Claire Balding, every cunts favourite lesbian who told us yesterday that she would be ‘doing the show’ from Salford, because it’s 4am in Korea and it’s very cold. No shiting Claire, is that why they call it the ‘winter’ Olympics?

Nominated by Leonardo Di Cunty.

Eurgh the tedium of the Winter Olympics. I only had it on accidentally and within 2 minutes I wanted to slit my own throat.

This thing is only on TV so that the new rich semi-intelligent/conscious middle classes can pretend they’re interested in sports. They can then use this discussion of “real world events” to distract from their small time dynasty building for their spoiled vomitous liberal offspring.

Its so fucking boring. Its like bingo in atmosphere and excitement. What is the point apart from some humanist celebration of bullshit. Who gives a shit if someone can skii or ice skate quicker than someone else? What good did it do anyone?

Their are numerous criticisms because of “tribalism” in football and other sports, but that’s because people give a shit! Because it’s exciting! Opening another bottle.of wine never gave meaning to anything.

One day when there isn’t a global media vacuum waiting for arbitrary sports to fill its schedules for the media spoon fed middle classes, this wank forgotton, and sports like curling and skiing will be left to whatever local mutants have the spare time and inclination to do it. And good luck to them, its probably fun, but fun isn’t necessarily interesting to watch, so it doesn’t mean it should be on TV globally. A shitting contest would frankly be more interesting, and get a more focused audience.

So fuck the winter olympics and the cunts who watch it. There is always something better to do unless you are a brain dead moron who thinks its sport you can watch and be discussed over dinner and wine and not be embarrased about because lower class people watch it, like football or snooker.

Nominated by Cunting Rank Wags