Richard North

I crave the indulgence of the administrators while I get this off my chest, but I need to vent my spleen about Dr Richard North.

What? You never heard of him! North is a very important man who runs a blog called EU Referendum. I know he’s important because he told me so. “My site exceeds 100K daily hits – my comments sometimes reach 1000 in one day” he said. He was a little less charitable about mine however : “As for your blogroll, It is just as well you told me, otherwise I would not have noticed. Your traffic is so low that I can hardly recall getting a link from your site.” He’s no longer on my blogroll.

The problem arose when he wrote an article about Brexit. I felt the tone was such that he sounded like a Remainer, which surprised me as he is a long standing Leaver. So I said so and got savaged by several other readers, one of whom called me a ‘twat’. Result? The good Doctor banned me from commenting. So I asked him, very politely, why.

Personal comments about me and my motives, the author, are off limits.” Oh. Right. So I dared to disagree? Apparently, I “clearly set out to breach the most basic rules of the site“. Curious as to what the rules were, I looked for them and when I couldn’t find them anywhere I pointed this out to him. “Rules are for lawyers and small minds.” So that’s me told, then!

Such personal comments are considered ‘ad hominem‘ and not tolerated. So he banned me. I pointed out that he doesn’t seem to have the same problem when writing about other people. Well, that’s simple. “Of course the “ad hominem” rule doesn’t apply to me. I am the owner and moderator of the site and it falls to me to herd the cats and maintain some sort of discipline. Tu quoque is a pathetic, playground defence.” Dr North likes latin words although he doesn’t seem to know that the plural of ‘forum’ is ‘fora’ not ‘forums’.

All this is in a string of emails so if you’re thinking of suing me, Dr North, everything in italics is cut and paste from your replies which I have kept.

Also, since banning me, he has published a not entirely accurate comment on his site calling me an “ignorant fool” and alluding to my being “blinded by prejudice”. Of course, I have no right of reply to this because he’s banned me. So this nomination is my reply.

I hope he’s truly happy spending “more than 12 hours a day” in front of his screen running his echo chamber, enjoying “immunity from having his motives questioned” and pretending that he is writing his blog “as an investment in our future” rather than a vanity project.

So to sum up: an arrogant, self important, pompous, rude hypocrite. Eche homo. (That’s Latin too!).

Nominated by Dioclese

UN Human Rights Council

A cunting for the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Below are some of the members:
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

There are also some actual democracies on the council including the UK but no longer the USA. Trump sees it for what it is. How can any of the countries listed above decide on Human Rights? Shitholes of repression one and all.

Israel is often criticised by this lot. Fair enough you might say, Israel does have a lot to answer for. But compared to this lot it is a beacon of fairness and good practise.
I cannot understand the hypocrisy and pretence that the UK or any other democracy demonstrates by rubbing shoulders with this lot regarding human rights.


Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Ken Livingstone [7]

Ken Livingstone deserves another cunting.

So, Red Ken has finally quit the Labour party. This, nasal voiced, squinty eyed, newt shagging piece of shit has been on suspension from the Labour party for the past few months, over yet another anti-Semitic outburst. His resignation letter contained this gem, and I quote;

“I do not accept the allegation that I have brought the Labour Party into disrepute – nor that I am in any way guilty of anti-Semitism. I abhor antisemitism, I have fought it all my life and will continue to do so”.

This guy is the poster boy for self delusion. Abhor anti-Semitism? Fuck off Ken, you have a long, sad, public history of making anti-Semitic remarks. And you have NOT fought it all your life, you lying cunt. The shiniest gem though, came today (Tuesday 22nd May), when he claimed that Seumas Milne wrote his tweets, and didn’t tell him NOT to talk about Hitler. What…the actual…fuck? Ken, you’re 72 years old for fucks sake. You shouldn’t NEED to be told not to talk about Hitler. We all know that the left are retarded, but Livingstone is taking the piss here. He clearly thinks we’re all as thick as he is.

The only thing more disgusting than Livingstone himself, is Corbyn’s response to his old friend’s anti-Semitism. He’s spent months doing absolutely fuck all about Livingstone, probably in the hope it would all dye down and go away.

“Ken Livingstone’s resignation is sad after such a long and vital contribution to London and progressive politics, but was the right thing to do.”

That’s all Corbyn has to say about the resignation of his old mate. Livingstone is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Labour, a liar, a bigot, a vile, nasty and generally unpleasant excuse for a human being. And under his mate, Comrade Corbyn, his ilk have not only thrived, they are increasing, both in number and unpleasantness. Livingstone and his clones in momentum and the Labour party, are humanoid filth.

Nominated by QDM


Gym Culture

Gym Culture

I need to cunt gym culture, mrs fistula has been nagging me for ages to join one . After being inducted i decided i hated the place. Back in the day people were hunter gatherers and gained strength physically and mentally simply through hard work and trying to survive. Now we have these temples dedicated to extreme narcissism and self obsession . The Gym is certainly not a great meeting of minds but automatons who run from machine to machine like hamsters on a fucking wheel. soulless monotonous House disco beats are pumped out endlessly on a loop and the cunts don’t even notice. No-one speaks to each other, don’t talk to me , i’m only here to be admired. The women are completely asexual , their sex drive has been replaced by pumping iron with their flat chests and boyish bodies , hell, i would rather fuck some fat dirty slag down the pub. Don’t tell Mrs Fistula that.

Nominated by, Fenton Fistula


Jane Barton

An emergency not before time, 29 years after the original event, cunting please for this dreadful old harridan, Dr Jane Barton, who looks as if she suffers the same complaint as Cressida Dickhead. (Nowt so queer as folk as Mrs. Boggs always says)

This monstrous obese heap of shit in trousers was the *clinical assistant * (overworked, so she says) of Gosport War Memorial Hospital who overprescribed – often for no clear reason – vast quantities of opiate drugs which killed several hundred patients (and the records, as is the way of the NHS of countless others has been “lost”, so we could be talking about Harold Shipman type misdemeanours here.

This vile old cunt ran her reign of terror for 12 years. She was “investigated” (obviously totally fucked up investigations 3 times and was then allowed to resign.

Now her future is being “considered”. Surely she should be in the dock of the crown court to answer the questions so many relatives want to put to her, for which they have for too long been fobbed off by her fellow “Professionals”. Professional cunts, I would suggest.

Her activities, needless to say, were reported by nurses, but were apparently not followed up.

This thoroughly unpleasant monster, will I hope, if found guilty, spend her last days not being killed off in a hospital, but behind bars. Just a pity hard labour and hanging are not still available.

How the fuck can she have been allowed to get away with both her overprescribing 1989-2000 and the consequences in the 18 years that have since passed?

Nominated by W.C Boggs