I’d like to cunt Skrillex, the fucking phoney cunt, for infecting people with his robotic diarrhea music devoid of any real talent. It’s a good thing all his fan fags are too high on ecstasy or on methamphetmine to realize how shitte his music is.

I dislike Skrillex for multiple reasons but mostly for why his fabled “drops” sound like a down syndrome android taking a dump through a vocoder. How that is genius I will never know! I don’t hate all EDM but most of it is shite. No dubstep or brostep song that was made will be remembered or of serious quality in 20 years. Especially from this skrillex cunt. It will be a fad that will die, hopefully sooner than later.

Ultimately it will be remembered as a particularly embarrassing fad that testifies to the fail of cunts who are failed musicians. I’m also pretty sure this bellend gets fake views on youtube because I have no clue how 200,000,000 people think this is good music. Also to note is how he has plaguarised most of the founders of dubstep, brostep, EDM and other shite masquerading as music.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Lauren Laverne


Laverne is an epic cunt.

First off she was in that crap band (the crappily named Kenickie: named so after Jeff Conoway’s ‘Grease’ hoodlum). Her real name isn’t Lauren Laverne either. The Laverne bit was nicked from Laverne De Fazio from Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley (I recall the original Laverne had great knockers!).

Lauren Laverne is basically an archetypal BBC hippie and another Jo Wiley (Like one isn’t enough!). Expect to see Laverne chinstroking and talking shit on any BBC music programme, along with those other Beeb knobheads: Danny ‘Cunt’ Baker, the aforementioned Wiley, Sara ‘Had loads of’ Cox, and that Bitter Blue Manchester City cunt, Mark Radcliffe…

Nominated by: Norman

NHS Doctors

#ImInWorkJeremy – What, you want a medal for it you Doctor Cunts? Is £100K a year basic plus over time not enough for you, you bunch of whining martyr cunts?

If you don’t like being an NHS Doctor, feel free to fuck off elsewhere. See how much you get paid elsewhere in the developed world, because it won’t be any where near what you get from the NHS.

Whats that? Liability insurance? What, you mean I actually have to insure myself against malpractice elsewhere in the world? No, didn’t think so you puss filled whinge bag cunts. Continue to work in the NHS, safe in the knowledge that you can dispatch all manner of taxpayers with your negligence and almost never have to face the consequences of your action.

Oh, how I would love to live in the gilded cage that NHS Doctors do. I don’t see many of them going of to work in say, America, do you? Or even France? What about the Far east? You see, they won’t have the fuckers on account of the massive ego and entitlement these cunts have, with little ability to function and above all perform in the real world.

NHS Doctors: CUNTS.

In fact they are such cunts, they make Harold Shipman look professional. He actually set out to kill folk and was good at it.

Nominated by: The Captain

Chris Spivey [3]

drummer boy

I see Chris Spivey is on trial and is being sentenced today for harassing the family of Lee Rigby.

Reading the things that Spineless Spivey has done to that family, I find it difficult to believe that any intelligent, civilised human being could come with the sheer evil that Spivey has concocted. Then again, having visited his sight, it’s clear that Spivey isn’t even slightly intelligent or civilised. And I have serious doubts as to whether he qualifies as a human being. My instinct is to say to know.

This worthless piece of shit actually started his campaign against Lee Rigby and his family the day AFTER his murder. Over the past couple of years, Spivey has printed the addresses of his mother and sister, accused the mother of working with MI5 to incite anti-muslim violence, questioned whether Lee Rigby actually existed, accused Lee’s sister’s partner of being Lee Rigby, accused another man of being Lee, expressed his doubt that Lee was ever in the Army and if he was, “was a potato peeler at best”. This cunt is pure, fucking, evil.

It’s rare that for me to visit a website and then think, “what the fuck did I just see”? But that’s exactly what happened when I looked on Spivey’s site. This prick needs to be forced to speak to a psychiatrist, because he has some SERIOUS fucking issues. He’s not simply a sandwich short of a picnic, he’s an entire hamper short of a picnic. I know we’re supposed to treat the mentally ill with sympathy and understanding, but Spivey needs a severe beating, he takes trolling to a whole new level.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Morrissey [3]


Morrissey is a clueless dumb cunt who worships PETA whose track record is pretty fucking shady to say the least.

To begin with the fact that they endorse celebrities who wear shit loads of fur all the while telling people don’t kill animals or eat them. You know just eat salad and nuts for the rest of your bloody fucking life and that Ingrid Newkirk is a real fucking cunt I’d like to slap the shit out that ugly slag cunt she’s responsible for this whole mess.

Also PETA has killed 78% of the animals they rescued in 2013 btw there is no money rescuing animals zip zero none hence why they kill so many. Morrissey just die you has been cunt or at least realize your a dumb stuck up douchebag who can’t write a decent song anymore.

I’m off to eat some hailal bacon

Nominated by: Titslapper