Fiona Onasanya

A cunting for Fiona Onasanya, the sitting Labour Mp for Peterborough, who , along with her brother, is to be tried for falsifying statements to both Police and the Courts to avoid conviction on a motoring offence.

She is charged with one count of doing an act tending or intending to pervert the course of justice. She and Festus Onasanya, her 33-year-old brother, are alleged to have misinformed Cambridge Police about who was responsible for driving a speeding vehicle on 24 July last year. They claimed a man called Aleks Antipow was behind the wheel.

Ms Onasanya’s brother, from Chesterton, Cambridge, faces two further charges of perverting the course of justice. He is claimed to have blamed someone else for two separate speeding incidents, on 17 June and 23 August last year.

Ms Onasanya is ( believe it or not ) a Solicitor and a Labour whip responsible for party discipline. Accused of having given felonious testimony to the Court ( Perjury ) and having wasted thousands of pounds by “fingering” an innocent person as the “mystery driver”, the smug pair left court smiling and apparently unconcerned. A spokesman for the labour Party has told that Ms Onasanya was a “guiding light” and was destined to be the first black female Prime Minister. ( Jesus Christ Almighty ).

There are apparently rules regarding convicted cunts serving in Parliament, and although the trial is yet to come, it could indeed be a considerable stretch if convicted! Sanyana however was supremely confident that “all will be well ” and that “wait and see ” and left the court smiling this evening having entered a plea of not guilty. ( 13/08 )

It is my hope that, if found guilty, this polished turd is not only jailed , but that Parliament kicks this bitch into touch, and saves us from the horror of having her as Prime Minister.

Gentlemen, she is indeed a Cunt!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole

Trashing our heritage

A cunting for the constant trashing of our heritage.
You know – Kipling defaced, Rhodes must go, and all the other nonsense the lefty cunts get involved in.
I am proud of our empire, as I am sure the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Mongols, Ottomans etc were proud of their’s. In fact the Life of Brian sketch ‘what did the Romans do for us’ could well be the present day lefty cunts talking about the UK. We exploited, as do all occupiers, but left infrastructure and education. The fact that most turned back to shitholes is not down to us. Although it is interesting to note that former colonies that are predominantly European in culture seem to do ok.
What about slavery then? Definitely bad but it was endemic in Africa and Asia long before Europeans got there. In fact a lot of African rulers did very nicely out of selling fellow Africans to us. We just upped the scale. But it was Europeans who banned it, not Africans and not Islam, which still allows the enslavement of non moslems.
And of course all our heroes were racists. Or people of their time as I see it. Rhodes may have been racist but so was Shaka Zulu before him. And every ruler or hero, white, black or yellow who ever lived. Even good old Ghandi didn’t make much of Africans, the cunt.

‘The past is another country. They do things differently there’

An apt quote for the stupid right-on lefty cunts to mull over.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Sarah Jeong and the New York Times

Who: Many might already know that the NYT is the yank version of the Guardian but with more wet farts and a much bigger subscriber base. Sarah Jeong on the other hand is a previously unknown, Korean half-breed, trust-fund liberal lesbian shitcunt.

Cunting: Sarah Jeong enjoyed a privileged upbringing, steadily climbing up the greasy pole in journalism and last week (w/c 30 July 2018) was unveiled by the New York Times as being awarded a position on their editorial panel.

As is the wont of social media basement detectives, they dug deep and found a dearth of racist tweets she published, with real vitriolic hatred towards white people and, you guessed it, the good ol’ bogeyman of the white male. Talk of ‘exterminating them’, ‘breeding them out’, and video-clips from her Harvard days of giving speeches on the cancer of ‘white male privilege’. Now this wasn’t just some rebelious phase; it was sustained over a 4-5 year period.

A soupçon of this cunt’s magnum opus can be found here (Washington Times link; just click ‘not this time’ if it asks you to login)

So far, so clear cu(n)t. Where this little episode really ramped up a notch though was when the NYT, almost unbelivably, stood behind their newest charge AND supported her in a statement, effectively condoning the behaviour. This from the same shitrag that went nuclear everytime Trump said something non-PC and was at the forefront of making Roseanne Barr a pariah for much less in the name of Waycism. Even Twitter, famed for giving these liberal cunts a free pass, confirmed Jeong’s tweets were a breach of their own guidelines and suspended the fucking scumcunt.

Jeong’s own ‘apology’, which wasn’t actually anything of the sort, but instead the tried ‘n’ trusted old switcheroo of claiming her racist bile was just in retaliation (over many years natch, and to date, no cunt has seen anything that passes remotely as an instigating comment toward the bitch), laughably trying to play the victim.

People have railed against this cunt in a big way, and quite rightly too, but the MSM of course do not want to know – a grudging mention in the AL-BBC website which did the old trick of putting ‘racist tweets’ in commas to inherently play down the cuntitude of the woman. I guess it is true folks – being a white man is the one acceptable face of agressive prejudice in the Western world. NYT subscriptions have been cancelled left, right and centre and every article they release online is flooded with condemnation of them protecting a militant racist.

A few days ago, a wonderful cherry on this decidely shit-filled cake of cunt was plonked atop, when yet more tweets were uncovered with her angry little petulance aimed at – guess – the NYT themselves! Slagging off a number of journos who are now her employment bedfellows, I can only imagine that the fucking cunt is about as popular in the office as a turd in a fruit bowl.

I sympathise with any Korean war vets who have had their attention drawn to this overly-precious and wealthy cunt specimen shitting all over their life-risking efforts. Sarah Jeong is a fucking cunt who is a classic symbol of the millenial, liberal age of hypocritical bullshit.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Davina McCall [6]

Davina McCall is a cunt. She goes on this massive, seemingly unending, ‘fitness’ regime and ends up looking like a fucking skeleton. OK you may say, but no, she then has to make us all feel decidedly sick by posting pictures of herself online, again emphasizing the total lack of any meat on her bones whatsoever. (Why she does this is unknown) BUT, she then receives adverse and ‘cruel’ comments from people who have been unfortunate to have caught a glimpse of stick-thin apparition.

As we MOGS have stated in our blog if you don’t like the comments (apparently she is very upset at being labelled a stick insect), then don’t post ANY more photos, you stupid woman!

Nominated by mogsrus

Govt Tax Credit Advert

Woman so preoccupied with her FaceCunt account she fails to realise when her half-dunked biscuit drops into her tea.

A Dad so preoccupied with Twatter on his mobile he doesn’t realise he’s pissing milk all over from the babies bottle as he’s shaking it.

A woman so engrossed in her Mum’s Net forum she can’t be arsed to switch off the battery operated squeaking child’s toy, instead – without looking – sticks a cushion on top of it.

“Renew your tax credits online any time day or night. We’re ready when you are.”

— OR —

You could say: “Too fucking idle to drag your bastard eyes away from social meejah? No problem, get free money from the Govt!”

I don’t mean to pooh-pooh tax credits because childcare – even up ‘ere in the grimm north is eye-watering – but for fuck’s sake make the recipients look even 1/2 interested!

Or make it really realistic, show a “peaceful” cunt with a xylophone of kids counting their windfall for have 8 little bomb-makers on the nashy which is netting them £2,500 pcm gratis from our dullard system!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!