Michael O’Leary [3]

A cunting is surely deserved for shitcunt extraordinaire Michael O’Leary, the penny-pinching bastard behind Ryanair.

This fucker is the Mike Ashley of the skies. A mad little shit of a leprechaun, repeatedly sitting on his shit-throne screeching “me gold, me gold”, the cunt has managed to make airlines yet another capitalist race to the bottom, by offering the shittest possible flying experience for a pittance. This cunt has exactly zero ethics outside of the balance sheet; and it only amazes me that it has taken this long for his truly shitty brand of air travel to monumentally fuck up his customer’s en masse.

The tier of cunt who is universally despised, transcending class, political leanings and nationality, we can only hope that a stray engine falls off one of his crappy stock, plummeting down into his Leinster mansion and mangling the scrawny cunt into a veritable mess of blood, broken bones and shite.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

O’Leary is one megacunt. So he has to cancel something like 50 flights a day for six weeks, that’s 2100 fucking flights if my maths are correct and the cunt comes out and says it’s due to a balls up with pilot holiday rotas, what a complete load of bollocks. Fuck me have they allowed all the pilots to take the same fucking holidays? Now he’s been made to look an even bigger cunt by finally admitting they have a pilot shortage, the real reason for the cancellations. What an absolute PR fuckup, and by the person in charge. He couldn’t organise a pissup in the Guinness factory, the twat.

Nominated by Lord Swinging Balls

Brexit [3]

Brexit is in need of its very own cunting becuase the whole thing is a just a steaming pile of goats shit.

We have a prime minister who has 0.0% credibilty and has made one shit decision after another. We have uppity unelected European cunts taking the piss out of us.

We have swarms of eastern europeans taking all they can get and giving fuck all back except crime, more crime and dangerous driving.

Nobody in the government seems to have a clue and now we have some kind of “transition” so more white trash from the Baltic can swarm in.

Public services are at breaking point, the roads are clogged with dangerous foreign drivers in old knackerd cars, the police and other authorities hands are tied due to political corectness.

Who is going to sort this cluster fuck out? T May? that’s a fucking joke. She’s dead in the water, the people round her are like squabbling teenagers and the whole thing smells of anal discharge. She looks like a turd someone has buried and then someone else has decided to dig it back up.

Never has there been a better time for a strong leader to take charge and do the right thing…will it happen? will it fuck.

Nominated by Spanky McSpank

Brexit [2]

May has made the UK a laughing stock all over the world. She and her cabinet colleagues (with the possible exception of David Davis) are nothing more than an embarrassing bunch of remainer 5th columnist cunts. Who’d take us seriously now negotiating trade deals, etc?

Along with the EU fawning media and its leftard commentators asserting the UK is obliged to pay a ‘Divorce Bill’, they are selling us down the river, with drip drip estimates ranging from €36billion to €100billion.

But where on earth did this absurd notion of a divorce bill come from?

It beggars belief that the UK taxpayer, having poured £10s of billions net into the EU over the last 40 years, should now be expected to pay anything at all on leaving!
5th columnist EU supporting Financial Times reckon €100bn would be about right. Really? 10 years net membership fees upfront for fuck all?

Besides, the EU accounts have not been audited and signed off by a recognised accounting firm for years. If anything, the UK is probably due a sizeable reimbursement! What about the considerable UK stakes in EU assets (property and other profligate investments) not taken into account?

And why do they call it a divorce? Most divorces (apart from those involving Peacefuls and Morons) do not consist of 1 versus 27. It’s more akin to leaving a club. But what sort of club charges a member (who has paid heavy net membership fees for next to nothing in return) a fortune to leave said club? If anything UK should be due a refund. Unfortunately it seems a sizeable proportion of the electorate has been brainwashed by everyone from T. Bliar to Lord Haw Haw, aka James O’Brian, into accepting the opposite!

Our Establishment and negotiators are still overwhelmingly Remain, soft as shite, and totally lacking balls and experience. Cunts all, pure and simple.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker


Fucked in Florence

Could the sirens sound more strident? May has spoken in Florence and the fate orf poor Blighty is laid oit clear and crystal. We are to be buggered, shafted and fucked.
Once again the Hunch Back orf Downing Street has proved herself no Margaret Thatcher who battled the graft and incest orf the EU and achieved long term meaningful reforms for Blighty in the snarling teeth orf the bureaucrats orf Brussels. Teetering orn her kitten heels, May, the old crooked back boiler, is twisted and guided by the malicious Sir Humphreys orf the Civil Service and, desperate sad day, the traitors within the Tory Party. Compared to May, Merkel looks like a Berliner sex bombe.

To mark the cards orf more callow cunters, the concept orf a European Trading Zone was dreamed up by Sir Winston after the war and backed by the Yanks. Churchill had saved De Gaul’s jambon many times during the war and considered him a friend so went to him first with the idea. Naturally old gallic conk poo pooed anything not orf his own creation so bided his time and then went running around Europe drumming up support for “his” brain wave. This became the Coal and Steel Community which Blighty was specifically not invited to join. To give them their due both the Belgians and the Dutch objected, thinking it a very rum show to cold shoulder Blighty who had recently given its all to save the world.

This then morphed into the EEC which Blighty subsequently applied to join in 1961 and was then most perfidiously black balled by old frog conk in league with the Blighty hating Kraut arse snake Konrad Adenauer. Recall as if it were yesterday the shameful headlines “De Gaul Says Non” (14th Jan 1963). Sir Winston stabbed in the back once again. Worth noting that the running boy for Blighty in this farrago was Edward Heath who likewise was shafted by old garlic breath whose principal object was to achieve French domination orf Europe.

Fast forward to 1973 and after many endless loop negotiations now PM Edward Heath will accept any crapola terms just to get in. Heath gets the bums rush and successor Wilson offers a referendum on membership in which he prudently stays out of the picture (unlike cunt Cameron). Re the crap terms we have been playing catch up ever since and eventually it’s the vote to fuck orfski.

As both De Gaul and Thatcher demonstrated the only way to get a halfway decent deal is to negotiate like a wog camel trader backed up by all the hit men in Sicily. Total intransigence is the only way to handle the fuckers. Yet May has already let most orf Europe sniff her knickers and park its bikes in her fanny. Easy or what?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Women’s Football

Womens football needs a cunting because frankly, who gives a flying fuck?

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know I have no time for football, its stars or its fucking fans. For me it’s just bread and circuses to keep an ignorant burger munching society in line so they don’t notice that the masses exist to serve the few. So that’s regular football for me, I would rather play with dog turds.

But Womens football? What the fuck is the point? If grown men kicking a ball around bores me to fucking tears then this is like counting hairs on a pigs scrotum while watching a dog scarf out its own anus.

Then there’s all the feminist crapola that goes with it. I heard yesterday on the BBC some stocky looking old growler saying that womens football needs a woman manager. You know what you old biffer? nobody gives a fuck. And the “home” of womens football? the fucking BBC of course.

If it was topless I would be interested but only if they got a new squad, most of them look like they’ve been round the block a few times.

What next? Peaceful womens football? I would love to see two teams of walking black postboxes having a kick around but how would they see the goal? probably use an infidel’s head as a ball too.

In short, womens football…go suck a dick and fuck off while you’re doing it.

Nominated by Spanky Mc Spank