Break out the Gin and Razors, Adele has come out from a four year hibernation.

She has plastered herself on BBC, X factor (Should be cunted for that alone) and no doubt will go on more, stating she finds Fame and Stardom so hard to live with.

I would have thought the best advice for this bint therefore is not to further participate. Any right minded person would not go back into the spotlight if they then want to moan and leave it.

Do us all a favour and fuck off to where it was you were lying down for the last 4 years and harden up you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Adele is a piss poor Alison Moyet and a chav cunt got lucky… No doubt her new album will be a bout being dumped, hating her ex-boyfriend, being dumped, anguish at failed relationships, and … err… being dumped….

That ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is one of the worst songs in history… How can anyone roll in deep water? Surely they would fucking drown?! Stupid fat bitch…

Nominated by: Norman

Daniel O’Donnell


Daniel O’Donnell is a smug, pretentious, sickly Irish cunt .

Think of all those menopausal, frustrated housewives with their wet fannies watching him on Strictly. Met a young Irish kid once who used to be in his Irish dance troupe, she reckoned he was a real bell end, who never went anywhere without his entourage of people with their heads up his arse.

Constantly publically paying homage to adoring fans whilst secretly telling them to fuck off, wanker.

Nominated by: Lou Smorrels



Modern porn is a cunt.

All plastic fuck bunnies with little regard for their own safety of self esteem. Who can forget the days of adventure, discovery and enlightenment of finding the old man’s stash of Mayfair at the bottom of the wardrobe when searching for your Christmas presents?

Even the arrival of the Gratham’s catalogue was only a swift hand shandy away from heaven.

Happy days…

Nominated by: Fat Rich

Madonna [2]


Madonna the ‘ahem’ singer (as opposed to the mother of Jesus) is a cunt.

This talentless trout has foisted her excruciating voice and minimal charisma on a gullible portion of society for nigh on 35 years. I never got Madonna with her reinventions, pointy brassieres and gapped tooth ugliness. Let’s not forget the lengths she went to acquire children.

I could go on and on, just one last rant. Keep your clothes on and your mouth shut, you skanky old cow.

Nominated by: Mummybear

Black Friday & the Gullible Public


What an absolute load of fucking shit, Black Friday has arrived and the Great British Public are out like sheep under the misguided illusion they are getting an ‘absolute bargain’.
If you ever needed proof that people are mind-controlled then look at Black Friday.
Hoards of arseholes stampeding through the shops like they hadn’t eaten for 3 weeks all to get their XBOX for half-price. Fighting over the products like it’s a scrap of bread in the Gulag.

Now if that was not proof enough people are fucking moronic mind-controlled cunts, then the assumption they are getting it half-price is even more proof.

NO you are not getting it half-price, you are getting:

1. The retailer making 100% mark-up instead of the usual 200%
2. Old technology which is now slower but also cheaper because it is essentially obsolete.

Have you seen the new iPhone 6s advert? It starts out by saying:
“This is iPhone 6S, Not much has changed except it responds to the pressure of your finger”

Well fuck-me, Mrs Boaby responds the pressure of my fist, especially this time of year.

So …..


Happy Christmas 😀

Nominated by: Boaby