Mandy Richards

Just as you think The monster raving loonies at The Momentum Party have scrapped the bottom of the barrel they prove us all wrong.

So what pile of cunt has this nest of vipers served up? Well those fairly conservative voters from the Conservative marginal seat of Worcester will now get the chance to give their vote, the one which was won at the cost of millions of lives in the defeat of a tyrannical regime where there were no votes, for the fantasist Mandy Richards.

This cunt is banned from bringing court actions without a judges permission after false and vexatious claims against;

The Met
Thames Water
Her gas, electricity and broadband provider
Royal Mail
Hackney Council
Her GP
The freeholder of her flat

Her claims were dismissed as ‘totally without merit’ and most of her defendants were granted restraint orders barring new claims.

Now then at this point I’m thinking ‘happen she’s a fruit cake’ but no it turns out her claims were dismissed ‘’because she was a black woman’’

It gets better, Richards was a Labour candadite in the 2016 London assembly election and when she failed to be selected brought a High Court petition to challenge the result.

In a 2 day hearing she said’state sponsored organised crime in the case had the potential to trigger a major national public scandal’ and forced 13 witnesses including the Flabbopotomus (her MP) to give evidence against her.

Sometimes, only sometimes Is it wrong to laugh at a complete nutter but this definitely isn’t one of those ocassions.

Fuck me even the Flabbot thinks she’s a filling short of a sandwich calling her an ‘obsessive’ and her claims ‘cannot be true’.

This cunt has also cost the British Taxpayer £500k in legal fees so I’m assuming she’s without work too.

Worcester today, Labour /Momentum Front Bench tomorrow. Richards as you’d expect, is a strong supporter of Comrade Corbyn.

Jesus fucking Christ…

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Read this classic response from her in the local rag

QDM The Corbyn Chronicles part II

Tristram Hunt, former MP and former Labour member has called for either David Miliband or Khand to form a party to directly challenge Labour. He reckons they are “strong, substantive leaders”. Really? In his first couple of years as Mayor of London, Khan has broken ALL of his election promises and presided over a rise in violent crime, including THIRTEEN murders in ELEVEN days. If Khan is a strong, substantive leader, I hate to see how much worse London would be with a weak, UNsubstantive leader. There’s also the fact that he’s spent more of his time publicly slagging off Trump than he has doing his job. And he’s made at least three trips to America. Hunt also made the laughably absurd claim that Britain is crying out for its own Emmanuel Macron. I don’t about you, but I don’t anyone who’s crying to have a politician who bears even a passing resemblance to the French granny snatcher. Then again, like a lot of his former colleagues, Hunt can hardly claim to know the first thing about the working class.

A lot of Labour’s female MP’s and supporters are up in arms over numerous claims of sexism and sexual impropriety in the Labour Party. Again, Corbyn claims he’s taking a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour, and again, he’s yet to back it up with action. Two female Labour members, one an MP and one an activist, have made claims of sexual harassment against Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins. The activist, Ava Etemadzadeh alleged last year that Hopkins sent her an inappropriate text message and rubbed his crotch against her. This prompted MP Kerry McCarthy to allege that she received unwanted attention from Hopkins when they were both Labour Councillors in the 1990’s. Hopkins denies the allegations. Labour HQ’s response to Etemadzadeh’s allegations by trying to force her to meet Hopkins face to face, so that he could question her over the allegations. A number of female MP’s and activists are threatening to quit the party if an unnamed male MP doesn’t have the whip removed for allegedly physically abusing his wife. There was a big meeting over it, attending by Harriet Harperson. Others threatened to quit if Labour changed its rules regarding all female candidate lists, to include men who identify as women. And there have been several other allegations of sexual abuse/unwanted advances against male MP’s and party members.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Corbyn is not a leader. He and his disciples like to portray as a kindly, wise uncle type figure. Like a lot of things with Labour under his stewardship, that is a lie. Once any interview of him when he thinks he’s being given a hard time. The mask of kind uncle Jeremy slips, and his true personality is revealed. A nasty, hateful, far left loon, who despises anyone who’s opinion differs to his. He claims he’s not a career politician, but he’s NEVER had a proper job outside politics. He even got involved with left wing politics while still at school. His front bench team are pathetic joke. He’s got Thornberry, a woman who tweeted a sarcastic photo of a house covered in St George Cross flags. The implication being she thought it pathetic, as his Shadow Foreign Secretary. He’s got the Abbotopotamus, his ex-girlfriend and world class cretin as his Shadow Home Secretary. He made John McDonnell, a fellow IRA supporter, his Shadow Chancellor. And they’re the BEST of his front bench. He recently kicked Owen Smith off the front bench for calling for a second referendum. The Abbotopotamus did the same thing a few months ago, but Corbyn hasn’t sacked her. None of them seem to sing from the same hymn sheet. The issue of Brexit saw them make conflicting comments on national TV. Then again, nobody seems to know whether Corbyn is for or against the EU. Despite making it official that Labour would keep us in the Customs Union, we keep hearing the claim that Corbyn is against the EU. Thanks to him, Labour have gone into a distinct downward spiral. It says a lot about how bad the Tories under Theresa the Appeaser are that they aren’t further ahead in the polls.

ISAC knockers

No. Not those sort of knockers!!

The occasional ultra serious and sensitive people on this site who still don’t realize that “…Is A Cunt” is one of (if not the only) free space on the internet where people can loudly, and most often obnoxiously voice their frustrations.

(Most of us) post on this site, not out of actual hatred, or desires to commit physical harm but for the simple reason that, if humans aren’t allowed to express their frustrations in an uncensored often exaggerated manner it leads to actual hatred and physical harm.

We live in a world so heavily thought and speech policed that it has created ticking time-bombs everywhere. Bombs which constantly explode with more hatred and violence, and then idiots rush in to tighten the censorship screws even further.

As a group, we say: Fuck that insanity!

If this site becomes too much for you go to one of the millions of politically correct echo chambers. Where you will be greeted by those who unwittingly create, not only people like us but the bombs of thought suppression that are constantly going off and actually killing people.

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Theresa May (13)

Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May is deserving of a nomination. It’s emerged that May is planning to say ‘FUCK YOU’ to the 17.4 million patriots who voted to leave the EU by keeping us locked into the Customs Union. This means that we’ll STILL have to obey EU rules and regulations and, more importantly, leave us unable to make our trade deals. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this dipshit move has emboldened those unelected fucks in the EU, and now their demanding that we either accept their terms, or their will be no deal.

I’ve said more than once that as a remainer, May had no intention of delivering the Brexit we voted for, and now she’s given us the biggest proof yet of her intentions. The only other explanation, is that she’s the most inept, incompetent politician in British political history. Either way, if she continues on this course, she will be committing political suicide and dragging the Tories down with her. Worse still, she will guarantee that anti-British cunt, Corbyn, becomes the next resident of 10 Downing Street, which means that the Abbottopotamus becomes Home Secretary, fellow IRA collaborator McDonnell becomes Chancellor, and that drooling, snooty imbecile, Thornberry, becomes Foreign Secretary. In other words, the UK will completely and utterly…fucked!

It can’t be a coincidence that most of those she put in charge of Brexit are fervent remainers. All 39 of her advisors are remainers. Her performance in what she laughingly calls ‘negotiations’ has been so pathetic, it makes me wonder how she could be so incompetent without it being deliberate. Then again, you only have to look at her tenure as Home Secretary to see that she’s completely unsuited to be in any high level government post. When he was Mayor, Boris bought a couple trucks with water cannons, but May vetoed their being used, even though many other EU countries use them. She all but barred the police from using stop and search, and we all know how that’s worked out. What’s the total dead in London so far this year? 60? The police have suffered cuts for the best part of twenty years, but it was May who really cut them to bone.

May the Meek, is about as much a leader as I am an astronaut. The sad thing is, she frequently shows at PMQ’s that she has the potential to be a leader. She regularly skewers Corbyn, as she did last Wednesday, when Corbyn asked if was it the previous Home Secretary, who ordered the destruction of the Windrush documents in 2010. She replied; “No, it was the Home Secretary in 2009 who ordered those documents destroyed”. Corbyn had no comeback to that. So why is she so monumentally incompetent? I mean, when she called the unnecessary general election last year, she threw a lead of more than twenty points in the space of just two weeks, because her manifesto was pathetically shite. As a result, she almost handed Corbyn the keys to Downing Street.

The Tories seem to be starting to realise that if they’re to have any chance of winning the next general election, May has to go. She’s been warned that if she goes ahead with her plan to keep us in the Custom Union, which we specifically voted against, she will face a leadership challenge. The Tories need to do that anyway. It’s a sad indictment of her tenure as leader that the Tories are struggling to get a convincing lead over Labour in the polls. They should be light years ahead of that piece of shit and his band of traitors. The fact they’re not, is proof that May has to go.

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Peter Hain [4]

Peter Hain, a Labour peer and former anti Apartheid activist has shown his true cuntishness.
He has blamed Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech for losing the Remain vote in Wales. He claims he heard echoes of it on the doorsteps in the valleys.
So Enoch was a Brexiteer, the cunt. And 48 years after his speech it inspired a vote against those that ‘know best’. Remoaners get ever more bizarre.
Hain, fuck off back to Nairobi or Pretoria or wherever you crawled from.

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