Jo Bland [4]


An outsize bloomers, with generous gusset and Tena-lady of industrial proportions protection please for *former psychiatric nurse* and now raddled elderly alleged *comedian* who is about as funny as bowel cancer, Jo Brand, who feels that we should have a fucking second referendum, just because SHE *wants it*

How typical of these up their own arse very minor “celebrities”, especially one as coarse as her, a lefty, rough as a badgers arse, that we should indulge their stupid whims.

No doubt the elderly hag, nearing the end of her piss-poor “career”, said that to encourage another cheap round of applause from a BBC audience who are almost as deranged as she is, but why is it that this ugly old lezzie lookie-likey, is allowed to appear on TV, even after the watershed, without wearing a burqa?. She looks as if she encounters soap and water twice a year at the maximum, a dirty smelly old cunt who probably smells like a tin of opened dog food that has been left at the back of the fridge since the start of the year, and whose face looks like piss flaps wearing glasses. I can’t believe even a sex mad rapist who had been locked up without female company for 30 years could contemplate fucking this old cunt. Imagine having to remove the drawers with three week old skid marks on them. Her arse is probably hairier than a Shoreditch hipsters beard.

Because Brand wants a 2nd referendum, as does the revolting Gina Miller that is two good reasons to make sure their ambitions are as frustrated as their unused and unusable sex organs. An over randy Rottweiler is probably their only hope of a fuck, then only if their minges are smeared with Pedigree Chum.

Only the BBC would be daft enough to waste money employing this repulsive looking piss artist.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs (apologies for originally forgetting WCB – I was in a rush when I did this one). 

People Who Queue for Ages Outside Shops for Sales/Bargains

People who queue for hours in the freezing cold in the middle of the night for the first day of the sales, or to take advantage of eg, a limited offer of cheap booze, are cunts. Especially those cunts who recently queued for ages at Aldi to buy the poxy Kevin the carrot cuntish xmas toy. You are all arseholes and I hope you all caught the flu.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

The ‘People’s’ Vote

I Would like to nominate “The Peoples Vote” for a good cunting

The phrase itself is so fucking sweet shop candy it just pisses me when the snowflake cunts roll it off the tongue like they are doing us all a big favour

They are so affraid to use the words “Second Referendum” and will try anything to deflect us from the truth, the truth being that the only way to stop brexit is to have a second referendum which gives them a 50/50 chance of winning.

The Westminster, Media, Luvie and Political elite are desperate, and I mean fucking desperate to stop brexit and they know the only way they can achieve this is to gamble on a 50/50, if they win they have done so without getting their sticky snowflake hands dirty, if they loose then they have actually lost nothing as they had already lost in 2016.

All I say is “be fucking honest” you wank snowflake liberal cunts, say you want a rerun of the referendum because you didnt like the result of the first and stop caling it “A FUCKING PEOPLES VOTE”

Nominated by sick of it

Televised Sport

A nomination for televised sport. I’m sick and tired of all this boring shite being inflicted on us via terrestrial TV.
I don’t pay a licence fee for endless hours of the following crap:
cricket, tennis, golf, snooker, darts, bowling, athletics, formula1 etc…
If you want to watch this tedious shite, then pay for it, you cunts.
Also, why are these sports cunts paid so much for doing fuck all anyway?

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Scratters on bikes

Scratters On Bikes
I think the consensus on IsAC would have it that while not all cyclists are cunts, there are an awful lot of cunts going around on bikes.
We’re all familiar with that ludicrous, self-satisfied sub category of cycle cunt known as the ‘lycra loony’. I’d like to cunt another sub category, namely, scratters on bikes. Going along a main road in my car earlier, I was suddenly mortified by the sight of a scratter on a bike hurting straight towards me, on MY side of the road. You’ll know the type. Hoody, scarf across face, scruffy trainers, shitty ‘shell’ bottoms; his best outfit in fact. As if this behaviour wasn’t execrable enough, the bag o’ shite was actually freewheeling, as he was using both hands to text on his mobile!! Naturally I gave this fucker a wide berth, and of course he was supreme in his arrogance that everyone would do just that.
Scratters are lowlife cunts period, but scratters on bikes are a repugnant antisocial disease. They weave recklessly through traffic. They race along pavements doing wheelies, they ignore red lights and belt through pedestrian crossings when the green man (sorry, ethnic minority pedestrian crossing facilitator) is on. Remonstrate with a scruff on a bike and you’ll get a ‘fuck off’ for your trouble. The Highway Code is something for everyone else to adhere to, and for them to disregard with impunity. They invariably dress in hard to see clothes without benefit of high visibility strips or lights when it’s dark, and they invariably don’t wear helmets. They behave this way because they can. They’re very hard to identify, can disappear quickly, and no doubt are very hard to catch, even if the scuffers actually gave a fuck.
These arseholes are about as welcome as a dose of the clap. They’re like flies in summer, and they’re everywhere. I swear that if I witnessed an incident between one of these ratbags and a vehicle, I’d take the vehicle driver’s part, wherever responsibility actually lay. That’s how much I hate these fuckers. Scratters on bikes should fuck off and die, as of yesterday. Cunts every one.

Nominated by Ron Knee