Political Apathy

So some other poor cunt has been murdered by savages in France, this goes along with the hundreds who were run over by trucks or blown away while watching a pop concert at the Battered Clam.

So what do the authorities there plan to do apart from light a few tealights and sing a couple of Edith Piaf songs? nothing….nowt.

They are thinking about making “some” Islamic groups unlawful and have arrested a few people for posting shite on Twitter.

Just like this country, France is sleepwalking into a political and decision making paralysis for the sake of worshipping on the alter of diversity. Any cunt who murders for the sake of a make up sky fairy should be hung on the cross until the crows peck out their eyeballs. I mean all religions, not just the one of peace.

It’s the same in the UK. Boris and Co are blind to the real suffering his dictatorship is causing BECAUSE he and his clan have never had to live on nothing, survive on very little or be on their uppers…the worst some of them have is to run out of vintage port or lapsang souchong.

The sooner people rise up against these cunts in charge the better but don’t hold your breath because most are more worried about the latest fucking Apple phone or that tacky new sofa coming next week.

The whole human race can just fuck the fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank 

Diversity Built Britain

Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any more left wing, out they come with the release of a new 50p coin with the moniker, ‘Diversity Built Britain’ plastered on it.

The press release has a grinning Rishi Sunak holding the coin.

Now I for one agree that non whites have done things to help Britain. On balance?…meh. Probably been a bad idea. Bit some have helped, for sure.

But built the fucking place? Fuck off!

Britain was over 99% honkey as recently as 1948. It was still over 94% in 1997, when Blair then fucked the country in the arse.

The honky man built Britain. And if you keep on telling them otherwise they might start wanting to deport ‘diversity’.

Get the fuck out!!

Oh, and Britain built loads of fucking other countries too. So fuck off!!!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

SKY & BBC News COVID Coverage

A ‘Let’s make a Drama out of a Crisis’ cunting for both Sky & BBC’s complete waste of time & effort coverage of the latest lockdown rules !

“This is Sky’s Alistair Cunt reporting to you ‘Live’ from Liverpool – the city that has entered Tier 3 (dum dum daaaa!) lockdown measures & nothing at all is happening !. I could be showing you footage of any other day, as no fucker goes to the High St to pay over the odds anymore, anyhow”

“Following the governments new 3 Tier lockdown measures, we sent BBC reporter Katie Falsesympathy to see how Manchester is reacting to the news..”
“Clive, I’m here in Manchester, where useless Mayor Andy Burnham is still whining & bitching like an old woman. But I’ve come to Machester normally ‘vibrant’ city centre to talk to Wayne Kerr, owner of the ‘Fuck a duck’ Cafe”
“the Gov’t are killing my business Katie. I’ve implemented social distancing in my 4msq cafe & limited customers to 12. I even started selling cheese & hydroxychloroquine pasties and Dexamethasone wraps. I’ve now got to let both my illegal Syrian workers go”

Labour leader Dame Kweer Storm-in-a-teacup, made a bold stand against the PM’s latest announcement by neither supporting or condemning the restrictions.. “Labours clearly defined policy of sitting on the fence & having no policy or ideas of our own, is at the heart of our fight for the UK working class” Dame Kweer told our spam faced reporter, Sam Coates.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings 

Rehan Baig – Cluckity Cluck Cluck

Have you ever pondered the question ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’. Well in Bradford at least, it may be to avoid the unwelcome attentions of a certain ethnically persuaded individual by the name of Rehan Baig.

Last year the scuffers raided his house on a tip that the cunt was in possession of child porn, but found even more than they bargained for. Film was found (taken by Baig’s charmless wife Haleema) of him having intercourse with live chickens, and even inter-acting with his wife at the same time.

There was also film of the gruesome twosome ‘romping’ (as ‘The Stun’ might put it) with a dog. The images were stored on computer under ‘family vids’.

Baig has now been sent down (or as ‘The Stun’ might again put it, ‘Sex Beast Caged’) and put on the sex offenders’ register. Although the films suggested that Mrs B had been a willing participant, she of course claimed ‘domestic abuse’ and got off with a suspended sentence.

Blimey, I’d like to be a fly on the wall of the prison canteen, and can envisage a conversation something like this;

‘Basher Bloggs’; ‘wot yer in fer mate?’
Baig; ‘I am being here for possession of naughty kiddy images. And for having sexy fun with chickens and a dog’
‘Basher’; ‘fook me, did ya put ’em in’t curry after?. Right lads, ‘old this cunt down, an’ I’ll kick his fookin’ ribs in’

It’s really hard to fathom what makes people act the cunt like this. Part of a certain cultural heritage perhaps? Anyway, it’s clucking fowl is what it is.

Nominated by: Ron Knee


and seconded by: mystic maven

A KFC bargain bucket cunting for Rehan Baig, recently sentenced to three years for having sex with chickens, yes.

Not much more I can say here, so read the story for yourselves. His wife’s a cunt too for assisting him with his perversions.


(Chickens’ Lives Matter – DA)


and thirded by: Everyonesacunt

Rehan Baig. Aged 37and his wife Haleema.
Often I am overly Verbose when writing things however, this is one time that words are really failing me.

This piece of scum has been sentence for raping poultry to death while his dear wife filmed it. What the Fucking fuck fuck.
Other misdemeanours include sex with a dog and a catalogue of child pornographic pictures.
See link https://www.opindia.com/2020/10/uk-37-year-old-paedophile-named-rehan-baig-jailed-for-raping-chickens-to-death-while-his-wife-filmed-it/

He received 3 years inside at Bradford crown court she 6 months suspended. ( She claimed, possibly true? that he abused her)

WTFFF. I here by pass a new sentence that he attends all of Barrymore’s future pool parties. For a very long time. Fucking depraved Cunt.

(A bonus nom for Saturday evening, just to put you in a good (or fowl, ha!) mood for when you tuck into your Sunday Dinner of Roast Chicken & Rehan Baig stuffing. – DA)

Great Expectations

I’ve just watched a programme ‘Five Guys A Week’ where 5 men were vying for a woman’s affections over a week.

All five contenders agreed they were middle class. Except one. He said he was working class. There was a blanket shunning of him after that. How out of place he was. Pathetically at one point looking round for someone to talk to and there was no-one.

Reminding me of Joe in Great Expectations trying to fit in with Pip’s new friends. Dickens captures the clash of classes brilliantly. Anyway he stuck it for a night but the very next morning he made his apologies to the woman and scarpered.

When he was gone no-one directly referred to his class but you could tell they knew that was the reason he had left.

There’s a great debate about ‘inclusion’ regarding race and gender in our society. But the real discrimination or distinction is and always has been class isn’t it? We all know growing up in England that we are in some way hermetically sealed in our own class. And more importantly can be identified by some mysterious sixth sense the English have. That’s why I have never really believed in ‘social mobility’ or ‘becoming middle class’.

How accurate that TW3 sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, Corbett is. Ronnie C repeating ‘I know my place’. But the truth of the class system is every one ‘knows their place’

Getting back to great expectations. I suppose to be compatible you have to have the same expectations. That word was used a great deal in the programme. I thought at one point Charlotte (the woman) was going to exclaim like Pip ‘I have great expectations!’. She quizzed the men all week about their expectations. And her parents as well when they came to look them over- ‘what are your expectations?’ wiill you be able to fulfill her expectations?’

I would like to say here Charlotte was cold like Estella but she wasn’t really. She was nice enough.

There was little humour in any of them. Certainly no fun like you would get with a group of working class people.

Maybe it was just boring bunch. But I seem to have met them somewhere before. Yes there was the doctor’s sons from over the way I felt uncomfortable with growing up. Not snobbery or anything just I couldnt get anything out of them. Different interests I suppose. But the truth they weren’t really interested in anything other than schoolwork, getting on.

My ex-brother in law comes to mind. He went to a private school. But once again there was nothing in him. We talked sports. I cannot think of his political views. He wasn’t passionate about anything.

I don’t know but I like rough and ready working’ class people. They famously don’t have ‘Great Expectations’. And maybe that’s a good thing.

The message of Great Expectations of course- don’t pretend who you are not. But I think a lot of the middle class ARE pretending. It’s the class that pretends. In that sense the upper class and working class are freer. Middle class people are too preoccupied with their expectations. It’s too comfortable. It is better to expect the unexpected.

What is the word I am looking for regarding them? Tepid or lukewarm or something.. Or they’re not human enough.

Just my experience.

I must read Great Expectations again

Nominated by: Miles Plastic .