Who you might say? This shower of cunts are a pressure group(Naturism Action Group) who promote Naturism as a lifestyle choice. They’ve particularly pissed me off in the last week or so as they’ve hijacked my local paper’s letters/comments page to promote their cause. This is in response to the paper’s report of a naked man cycling in the area – most probably a stunt that they’ve arranged. I kid you not – I had to check it was not April 1st. Now I’ve no problem per se with Naturism – I couldn’t give a damn what they do in their own space and time. However, the way these fundamentalist fucktards go about it is frightening. With the fervour of religious zealots, you are not to oppose them and their mission is to convert you.
Many of the posters are outside the local area with several being national officers for the group. If you’re interested and you really want to see so many cunts (excuse pun) assembled in one place, go to www.warringtonguardian.co.uk The story is under “naturists defend naked cyclist” and is presently around item no. 19. Better still, if any of you “textiles” ( yes, that’s the name they give to you or me as non believers! ) wish to give any of them a good cunting, then feel free to register and do so. I’d love to flood the site as my comments have run their course. As these subversives have overrun the site, I’d love to do the same with opponents. Cunts (and pricks) everyone of them.

Nominated by Bluntspeakingcunt

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison Australian P.M.

This cunt is cashing in on the Christchurch murders, for his ilk by earmarking at least $55 million for security grants for religious organisations (places of worship, clerical residences and schools) ranging from $50k to $1.5 mil per application, instead give it to ASIO to help them stop all murdering cunts. This shits me to tears for the state subsidising religious organisations which pay no tax and recieving even more money for some cameras, goons, a lot of new silly hats and rent boys. “Scomo” a member of the fundamentalist Hillsong Pentacostalists has probably promised the maximum for his Pastor Brian Houston (the very paragon of Christian virtue, under investigation for covering up Hillsongs founders paedo past, his father Frank Houston)

p.s. Admin wait till CMC posts a less rabid, more eloquent nom.

Nominated by Shackledragger cunt

Fray Bentos Meat Pies


Fray Bentos Meat Pies

Now a slimy dribble orf its former glory, this once iconic brand synonymous with the creation orf Empire, that fed Blighty and her forces through two world wars, lies unloved and rejected in supermarkets because the snowflake generation cannot work oit how to open the fucking tins. Now only old cunts like Yours Truly remember the succulent meatiness and rich gravy that rewarded the deft application orf a tin opener or a pocket knife in the interwar period. The company has passed through many hands in its history and weathered storms various such as typhoid and mould in its products and seems now to have positioned itself as the premium supplier to the dosser market. The meat option orf choice at the food bank.

So what awaits the crackhead who sacrifices a few fingers and manages to open the tin? Grey bits orf old cow floating in a shiny gelatinous mucous that tastes orf nothing but salt and the cheese between a dosser’s toes. No scrumptious pastry as orf yore, just a soggy lid floating on a tin bowl orf dubious filling.

Needless the Metros and the Millenials all thought briefly that the pies were cool and on trend but like all fads it’s soon fucked. What to do with a heritage industry now trading on “cheap” to make a profit? Pass it orn down to the poorest in society. They have no taste.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Fosters Radler

Now unbeknownst to you all I once ran a 25 litre reflux still and used to knock out my own hooch.

My specialty was a ginger vodka that would put the Prince of Wales to shame.

Anyway, to cut to the chase; I used to pour samples into milk bottles and wait for them to clarify. One night I had sampled a bit and decided not to take the trip and used a handy receptacle.

The next night I went to check my stock and found a perfect sample, good Ginger aroma so I took a swig. Aroma/flavor/ after burn were some what lacking.

So on this I would like to educated announce that the “Fosters Radler” tastes worse than my piss (samples available on request)

Nominated by Lord Benny

Sex Education

As the government introduce a new level of sex education into schools where parents will not be able to opt out in the interests of diversity and inclusion I urge cunters to educate themselves about Alfred Kinsey the father of the sexual revolution.

Portrayed as a hero by the the media, Hollywood and the liberal left but if you do some digging on this entomologist I hope you’ll draw your own conclusions about his legacy and how this mans influence has now reached into the classrooms of western schools.

I hope admin will find this fit to post because this is a fucking nightmare.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit