Sadiq Khan [3]


Our dear old friend Sadiq Khan wants London to have a seperate immigration policy to the rest of the UK post brexit. No! The political and media ellite already think London is not part Britain but they are all so wrong. London will have exactly the same laws as the rest of the country, thank you very much Mr. Khan.

What next? Sharia law, legalise kiddy diddling and FGM to bring Londonistan more into line with the rest of the islamic world? Fuck off you cunt.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Our dear old chum Sadiq Khan needs another cunting. This time for blowing £39,806 of London tax payers money on a trip to the USA to denigrate Trump and show strong Support for Clinton. It was supposed to be a trip to meet business leaders and assure them that London is open for trade, despite those horrid Northern monkeys voting for brexit.

Sadly the little paki cunt took every opportunity to signal virtue by criticising Trump and praising Hillary, thereby essentially campaigning for Clinton.

I really hope Trump wins, if for no other reason than to see the mad mullah mayor of Londonistan squirm while eating a huge slice of humble ( pork ) pie. Cunt.

Nominated (again) by: Skidmark Eggfart

Axl Rose


I would like to give Axl Rose a proper cunting. When Brian Johnson was told he had to stop singing with AC/DC due to losing his hearing, they decided that the Guns n’ Roses cunt would step in.

But step he did not. The redneck fuckwit decided to play the gigs sat on a throne. A fucking throne! Broken leg or not, show some fucking respect to a band that makes yours look like Busted, you egotistical cunt.

Axl Rose is a cunt of the highest order of has-been celebrity cunts.

Nominated by: TheBournemouthRed

Noble Lords


I’d like to give a cunting to the 80+ members of the House of Lords who claimed £300 plus travel expenses to attend a memorial service for Jo Cox.

What a bunch of avaricious bastards. Personally, I couldn’t give a monkeys fuck when some acquaintance or workmate dies, and I wouldn’t dream of going to some memorial service for them, but it must take a really special cunt to claim off the taxpayer to attend. It’s on a par with the M.Ps who claimed for the cost of a wreath on Remembrance Day.

I know that the Lords is an easy target for a cunting, what with it being over-stuffed with inbreds, perverts and criminals, but they never fail to find some new way to disgust the very people who pay for them.

It must take a special kind of arrogance or stupidity to be a member of the Lords.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Jo Johnson


Right! I am getting really really sick of posh cunts like Jo Johnson (brother of Boris) and their protestations that only thickie cunts with no education voted Brexit and that all people from disadvantaged backgrounds need brainwashing by the leftie education Establishment ( oops, sorry!) sending them to impartial universities, where they can learn to think the right way.

WTF does this cunt think? That there are enough trackie wearing red bull drinking, dope smoking morons, who walk around with their trousers around their arses in this country to total 17 million and force a leave vote!? CUNT.

He said – and I am quoting from the Telegraph here – “correlation” between levels of “education generally” and a “propensity” to vote Brexit.

Sanctimonious entitled posh boy still missing the point. Some of us also went to private schools, and some of us who are not total dumb asses and living on council estates also wanted out of the Brussels controllium. Some of us went to universities and still wanted out of the social communist experiment.

Jo Johnson I suggest you shut the fuck up you cunt and get your facts right.

Nominated by: Kath Gillon