Shami Chakrabarti [4]

Shami Chukkabutty (something like that) is a total cunt. She looked into anti-Semitism in the Labour party and gave the all clear. Yes, and since then even comrade Steptoe has admitted to it. So where the fuck did she look? I could find it without being a party member.
Also, today on the radio she used the Remoaners argument about a commons vote on air strikes – you know, the one where you must publicise and debate your negotiating position before negotiating.
Whether you agree with the air strikes or not you have to acknowledge that giving your tactics and proposals ahead of military action isn’t a good idea, much as the Brexit negotiating position. But Chukkabutty was adamant that there should have been a full debate and vote. This wasn’t Blair taking us to war but a limited use of force to fuck off the Ruskies, which may be the problem as Labour is more pro-Russian than pro-British.
So Shami ‘I see no anti-semites’ Chukkabutty is a cunt who does whatever Steptoe wants, regardless of truth or viability. The cunt..

nominated by, Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Alek Minassian

Alek Minassian, the Toronto van driver.

Apparently, this loser deliberately targeted women because he didn’t have a girlfriend and was ‘involuntarily celibate.’ There’s a motive for mass murder!

Don’t know about fellow cunters but I’ve had more than one period of being ‘involuntarily celibate.’ If he was that desperate, I believe there are certain women who provide a service for this problem – for a fee of course.

To paraphrase Mr D Fiddler of this parish, fuck him.

nominated by.Cunt’s Mate Cunt


Clare Balding (5)

Balding again. I really really can’t fucking stand the cunt. Along with all the BBC, C4, BT posh shit that of course naturally slithers into her heron sized gullet. Horses, Dogs, anything else she can boot someone else out for (Inverdale).

Todays trigger was accidentally tuning into and seeing the hideously posh future captains of industry and rapists of our world embarking on their monumental task of rowing up a river. A river! And who was there (and I knew instantly who it would be) to spit in my eye?. Desperate Dan again. Once again with her mock jolly hockey sticks banter and “I’m continuously amazed how wonderful it all is” delivery to accompany her disgusting whipped and lacquered Ray Mears quiff.

I’ll never rest easy till I see that cunts head on a spike in the bottom of my garden for the birds to feed on. I’ll chuck the rest out for the street foxes.

Nominated by Slinky Pinky

While I’m here, I want to nominate Clare Balding for a cunting. To say this man faced dyke is overexposed is like saying that Pepsi is a bit fizzy. In the past few months she’s been at the Lord Mayor’s parade, she’s been at the winter Olympics, she’s been at the boat race and now she’s presenting the commonwealth games. She even presented Crufts for fucks sake. Though that’s probably because she wasn’t allowed to compete. If some perv flopped his cock out in front of the BBC studio at Salford Quays, she’d be there presenting it. And it’s not just the fact she’s rarely off our TV’s, there’s also the fact that she’s presenting at events she knows fuck all about, and comes out with the most ridiculous and inane comments. The kind of comments that Naga Munchetty would consider intelligent.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she turned up at the World Cup. I’m pretty sure she’ll be in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics. Though, considering muff diving is NOT an Olympic sport, she should be kept well away from the aquatics centre. Horse racing, that’s what she’s qualified to present. Her dad worked at one of the Queen’s stables and she was raised around horses. Apparently though, he had to quit because the grooms kept trying to feed her sugar cubes.

Clare Balding, get the fuck off my TV screen. You cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

The Customs Union

The Customs Union requires cunting. Definition below:

‘A precondition of the customs union is that the European Commission negotiates for and on behalf of the Union as a whole in international trade deals such as the World Trade Organisation, rather than each member state negotiating individually.’

This is what is being forced on us by the Remoaners.

So – no UK trade deals and staying shackled to the EU. This is not a ‘Leave’ vote this is a betrayal of that vote.

The Customs Union is a bureaucratic nightmare of the EU’s making and staying in it is against the wishes of the majority and giving in to those that ‘know best’.

Fuck the Customs Union, fuck the EU and fuck the cunts who are bent on overturning the referendum.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble


Today’s cunt of the day award must go to Trustees Savings Bank Bank (that’s not a typo). Seems the cunts have made a complete balls up of implementing their shiny new computer system. Quel surprise!

I feel qualified to comment meaningfully on this one as I spent twenty plus years testing computer systems. I was the one who told the Passport Office that there was a real possibility their new system wouldn’t handle the load when it went live. Remember that fiasco? Well here we go again.

TSB like the HMPO were too tight fisted to spend the large amount of money it takes to buy load testing systems. Basically you hit the fucker with everything you have and see if it falls over. Which it did…

The bank says it has been operating many of its key systems from the new platforms for months already (e.g. cash machines, payment systems and a mobile app) and “nobody has even noticed – which is exactly how it should be”. Well they fucking well noticed this morning! Just like the British Airways T5 luggage handling system when that went live.

And TSB’s answer to the overload problem? Throttle access. If you can’t log in then just keep trying. So what does that achieve? Yes. You guessed it. It increases the demand, ups the load and makes it more likely to fall over. According to TSB this morning the problem is fixed. Well it isn’t, so don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!

And I’ve retired so don’t call me to sort it out. Cunts…

Nominated by Dioclese