BBC Athletics Presenters

While I’m on a roll, the BBC’s presenting team at the Athletics are in desperate need of a cunting. Especially Welsh faggot, Colin Jackson, Gabby Logan, Michael Jordan, Denise Lewis and the fat blonde dyke, Balding. Now, we all know that the BBC is infested with twats, but there have been a few times when this bunch have managed to out twat the biggest twats, like Lineker, Chris Evans (who recently allowed his five year old son to wear a dress to a movie premiere) and Jeremy Vine.

One example is their disgraceful behaviour when interrogating the medical chief of the IAAF. Fuck me, if you’re going to ask someone a question, have the basic fucking decency to allow them to answer it, and FINISH answering it, before you start squawking again. That athlete was treated pretty shabbily treated by the IAAF, but the amateurish behaviour of this crew ensured that nobody gave a fuck, because we were all busy tearing THEM a new one.

Then there’s the whingeing about the crowd booing Justin Gatlin. “Other athletes have been banned for drug taking” they all cried in horror and disgust. “Why are they picking on Gatlin”? Well its simple. MOST athletes who were caught cheating, were caught ONCE. And MOST of them apologised. Even if they didn’t actually mean it. Gatling has been caught cheating twice, making everyone suspicious over how much of his speed is chemically induced. And he has NEVER apologised for being a cheat. In other words, he’s a cunt.

The British will forgive a lot of things. Cheating and lacking contrition are two things that we have difficulty forgiving. What’s really pissed me off with the whingeing of presenters though, is the hypocrisy of Colin Jackson and Denise Lewis. When Dwayne Chambers tested positive, ONCE, THEY were loudest in their condemnation, and even after Chambers apologised and served his ban, they were again quick to condemn him, even going as far as to demand he be banned for life. But when the crowd continually booed TWO TIME, UNAPOLOGETIC drug cheat, Gatlin, the crowd were the bad guys, and these two were falling over themselves to see who could climb the furthest up Gatlin’s arse. I’m surprised they didn’t accuse the crowd of racism. Cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw Mc Graw.

Jennifer Lawrence

Shame Chubby ain’t on here to write this nomination for me, he would be more eloquent than I for sure.

Cunters behold Jennifer Lawrence portraying herself as the victim of a sex crime. How so? She uploaded nude shots to the interweb including some of her face covered in Jizz, she then failed to use a strong password to protect her cunt in the cloud and got hacked with said pictures finding there way onto 4Chan and then onto the screens and hard-drives of anyone with a passing interest in celebrity gash.

Not a sex crime at all, negligent stupidity on your part Jenny. Don’t compare yourself with women that have actually been the victim of a real sex crime.

“Jennifer Lawrence has said the leaking of nude photos of her left her feeling “blindsided”.
Intimate images of the Oscar-winning actress were published online in 2014.
She told Vogue: “I think people saw [the hacking] for what it was, which was a sex crime, but that feeling, I haven’t been able to get rid of it.
“Having your privacy violated constantly isn’t a problem if you’re perfect. But if you’re human, it’s terrifying.”

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit.

More of the Same Misinformation (Mainstream Media – MSM)

An emergency cunting for the MSM who now are so rabid in their hatred of Trump that they are utterly unable to be objective and report the facts before their eyes. Anyone who views the footage of the Charlottesville demo can clearly see that violence was perpetrated by both sides. They can clearly see that both sides had their fair share if fantatical arseholes. It is also clear that many on both sides of the protest did not partake or indulge in violence. This is what Trump has said. This apparently for some unfucking knowable reason is not allowed to be said and the media mongs are going ape shit again.

Is it a cultic form of mind control?

Is it the cocaine ?

They are absolutely delusional and completely out of control. Utter cunts.

Here’s the complete press conference and not the edited version SKY Fucking News and IT fucking N and Channel Cunt News and the Boys Buggery and Cocaine paedophile facilitators are showing .

Now tell me what has Trump said that is wrong?

His point about Washington and Jefferson is spot on btw. That stumped the insane cunts.

Nominated by Vermin Cunt Spotter.

Leo Veradka

“I know they call me the Teashop, but this is ridiculous!”

The new Irish Teashop is a woofta, likes to shag the little people ta be shure, ta be shure and is the oh so multi-cultural son orf an Indian immigrant, rabidly pro-EU, in its late thirties and hates Blighty. A painfully perfect PC match then for the EU now dedicated to making life as difficult for Great Britain as possible in the Brexit negotiations. Been here before with the Irish Republicans dedicated to backstabbing us during the First and the Second World Wars.

Only bright side is he now has to deal with the DUP and the likes orf Arlene Foster so every chance orf a re-booted Armed Struggle which we can leave to the new European Army to sort oit for a few decades. Whichever way it goes we can rely on our Irish friends to hoover in obscene amounts orf cash from the Yanks, the EU and alas poor Blighty.

Just a thought. Leo would be an excellent representative for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest doncha think?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

The Pope [2]

Pope Francis is a ridiculous Cunt.

God’s Representative on Earth, The Bishop of Rome has warned followers of his Cult not to be influenced by “horoscopes and fortune-tellers”,but to believe implicitly in the Word of God,as reported by his religion. He uses some bizarre tale about Jesus walking on water to prove his point about how true belief is the only Path.

What a detestable,corrupt charlatan the old bastard is. Although I have no belief in horoscopes and the like,I don’t think that they’ll have caused a fraction of the pain and suffering that his religion has perpetrated over the Ages. Urging people to blindly follow the instructions of a discredited book of fairy-tales is no better than any other Cult’s instruction to always “Trust the Leader”.

The evil, duplicitous Magician should be treated with the same contempt as any other “Religious Extremist” who preaches hate and hides their inherent wickedness behind a load of Mumbo-Jumbo that even an opium-ridden, Lewis Carroll would have struggled to imagine.

Hurry up,and meet your Maker. I’d be interested to know the Judgement that his God hands down on him and his acolytes. Poisonous Cunts,the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler