British Criminal Justice

When I tell you that a child rapist operated as part of a gang in the Midlands and received 22 years prison time, you won’t need me to go into too much detail to have a fair idea of this rapist’s profile. The parole board is planning to release this cunt in November, just five fucking years into his sentence.

I don’t want to say too much because most of my noms go straight in the bin, so I’ll just add that words cannot express my anger and disgust and cannot include what I’d like to do the rapist, or even the people responsible for putting him back onto the street, living freely among his victims.

Ringleader of child sex gang to be released from prison 17 years early

Nominated by ShagawotZ

‘Let the People Decide’ (and the cunts who say it)

Emergency Nomination for all Politicians, Journalists, and other feckers who use either of the terms “Put the vote back to the people” or “Let the people decide”.

It makes my blood boil every time I hear the phrase “the people” as it conjures up images of the great unwashed, tent feckers from extinction rebellion, or some sort of zombie episode of chavs/mongs/window lickers and their like, craning towards the imaginary ballot boxes as they, “the people” decide what the feck happens next….

Granted, if Churchill rolled over in his grave and came back with a cigar in his mouth, bowler hat on his head and held a v sign to say “I am going to sort this Brexit shit out for the people” and then gave a rousing speech then I would get it….. but in non Churchillian times when we have the likes of arse biscuiteers like Owen Jones, Flabbott, Jared O`Mara, and Jo Swinson, who looks like a mash up of a public school head girl and Claire Balding playing soggy biscuit near the the rugger field/horsey stables, warbling on about putting the vote to “the people” and “the people” will decide, it makes me want to take them all up to “the people’s dam” in Derbyshire so that it can burst its barriers and wash them all away.


Nominated by Raiders of the Lost Cunt

Amazon’s Alexa

A cunting please for this little spying sales machine.

Alexa is a spying machine that is there primarily to sell you shit from Amazon. Who in their right mind wants an Alexa? Morons, that’s who and there’s plenty of them.

I really cannot imagine having this little jerk in my house and asking ‘Alexa, what’s the weather forecast today?’ FFS I just look out my window, its far more reliable than BBC Weather or this Alexa gadget.

And although I do buy things from Amazon, I usually have to plough through about 100 products to find something that looks the least shit and is reasonably priced. Imagine, leaving all that thought to Alexa and letting it have free reign. ‘Can I order that for you?’ You say yes and then something that was made in China turns up or too many things made in China turn up or its nothing like the thing you had in mind turns up!!!

Amazon can sod off.

Nominated by Cuntologist



Dead Pool [140]

Congratulations to yours truly (Shaun) who correctly predicted that Arun Jaitley the former Indian finance and defence minister BJP stalwart and close ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be next dead dude.Jaitley was 66 and quit as finance minister earlier this year due to ill health.

On to Deadpool 140

The rules

1)Pick up to five names you think will be the next to die.You can always be a cunt and steal names from previous pools (like Black and White Cunt frequently does.)

2)No duplicates.First come first serve.

3) It must be a newsworthy cunt we have actually heard of.

4)As usual our blog our rules applies.

My Picks:Shaun

Valerie Harper
Larry King
Juliette Kaplan
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
David Gulpilil

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK – No, me neither but:

‘Rafiq Hayat, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, has encouraged people of all faiths to get to know Muslims better at the convention. ‘Islam actually places an emphasis on integration and contributing to the society you live in, which is what the 35,000 Muslims who’ll be gathering at the UK’s largest Islamic convention aim to show – that loyalty to your country is in fact a part of your faith,’ said Mr Hayat.’

Integration? Loyalty to your country? In which country of the world do these fuckers integrate and show loyalty? What exactly is Sharia then?

There is nothing in their scripture to back this up. Even in America where loyalty to the flag is a given the Muslim senator doesn’t acknowledge 9/11 as an Islamic act.

This lot are the Islamic Ministry of Truth, but no doubt right-on fools will be taken in.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble