Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats. Or liberal un-democrats.

What a fucking cunt of a party.
Sat outside all smug outside the polling station like nothing has happened.

After I voted I gave her a very good piece of mind, to which she just replied ‘I have an entitlement to an opinion’.

Whilst ignoring the opinion of 17.4 million voters.

The venom I feel for this party makes my blood boil. After telling her in no uncertain terms she should fuck off and if I had my way she would be off to the tower for treason, her heavy mob came outside.

What a nasty undemocratic party they are. Ignore any opinion other than their own.

For anybody who voted in the European Elections and saw any of these parties who have subverted the course of democracy canvassing outside your polling station, I hope you made sure you gave them a piece of your mind, but after you have voted Brexit.


Nominated by Speakyourmind

(At least that cunt Cable resigned as well as May. Maybe he thought if he did it the same day, nobody would notice. Nobody would have noticed anyway)

Alex Scott

Alex Scott.
Who’s that you may ask ? Well she is a ex footballer / pundit who had to go on thr BBC and tell us how awful it is being a female pundit and the abuse she gets daily for having a vagina.

Like all this forced diversity the Al BBC loves so much it doesn’t work. Know one knows who she is or what the fuck she did playing at a pub team level of the game.

Women’s football is like watching your kids playing after school league. It’s awful slow and has very few fans including women.

She says she is making history and change for women, that she is Pioneer. Fuck off she’s a slightly weird looking bird (like 90% of female footballers) who has nothing new to offer that any of the dippy blokes don’t already say.

But at least I know who they are and what they achieved in their careers not some random women’s rights freedom fighter who no one gives a flying fuck about.

Nominated by The Sheriff of Cuntingham

Smart motorways

To me it seems we are wasting tax payers money turning our shitty little motorways into smart motorways. All this means is we have to employ a load of fat cunts watching CCTV of us all sitting in the same fucking traffic jams as we did before the motorways were smart.

Plus there is the huge amount of upheaval involved in converting motorways to smart motorways. Many, many miles of temporary speed limits, average speed cameras and cones. Never a cunt actually doing any work though and if there is one he’s got 3 more cunts watching.

Surely we could have spent the money better by building more roads? Instead we are wasting more money employing people to keep watch over smart motorways, money which could have spent it on maintaining said roads.

What really fucks me off about smart motorways is the way they have opened up the ability for the authorities to fine the motorist for pretty much anything.

Maybe they should have just called
them toll roads?

Either way they are cunts, designed by cunts and run by cunts.

Nominated by Cuntswhallop

The Millenial Generation

The ‘Millennial’ Generation

Skinny fake-nerd runts and fat trannies. Just the fact you actually refer to yourselves as ‘millennials’ makes you cunts. Do you think anyone from my generation would actually rock up and say ‘Hi I’m from generation X…’ fuck off. It’s a marketing term and the fact you cartoon-watching cunts buy into it as a reality like you’re some sort of seperate species is testament to your cunty pricks. You’ve given us trans-obsession you fuckers, how about giving the world a decent fucking band? Christ at this point I’d settle for a decent fucking song but you cunts are incapable of creating anything exciting, incendiary, or genuinely dissenting in music (add to that no master filmmakers). Do you not feel like a right bunch of cunts being fatter than your parents, men wearing dresses, getting excited by the latest children’s movie on show at the local idiot-plex? Fuck off.

Nominated by MandroidZ

Coffee Fueled Commuters

High time I gave an obscure cunting to Coffee-Fuelled Commuters.

You know the type. The Essex-based estate agent and/or middle management project co-ordinator, marauding around Paddington train station for the 6:45 Bristol Parkway via Reading; kitted out in an ill-fitting Next clearance-sale suit creased to the fucking hilt, skinny tie which if one squinted could look appealingly like a noose, hair styled into some hedgehog shit with last night’s unwashed grease, shuffling in disproportionately shiny loafers clutching manbag, laptop case… and clinging on for dear life to a shitty, sugary syrup abomination otherwise known to these fuckers as ‘coffee’.

Bleary-eyed, these cunts cannot even stomach the 10-minute journey from A to Bedford without sipping on a Costa concoction of daylight robbery vanilla bullshit mochachino. I’m not sure about anyone else but the pungent fucking aroma of cunt-commuter fuel with two extra shots drives me to fucking distraction.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a decent cup of ground coffee but tend to drink it quite sparingly, and never get what passes for ’coffee’ in these manufactured outlets. A nice coffee from a local cafe is harder and harder to find because the poor fucking owners are always driven out by the megalomanic shit merchants.

But more annoying than the beverage itself are the cunts who slavishly prop themselves up on it. Beryl from accounts, that fat overbearing matriarch, talking loudly on her iPhone in the quiet coach about team targets and diversification of resources, with her withered and fag-parched lips supping so loudly on her Starbucks that I have to flex every sinew with agonisingly furious restraint, in order to stop myself repeatedly head-butting the triple-glazed window ‘til the merciful sleep of unconsciousness saves me from myself.

From bean to cup, they’re fucking cunts.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back