David Icke [3]


David Icke is a snake oil seller, no better than those ministers you see on American evangelist TV channels asking for money to save your soul.

He has changed his “theories” more times than John Barrowman has swallowed cock.

First it was the end of the World on 1997, then Reptilians, then it was the Moon is a spaceship, then it was the Moon is a mind control device, then it was Saturns Rings doing the mind control.

Then instead of being Reptilians it became “demonic entities outside of visible light”

He gave a talk in 1996 which I attended and he gave some good info about the truth about money and the New World Order Agenda (like it or not, this is happening and is TRUE) but all his other crackpot bullshit is to make money, 25 books in 25 years, £60 a ticket to see him at Wembley, buy his DVD’s, books and sign up to his newsletter then of course he crowd funded lie of The Peoples Voice. over £400,000 officially raised when the target was £100,000 for a years costs, the place shut down within 2 months, and that des not include the private donations made via Paypal/Bitcoin etc

He is like a pied piper (much like Russell Brand) who is hoovering up and confusing people who realise that there is ‘something wrong with the World and the reality we live in’. But that’s a whole other discussion

Icke is a cunt, a deceiver and a fucking money grabbing whore

Nominated by: Cheryl Coles sloppy bucket

London MultiGames


London MultiGames are a positive bonanza of bellendery.

Claiming to be an online payments provider, they boast about having the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square as a client. This isn’t as impressive as it sounds … in reality they only look after one cashpoint there; but such overblown claims are typical of these moon-howling dribblers of shit. In reality their software and coding smells of piss and cheap sherry and when trusting your company to it not crashing there’s a vague lingering feeling that your colon is being constantly irrigated by a homeless alcoholic.

These broken-brained stalactites of donkey spunk have left a trail of unpaid bills across Europe. I do hope someone gives them a brand new shiny chequebook for Christmas.Failing that, an envelope of Ricin.

To be fair their finance director is trying to turn their accounts around by give blowjobs to tramps for loose change. That’s taking a while.

London MultiGames – spare a moment to bring a little warmth into people’s lives.
Set yourselves on fire, you livestock molesting thundercunts.

NOMINATED BY: an ex customer

Martin Freeman


Martin Freeman is set to star in an upcoming Labour party election broadcast.

He’s more than your usual vacuous hypocritical Labour luvvie cunt. In 2013 Freeman, worth £10 million at the time, allowed his partner to go bankrupt, thus avoiding (evading?) a £120,000 tax bill.

Bet the cunt doesn’t mention that in his broadcast…

Nominated by: Harry Axwound

Phil Collins


Phil Collins, that short arsed mouthy little cunt from Genesis, is a cunt.

I admit to liking Genesis up until I saw this twatty fucker singing ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ in an ill-fitting jacket on TOTP. I remember wondering who the fuck was on my TV at the time and on closer inspection, it was this cunt. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. I was so shocked and stunned by this unashamed act of disgusting blasphemy I’ve only just recovered thirty years or so later.

He has since gone on to more cuntery worthy of all Big Brother/ I’m a Celeb shitheads put together. The man is a crime against nature.

Nominated by: Sally in the Woods

Harley Riders


I would like to cunt Harley Davidson riders. Not the kind that roam the wide open roads of the United states, but the kind that think a quarter ton of under-engineered shit has a place in built up areas of the U.K.

The reason for wishing to cunt these closet homosexuals is because when I am trying to get a teething infant off to sleep, some fucktard rides past the house with a none existant exhaust system straight off the manifold.

I have clocked one of the inconsiderate cunts at 120db of what sounded like an amplified fart during the summer last year at 01:30 when I had the windows open trying to get some kip myself. I lifted about three feet off the fucking bed, couldn’t get back off to sleep and spent the rest of the night trying to get the nipper back off to the land of nod too.

You’re not big, clever or hard.

No fucker is looking at you thinking ‘Wow, that fat middle aged bloke in the open face lid with the tassled jacket is sooo cool’.

What they are actually thinking is ‘That fat balding cunt on the rolling midlife crisis needs to grow the fuck up and get a fucking life…..and a silencer for that exhaust’

Sad, sad cunts. The lot of you.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls